Friday, August 18, 2006

Here is what we covered this week Monday Drinking Alcohol While Pregnant? - Some doctors say it's alright to have the occasional drink while your pregnant, but is it? Safe Toys - Understanding some of the toxic stuff that goes into making your children's toys Tuesday Cute Mommy Wear - Clothes that let the world know what we are thinking Taggies - Cute toys with tags sewn all over for baby to chew Teething - My son just will not cut any teeth Women In Labour Crashes Car - Rushing to the hospital a huge contraction causes young girl to crash her car and deliver in the front seat Wednesday Garage Sale Finds - Help with safety info when your picking up garage sale finds for your baby ALEX Children's Cooking Sets Recalled Thursday Look But Don't Touch - My quest to stop strangers from touching my baby Beauty Without Bites - A great moisturizer/bug repellent that is great for all ages Cuddly Organic Lamb - Environmentally friendly and great to hug Friday Photo of the Week A Great E-mail - "A baby to god" Maternity Leave - We are lucky in Canada to get our 52 weeks, see how the rest of the world fares Friday Fun Read - Emily Giffin Baby Proof White Lies Good for Child Development - Could the tooth fairey stories be good for your kids development?

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