Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Breastfeeding Friendly Fashions
Designers are now making breastfeeding friendly fashions that look great and allow you to feed your baby quickly and discreetly.

This sundress from milkdudz looks simular to the kind of stuff Gwen Stefani was wearing while pregnant with Kingston. It has a clasp over each breast so that each side can be opened for discreet feeding. I love this dress. Retail 120.00

The Godess Top - You can nurse under the front crop layer or push overlapping layers aside to access a built in spaghetti strap tank. Nursing is also pssible throught the enlarged arm holes. Retail 36.00 U.S.

This dress from Mommy Gear has a built in light bra, crisscross front that is full lined for breastfeeding. It is a polyester/Lycra mix that can be dressed up or down. Retail 80.00 U.S.

Boob Nursing Dress - Thre is a double layer of fabris over the bust so that an overlapping opening is formed. The nursing opening is accessed by lifting the top layer and pushing down the bottom layer to access the horizontal opening. The bottom layer extends over the bust. Retail 100.00 cad



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