Tuesday, October 30, 2007
Toddler Survives Plane Crash

A three-year-old girl is being called a miracle baby after being found alive in the wreck of a plane crash near Golden, B.C., yesterday.

The girl, Kate Williams, was the lone survivor of a crash on Sunday that claimed the lives of her grandfather and his business associate.

Rescue crews found Kate strapped into a child's car seat inside an upside-down airplane buried in snow on the edge of an icy riverbank.

"I think the care that was taken in placing the child in there, that extra protection, is what basically, I think, saved her life," Golden RCMP Sgt. Marko Shehovac told CTV News.

The little girl's grandfather, Allen D. Williams, was flying the plane. He is remembered as "a visionary and a leader in the consulting engineering industry throughout Alberta and across the country".

Williams, 65, the CEO and founder of an Edmonton engineering firm, was in B.C. for a business retreat with Steven T. Sutton, the company's chief financial officer.

They were flying back to Edmonton when Williams' Cessna 172 crashed an hour after taking off from Golden around 1 p.m. local time, killing both men.

Hospital officials say that Kate suffered non-life threatening head injuries and was reunited with her parents in the southeastern B.C. community of Golden.

She was admitted to the Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary, for overnight observation.

Rescuers said that bad weather and nightfall hampered the search efforts.

Members of Golden's search-and-rescue team said when Kate was recovered on Sunday she was scared and cried for her teddy bear.

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