Friday, October 26, 2007
UK Mom Gives Birth To Mega Twins

A mom in the UK knew that her twins were going to be a good size at birth because it runs in the family, but she never guessed that they would be the heaviest mixed sex twins ever born in Britain.

Baby Theo arrived weighing a whopping 10lb9oz while his twin sister Millie tipped the scales at 8lb3oz.

The previous holders of the title, Thomas and Grace Houghton-Burnett, weighed a mere 10lb1oz and 8lb2oz when they were born in 2002.

Beth Ryder had more than an inkling her twins were going to be big personalities - her other four children all weighed more than 9lb at birth.

The 35-year-old student nurse was born weighing 11lb13oz herself and her sister Claire tipped the scales at 12lb2oz.

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