Sunday, October 29, 2006
The Coolest Mom Ever!!

That would be your new title if you had this Tabletop Ice cream make by Cuisinart.

This unit would make birthdays easier, Christmas a little less stressful and desert less time consuming. It would also be nice for your guests to be able to help themselves after dinner to a sundae of their choice or add more toppings to the table and do a sundae bar for your child's birthday!

Professional-quality soft ice cream, yogurt, sorbet and sherbet is now available right at home, with the Cuisinart® Mix It In™ Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker. Not only does it make everyone’s favorites, but with three built-in condiment dispensers, it makes them extra delicious! Just a pull of a tab sends sprinkles, chips and other mix-ins down the chute to mix right into frozen desserts as cones or bowls are filled. Operation is fully automatic; simply pour in the ingredients and turn the dial!

Product Features
• Adds favorite mix-ins into soft serve ice cream as it’s dispensed!
• Pull out tabs to add one, two or all three types of mix-ins
• Pull down handle to dispense soft serve ice cream directly into cones or bowls
• Makes 11⁄2 quarts of frozen dessert in as little as 20 minutes
• Fully automatic – just add favorite fresh ingredients and turn the dial
• Cone holder holds a stack of pointed or flat bottom cones
• Double-insulated freezer bowl holds temperature for fast results
• No chemicals, salt or ice required
• Removable parts for easy cleaning
• Instruction Book and Recipe Book included
• Limited 3-year warranty

Approx. $129.00 U.S.

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