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Sunday, December 31, 2006
Happy New Year!!!

We hope 2007 is a great year for everyone. Hopefully it will bring peace around the world and the troops back to their hometowns.


Surprise Appearance

“Surprise Appearance”

By Cari

Hello there! It's been a LONG time since my last entry, but I have a surprise entry to make today.

I just had to share the long-anticipated news that Gordon went poopy in the big toilet today! After an entire summer of trying to potty-train, it looks like my mother was right all along (don't tell her I said so). She kept telling me that Gordon would let me know when he was ready. And today, he DID let me know he was ready in his own sweet, little, non-verbal way... in fact, he insisted on it!

I wasn't even thinking about potty training at this point. Gordon turned two in October and my new goal was to work on potty training in the spring. With the holiday chaos in full swing, I just didn't think it was worth it. However, he had other plans. We were playing cars in our basement when Gordon started grabbing at his pants like he does when he has a poopy diaper. So I asked him if his diaper was poopy. He said yes. I checked and it wasn't. Then I asked again and he said yes again. I checked again and told him he wasn't poopy. He kept saying yes and pointing upstairs. So, I went out on a limb and asked if he needed to go poopy in the toilet. He said yes and started making his way up two flights of stairs to our top floor bathroom (which made me giggle as I realized that this is the toilet of choice for both residents and guests at our house when they need a little privacy).

Because this was so unexpected, I was completely unprepared... no potty attachment, no special litte-kid-bum wipes, no training pants... and to my shock and surprise, everything came out ok (no pun intended... ok, so I DID intend to make a pun there)! He held on to the sides of the toilet like a little trooper and pooped just like a big kid (or at least I assume that's how a big kid would do it).

He got lots of praise and hugs and kisses... and then he got to wake up Daddy (who was on afternoons and surprisingly not quite as excited about poop as we were) and tell him the good news! Daddy made a really good effort to act excited though. Too funny... did I ever think I would be writing a five paragraph essay about going poop? Well, there are a lot of things I have done as a parent that I never thought I would do. Now on to the next battle... will Gordon have the same success with number 1 as well? A friend of mine told me stories about "the waterfall" while training her little guy. Sounds scary to me. I'll keep you posted...

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Saturday, December 30, 2006
Tiger And Elin Expecting A Cub

Tiger Woods announced on his website today that he and Elin are expecting their first child.

"As some of you know, today is my 31st birthday. I'll spend it quietly with family and friends, but Elin and I have more exciting news to share: We are expecting our first child together this summer".

"Obviously, we couldn't be happier and our families are thrilled," said Woods. "I have always wanted to be a dad. I just wish my father could be around to share the experience."

Woods's dad, Earl Woods, passed away in May at age 74 after battling cancer. The father and son had a famously close relationship. "My dad was my best friend and greatest role model," Woods said at the time. "He was an amazing dad, coach, mentor, soldier, husband and friend.

"As for his career, Woods says he plans to "stick close to home" for the next few weeks to spend more time with his expectant wife. He plans to start his 2007 PGA Tour season at the Buick Invitational in late January.

We are happy for Tiger and Elin. They were married for just over two years in a lavish celebration on the Island of Barbados. It is time for him to have a protege to teach all of his golf tricks to.


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10 Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

Here are some great tips to help you have a healthy, energetic Pregnancy.

1. Reduce the amount of fish you eat while pregnant. Larger fish like Tuna, Shark and Mackerel have high levels of Mercury and may cause health issues for your unborn child. To make sure you still get your Omega-3's try Udo's choice 3-6-9 oil on your salad, in shakes or just by the spoonful. Available in gel Caps and straight oil form.

2. Take your prenatal Vitamins. On top of ensuring that you and your baby get all of the nutrition needed, they will reduce birth defects. Most doctors recommend Materna or you can go a reputable health food store and they will help you find something else.

3. Don't give in to bad cravings. You will find when you are pregnant that all of the sudden your body will ask for something you may not normally eat. These craving could go from a full box of chocolates to pizza to a fully loaded burger with fries and gravy. These foods don't benefit you or the baby. You will end up feeling worst after downing a greasy burger plus it will probably stay with you until long after the baby has arrived.

4. Visit your doctor regularly. Your doctor will make sure that the things you are experiencing are normal. He/she will schedule your routine tests and ultrasounds. You will probably be referred to an OBGYN around month 6 if everything is going as planned, earlier if there are issues or multiples.

5. Stop Changing the Kitty Litter. Some cats carry a parasite that can give you and your baby a dangerous infection called toxoplasmosis. Often, women pick up the parasite when they change the litter box. The odds of having a problem with toxoplasmosis are low--one in 1,000 pregnancies are affected--but the consequences are serious. In some cases, babies have been born with birth defects, such as severe learning disabilities, water on the brain, or deafness.

6. Get lots of rest. Early on in your pregnancy you may feel tired. It is normal to feel tired as your body works to protect and nurture the developing baby. The placenta (the organ that nourishes the fetus until birth) is just forming, your body is making more blood, and your heart is pumping faster.

7. Drink 6 - 8 glasses of water. Water plays many vital roles in a healthy pregnancy. Think of water as your body's transportation system — it carries nutrients through your blood to the baby. Water also helps prevent bladder infections, which are common during pregnancy. If you drink enough water, your urine will stay diluted, reducing your risk of infection. Juices can contribute to your fluid intake, but keep in mind that they can also provide a lot of extra calories. Caffeinated beverages, such as coffee, colas, and teas don't count as part of your fluid intake because they're diuretics — they make you urinate more so you actually lose water.

8. Exercise 15 - 20 minutes a day. Exercising actually makes for an easier pregnancy and delivery. In fact, a study of 500 pregnant women who exercised delivered a healthier baby with a stronger fetal heart rate. Even more compelling is the fact that of the women who exercised, time spent in labor was shortened by about a third, with 65% of the women delivering in four hours or less. And when you're in labor, every extra hour seems like an eternity. Try Yoga for Pregnant moms, the benefits are mountainous.

9. Check with your Doctor before taking any over the counter medications or herbal remedies. When you are pregnant, you are not allowed to take most medications. Some are accepted, but double check with your doctor to be totally sure. Side effects of herbal remedies have not been proven during pregnancy. Here is a list of remedies that safe and not safe.

10. Eat Your Fruit and Veggies. A good balanced diet is good for the baby and eating fruit and vegetables cuts your miscarriage risk in half. Each day you should get the following: 6-11 servings of grain products, 3-5 servings of vegetables, 2-4 servings of fruits, 4-6 servings of milk and milk products, 3-4 servings of meat and protein foods. Foods low in fat and high in fiber are important to a healthy diet.


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Friday, December 29, 2006
Even Pandas Have Preemies

This week in Japan Mei Mei gave birth to a set of twin pandas at Adventure World in Wakayama. Both Mom and babies are said to be in good condition.

Zoo officials have yet to confirm the sex of the twins. At least one of the twins is said to weigh just three ounces, which is considered to be premature. A Panda cub is born weighing between 26-200 grams.

"Meimei is such a good mother, taking good care of both of the cubs," zookeeper Tadashi Ishikawa said. "Often, especially in the wild, the mother panda focuses on caring for a healther one and leaves the other one to die."

It was the fifth delivery for the veteran mother, who also gave birth to twin cubs in August 2005 and September 2003.

Mei Mei, 12, and partner Eimei, 14, are both on loan from China.

China's Xinhua News Agency said that their birth raised the number of artificially bred pandas born this year to a record 30.

Ishikawa said, however, that officials could not confirm if the twins were born as a result of natural mating or artificial insemination because both methods were tried on the couple.

The panda is one of the world's rarest animals, with about 1,590 living in the wild in China, mostly in Sichuan and the western province of Shaanxi. Another 180 have been bred in captivity.

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Julia Roberts Expecting Another Baby

People is reporting that Julia Roberts and husband Danny Moder are Expecting baby number 3.

Hazel and Phinnaeus, her two year old twins, will be getting a new brother/sister this summer, Julia's rep has confirmed.

For Roberts, motherhood is her top priority. "The kids bring her such a sense of fulfillment and joy," Roberts's longtime friend and Three Days of Rain producer Marc Platt told PEOPLE in April. "It's wonderful to see."

In May, Roberts told David Letterman of the twins: "They seem to really love each other. He's sort of very boyish and masculine. He has red hair and big green eyes. And she's very girlish and has very blonde hair and blue eyes. He likes blueberries. She likes her daddy."

Congratulations to Julia and Danny. A new baby will bring even more love into their already exciting family.

This next baby will be a breeze for Julia. Having twins first probably made her very efficient.

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Three-year-old Blogger's Inspiring Chemotherapy Diary

Samantha Hughes has spent the past year battling a disease of the nerve cells that affects fewer than 100 children in the UK each year.

Tens of thousands of supporters have been following her progress via the internet after her father Neil began detailing her struggle in a web-log.

The youngster's diary - called simply "Samantha's Story" - is written in the style her parents think she would use if she could pen it herself.

It begins: "I seem to have lost my appetite for the last few weeks. The only things I fancy eating are yoghurt during the day and milk during the night.

"Mummy and daddy have noticed my belly has become quite swollen, so they are going to take me to see the doctor to see whether I am poorly or not."

In the weeks after her first entry Samantha underwent a series of X-rays, CT scans, bone-marrow tests and biopsies to diagnose her problem.

Doctors eventually found she had neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer whose victims are usually aged less than five.

The condition, about which little is still known, causes a solid tumour that usually originates in the abdomen in the tissue of the adrenal gland.

Now, after 13 gruelling rounds of chemotherapy and an operation to remove a growth, Samantha is at last showing no signs of the disease.

But she still faces an agonising wait to see whether the cancer will return - and doctors have warned there will be little hope for her if it does.

She says in her blog: "Although I'm winning my battle against this deadly cancer, I have a long way to go before I can say I have won the war.

"The doctors say that if the disease does come back my body will not be able to cope with any more chemotherapy, so I have a very anxious wait.

"But I'm not the kind of girl to sit around thinking of things like that. I'm concentrating on living life to the full and enjoying every second of my life."

It is inspiring to hear about Samantha's journey in her own words. Hopefully this little girl will be a role model for kids like her. Please visit her site to read her story in her own words. www.samanthahughes.co.uk

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Thursday, December 28, 2006
Parents Not Hooking Up Car Seats Properly

A study comes to the hardly surprising conclusion that parents are still confused by child safety seats.

The new study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that too many parents are still not properly using the new safety LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) technology designed to better secure child safety seats to vehicles because of a lack of education about the system and how to use it.

"LATCH was supposed to simplify child safety seat installation for parents and this study shows that isn't happening." said NHTSA Administrator Nicole R. Nason.

LATCH is an installation system that was created to standardize the way child safety seats are attached to vehicles without having to use a seat belt. It consists of two lower attachments and an upper tether on a child safety seat that anchors and connects with lower anchors and a top tether built into a vehicle's back seat.

When it became fully effective in September 2002, the agency had hoped LATCH would make child safety seats easier for parents to use.

But the survey found that 40 percent of parents still rely on the vehicles' seat belts when installing their car seat. It also indicated many parents are unaware of the existence of or the importance of the tethers when securing the seat to the vehicle and only 55 percent of parents using the top tether.

Nason said that as a result of the study, she intends to convene a meeting early next year of auto manufacturers, car seat manufacturers, retailers and consumer activists to discuss ways to make the safety system more efficient.

"LATCH is an effective way to keep children restrained in a vehicle and safe in the event of a crash, and parents need to be better educated about it," said Nason. "We need to find a way to make the devices better known and easier to use."

If you do not feel that your car seat is in properly, you can take your car to the Police station or Fire Department and they will make sure everything looks right.

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Nice To Know....

1. There are at least two people in this world that you would die for.
2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way.
3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you.
4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you.
5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep.
6. You mean the world to someone.
7. You are special and unique.
8. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you.
9. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it.
10. When you think the world has turned its back on you take another look.
11. Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the rude remarks.


You Tube "The Lion Sleeps Tonite"

Really freaking Cute!! These two characters will probably end up in a movie at some point. This video has been viewed over 9 million times!! Unbelievable.


Baby Sébastien Receives Miracle Transplants

Sébastien Forest was born at 28 weeks gestation with a defect called Gastroschisis.

Gastroschisis is a non-genetic defect in the abdominal wall through which the intestines develop outside of the baby’s body, being exposed to the amniotic fluid in the mother’s womb. It is a very rare defect attaining 1 in 10 000 babies and can be diagnosed early in the pregnancy. At Sébastien’s birth, the doctors operated immediately, as the intestines that had been exposed were twisted, preventing blood circulation in the intestine, and needed to be removed. Since more than three quarters of the intestine was removed, from the jejunum to the micro-colon, including the ileocecal valve, Sébastien suffers in consequence from Short Bowel Syndrome.

In order for Sébastien to grow and thrive he needed to be fed by TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition). A premixed liquid fomula that is created for his bodies needs, which usually will drip through a needle or catheter placed in your vein for 10-12 hours, once a day or five times a week. While the TPN was helping him grow it was also destroying his liver. His blood would no longer coagulate, causing many worries for his parents who knew it was a secondary effect of a damaged liver.

Sébastien was placed on a waiting list for organ transplant, status 3. In Canada, there are 1,700 people on a waiting list for organ transplants - and 40 of them are children. The family knew it would take a miracle for him to receive both organs that he needed to survive.

In the beginning of January, in the wee hours of the morning, David and Jasmina received a call from Toronto, giving them the news of a possible occasion for a small bowel and liver transplant for Sébastien. A glimmer of hope motivated their haste despite a short night and they flew to where the sun was already just beginning to rise. After an evaluation and some discussion, it was decided that another baby would receive the transplant, given that the intestines and liver would be too large to properly fit Sébastien’s little body.

In August, Sébastien received his double organ transplant at Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital.

It may not be the most festive setting, but the fact that he's here at all makes it the best Christmas the family has ever had.

"It's like we won the lottery and we won the gift of life for our son," his mother Jasmina Forest relates. "He's our Christmas gift, because if we hadn't gotten this double transplant, he would not be ... with us this Christmas."

They can't possibly express their gratitude for a holiday gift that will forever be beyond price.

"We would like to thank the donor's family for being so generous," Jasmina proclaims, tears welling in her eyes. "We promise to take good care of him."

This baby is a miracle many times over. First by surviving prematurity and second for recovering from a double organ transplant. These parents are very lucky and extremely dedicated. He is a fortunate young boy to have them. Please visit his site for more information or the City TV site for video on the story.

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Having Lots Of Children Is Bad For Your Health

U.S. researchers have figured out that having too many children is bad for your health. They had to do "research" to find this out?? The physical demands on your body from childbirth and pregnancy could do you in right, off the top. Not too mention all the time you spend running around after your children and working extra to make sure they are clothed and fed.

US researchers looked at 21,000 couples living in Utah between 1860 and 1985, who bore a total of 174,000 children.

174,000 children?? Do the math each couple is responsible for producing 16.6 children.

It was found the more children couples had, the worse their health and the more likely they were to die early.

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Science study is historical, but the experts say it helps explain both the menopause and modern family planning.

In other species, the high physical costs of bearing and raising offspring explain why having as many offspring as possible is not ideal - even though it might appear to be the most successful way of continuing the species' existence.

The researchers, from the University of Utah, analysed nineteenth century data from the Utah Population Database.

They found that the couples had an average of eight children each, but family size ranged from one to 14 or more children.

The data showed that the more children a couple produced, the higher their risk of early death.

The situation was worst for women, because they were affected by the physical costs of bearing the children.

Fathers' mortality risk increased the more children they had, but never exceeded that of mothers.

The team looked at deaths after the last child was born and found mothers were also more likely than fathers to die after the last child was born.

They found 1,414 women died within a year of the last child's birth, and another 988 by the time the child was five.

In comparison, 613 men died in the first year after their last child was born, with another 1,083 dying within five years.

And the larger the family, the more likely children were to die before the age of 18, particularly if they were among the youngest.

Humans are one of the few species where the female goes through a menopause which ends her reproductive years.

The researchers say: "Menopause appears to allow mothers to live longer and rear more offspring to adulthood, and this unusual life history probably evolved in our species because, as we found, offspring so extremely depend on their mother's survival."

The women in Utah need to meet the women I know. They have two or three children and then enjoy all that life has to offer with them. Their husbands are healthy, happy and don't need to work 80 hours a week to support their families. It's okay just to have a few children. One state does not need to be responsible for re-populating the whole nation.



Wednesday, December 27, 2006
British Women Has Twins And Triplets In One Year

I could never imagine having 5 children in one year, but a British women has managed to have done it. Rachel Reidford's resolution will be to not have anymore children...at least not in 2007.

After giving birth to five children in less than a year, she has vowed there will be no more little surprises.

In the space of just nine months, Rachel, 24, who already had a six year old daughter, Ellie, gave birth to twins, Elliot and Evie, and then triplets Billy, Harry and Alfie.

It was only after a routine scan before having her gall stones removed that she even discovered she was pregnant with twins in February last year and then gave birth in November.

And despite having a contraceptive coil fitted, she learned she was pregnant with triplets in June this year (2006) and gave birth in August.

So this Christmas was particularly hectic for Rachel and her partner Ricky Jones, 20, who have been rushed off their feet to make it a special day for their young brood.

But doting Rachel said: "As difficult as it may be, we are so proud and we wouldn't have it any other way now.

"We've suddenly gone from there being the three of us to there being eight of us."

"Our family and friends have been really supportive and even offered us money instead of presents but we made a list of things that all of the children can make use of, for them to choose from; a bit like a wedding list but for babies."

"But if we were to have a Christmas wish what we really need is a bigger car. All that Ricky wants is to be able to take the whole family out together, but at the moment we can’t because the buggies and babies don’t fit into one car and we can’t afford a people carrier."

Now Rachel has resolved that she will not be having anymore children and even joked that she was making Ricky sleep in the shed.

"I don’t think I’ll ever get over the shock of what’s happened, it’ll stay with me forever," she said.

"I’m considering sterilisation because I could not cope with any more children."

"I’m having the contraceptive injection at the moment but because I don’t have periods whilst I’m on it, I take a pregnancy test each month just in case."

And the couple's second New Year's resolution is to try to spend more time with each other.

"We’ve made a promise that we will spend a few hours alone together, as we haven’t had a minute to ourselves since the twins were born," Rachel said.

Just one baby is sometimes taxing on a mother's health and mental state. This poor mom has probably not slept properly in a very long time. I would not be "considering" sterilization, I would have had it done.


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Pregnant German Women Hold Off Births To Collect Bonus

Many German mothers-to-be are reportedly trying to delay labour so their births coincide with a generous new government scheme.

Parents of babies born on or after 1 January will be entitled to up to 25,200 euros (£16,911, $33,300) to ease the financial burden of parenthood.

But those born even a minute earlier will not be covered by the scheme.

The cash subsidies are part of a government initiative to boost Germany's dwindling birth rate.

German women have an average of 1.37 children, well below the average of 2.1 needed to keep a population stable. One minister recently warned of "the lights going out".

Under the current system of Elterngeld, parents receive a maximum of 7,200 euros (£4,831, $9,472) over two years.

But the parents of children born in 2007 will be granted over two thirds of their former salary for up to a year - up to 25,200 euros.

Doctors have been warning women not to take any medication to try to delay labour, and few, they stress, would put the life of their baby at risk for the sake of the money.

But what many mums-to-be do in order to bring on labour, pregnant Germans are now anxious to avoid.

These include drinking red wine, eating curries and taking part in physical activity.

Midwives are also advising women to avoid cinnamon and cloves - a staple of German Christmas cooking.

If I was pregnant and lived in Germany I would do the same thing. When you have a baby every dollar counts!!



Adam Sandler Plays Santa to Sick Siblings

I love hearing stories about people who do special things for children with long term illnesses. Celebrities have the power to do so much good, it's nice to see them use it. People is reporting that:

Adam Sandler may be known for his childish movie characters, but this Christmas he played a more mature role: a gift-giving Santa to a brother and sister who are fighting cancer in his home state of New Hampshire.

Sandler, 40, had a PlayStation 3 loaded with games as well as autographed DVDs, jerseys and a Longest Yard poster delivered to 15-year-old Stephanie and 18-year-old Kevin Hudon of Manchester, N.H., the Associated Press reports.

Stephanie, who is scheduled for surgery Jan. 8, has bone cancer that recently spread to her lungs. In November, Kevin was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma and is being given chemotherapy.

Christine Monahan, a teacher at Manchester Memorial High School who is helping raise funds for the Hudon family, said the gifts from Sandler arrived last week.

Sandler's tradition of giving back dates back to his childhood in New Hampshire, where as a 7-year-old he sang "The Candy Man" for Manchester nursing home patients, PEOPLE reported in a 1998 profile.

More people should take Adam's lead and donate their time and resources to children who are in the hospital.

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RECALL: Phil and Ted E3 Repair Strollers Due to Abrasion Hazard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.

Name of Product: Phil & Teds e3 Strollers with doubles seats

Units: About 14,300

Manufacturer: Regal Lager Inc., of Kennesaw, Ga.

Hazard: Children can touch the rear tires when in the stroller’s add-on seat. This can pose an abrasion hazard to children.

Incidents/Injuries: Regal Lager has received one report of a child who scraped his arm from touching the tire in motion.

Description: This recall involves the e3 Buggy which is a three-wheeled stroller with a black steel tubing frame. It is sold in a variety of fabric colors. An additional seat, known as a “Doubles Kit,” can be added directly behind the main stroller’s seat allowing a second child to ride in the stroller. This seat can either be added on top of the stroller’s frame or attached on top of the rear axle in the lower position. When used in the lower position, a seated child can reach the wheels.

Sold by: Baby furniture and baby products stores nationwide, and Internet retailers from July 2005 through November 2006 for about $380.

Manufactured in: China

Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the additional rear seat in the lower position on top of the rear axle and contact Regal Lager for free additional rear wheel guards.

Customer Contact: For more information, contact Regal Lager at (800) 593-5522 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, e-mail the firm at info@regallager.com, or visit the firm’s Web site at www.regallager.com

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Three-year old Saved Family By Putting Out Christmas Tree Fire

This little girl was very brave. For a three-year old to think so quickly is remarkable.

When the Woolliss' mini tree caught fire, Lilly-May, their daughter knew exactly what to do. She instinctively grabbed the duvet off her bed and smothered the flames.

As her one-year-old brother Harvey slept peacefully in his cot in the room next door the remarkable little girl single-handedly battled the fire.

Today, she was hailed a hero by her proud mother who spoke of the moment she ran downstairs to raise the alarm, having already dealt with the flames.

"It could have been a lot worse," said 20-year-old Jade Woolliss from Grimsby, North Lincolnshire. "If it were not for Lilly, we could have been dead."

All of the excitement happened on Christmas Eve. Lilly had a friend over and they were watching a movie in her room.

A small tree that had been placed in her room to replace a night light started to spark and then eventually caught on fire. Lilly, thinking quickly grabbed her duvet and smothered the fire before it could spread to anything else in the room.

Her mom, who was downstairs at the time, is not sure where she learned her fire ending technique saying,

"It's remarkable bearing in mind she is only three years old. Maybe she has seen it on TV or some kind of fire safety lesson at her nursery. It's incredible. I shudder to think what could have happened had she not been so calm and collected when the tree first caught light. She is our little hero. I'm so proud of her. She saved our Christmas."

The first Miss Woolliss knew of the fire came when little Lilly ran into the living room to say that there was a "funny mark" on the carpet. She immediately ran upstairs to find the smouldering tree covered by the youngsters quilt.

Miss Woolliss is now hoping their narrow escape will act as a lesson to other families who unwittingly place electric lights on their child's tree, despite the dangers.

"I want to warn all parents not to put electric lights on their child's tree," she said. "We are fortunate that Lilly had the presence of mind to act quickly. I'm not sure other families would be as lucky."

I think we underestimate what our kids learn. The are little sponges, soaking up information all over the place. This little girl is very lucky, she did a great job saving Christmas!!


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Monday, December 25, 2006
Merry Christmas!!


Sunday, December 24, 2006
You Tube "US State Capitals"

This little boy is very smart and VERY cute. His dad is quizing him on the U.S. State Capitals and he knows most of them. He says them so matter of factly. Something for our kids to aspire to. I hope they continue to teach him great things. Next will be the presidents.

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Saturday, December 23, 2006
Toronto Boy To Leave Hospital For Rare Christmas At Home

This year The Jacks will be able to bring their son Rowan to spend Christmas at home, or at least a portion of it.

Rowan, who is three, suffers from a rare disease that prevents him from developing muscles, and because of that he's spent most of his life at Bloorview Kids Rehab in Toronto.

Rowan's allowed to come home for one weekend a month under close supervision, but to bring him home for good the Jacks need to build a $100,000 addition to their home.

They have the plans for Rowans special room, but are missing the finances needed to make their dream a reality.

"Everywhere we go for help, there's always some kind of let down," Lisa Jack said."As a mother, it's very hard. I'd like to be able to take him to things with us, be a family, do things together."

Rowan has some presents under the tree, but later that night he'll have to return to Bloorview, leaving his parents with just one Christmas wish.

"That I don't have to say goodbye to him, and see him cry when we leave," Jack said.

To contact the Rowan family about helping with Rowan's room, email rowansroom@yahoo.com.

I cannot imagine having a child that has spent 3 years in the hospital. The four months that our son spent in the NICU was very hard on our family and my health. My heart goes out to this family all year round, not just Christmas. I hope that they get the funds they need to make Rowans room a reality.



Gramma Puts Keys, Change and Grandson Through Airport X-Ray Machine

When I first read this story I wondered how this could happen. Are there not people there to make sure so "live" beings go through the x-ray machine? Last year, in a fluster, Jessica Simpson almost put her dog daisy through the x-ray machine, but was stopped at the last minute.

The passenger, who speaks very little English, was asked to put her possessions in a tray so they could be X-rayed. But along with her keys, change and other items, the grandmother also put something else in the plastic bin - her one-month-old grandson.

Before security personnel could reach him, the infant had been whisked through the machine and exposed to the radiation. Officials were able to grab the container and pull it out after it was halfway through and immediately called medical personnel.

The child was rushed to a local hospital but didn't appear to have suffered any permanent damage as a result of the exposure.

"The lady obviously mistakenly put the baby in the machine," explains U.S. Transportation Security Administration spokesman Nico Melendez. "It was an unfortunate incident."

It's only the second time in history that such "an unfortunate incident" has been recorded at LAX. In 1988, a baby in a car seat was accidentally passed through an X-ray scanner.

Security personnel, who are already hard pressed to keep up with watching the airport comings-and-goings, will be even more vigilant in future to ensure there's never a repeat of the accident.

This Gramma will probably not be invited to babysit anytime soon.



"I'm Ready To Cruise"

Nicola will be spending Christmas aboard a Cruise Ship...This kid is a Professional Vacationer. Thank You to her Mommy for sending me this picture...way too cute!!

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Kids Fun Foam Furniture

This furniture is awesome. Light enough that your kids can move it themselves, sturdy enough to hold their weight, and colourful to keep their attention and brighten up a space.

The EVA Foam Chairs, Tables and Stools are expertly cut from soft, sturdy EVA foam - the same material that you'll find inside your athletic shoes. The foam makes them comfortable, safe, lightweight, durable, strong and washable. You'll find that their child-size proportions belie their strength - each piece can support a weight up to 300 pounds! Eva Foam Tables, Chairs and Stools are equally happy indoors and outside. Modularity allows all three pieces to stack together. So go ahead and take a seat, rest your feet, stack them like blocks, make a sculpture, create a room divider...

Available at Modernnursery.com

Chair - $70/1 U.S. $139/2

Stool - $59/1 U.S. $119/2

Table - $129 U.S.

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Friday, December 22, 2006
RECALL: BABYBJÖRN Feeding Spoons Due to Choking Hazard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.

Name of Product: BABYBJÖRN® Feeding Spoons

Units: About 33,000

Importer/Distributor: BabySwede LLC, of Cleveland, Ohio

Hazard: After extended use, the soft plastic tip on the feeding spoon can loosen and break off, posing a choking hazard to young children.

Incidents/Injuries: No incidents have been reported in the United States. BabySwede has received 11 reports of the plastic loosening on the spoons in other countries. No injuries have been reported.

Description: The recalled feeding spoons were sold under the brand name “BABYBJÖRN,” which is printed along the front side of the spoon’s handle. The spoons were sold in one package containing two spoons. The spoons are about 6-1/2 inches in length, with a soft, flexible plastic tip sold in two color combinations: blue/red or green/yellow.

Sold at: Specialty juvenile product stores, catalogs and Internet sites from January 2001 through November 2006 for about $9.

Manufactured in: Sweden

Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled feeding spoons and contact BabySwede LLC to receive a refund or replacement spoons.

Customer Contact: For more information, contact BabySwede LLC toll-free at (866) 424-0200 anytime, or visit the firm’s Web site at www.babyswede.com

Picture of Recalled Blue/Red Feeding Spoon Picture of Recalled Green/Yellow Feeding Spoon

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You Tube "Rotem Pregnancy Project- Everyday Photo"

This video is very simular to the Pregnancy in 15 seconds. Cute, and amazing to watch a belly grow over 20 seconds.

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You Tube "Pregnancy In 15 seconds"

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Super-Bug In Hospital Takes The Life Of 27 Weeker

Five premature babies were today being treated for a bug outbreak which may have contributed to the death of a baby boy.

The babies are on the neonatal ward at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and have all been identified as carrying Panton-Valentine Leukocidin (PVL) positive Staphylococcus aureus (S aureus).

The bug, which is different from the MRSA strain identified in Stoke-on-Trent, can be treated with a range of antibiotics, the hospital said.

The baby boy was 27 weeks old and "very poorly" before his death from an infection on December 11, the hospital said.

But she said none of the babies had a clinical infection.

"With most of these babies, you would not be able to tell that they have it. It's only because we tested and swabbed them.

"All the babies have been decolonised. We have used antiseptic to clean their skin and we are treating with antibiotics where appropriate.

"We have also re-cleaned all the cots.

"Some babies carry the strain on their skin, they are not suffering from any clinical infection."

Staff and Parents have been screened and the hospital believes the control measures introduced mean that these babies, and others in the unit, are not now at any significant risk from this strain of S aureus.

The NICU and PICU at a hospital in Los Angeles was closed last week due to Psuedomonus. It has since been re-opened, but it is believed that The deaths of two premature babies may be linked to a bacterial outbreak.

Hospitals may have to start allowing only parents into the Intensive Care Units to visit their children.


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World's first baby gorilla Born After Mother Treated With Fertility Drug

Salome, the western lowland gorilla, is the first gorilla in the world to benefit from a fertility treatment normally used by women.

Keepers at Bristol Zoo Gardens realised that because 30-year-old Salome was not becoming pregnant by her partner Jock despite regular mating, she must not be ovulating.

A medication named Clomid, which encourages the ovary to release the egg, was smuggled into her food.

Soon afterwards, 24-year- old Jock performed his connubial duties and on December 15 the infant arrived.

Because the keepers do not want to interrupt the mother-baby bond, or enrage Jock, they have not managed actually to study the baby themselves.

They have therefore not yet worked out if it is a boy or a girl - and so have not chosen a name.

Salome gave birth to her first baby when she was at Chessington Zoo in April 1988 and moved to Bristol seven years ago.

Her new arrival has delighted the zoo keepers and given a major boost to international breeding programmes which are trying to ensure the survival of western lowland gorillas, whose numbers in the wild are as little as 110,000.

Dr Jo Gipps, director of Bristol Zoo Gardens, said: 'A captive breeding programme is essential for ensuring the survival of such a significant species.

'Sadly western lowland gorillas are facing serious losses in the wild caused by a number of issues including forest destruction for logging, diseases such as the recent outbreak of ebola and the terrible slaughter of primates for the illegal bushmeat trade.

'Salome's baby represents an important contribution to the next generation of gorillas and hope for the long-term conservation of these incredible creatures.'


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Thursday, December 21, 2006
Diddy's A Daddy X 2

Sean "Diddy" Combs and his longtime girlfriend, Kim Porter, welcomed twin baby girls into the world Thursday morning (December 21) at an undisclosed hospital in New York, his publicist confirmed.

The children are Diddy and Porter's second and third together; their son, Christian, is 8 years old. Diddy also has 12-year-old son, Justin, with stylist and former girlfriend Misa Hylton-Brim, while Porter has a 15-year-old son, Quincy, from a previous relationship with R&B singer Al B. Sure.

Porter gave birth at approximately 7:56 a.m. to the first child, who weighed 5 pounds. The second girl, weighing in at 5 pounds, 4 ounces, followed just two minutes later.

In honor of two people who had an enormous influence on both Porter and Diddy, 5 lb., D'Lila Star Combs was named after Porter's grandmother, Lila Star, Zimmerman said Thursday afternoon. Her 5 lb. 4 oz. sister, Jessie James Combs, was named after Diddy's grandmother, Jessie Smalls.

"Diddy received an early Christmas gift," his rep, Robert Zimmerman, said in statement. "It gives us great joy to announce the arrival of Diddy's twin girls." Zimmerman noted Diddy flew in for the delivery from Toronto, where he has been filming a movie adaptation of the Broadway play "A Raisin in the Sun." Diddy had been keeping a plane on standby just in case Porter went into labor.

When he received word that Porter was in fact preparing to give birth, Diddy hopped aboard and headed straight to New York — and not a moment too late, according to Zimmerman. "[Diddy] made it just in the nick of time for the delivery," he said. "Both Kim and the girls are doing great."

Diddy and Porter first revealed they were having twins in September with a video message on the rapper's MySpace page. At the time, Porter was noticeably pregnant in pictures, but the couple wasn't aware they were having twins until right before they made their announcement public.

We wish them the best of luck. Twins seem to be going around. First Diana Krall, now Diddy. I see a lot of work in their future.....



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Top Christmas Songs

Yahoo Buzz has compiled a list of the top Christmas songs, calculated by Yahoo web search statistics.

1. Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1949)
2. 12 Days of Christmas (16th century)
3. Nutcracker (Suite) (1891)
4. All I Want for Christmas is You (1994)
5. Frosty the Snowman (1950)
6. Jingle Bells (1857)
7. Silent Night (1816)
8. Baby It's Cold Outside (1948)
9. O Holy Night (1847)
10. Deck the Halls (19th century)
11. Winter Wonderland (1934)
12. White Christmas (1940)
13. Santa Baby (1953)
14. Jingle Bell Rock (1957)
15. Feliz Navidad (1970)
16. All I Want for Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth) (1944)
17. Mary, Did You Know (1984)
18. Last Christmas (1984)
19. Where Are You Christmas (2000)
20. Let it Snow (1945)

Going through the list reminds me of being a kid again!!


Triplets Born By 1 Mom, 2 Wombs

A UK woman with two wombs is believed to be the first in the world with the condition to give birth to triplets.

Hannah Kersey, 23, from Northam in Devon, had identical twins Ruby and Tilly, who were born from one womb, Grace, who was born from the other.

The girls had to stay in hospital for nine weeks after being born seven weeks early by Caesarean, but have now returned home to their parents.

The odds of having triplets from two wombs are about 25 million to one.

The chances of a woman with two wombs having twins or two separate births is estimated to be five million to one.

Only 70 women in the world are known to have been pregnant in two wombs, reports suggest.

The condition, which is actually called uterus didelphys, affects one in 1,000 women in the UK.

In Miss Kersey's case, the babies were conceived from two eggs - one in each womb - which were fertilised at the same time by two different sperm.

One egg then divided, producing identical twins, while the other developed into a single baby.

Mr Ellis Downes, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at Chase Farm Hospital in London, said: "It is quite amazing. Women with two wombs have conceived a baby in each womb before but never twins in one and a singleton in the other."

Leading expert Mr Peter Bowen-Simpkins added: "For a woman to spontaneously conceive and give birth in this way is a real rarity. They have been extremely fortunate."

Mr Richard Warren of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists said most cases occur naturally, but the condition can run in families.

Hannah's mother and sister also have two wombs.

I can barely handle one womb, let alone two. I wonder how crazy her periods are??


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You Tube "Pampers Christmas Commercial"

This has got to be the best pampers commercial I've seen in a while. It is set to "silent night" and shows many babies sleeping peacefully, possibly because their bums are dry...pampers!! I think it's very cute. Enjoy!!

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You Tube "Pregnancy In 15 seconds"

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006
School Apologizes After A Teacher Telling Children Santa Was Not Real

There are not many things you can save your kids from especially when you are not with them all day. Santa is one of those subjects that does not need any collaboration or briefing. Everyone knows the story, we are all on the same page....how could a teacher have burst this important bubble.

A junior school was forced to apologise after one of its teachers told children that Father Christmas did not exist.

The youngsters, aged nine and 10, were asked to put themselves in the place of Royal Mail staff and make up replies to children explaining why their Christmas requests had been rejected.

One parent said: "My wife and I make a special effort to keep the belief in Santa in our daughter's mind as we believe it adds to the magic of Christmas for her and her four-year-old brother.

"What gives the school the right to decide when children should know the truth about such a harmless matter when knowing the truth does take away that little bit of magic?"

However, another mother, Sally Jones, 32, who has three children at the school, said she was not upset by the blunder.

"The only advantage of Santa as a parent is that you have got someone to blame if children don't get what they want," she said.

Jackie Jackson, headteacher of Ladysmith junior school in Exeter, said: "The choice of this worksheet was a genuine mistake by a teacher which we are sad about.

"As a school we delight in the magic of childhood and believe that Christmas is a special time. This worksheet will never be used in the school again."



9 Out of 10 Americans Had Premarital Sex

Did you have sex before you got married? You are not alone....actually, your are in the majority.

More than nine out of 10 Americans, men and women alike, have had premarital sex, according to a new study. The high rates extend even to women born in the 1940s, challenging perceptions that people were more chaste in the past.

"This is reality-check research," said the study's author, Lawrence Finer. "Premarital sex is normal behavior for the vast majority of Americans, and has been for decades."

Finer is a research director at the Guttmacher Institute, a private New York-based think tank that studies sexual and reproductive issues and which disagrees with government-funded programs that rely primarily on abstinence-only teachings. The study, released Tuesday, appears in the new issue of Public Health Reports.

The study, examining how sexual behavior before marriage has changed over time, was based on interviews conducted with more than 38,000 people — about 33,000 of them women — in 1982, 1988, 1995 and 2002 for the federal National Survey of Family Growth. According to Finer's analysis, 99 percent of the respondents had had sex by age 44, and 95 percent had done so before marriage.

Even among a subgroup of those who abstained from sex until at least age 20, four-fifths had had premarital sex by age 44, the study found.

The study found women virtually as likely as men to engage in premarital sex, even those born decades ago. Among women born between 1950 and 1978, at least 91 percent had had premarital sex by age 30, he said, while among those born in the 1940s, 88 percent had done so by age 44.

"The data clearly show that the majority of older teens and adults have already had sex before marriage, which calls into question the federal government's funding of abstinence-only-until-marriage programs for 12- to 29-year-olds," Finer said.

It would be more effective," Finer said, "to provide young people with the skills and information they need to be safe once they become sexually active — which nearly everyone eventually will."

Wade Horn, assistant secretary for children and families at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, defended the abstinence-only approach for teenagers.

"One of its values is to help young people delay the onset of sexual activity," he said. "The longer one delays, the fewer lifetime sex partners they have, and the less the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease."

He insisted there was no federal mission against premarital sex among adults.

"Absolutely not," Horn said. "The Bush administration does not believe the government should be regulating or stigmatizing the behavior of adults."

My mom always told me to try the shoes on before you buy them....I guess others got the same advice!!


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Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Froggy Frenzy

How cute is this toy?? Babygadget has this toy featured and I love it!!

Toddlers hear frog sounds whenever they put a bug in or out of its mouth. Also, a door in the frog’s belly allows for easy access. Comes with 3 soft winged insects. Requires 2 AA batteries, which are included. Frog measures 11 ½” H x 11 ½” D. For kids aged 18 Months+.

$42.99 cad at grandrivertoys

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Infants Who Receive Light Therapy Have A Higher Risk Of Melanoma

Infants with jaundice who are treated with intensive light therapy -- the current standard treatment -- have a significantly increased risk of developing moles called melanocytic nevi as they grow older, French researchers report.

Given the link between such nevi and melanoma, they point out, it's important to keep a check on skin conditions and to take preventive measures for these children.

The findings, which appear in the Archives of Dermatology, are based on a study of 58 children, 8 to 9 years of age.

Eighteen children had been exposed to light therapy as newborns and 40 had not. All subjects resided in the same geographic area of France and were also matched for eye color, hair color and total UV exposure.

The kids who had undergone light therapy had a greater number of nevi than did unexposed children, Dr. Vincent Descamps, from the Bichat-Claude Bernard Hospital in Paris, and colleagues report.

Analysis confirmed a link between light therapy exposure and the number of nevi between 2 and 5 millimeters in diameter.

While the findings suggest an association between neonatal phototherapy and melanocytic nevi, they "must be interpreted with caution because of the small sizes of the exposed and nonexposed groups," the investigators state.


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Monday, December 18, 2006
NICU and PICU Closed Down At L.A. Hospital

White Memorial Medical Center near downtown Los Angeles has closed its neonatal and pediatric intensive care units to new admissions after seven children became infected with a virulent bacterium, including one baby who probably died as a result, hospital officials said Friday.

The Boyle Heights hospital shut its busy neonatal unit Dec. 4 after identifying an outbreak of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which is believed to have infected five babies.

Then Friday, White Memorial closed its high-level pediatric unit after learning that two older children were infected with the bacterium. Dr. Rosalio Lopez, the hospital's chief medical officer, said he is unsure if the new cases are linked to the outbreak among babies.

Neither unit will be reopened until "we believe it is safe for the patients to be admitted," Lopez said, adding that other parts of the hospital are not affected.

White Memorial officials said they believe that the most likely cause of the outbreak is improper cleaning of a laryngoscope blade, a piece of equipment used to insert breathing tubes. They are working with local, state and federal health investigators to conclusively determine the source.

Lopez said the hospital has tightened its infection control practices, notified the families of patients in the affected units and given antibiotics to all babies remaining in the neonatal unit as a precaution.

"Our first priority is to continue to work with the families affected in this situation," Lopez said. "We're totally committed to providing our patients safe care."

Any critically ill babies born at the hospital now are being taken to a special isolation area to be stabilized before being transferred to other hospitals. High-risk pregnant women are also being advised to consult with their doctors to determine if they should go to White Memorial or another hospital.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a common bacterium found in water and soil and can be spread through body contact, fluids and water. In most people, it is not deadly or even dangerous, because their immune systems can ward off infection.

But that is not the case in patients with weakened immune systems, such as premature babies, patients with cancer or AIDS and those on breathing machines.

In such situations, the bacterium can cause a variety of infections depending on where it enters the body. These include respiratory, urinary tract and blood infections.

It can spread rapidly and, in some cases, be unstoppable.

Babies in the neonatal unit are especially at risk for infections, because they are often connected to ventilators, tubes, monitors and other equipment that give bacteria an easy pathway to the body.

While our son was in the NICU there were quite a few babies with Pseudomonas. The infected pods were emptied and disinfected, which seemed to help. Our son was lucky enough to not get it, but some of the other preemies around weren't as lucky.


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You Tube "Baby Pandas Playing"

I LOVE baby pandas. I thought I would post this light, fun video at this stressful time so close to Christmas. ENJOY!!

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Having A Christmas Baby? Cute Christmas Themed Announcements

When your kids get older, they may not be that happy about having a birthday close to Christmas. For now, it is fun to send out great themed announcements.

Babyshere.com has quite a few cute announcement cards that you could pick from once your bundle makes an appearance.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006
Kingston Rossdale In A Festive Mood

Always about town baby, Kingston Rossdale is very festive in his Christmas Bib. Gwen is seen here leaving her NYC Hotel.


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Saturday, December 16, 2006
White Surrogate Mother Keeps Twin Asian Babies

I always wondered how someone could carry another couple's child for 10 months and then hand the baby over with no strings attached. I guess it is not as easy a you would think.

An Asian couple have launched a ground-breaking legal battle to gain custody of their own twins -after a white surrogate mother refused to hand them over when they were born.

The twins were created from embryos made up of the man's sperm and his wife's eggs, which were then implanted into the surrogate.

But when the trio's friendship broke down in the first few months of pregnancy, the surrogate decided to keep the babies.

Though she has no biological connection to the children, she is regarded in law as their mother because she carried them and gave birth.

It is thought to be the first time that a surrogate mother, with no genetic connection to the child, has insisted on keeping a baby.

The babies' biological parents must now prove she is an unfit mother before they can apply for custody of their own flesh and blood.

"They may not be my eggs but I grew these babies inside me. I nourished them to birth and went through a life-threatening emergency caesarean to have them. I would be devastated if they are taken away from me now. The law regards me as their mother and I regard them as my children. I decided to become a surrogate mother because I wanted to help a childless couple. It was also important to me that there should be a friendship between me and the parents and that this contact continued after the birth. When it became clear to me that this couple, who are both professionals, saw this as just a business arrangement, and me as some sort of incubator, I changed my mind and decided to keep the children. I then bonded with the babies and now I love them dearly. It doesn't matter that they are a different race to me. I feel like their mother". Surrogate Mother called "Margaret" (not her real name)

So desperate is she to keep the twins that she turned down £25,000 from the couple to hand them over, telling them: "The babies are not for sale - at any price."

Margaret lives in a cramped council house with the twins and her two sons, aged 14 and 16. They have different fathers and she has never been married. She admits money is tight but has spent more than £2,000 on cots and prams for her new arrivals.

The living room is strewn with toys and playthings and the babies are given constant attention. The Asian couple are affluent in comparison. They live in a detached £650,000 house. In the living room of their family home is a small wooden cow carved into a child-sized rocking chair.

The process is legal here - though arrangements made between a couple and a surrogate are regarded as a private agreement and are not enforceable in law.

The Surrogacy Arrangements Act 1985 is currently under review. But this case is sure to fuel the claims of surrogacy critics who have long regarded the practice as fraught with potential problems.

In a preliminary hearing at the High Court this month a judge granted the father and his wife custody of the twins at weekends. They pick up the babies on Saturday morning and return them on Sunday afternoon.

Unfortunately, babies are not a financial transaction. There is a connection there that cannot be sold, whether they are your flesh and blood or not.

This will proably be a drawn out legal fight. In the end, the surrogate will probably not win because it is hard to support a family of four children and pay a lawyer. These babies are going to be very confused.