Monday, July 30, 2007
Shaken Baby Syndrome Simulator

I have never posted anything on Shaken Baby Syndrome(SBS) because the issue frustrates me and there has never really been anything out that could help prevent it.

I came across this 'simulator' today and had to post it. This doll should be a mandatory part of Lamaze class so that parents can SEE the effect that shaking their baby has.

Shaking the life-sized infant simulator is disturbing. Watching the damage progress across the brain through illuminated LEDs is powerful. Hearing the piercing cry abruptly stop is devastating. There’s no denying the instant and permanent effects of shaking a helpless baby when this new, electronic simulator is in your hands.

Combined with a curriculum that helps establish a plan for coping with an inconsolable baby, an experience with the Shaken Baby Syndrome Simulator™ will stick with participants for a lifetime.

The life-sized electronic simulator is equipped with accelerometers that measure the force on the brain when shaken. A see-through vinyl head reveals LED lights that indicate the damaged areas of the brain in real time. Real infant cries stop abruptly as shaking continues and permanent brain damage occurs.

Approximately 25 percent of shaken baby victims die from their injuries. Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) is underreported because the effects on the brain aren’t always immediately seen, the abuse may not be reported, and perpetrators often lie to medical personnel about the cause of a baby’s injuries. Experts agree that awareness of SBS is critical for everyone who cares for an infant, responds to family emergencies, or trains future parents, babysitters and child care providers.

No one would EVER shake a baby is they knew what happens to them and the extent of the damage that they could cause.

In extreme cases, the child need to be hospitalized and hooked up to machines to assist with breathing. Some of these children will never walk or talk due to the extensive damage that was caused in the heat of a moment.

Every bit of awareness helps. If this simulator prevents any babies from being shaken than it was worth the research.

Please visit the OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Realtityworks.com They have downloadable worksheets on preventing SBS and what happens if you do shake your infant.

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"No one would EVER shake a baby is they knew what happens to them and the extent of the damage that they could cause."


If people thought ahead nobody would ever commit any crime. All this overpriced doll will do is scare the snot out of the people who would never harm their infant in the first place.

Save your money or give it to Social Services. Expensive toys won't cure anything, maybe there's a way to change society but the smart money isn't holding their breath.


9/12/2007 09:54:00 pm  

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