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Sunday, September 30, 2007
Surrogate Grandma Gives Birth to Grandsons

Here is a story you don't hear everyday.

A mom, 51, in Sao Paulo as given her daughter the ultimate gift - a set of twins.

Rosinete Palmeira Serrao, a government health worker, gave birth to twin boys by Caesarean section on Thursday at the Santa Joana Hospital in the city of Recife, the hospital said in a statement on its website.

Hospital officials were not available for comment on Sunday, but press reports said the grandmother and twins were discharged on Saturday in excellent health. The Caesarean section was performed about two weeks ahead of time because Serrao was having trouble sleeping, the statement said.

Serrao decided to serve as a surrogate mother after four years of failed attempts at pregnancy by her 27-year-old daughter, Claudia Michelle de Brito.

Brazilian law stipulates that only close relatives can serve as surrogate mothers. De Brito is an only child and none of her cousins volunteered, so Serrao agreed to receive four embryos from her daughter.

In May a Greek mom, 52 also gave birth to her twin grandsons. Could this be a trend???

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Twins Born On Same Day Conceived 3 Weeks Apart

Could you imagine being on the pill and still getting pregnant...twice...in 3 weeks?

That's what happened to Amelia Spence earlier this year.

Doctors realized that something was up during an ultrasound when they looked at the screen and noticed that one fetus still looked like a blob, whereas the other had four visible limbs. It was such a marked difference.

"It was really strange to see. The doctor said that he had never seen it before, but had only read about it in textbooks.

"One foetus was 12 weeks old, whilst they said the other was three weeks behind, at nine weeks old. I had become pregnant twice on two separate occasions.

"The doctors couldn't believe it, either. They told us there was a million-to-one chance of it happening.

"There were concerns for the smaller baby but at the next scan she was still alive.

Miss Spence said: "It was very emotional when the doctors said that the smaller baby was still growing. She was such a little fighter."

The mother had to be scanned every week to check that both babies were still growing.

She said: "It was nerve-racking going to the hospital each week and I just kept praying they would both be all right. My stomach got so big that towards the end of my pregnancy, I could hardly move."

Doctors had to carry out an emergency caesarean to deliver the babies because they were both lying awkwardly in the womb.

Ame, the younger baby, arrived first weighing 4lb 13oz. Her sister Lia was much bigger at 6lb 11oz.

This can't be too uncommon because there are statistics on twins that are born to two fathers, which is kind of the same thing because the mom would have to release an egg at 2 different times.


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Celebrities Support EB Medical Research Foundation

Many celebrities and their families attended CelEBration on the Pier to Benefit the EB Medical Research Foundation.

EBMRF is a volunteer nonprofit foundation dedicated to the support of medical research of Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), its causes, the development of successful treatments, and ultimately, its cure.

EB is a group of diseases characterized by blister formation after minor trauma to the skin. This family of disorders, most of which are inherited, range in severity from mild to the severely disabling and life-threatening diseases of the skin. This rare genetic disorder affects all ethnic and racial groups. Estimates indicate that as many as 100,000 Americans suffer from some form of EB.

This unbelievable disease is debilitating for your children because they can never ride a bike, skate, or participate in sports because the normal play of children causes chronic sores. Wounds may cover up to 75 percent of the child's body. Imagine a diet of only liquids or soft foods because blistering and scarring occur in the mouth and esophagus. Scarring also causes the fingers and toes to fuse, leaving deformities which severely limit function. Imagine a life tied to hospitals for wound treatment, blood transfusions, biopsies and surgeries

To learn more please visit their website ebkids.org

Joley Fisher and husband Christopher Duddy with children True and Skyler
Camryn Manheim and son Milo
Noah Wylie and wife Tracy with kids Owen, 5 and Auden (almost 2)
Adam Sandler with Wife Jackie and Daughter Sadie, 1

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Would You Pay $6,000 For A Crib?

When we were expecting our son, my husband and I picked out a crib that was $500. It has a nice solid wood frame and a stylish look.

At that time we thought that we were splurging, so you can imagine my surprise when I came across this crib by Duc Duc that retails for $6,000.

The 'Dylan crib system' includes a crib, change table and bonding bench. With additional extensions the crib converts first to a toddler bed and then to a modernist daybed.

While I am not disputing that this crib has some top notch features and a not seen before style, I wonder if parents are able to spend that kind of money on a piece of furniture that they may only use for a few years.

This seems to be one of those items that well to do families would purchase just to say they had one. The Hermes bag of the baby world.

At the end of the day a crib is a crib. One doesn't hug your child better or create a more serene environment.

They all have bars that hold the baby in and mattress to keep them comfortable.

They will still wake up three times in the night in a $200 crib and a $6,000 crib.

Knowing all of this would you pay $6,000 for a crib...system?

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Saturday, September 29, 2007
Waterbirths Increasing In Popularity

I have written a few times about water births and the benefits of having a baby in a tub.

The whole thing intrigues me, it's just not an option in North American hospitals.

They will allow you to relax in the pool before the birth, but the baby has to be born outside the water.

It is however, an option in the UK and they are seeing a urge in women who are requesting to deliver this way.

UK hospital's are delivering hundreds of water babies as new NHS guidelines offer mothers greater control over how they give birth.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) this week issued guidance including a recommendation that women should have the opportunity for water births.

This method is proving increasingly popular with expectant mothers as 10% of all births dealt with by the hospital’s staff are water births or home births, compared with a national average of 2%.

Midwife and delivery suite co-ordinator Bronwen Boddy said the guidelines signal a new era for mums-to-be who wish to have minimal intervention.

“It is fantastic that these guidelines are supporting the ‘normality’ as this is what midwives all across the country want to do.

“We have usually implemented change in advance of the guidelines. We have had lots of initiatives here ahead of the Government announcement.”

Water therapy has featured in the guidance as it encourages relaxation and less intervention under midwife-led care.

Hospitals are urged to make sure they have pools – at least three pools for 1,000 births a year is seen as adequate provision.

Demand is increasing at the South Tyneside trust. It completed a £1.1m upgrade of its delivery suite in 2003 which included a birthing pool. The trust also enables women to have a water birth at home.

With a water birth, only half need pain relief as the warm water has a relaxing and soothing effect.

It has also been widely reported that Charlotte Church purchased a birthing pool to deliver her baby Ruby in. No details were given about the baby's birth except that it occurred in her farmhouse.

I think that expectant moms are more open to different birthing options now more than ever.

If are interested in learning more about water births, you should contact a midwife in your area.



A Bit of Perspective...

This Youtube commercial is a bit intense, but it gives you a bit of perspective.

Live every day like you may not have a tomorrow. Don't take anything for granted...


Introducing: The iCandy Pear

Last year I came across a sleek looking stroller called the iCandy Apple. It has a beautiful design and sleek look that gives some of the big name stroller a run for their money.

As usual, it is not sold in North America and I was completely frustrated because the UK always gets the coolest gear, but it usually takes years for them migrate their way across the 'pond'.

While in Vegas, a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting iCandy's representatives and previewed some of their new products.

Since I wrote about the Apple, the company has decided to take that stroller a step further and incorporate a 'pip frame' that allows the stroller to accommodate 2 children.

The Pear is available two ways. If you already have an Apple, you can purchase the 'pip conversion frame' and extra cot for the second child.

You can also just purchase the Pear in it's entirety stroller frame, pip and 2 toddler seats.
It can be configured 8 different ways for your child's comfort. The stroller does not come with infant car seats and it currently only fits the Maxi-Cosi Cabrio infant carrier (UK car seat). I like the idea of this stroller for a few reasons.
  1. With the two toddler seats in, the stroller is still no bigger than a regular stroller that holds one child, which is unusual for a tandem stroller.
  2. It accommodates families of all ages. Once your older child has outgrown a stroller, you can remove the 'pip' and turn the pear into single stroller again.
  3. The whole things folds up conveniently for easy storage.


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Infants and Toddlers at Risk of Drowning in Bathtubs, Spas and Buckets

When pool season ends, many parents believe the risk of drowning also ends, but data from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released today indicates 311 reported non-pool drownings from 2002 through 2004 of children younger than five years of age. More than 80 percent of these deaths involved children younger than two years old. The pattern is much different than that observed in pool-related incidents where children younger than two accounted for 38 percent of deaths (involving children younger than five).

Bathtubs were involved in most (71 percent) of the non-pool drowning deaths from 2002-2004. Many of these incidents involved caregivers leaving the room to answer the phone/door or to retrieve an item. In some incidents, an older sibling was left to watch a younger sibling.

"Infants and toddlers need particularly close supervision," said CPSC Acting Chairman Nancy Nord. "Drowning can occur within seconds in only inches of water, so parents need think of, not just the pool, but any water anywhere as dangerous."

CPSC recommends parents and caregivers follow these safety tips when children are around bathtubs, spas, buckets, or decorative ponds or fountains:

  • Never leave young children alone near any water. Young children can drown in even small amounts of water.
  • Always keep a young child within arm's reach in a bathtub. Never leave to answer the phone, answer the door, get a towel or for any other reason. If you must leave, take the child with you.
  • Don't leave a baby or toddler in a bathtub under the care of another young child.
  • Never leave a bucket containing even a small amount of liquid unattended. Toddlers can fall headfirst into buckets and drown. After using a bucket, always empty and store it where young children cannot reach it. Buckets left outside can collect rainwater and are a hazard.
  • Prevent children from gaining access to spas or hot tubs when not in use; always secure with safety covers and barriers.
  • Learn CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). It can be a lifesaver when seconds count.

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Micro-preemie defied odds of 1000 to 1

When Kimberly Mueller arrived 15 weeks early weighing just 10oz's doctors gave her a one in a thousand chance of survival.

After the delivery, the baby was wrapped in plastic and whisked away for the team of doctors to work on.

She spent 6 months in the hospital and has now been given the okay to go home with her parents.

"Babies as small as this usually have no chance," said Dr Oliver Moeller, a heart specialist who treated her.

"We are incredibly lucky that she lived. Such a case I have never experienced. We had a lot of luck ... a lot."

Kimberly is the smallest baby ever born in Germany and the youngest to survive.

She was just 10.2 inches long and weighed little more than a packet of butter when she arrived in the 25th week of her mother's pregnancy.

Petra Mueller, 38, who remained at her daughter's bedside in intensive care at the University Clinic in Goettingen, was allowed only to stroke her with her finger.

"It was the nicest thing when she would grip my finger in her tiny hands," she recalled.

"She was like a little bear gripping a tree trunk, just hanging on for life as if she was saying 'Don't leave me, mummy'."

Kimberly was placed in an incubator for warmth, given a respirator to help her breathe and fed through a drip. She was also given a cocktail of drugs to boost an immune system that was barely formed.

At three months, she faced a major setback, when doctors feared she could be blind. But laser treatment corrected the problem.

Kimberly's progress was underlined when she arrived home this week weighing five and a half pounds and measuring 17 inches.

During the coming weeks she will continue to be fed artificially and will need to have oxygen as her lungs keep developing.

The world's smallest known surviving baby was Rumaisa Rahman who weighed just 8.6 ounces when she was born in Chicago in 2004.

Last year Amillia Taylor survived birth at 22 weeks weighing 10ozs. Today she is a healthy plump baby that is doing well and thriving.

I believe that the support that their parents give them and the time they spend at the hospital makes a world of difference.

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Friday, September 28, 2007
Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon At Premiere

Expectant mom Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon looked fabulous in green on Tuesday night at the premiere of "Feast of Love".

The star is expecting her 2nd and 3rd baby this fall with husband Mike.

Let's hope that her son Oliver, 16, is up the challenge of helping his mom look after twins.


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17lb Baby Has Health Issues

A doctor that is looking after the baby that was born earlier this week weighing 17lb has stated that the baby has health issues.

The baby is currently in the special care nursery.

Her mother, Tatiana Khalina, 42, said she wasn't surprised at her daughter's birth weight because the first of 11 children weighed more than 11 pounds at birth, and the others "beat the records set by their brothers and sisters."
I wonder if this mom is diabetic? Diabetic babies are known to be much larger than regular babies and can sometimes have issues with lung growth in utero.

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Benefits Of Breastfeeding Within The First Hour After Birth

As everyone knows, I am a huge supporter of breastfeeding. I breastfed my son for 8 months and pumped for 18 months (total).

Since starting this site a year and a half ago, I have covered many articles that list the endless benefits to newborns from breast milk.

However, I have never heard some of the claims that are being made on a Jamaican website.

The dietitian writes that:

Findings from one study, published in the journal Pediatrics 2006, showed that ensuring initiation of breastfeeding within one hour of birth could cut, by 22 per cent, all neonatal mortality.

If facilitated, healthy babies can instinctively find the breast and will initiate breastfeeding in the first hour in women who have normal vaginal delivery. The baby's senses are highly developed and a healthy baby is very alert during this period. Studies show that if the baby is wiped, except for hands which should retain the taste and smell of the amniotic fluid, covered and placed skin to skin on the mother's abdomen, then the baby will crawl and latch on to the breast. This first skin-to-skin contact is also important in causing the bacterial colonisation of the baby's skin with the mother's bacteria.

Other advantages of this first hour initiation is that baby learns feeding skills quicker, it prevents low blood sugar levels in the infant and the mild laxative effect of the colostrum helps in the passage of the meconium - the first blackish stool.

There are various routines which surround this initial period which prevent initiation in the first hour. Many times babies are initiated with artificial formula to prevent low blood sugar levels, among other procedures, and it is only after these routine procedures are complete that the 'cleaned' and swaddled baby is given to the mother to be put to the breast.

I believe that most hospitals are putting the baby to breast immediately after they are delivered.

This may be one of the things that you may want to discuss with your nurse before hard labour hits.

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Kate and Ryder's Day Out

Kate Hudson and son Ryder, 3 spotted leaving Chelsea Piers Bowling Lane today in New York City.

Ryder is really cute, but I wish that she would cut his hair...again. It was much longer last year before Kate trimmed it before the holidays.

Apparently there is a tradition in the Jewish faith that says that 'a child’s hair should not be cut until the 3rd birthday'.


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Melissa Joan Hart and Husband Expecting Second Baby

It has been confirmed today that Melissa Joan Hart is expecting her second baby.

People Magazine is reporting that she is 4 months along.

Melissa and her husband Mark Wilkerson, who married in 2003, are already the proud parents of a son, Mason, who is nearly 2.

"I love the faces Mason makes. I could watch him forever," Hart, 31, told The magazine shortly after his birth.

The expectant mom is currently shooting a Lifetime movie in Vancouver, will next be seen in a guest appearance on the Oct. 9 episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

We wish her a safe pregnancy.


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Thursday, September 27, 2007
Bumbo Being Investigated Over Safety Concerns

The Bumbo Baby Seat has been the baby accessory to 'have' for the last couple of years.

Parents have been buying up the moulded seat all over on the good word that it is perfect for babies who are not yet sitting.

SanFrancisco news station '7 on Your side' has investigated some frightening incidents where babies fell out of Bumbo chairs. The report triggered a lot of response. Several parents from around the country wrote in saying their kids suddenly tumbled out of a Bumbo seat too. Lots of other parents wrote to say injuries are really the parents' fault. And now because of our reports a worldwide child safety organization is calling for action, and the government is using our reports to advance its investigation.

The Bumbo Baby Sitter is a new product from South Africa that gets huge raves but there are scary reports of kids tumbling out.

All of these babies are alright now, but the number of cases keeps growing.

7 On Your Side received nine more Bumbo accident reports in the past week; that's triple the number of reports we obtained earlier from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

"Parents shouldn't put up with it. You should expect that when you buy a product in this country in particular and you use it as directed or as marketed, your child is not going to get hurt," said Alan Korn from Safe Kids Worldwide.

Alan Korn is public policy director of the non-profit consumer group Safe Kids Worldwide in Washington D.C. Because of our investigation, Safe Kids Worldwide is calling for greater scrutiny of the Bumbo chair after seeing our reports.

This, after seeing how babies can get out of the chair on their own. It has no straps and injury reports we've obtained show some babies were hurt even while seated on the floor.

However the biggest danger came when parents placed the Bumbo up high. Parents said they thought that was okay because Bumbo advertises the chair is safe on any level surface, and ideal for eye level feeding.

The biggest issue is that parents think that this chair is what the box says 'a babysitter'and it's not. It doesn't have straps to hold the child in, it is a recreational item.

Actually, the chair was designed for kids with special needs, not normal kids. The deep scoop is to help develop lower back muscles and give kids with low muscle tone the chance to sit on their own.

A few years ago, some trendy shops picked it up and then it went like wildfire after that.

The directions CLEARLY state that the chair should not be used on raised or uneven surfaces. I guess some parents didn't read that or they think that their child has super powers.

My question is: Should an item be recalled or investigated if the problem sits with it being used improperly?

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RECALL: Kolcraft Play Yards After the Death of a 10-Month-Old Child

In co-operation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Kolcraft Enterprises Inc., of Chicago, Ill., is voluntarily recalling about 425,000 infant play yards following the death of a child.

CPSC received a report of a 10-month old boy who strangled on the changing table’s restraint strap that was hanging down into Kolcraft’s “Sesame Beginnings” Travel Play Yard where the child was located.

Twelve different Kolcraft play yards are included in this recall. All of the play yards have raised changing tables with a restraint strap that forms a loop beneath the changing table, posing a strangulation hazard to a child in the play yard.

In addition to the strangulation hazard with the changing table restraint strap, one play yard also has a raised cradle that rocks back and forth. A child can roll and get trapped against the side of the cradle in the Contours 3-in-1 Play Yard. If that happens, a child can suffocate. Kolcraft has received 45 reports of children rolling to the side of the rocking cradle attachment.

The recalled play yards were sold in a variety of colors and patterns. Play yards and model numbers included in this recall are listed in the chart below. The model number is printed on a white sticker located on one of the feet of the play yard. They were manufactured in China.

The play yards were sold at retail stores nationwide from January 2001 through September 2007 for between $50 and $130.

Consumers should immediately stop using the changing tables and rocking cradle and contact the firm for instructions on receiving a free non-looped replacement strap for the changing table and a free repair kit to secure the base of the cradle. Consumers should immediately cut off and remove the existing changing table restraint strap. Consumers should always remove the raised changing table and cradle or bassinet before placing a child in a play yard.

A free repair kit for the rocking cradle will be sent to consumers separate from the replacement strap.

For additional information, call Kolcraft at (888) 655-8484 anytime, or visit the firm’s Web site at www.kolcraft.com

Play YardModel NumbersAdditional Information
Kolcraft Travelin’ Tot, Kolcraft Travelin’ Tot LTD, Kolcraft Travelin’ Tot 3-in-1, Kolcraft Travelin’ Tot 4-in-118730T-BZ, 18730T-HJ, 18734T-DV, 18934-SW, 18934-DV, 18935T-UT, 18935-CH, 18942-EC, 18950-GV, 18950T-GV, 18751-DV, 18951T-GS, 18951T-MO, 18744-BL “Kolcraft” and “Travelin’ Tot” are printed on either the fabric on the top rail or on the lower side of the play yards.
Carter’s Lennon Travelin’ Tot18740-UE, 18740T-UE, 18736T-LJ, 18737-LJ, 18737T-LJ“Carter’s and “Travelin’ Tot” are printed on the top rail.
“Sesame Beginnings” by Kolcraft Travel Play Yard22361-VT, SP001-SBK“Sesame Beginnings” and “Travel Play Yard Kolcraft” are printed on the top rail or along the fabric draft guard on the lower side of the play yards.
Jeep Sahara SE Play Yard, Jeep Sahara Limited Play Yard, Jeep Sahara XT Play Yard, Jeep Sahara Limited SE Play Yard, Jeep Sahara Limited XT Play Yard 55235-JC, 55237-JQ, 55237T-JQ, 55237-XC, 55237-XV, 55237T-XB, 55770-XA, 55770-XI, 55772-XE, 55773-XY, JP002-XSP“Jeep” and “Sahara” are printed on the fabric on the top rail of the play yards.
Contours 3-in-1 Play Yard (with rocking cradle and changing table restraint strap)18604-OC, ZP003-MAL“Kolcraft” and “Contours” are printed along the draft guard on the lower side of the play yards.

Kolcraft Travelin’ Tot Series Kolcraft Travelin’ Tot Series Kolcraft Travelin’ Tot Series

Kolcraft Travelin’ Tot Series Kolcraft Travelin’ Tot Series

Kolcraft Travelin’ Tot Series

Contours 3-in-1 Play Yards

Contours 3-in-1 Play Yards Contours 3-in-1 Play Yards

“Sesame Beginnings”

Sesame Beginnings Sesame Beginnings

Carter’s Lennon Travelin’ Tot

Carter’s Lennon Travelin’ Tot Carter’s Lennon Travelin’ Tot

Jeep Sahara Series

Jeep Sahara Series Jeep Sahara Series

Jeep Sahara Series Jeep Sahara Series

Jeep Sahara Series Jeep Sahara Series

Jeep Sahara Series Jeep Sahara Series

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Judge Rules That Mom CAN Pump Breastmilk During College Exam

A judge in Massachusetts has ruled that a Harvard student must be allowed extra break time during her nine-hour medical licensing exam so she can pump breast milk to feed her 4-month-old daughter.

Sophie Currier, 33, sued after the National Board of Medical Examiners turned down her request to take more than the standard 45 minutes in breaks during the exam.

Currier said she risks medical complications if she does not nurse her daughter, Lea, or pump breast milk every two to three hours.

A Superior Court judge last week rejected Currier's request to order the board to give her an additional 60 minutes of break time. Appeals Court Judge Gary Katzmann overturned that ruling, finding that Currier needs the extra break time to put her on "equal footing" with the men and non-lactating women who take the exam.

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Helicopter Search For Little Boy Called Off After He Is Found Sleeping Under His Bed!

After Five-year-old Alex Olver was not found sleeping in his bed, his mom called the police and a massive search ensued.

His bedroom was searched by 11 different people - but not one of them saw the boy sleeping under the bed. In fact, it was a sniffer dog which finally unearthed him.

Miss Olver of Saltash, Cornwall, said: "I called for Alex, to get him ready for bed, but then realised he was not with the rest of the family.

"A few of us searched the house then moved outside to the street, which I ran along calling his name. By this stage, I was feeling frantic and lots of the neighbours were coming outside to see what was the matter.

"I called the police and a squad car arrived very quickly. They also searched the house. Word must have travelled very fast and soon there were scores of people outside all asking how they could help."

Miss Olver - who said her son "sleeps like a log" - said seven helpers and four police officers had turned the house upside down looking for Alex.

But it was two hours before the 35-year old school dinner lady and her former partner Shaun Snell saw their son again.

Miss Olver said: "The dog handler went upstairs. I then heard him shout, 'Look what I found!' and he came downstairs with Alex asleep across his chest. We woke him up and when we told him what had happened, he said he wanted to see the police helicopter.

Could you imagine how embarrassed this family is? Sometimes when Chaotic things are happening you can overlook the obvious...



Update: Remaining Morrison Sextuplet Doing Well

The day Brianna Morrison gave birth to her six babies at 22 weeks gestation I was worried. I knew that the chances of just one baby surviving was slim let alone 6.

Week after week I reported on the babies as they passed away with sadness wondering if this poor couple, who had been through SO much, was going to get to bring home at least one child.

I found an update on this little fighter online tonight and thought I would share it with all of you seeing I still get quite a few people e-mailing and asking for additional information.

Sylas Christopher is the only surviving baby. He is reported to be doing well. A friend of the Morrison family recently got the chance to visit with Brianna at the hospital and capture some nice bonding moments between her and Sylas.

He appears to still need assistance breathing and feeding, but he looks healthy and happy.

We are so happy to hear that things are going well for the Morrisons. They have been through so much in the last few months. It is nice to see that Sylas is doing well and that after all of the sadness they have experienced, they will get to bring a baby home.


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Wednesday, September 26, 2007
RECALL: Thomas The Train Due To Lead Hazard Warnings - AGAIN!

There is a huge list of products being recalled today and I am currently putting a post together with pictures so that you can check your toy boxes AGAIN!

I am not sure how many parents are still purchasing 'Thomas The Train' products, but today brings yet another recall of more than 200,000 pieces.

Add this number to the previous recall and you have approximately 1.7 million toys in total.

Here is the release:

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.

CPSC states that surface paints on the toys can contain excessive levels of lead, violating the federal lead paint standard. No injuries have been reported.

The recall involves five toys from the Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway product line: the all-black cargo car, toad vehicle, olive green sodor cargo box and all-green maple tree top and signal base accessories. The front of the packaging has the logo “Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway” in the upper left-hand corner. A tracking code may be located on the bottom of some of the products. Toys marked with codes containing “WJ” and “AZ” are not included in the recall.

Recalled Product Name & Tracking Codes

All-Black Cargo Car – Included only in the Brendam Fishing Dock Set. The car is labeled “CARGO CAR” and has either no tracking code or one of the following codes on its undersides: 26833i 28233i 23243i00 24643i00 25343i00 27443i00 32043i00 34743i00 01553i00 04553i00 13353i00 14753i00 15453i00 18353i00 Cargo cars sold in other sets are not included.
Toad vehicle with brake lever – The vehicle is labeled “TOAD” and has the tracking code 16560W000 on its underside.
Olive Green Sodor Cargo Box – The side of the cargo box says “SODOR”, the box was included only in the Deluxe Cranky the Crane Set.
All-Green Maple Tree Top and Green Signal Base Accessories – Included only in Conductor’s Figure 8 Sets.

Sold at: Toy stores and various retailers nationwide from March 2003 through September 2007 for between $10 and $40.

Remedy: Consumers should take the recalled toys away from young children immediately and contact RC2 Corp. for a replacement toy.

Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact RC2 toll-free at (866) 725-4407 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CT Monday through Friday or visit the firm’s Web site at http://recalls.rc2.com

Picture of Recalled Wooden Railway Toys

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Usher Expecting A Boy

Earlier this month, Usher told Ellen that he was hoping that the baby his wife was carrying was a boy.

Well he got his wish...

According to PEOPLE the singer and his wife Tameka Foster are expecting a boy.

When asked what he wanted for his son, he replied that his desires are pretty basic:

"I just want my son to fully be coherent and to be healthy, first and foremost."

"I've found that it is a step-by-step process. You can wish for a million and one things. But I hope that my son has the same energy I had as a child," Usher said. "Hopefully, he won't be as bad as me. I hope that he's just a healthy son."

While speaking to Ellen, he also gave some hints about what he'd name his male progeny. "If it's a boy, I'm going to name him Usher," the musician – full name Usher Raymond – said. "I'm hoping to name him that. I've been playing with a few names. I'm the fourth. Usher Raymond IV. I just want to pass the name on. Maybe I'll change the middle name."

Mom-to-be, Foster, 37, says she's feeling "beautiful" but having odd cravings.

"I eat ice all day," she said. "It's a weird thing. I love it. Now I'm thinking about ice. I want to find some ice."

Foster also admits that while she's aiming for a natural birth, it might not happen.

"I don't want drugs," she said. "I'll try. I say that now. You call me about ten hours into labor. I'll be asking for everything. Vicodin and everything."


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Russian Mom Has 17.1lb Baby

The biggest baby that I have reported on up to this point was just under 15lbs.

A Siberian woman who gave birth to her 12th child -- doing more than her fair share to stem Russia's population decline -- was stunned to find that little Nadia weighed in at a massive 7.75 kg (17.1 lb).

Nadia was delivered by caesarean section in the local maternity hospital in the Altai region on September 17, joining eight sisters and three brothers, a local reporter said.

"We were all simply in shock," said Nadia's mother, Tatyana Barabanova, 43. "What did the father say? He couldn't say a thing -- he just stood there blinking."

"I ate everything, we don't have the money for special foods so I just ate potatoes, noodles and tomatoes," she told the reporter, adding that all her previous babies had weighed more than 5 kg.

The Guinness World Records lists a 10.2 kg baby boy born in Italy in 1955, and a 10.8 kg baby boy who was born in the United States in 1879 but died 11 hours later.

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UK Mom Delivers 14lb 7 oz Baby
Newborn Weighs In At 14lbs 5oz



Unique Baby Shower Gift

I have been a fan of the Canadian mint's products for babies for a long time now.

They have a good collection of gifts that will suit every families needs.

The most recent product that I have fallen in love with is the 1-Ounce Silver Baby Wafer that can be personalized to show the baby's birth information.

It is comprised of 99.99% silver, weighing 1 oz..

  • Dimensions (mm): approx. 49.7 mm x 28.5 mm
  • Edge: Plain
  • Finish: Proof
  • Certificate: unserialized

Available for $49.95 CAN from the Mint.ca


Introducing John Edward Thomas Moynahan

New mom Bridget Moynahan introduces her 5 week old son, John Edward Thomas Moynahan to the world in OK! Magazine this week.

John was born on August 22nd in California.

It has been reported that Bridget was

"paid in excess of $100,000 for the photo shoot, and donated all of the dough to children's charities, including the Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance and the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation. (According to the mag, Moynahan has friends whose kids are afflicted by the diseases.)"

Moynahan declined to be interviewed, but OK! reports that she is facing single motherhood with an optimistic outlook. Even though she has a development deal with ABC, the actress plans to put her career on hold.


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How Many Pregnancy Tests Did You Have To Take To Find Out You Were Expecting?

We have all been through boxes of pregnancy tests waiting to see a positive sign. I remember taking more than one in a day thinking that my pee wasn't strong enough for the hormone to be detected.

It is being reported today that Halle Berry took 35 pregnancy tests before one would give her a positive sign.

The Oscar-winner said that she had believed she was pregnant, but the tests kept coming up as negative. Berry finally got a positive result with the 35th home pregnancy test.

Trista and Ryan Sutter recently revealed in an interview that EPT sent her 100 pregnancy tests and she found out she was expecting while taking the last one.

If there is not enough hormones in your body, meaning that you are not far enough al0ng, you will get a false negative.

"A blood serum level of less than 5 mIU/ml (5 IU/L) can be considered negative and anything above 25 mIU/ml (25 IU/L) positive for pregnancy. If you are unsure, repeat the test in two days to see if there is an upward trend, which indicates pregnancy."

If you are missing your period and the test tells you no, wait a few days and try again.



UK Baby Arrives in 8 Minutes

When a baby decides that it wants to come out, there is nothing you can do except catch them...

Susannah Kendrick was only eight months pregnant when she felt a contraction. Just one.

Minutes later, the Brighton woman, aged 29, had given birth to a daughter, her third child, helped by husband Paul.

Susannah was in the middle of preparing 'curry' for some guests that the family was having over when she suddenly I thought 'that feels a bit funny' and then went to phone the hospital.

"I wasn't in any pain but I just thought I'd better get some advice."

Midwives at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton advised her to go to the hospital.

Mrs Kendrick said she left the food on the stove, and put her shoes on, but then a big contraction came, which is when her husband arrived to help.

Estate agent Mr Kendrick, 36, told BBC South East Today: "I can't believe Susannah gave birth so quickly.

"I ran upstairs and asked if Susannah was okay, and she said she'd just had a massive contraction.

"I had to get her on the bed, and to cut a short story shorter, it was two more contractions later."

Dinner party guest Anna Harrap dialled 999 and relayed instructions from the operator to Mr Kendrick who delivered 6lb 1oz baby Trinity on 10 August.

In the past I have deliveries that have occurred in taxis, parking lots and police stations.


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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Coco Arquette Out In LA

Courtney Cox was seen out with her daughter Coco today in Hollywood.

Coco, 3 looks adorable - dressed for a day in LA. She gets cuter everytime I see her!


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Dannielynn In Hawaii

TMZ has the full photo of Dannielynn Birkhead and daddy, Larry on vacation in Hawaii.


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