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Masche Sextuplets UPDATE!

I have an update in the Masche Sextuplets born in Arizona on June 11th.

The babies were born prematurely after 30 weeks and four days in utero, and all but one weighed less than three pounds.

Shortly after their arrival, Jenny, their mom, went into cardiac arrest due to extra blood flooding out of her uterus and stretching her heart and blood vessels to a very, very critical level.

She remained in the hospital for 2 weeks post birth and is now home, but not feeling 100%. She writes in her blog that:

Sometime while I was in the hospital I got an inner ear virus and it did some damage on my vestibular system (that keeps your world looking normal). Fortunately, he said my case was mild and would improve over TIME.......... that is the difficult part for me. I started vestibular therapy today and it will last for the next 4 weeks. Reading is difficult, I am unable to drive because I can't track things well, and lights really both my eyes. I would like to ask for prayer that I would see completely normal again and preferably before the babies come home!!!

Jenny then goes on to update how the babies are doing:

The babies are growing well, Grant and Bailey are in first place both weighing 3"7oz (they are racing to come home first), then Blake and Cole are over 3 lbs, while Savannah is 2"12oz and our precious Molli is 2"7oz. Molli is very active and doesn't like to sleep, so she is burning more calories than the other babies. Cole will still have to have surgery on his colon (under his belly button) because there is a little hole, but he is doing amazing and they said the surgery is real easy and not too invasive. Blake, Grant and Bailey all have blond hair, while Cole, Molli and Savannah have dark hair. They all have beautiful flawless skin and perfect little features

The boys seem to be pretty calm and mellow, while the girls want to be in on all the action! Bailey especially wants to be up and looking around all day long, she's afraid to miss the action! We will try to take some more pictures and put them on the website so everyone can see how much they have changed........ it is so much fun to watch them grow! We are expecting the first ones to come home in about 2-3 weeks, we just have to wait for them to suck, swallow and breath (at the same time) and then they will be home, otherwise they are all doing everything they are suppose to be doing. I can't wait for you all to meet them!

Brian, the daddy, is adjusting to parenthood well. He has been initiated with some messy diaper and a nighttime bath session.

He will have no choice but to become a pro with 6 babies on their way home in a few short weeks.

They have included some pictures of the Mache team on their website. All of the babies look beautiful and we are very excited that they are doing well.

It IS nothing short of a miracle that Jenny was able to keep them in until almost 31 weeks. The babies obviously benefited from their extra time in the womb because all of them were breathing independently just 24 hours after birth.

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I am so glad the Masche sextuplets are doing so well. My parents live in Lake Havesau, so there was some attention.

I prayed and cried for both the Masche and Morrison babies. I am so glad Jenny is getting the support she needs. I hope Brianna is as well. Such a devastating loss. I am sure she tried as hard as Jenny did, but 22 weeks is pushing the limit. I still will pray for her and hope that her family may come to be.

8/18/2007 11:40:00 am  

omg! ive watched the full one hour episode on them yesterday night and ive just been in love with the Masche family. ive seen so many picutures and videos on them, and i just hope one day i can meet them!
i wish the Masche family soo much luck. I also with the babies a happy one year birthday. You guys are the best! Keep up the fantastic work =]

- Anna.

6/28/2008 12:33:00 am  

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