Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Was Your Birthing Experience Positive?

If you answered yes than you feel the same as 54% of new Canadian mothers who rated their labour and birth experience as "very positive".

The survey - the first-ever national snapshot of maternity experiences in Canada, was conducted by StatsCan on behalf of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Birth happiness by the numbers:

  • 54 per cent of new Canadian mothers rate their labour and birth experience as "very positive"
  • 26 per cent said the experience was somewhat positive
  • 20 per cent ranked it as neutral or negative
  • 57 per cent described the year prior to giving birth as somewhat stressful or very stressful
  • 71 per cent rate their experience with their midwife as very positive
  • 65 per cent were very satisfied with the compassion shown by their caregivers
  • 62 per cent were happy with the information they provided




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