Friday, April 27, 2007
Cardboard Crib?

Nothing screams "last baby" or "we weren't prepared" like a cardboard crib.

There is not one thing about this crib that appeals to me. I know that Album Di Famiglia is a talented designer, but I think that he missed the mark on this one.

Little Fashion Gallery calls it practical, different and stylish. It strikes me more like tacky, unsafe and overpriced. I can't see it being appropriate for use past 6 months due to the fact that your child could fall out and hurt them self.

The crib arrives flat-packed and is very easy to assemble. The company calls it "Safe and stable, with large wheels which make moving it easy".

Also included is a firm foam mattress, which complies with all the safety and comfort standards that you would expect for a baby’s bed.

You can decide to keep it plain - simply stamped with the brand’s logo on the side – for the super chic industrial living look. Or you can customize it, paint it, or simply decorate it with your child’s name.
The price tag for all of this? £149.76 This crib will set you back almost $300 U.S. For that price you could purchase a nice sturdy wooden crib from Walmart or Target, which will accommodate your child well into their toddler stage.

I know that this crib is probably supposed to symbolize a simpler, back to basics beginning for your baby. I just don't agree with it's lack of safety features and steep price tag.



Missed the point much? Wooden cots, whilst from a renewable resource, still have a much bigger carbon footprint than this. It's not about neing unprepared, it's the complete opposite, for people who ARE prepared for the impact of our generation's lifestyle on their babies. You may not like the design but there are other, more cutesy alternatives (eg Mothercare). I'm no eco-warrior but I do care about my child's future and you wouldn't catch me dead shopping in Walmart (or the UK version Asda)as their lack of social responsibilty on so many issues is quite shocking.

5/27/2008 11:11:00 am  

i agree. i wouldn't buy anything at walmart, least of all baby furniture! i love the cardboard crib & think we would all be wise to adopt small footprint items like this.

12/10/2008 06:32:00 pm  

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