Saturday, July 14, 2007
Baby Born With Teeth

Here's a story you don't hear everyday...

Baby Megan Andrews amazed doctors and family by being born with teeth.

She is now just under two weeks old and she has already had two dental appointments, reports the Brighton Argus.

Mum Claire Slimming, 20, knew nothing of the phenomenon until a midwife gave Megan a check an hour after she came into the world.

Claire, from Worthing, said: "The midwife counted Megan's ten fingers and toes and then looked and put a finger inside her mouth and was astonished when she counted seven teeth.

"Her face said it all - she was shocked."

Megan had her first dental appointment at the age of just one day at the Maxio-facial unit at Worthing Hospital.

Claire said: "They gently took out four of the teeth because they were falling out and might have choked her. She didn't feel a thing and slept through the whole process.

"Megan still has one tiny tooth in front and two at the back and they are pretty-well anchored in. They said they would have to give her anaesthetic to remove them but we decided against that. I couldn't put her through it.

"We'll be keeping an eye on them with more dental check-ups."

This is riduculous!! I can see one tooth or two but seven??

Teeth that arrive before your baby is born are called Natal Teeth.

Natal teeth are relatively uncommon, appearing in about one in every 2,000 to 3,000 births. Although the majority of natal teeth are isolated incidents, their presence may be associated with some syndromes.

Natal teeth generally develop on the lower gum where the central incisors will be. They have little root structure and are attached to the margin of the gum by soft tissue and are often wobbly.

Natal teeth are usually not well formed but they are firm enough that, because of their placement, they may cause irritation and trauma to the infant's tongue while he is nursing. Natal teeth may also be uncomfortable for a nursing mother.

The Slimmings will now have this great story to tell Megan when she gets older.

Everyone should have their claim to fame and this will be hers!


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My son was born with 2 teeth. He is now 5 years old and still has one of them. The other was loose and fell out when he was about one. Baby photos look a little different when he smiles!!!

3/24/2008 06:36:00 am  

I'm 35 years old and was born with two lower teeth. I had mine taken out at 17 days old and didn't recieve my next teeth until I was 7. I have had teeth problems my whole life and wonder if there is a connection. FYI: Keep an eye on their teeth.

2/17/2009 10:56:00 am  

I'm 27 years old and also was born with 2 teeth. The fell out the same month I was born..yeah be careful and keep an eye on them..ive had tooth problem my whole life and instead of having 4 wisdom teeth xrays revealed I have 5.

5/09/2010 08:32:00 pm  

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