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Wednesday, January 31, 2007
1st Photos Of Diddy's Girls

Young, Black and Fabulous has the first photos of Diddy, Kim Porter and their new twins. Hello magazine got the big interview for their upcoming issue of Hello! Canada. The magazine will be on newstands in a couple of days.

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B.C. Government Takes Custody Of Surviving 3 Sextuplets

The B.C. government took custody of three of four surviving sextuplets over the weekend from a Jehovah’s Witness family, believing the infants were in danger if they didn’t get blood transfusions, the family’s lawyer revealed Wednesday.

The family has since regained custody after two or three of the four babies were given transfusions. Such medical intervention is prohibited under the Jehovah’s Witness faith.

But the anonymous family, which has avoided the media since the sextuplets’ births, went to court Wednesday and was given a chance in late February to argue their rights have been violated, said lawyer Shane Brady, who also confirmed two of the six babies born overnight Jan. 6-7 have since died.

A Supreme Court of Canada decision a decade ago ruled a family had to be consulted before such government intervention, something the government did not do, he alleged.

Claiming it is bound by privacy laws, the B.C. government would not confirm the action or details of the case.

B.C. Children’s Minister Tom Christensen only said the government is bound by law to act in the interest of children.

"What I can tell you is that the ministry’s obligation any time we find that there’s a child in need of protection for any reason, including the need for medical treatment, the ministry will look at the situation and determine whether there’s action we need to take to ensure that the child is protected. That is the policy we follow."

The four boys and two girls — each weighing only 1.8 pounds — were born at 25 weeks, just over the half-way mark of an average 40-week pregnancy.

This has been a huge issue since it was revealed that the parents were Jehovah's Witnesses. I really though that these parents would step up to the plate and do whatever was necessary for these babies to survive, but I was wrong.

It is one thing to make bad decisions for yourself, but making ridiculous decisions for small infants who even cannot breath on their own is unforgivable.

I am proud of the B.C. government for stepping in and taking temporary custody. It sends a clear message to these parents - Life Over Religion.

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Hong Kong Limits Pregnant Chinese Women

Now hospitals there have set up a centralised booking system and set a quota for the number of mainland mothers allowed in.

As a further disincentive to cross-border births, Chinese mothers will now have to pay double the hospital fees of their Hong Kong counterparts.

These fees must be paid in advance, at an antenatal check, in order to obtain a confirmation certificate which allows re-entry into Hong Kong.

Those over 28 weeks pregnant who do not have a certificate will be refused entry.

The Hong Kong health department plans to send medical personnel to help immigration officials implement the new rules at border checkpoints.

Hong Kong's Deputy Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food Patrick Nip said that the measures were designed to prioritise care for local women.

"The new measures can also deter dangerous behaviour by non-local pregnant women in seeking last-minute hospital admission before delivery through accident and emergency departments," he said earlier this month when the rules were first unveiled.

But the BBC correspondent in Shanghai, Quentin Sommerville, says some Chinese have criticised the measures as discriminatory.

The new measures will not apply to pregnant women of other nationalities.

It is sad that Chinese mothers have to go to such lengths to have additional babies. Their government needs to re-evalute their plan to lower the population.



Car Seat Expiry Date?

Does your car seat have an expiry date? Yes! Health Canada is reporting that Evenflo Company, Inc. has a general expiry date of December of the sixth year from the date of manufacture.

Evenflo Company, Inc. has a general expiry date of December of the sixth year from the date of manufacture. Some products manufactured in the year 2006 have an incorrect expiry date of December 2011. This date should read December 2012.

In 1997, Evenflo and other manufacturers of children’s restraint systems selected a six-year recommended product life. This was to reduce the resale of children’s restraint systems with unknown histories, missing parts, etc.

Transport Canada does not regulate expiry dates for these systems, but does counsel the public not to use a system past the expiry date. The enforcement agencies in Canada may ticket or charge users of expired systems. In addition, insurance companies may have issue if a claim was presented on an expired restraint system.

I think this is a good idea. It prevents new parents from buying an out of date car seat, that may not be safe, at a garage sale. A car seat is the one thing that you want to ensure is always in excellent condition and installed properly.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Baby Brain Bleeding Linked To Vaginal Births

About a quarter of babies born in vaginal deliveries had a small amount of bleeding in their brains, while none delivered by Caesarean section did, according to a study published Tuesday.

But the researchers at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine in Chapel Hill said it was premature to view their surprising findings as an endorsement of C-sections.

They said the findings suggest brain bleeding in some newborns has been commonplace in vaginal deliveries throughout history, but is being detected now only because of highly sophisticated imaging technology.

“There’s no evidence that these bleeds are associated with problems in later life in either mental or physical function or ability,” said Dr. Honor Wolfe, an obstetrician involved in the study published in the journal Radiology.

Pressure on the baby’s skull while squeezing through the birth canal probably causes the bleeding, said Dr. John Gilmore, a psychiatry professor involved in the study.

The study involved a relatively small number of babies.

The researchers used high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging on 88 newborns, with equal numbers of boys and girls, an average of two weeks after birth. Of them, 65 were delivered vaginally and 23 by C-section, in which the baby is surgically delivered through the mother’s abdomen.

Seventeen babies delivered vaginally — 26 percent — had bleeding in and around the brain, called intracranial hemorrhages. Most was located in the lower, rear part of the brain. Not one C-section baby had bleeding.

“While the vast majority of these are probably normal and go away and don’t cause any problems, some of them were bigger and, we don’t know, but may cause problems down the line as well,” Gilmore said.

Small bleeds usually heal harmlessly, but larger ones could lead later in life to learning or motor development problems or seizures.

I am so glad that the findings of this study have been released. My son was born vaginally and suffered from a brain bleed (Intraventricular Hemorrhage or IVH). Most of the micro- preemies that we met in the hospital that were delivered vaginally seemed to all have the same outcome.

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Oldest Women, 67, To Give Birth Deceived Clinic

Earlier this month I reported on a mom who gave birth to twins at 67. Today there are reports that she may have given a false age to the fertility clinic in order to be eligible for treatment.

The New Zealand Herald reports that:

The oldest woman ever to give birth deceived doctors to get the fertility treatment that let her have twins at 67 last month, a Sunday newspaper said.

Carmela Bousada, who gave birth to twins Christian and Pau on December 29, convinced a Los Angeles clinic she was 55, the cut-off age for their in-vitro fertilisation program, the News of the World said.

"They didn't ask for my age or my passport. I may look tired now but before the births I did look slim and a lot younger," the newspaper quoted Bousada as saying in an interview.

The clinic, the Pacific Fertility Center in Los Angeles, was not immediately available for comment. The clinic has confirmed in media reports that it treated Bousada.

t says its success rate for women over the age of 43 is just two per cent, compared to 56 per cent for women under 34.

Bousada, a Spaniard, sold her home in Spain to raise 30,000 pounds ($84,563) to pay for the treatment in the United States. She chose donor eggs from a "pretty, brown-haired 18-year-old" and sperm from a blond, blue-eyed Italian American.

"I picked them from photos in a catalogue. It was a bit like studying an estate agent's brochure and choosing a house," the paper quoted her as saying.

First she went through hormone therapy, which allowed her to have periods for the first time in 18 years. She became pregnant on the first attempt.

She insisted she would not have trouble raising the twins as a single mother, despite her age.

"My mum lived to be 101 and there's no reason I couldn't do the same."

I think it is hard to raise two babies at once at any age. Twins are hard work, heck one baby is hard work. I hope that she has the energy that is needed to keep up with these little monkeys.

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Gwen Stefani Talks About Pregnancy And Life In General

In this month's Elle Magaine Gwen Stefani opens up to the mag about playdates with Brangelina, and how hard it is for her to stay stick-thin.

On being pregnant in the public eye: "It was weird being pregnant in a fishbowl situation. Especially on days when you feel really fat and disgusting and not cute. Pregnancy was challenging in a way I didn't expect. I was on tour and I was so sick. It was like PMS times a million."

On her baby weight: "I worked out with my trainer throughout my whole pregnancy until about two weeks before. I cried during my last session. I was like, 'I can't breathe, I can't do this anymore. What am I doing?' It was crazy. All my life I had to work hard to stay in shape. I've always struggled with it. I was a little chubby when I was younger, and I didn't want to be that person forever. I became a swimmer at school -- but only because I wanted to be skinner! I'm extremely vain. I like wearing cute clothes."

On getting her figure back post-pregnancy: "There aren't any tricks, it's simple math: you put this much food in, you burn that much working out. I gave myself three months -- but if I didn't have an album coming out, there's no way I would have gotten back into shape in that time. I worked out with my trainer five days a week, with weekends off. I would really recommend doing weights. I'm not into yoga and Pilates -- they don't work for me and I don't have the patience. I'm more like a man, I like going to the gym and lifting weights or doing a little boxing."

On whether her son, Kingston, and Brangelina's daughter, Shiloh, play together: "Yeah! They were like two little blobs when they met. Maybe they'll get married when they grow up? That'd be cute!"

On the Hollywood body standard: "It sucks that that's what is supposed to look good and that's what everyone strives to be. There's more to life than being on a diet. Clearly, I spend time thinking about it, and it's something I've had to deal with in my life. As I get older, I try not to focus on it, it's boring, it's a waste of life. What I have learned is that whether I'm fatter or thinner, people seem to not mind, they like me either way. It's more in your own mind than anyone else's."

On being married to a fellow rock star [Gavin Rossdale]: "There are negatives and positives, but for most part, it works. He can tell me about things going well or badly and I can totally relate to that. We were very lucky to find each other and we have this ongoing crazy love affair, with its peaks and valleys, like everyone else's...Having Kingston has been the most romantic thing to have happened to us."

On being down-to-earth: "I still read a menu and go, 'Look at the price -- I can get that!' I still think, 'I'm in First Class, this is awesome.' It's insane what's going on in my life -- I just can't believe my luck."

People love Gwen because she is normal. She got pregnant had all of the same issues that every other women has and doesn't mind talking about them. It makes her someone that you can relate to. What I like about her the most is that she is a busy mom who is still makes time to continue to breastfeed her baby. That sends a great message to her younger fans. Young girls who will be making these choices in a few years.

Pick up a copy of The British Elle for the full interview


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Anna Belknap of CSI: NY Welcomes Baby Girl

Congratulatons to Anna Belknap and her actor husband Eric Siegel on the birth of their first baby.

The baby girl, whose name wasn't released, was born on Jan. 14 in Los Angeles, CBS said.

Belknap, 34, plays Detective Lindsay Monroe on the series.

Siegel appeared in the 2003 film I Love Your Work with Christina Ricci and formerly developed films with producer Jon Peters.


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Breastfeeding In Public: Food or Lewd?

Last week I posted a article about Toronto Board of Health members developing a policy that affirms the right of breast-feeding mothers to breast-feed in all public places controlled by the municipality.

MSNBC has a an article asking whether or not it is appropriate to breastfeed in public. They give examples of mothers who have been disrupted while feeding their infants in public and others who feel that nursing mothers need to go somewhere in private to nurse their babies and not sit and flaunt their breasts in public.

This is a very passionate subject. Some moms have varying opinions on the appropriateness of feeding your child out in public.

On the ABC talk show, "The View," Barbara Walters told how uncomfortable she felt sitting near a woman on an airplane flight who was breast-feeding her child. Within minutes, lactivist were online organizing nurse-ins around the country.

When "Baby Talk" magazine, which bears the slogan "Straight talk for new moms," published a photo of a breast-feeding baby on the cover of its August 2006 issue, a flood of readers objected. In a poll of their readers, a quarter called the photo inappropriate.

While on vacation, in Vegas, a mom was nursing her 22-month-old son at a hotel restaurant when the assistant manager started unfolding a napkin and motioning for her to cover up. When the mother said she was fine, thank you, two more restaurant employees got in on the conversation. They told her if she didn’t cover, she would have to leave. They began “explaining to me that I could not be naked in public, that there were nudity and lewdness laws in Las Vegas!

When I was breastfeeding my son I found it hard to find a place that was discreet to feed him. Many times in a restaurant I would bring a chair into the restroom and feed him in there. While out for dinner once at the CN Tower the only place that was appropriate to feed him was the managers 'cubby hole' office. The staff was very accommodating, which helped somewhat. It was uncomfortable, but you do what you have to do when your baby is hungry.

I don't have any issues with moms who nurse anywhere. Some women are so discreet you are not able to tell what is going on. It almost looks as though they are just cradling the baby.

Many times, the people who are the most uncomfortable are the ones who never nursed themselves. If my husband saw a women nursing her baby in public it probably wouldn't faze him because he was so used to seeing me feed our son for months.

If it makes you uncomfortable than just don't look. Moms are not feeding their babies to upset you, they are just fulfilling a basic need. Her child needs to eat and there aren't always discreet places available to do it.


Monday, January 29, 2007
John Edwards and Wife Sandra Welcome New Baby

Congratulations to TV psychic John Edward and his wife Sandra on the arrival of their second child.

The baby girl, Olivia Gabriella, was born on Thursday in New York, according to Edward's rep, Jill Fritzo.

Edward and Sandra, a dance instructor, also has a 4-year-old son, Justin. The couple have been married since 1995.

Edward's TV show, John Edward Cross Country, airs on WE: Women's Entertainment. A TV movie based on his novel, What if God Were the Sun?, is scheduled to air on Lifetime later this year.


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Expectant Moms 'Getting Too Fat'

Is pregnancy a reason to get fat? A study done in the U.K. is suggesting that rising obesity trends mean that by 2010, half of all UK mums-to-be could be above ideal weight and a fifth obese.

Are North American moms any different? Probably not. Some people believe that pregnancy is a free pass to eat whatever you want. The thought is that your going to get fat anyway.

Researchers from the North East Public Health Observatory studied nearly 37,000 women at a local maternity unit over 15 years.

Maternal obesity had risen from 9.9% in 1990 to 16% in 2004, they found.

If this trend continues, by 2010, 22% of pregnant women will be obese, putting a strain on maternity services, researcher Nicola Heslehurst and colleagues warn.

Being overweight during pregnancy is a big health risk for both mother and baby.

Obese mums-to-be are more likely miscarry, experience pre-eclampsia and dangerous blood clots or need a Caesarean section to deliver the baby, which is likely to be larger itself.

According to Confidential Enquiries into Maternal and Child Health, obesity is a feature of 35% of maternal deaths.

Babies of obese mothers also face a higher death risk.

Professor John Wilkinson, director of North East Public Health Observatory, said: "Maternal obesity is something that has crept up on us.

"We had anecdotal evidence and were aware that heavier women were coming in to book a pregnancy, but we needed some hard evidence."

Professor Carolyn Summerbell who heads up the Centre for Food, Physical Activity, and Obesity research at the University of Teesside said: "Future research programmes aimed at preventing the continuation of this trend are imperative."

Pregnancy Weight Gain Guide

  • If you are normal weight before pregnancy: Gain 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy.
  • If you are overweight before pregnancy: Gain 15 to 25 pounds during pregnancy.
  • If you are underweight before pregnancy: Gain 28 to 40 pounds during pregnancy (depending on your pre-pregnancy weight)
  • SOURCE:BBC, MarchofDimes

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    Doomoo Buddy Maternity/Nursing Cushion

    When I breastfed my son I never used a boppy or breastfeeding cushion. I preferred just a regular pillow. As my son grew, the pillow wasn't enough support for him to feed properly and I was left piling up blankets to keep him propped up. Babygadget posted this pillow last week and I fell in love with it.

    The Doomoo Buddy provides unrivalled comfort for you as your body changes through pregnancy. Light, soft and flexible you will find it easy to relax and get a good night's sleep. Then, whether you're breast or bottle feeding you can use it as a support cushion either on your lap or behind your head and shoulders. Once your baby's a bit older, they can use it to lie on, for tummy time and to help them sit.

    The combination of the micro-beans and the ultra-soft exterior means that it moulds to fit every bump, every lap and every little person.

    They've got funk and comfort that normal 'nursing' & support cushions don't have - you'll use your Buddy forever and so will the rest of the family.

    Available for 39.99£ at babyworld.co.uk

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    Sunday, January 28, 2007
    Parents Argue State-Mandated Screenings Violate Religious Tenants

    Ray and Louise Spiering wanted to observe a period of silence after their daughter Melynda’s birth, but what they got was an uproar.

    To the Spierings, Nebraska’s requirement that newborn babies undergo blood screening within 48 hours of birth is an infringement on their religious beliefs and their right to decide what’s best for their four children.

    The couple attend a fundamental Christian church and follow some teachings of the Church of Scientology. Louise Spiering said they wanted “that balance of our beliefs included into the births of our children.”

    It’s taken them and another set of parents to the Nebraska Supreme Court and the Legislature in a drive to make the newborn screening law more flexible.

    The mandatory test, in which a few drops of blood are drawn from a baby’s heel, screens for dozens of rare congenital diseases, some of which can cause severe mental retardation or death if left undetected.

    Nebraska is one of four states — along with South Dakota, Michigan and Montana — that don’t let parents opt out of the testing.

    The Spierings wanted to avoid loud noises after Melynda’s birth, and also reduce the pain she experienced in order to protect her physical and mental health. The concept comes from the Church of Scientology — minimizing talking around someone who is in pain, said the Rev. Brian Fesler of Minneapolis, a regional representative for the church.

    The church teaches that words spoken during moments of pain and unconsciousness affect physical and mental health later in life, he said. The church encourages silent birth, in which those attending avoid talking.

    But the church doesn’t discourage parents from having their children tested, Fesler said.

    I think that these parents should be happy that their hospital does these tests. These are the same parents that would be all over the papers if their child passed away after birth from some rare disorder. The tests are not performed so that the nurses can hurt the babies. They are done as a precautionary measure. To give you the piece of mind that your child is not unhealthy.

    This family believes that newborns are in pain for at least 3½ days, and don’t want blood drawn — which they believe would cause more pain — for at least that long.

    They asked for seven days to complete the testing to avoid any unforeseen problems, although they would have preferred to skip the test altogether.

    The state insisted, and in September a federal judge upheld the law as constitutional. The judge, however, granted the Spierings an eight-day waiting period while the case was pending, so their daughter was not tested within 48 hours.

    This feel like splitting hairs to me. As the parent of a preemie, I am always frustrated when I read stories like this. This couple should just be thankful that they had a happy healthy baby. If tests need to be done to make sure your baby is alright than do them, go home and enjoy your child.

    Could you imagine the stress your newborn would be under with a breathing tube down their throat, an arterial line attached to their belly button and a I.V. in their arm or head?? These parents need some perspective!!


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    Update: 3 year Old Loic JM Rogers Drowned

    More details have been released about the death of this poor little guy.

    The body of a 3-year-old boy who disappeared outside a home near here was found in a septic tank late Friday, less than 10 feet from where he was reported missing two days earlier, Flathead County Sheriff Mike Meehan said Saturday.

    An autopsy performed in Missoula showed Loic J.M. Rogers drowned, Meehan said.

    The blond-haired, blue-eyed boy was reported missing Wednesday night, and an Amber Alert was issued Thursday. The boy's father, Mark Rogers, told police he took Loic out to his car outside a friend's home and told the boy to get in, before going back into the house for Loic's sister.

    Mark Rogers "said he was inside only for a minute," Meehan said Friday. When he came back outside, the boy was gone. The father said he searched for about 20 minutes before calling law enforcement.

    Authorities said Saturday they had looked in the septic tank during search efforts, but did not see anything. They found the boy's body after draining the tank, Meehan said.

    The manhole-sized lid to the septic tank was closed. Meehan declined to characterize the boy's death as a murder, but said investigators do not believe he could have climbed into the tank and put the lid back on.

    "This is a tragedy," Meehan said Saturday. "This is truly a tragedy. I have three sons myself and believe me I was out there last night and I can attest to the fact that there was about 20 agents and deputies out there and there wasn't a dry eye in the group."

    Meehan said it would likely take four to five days to complete the investigation.

    Loic's mom is pregnant with her fourth child and is currently hospitalized to keep the baby safe.
    "I want to know that my other two children are safe in that man's care," she said in a tearful interview with KAJ-TV Saturday. "He was supposed to be looking after him, he was supposed to be safe there, and he wasn't."


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    Saturday, January 27, 2007
    Update: Missing 3-Year-Old Boy Found Dead in Montana

    I am sad to report that Loic J.M. Rogers has been found in Montana. Since starting this website I have reported on quite a few children that have gone missing, but have never had to post such a tragic ending.

    Few details are available. Here is what I was able to find.

    The remains of a 3-year-old boy who disappeared outside a home in nearby Evergreen were discovered late Friday, Flathead County Sheriff Mike Meehan said Saturday.

    Meehan declined to release further details surrounding the death of Loic J.M. Rogers. A press conference was scheduled Saturday afternoon.

    Officials were looking into sex offenders in the area, and also interviewing neighbors and family members.
    To make matters worse, the parents are recently separated and are currently in the middle of a custody battle.

    My heart goes out to these parents and Loic's other siblings. It makes you realise that you can't turn your head for even a second.

    Related Articles:

    Amber Alert Issued For Missing Montana Boy


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    "Match Made In Heaven"

    This is HANDS DOWN the best picture I saw all week...maybe all month.

    Ashton and Alina were born in the same NICU but stayed in different pods. They never met until their moms became friends and decided to schedule a play date. Alina is visually impaired and oxygen dependant. Ashton is hearing impaired and has cerebral palsy. When brought together they seemed to bring out the best in one another.


    Twins Sisters Give Birth Hours Apart

    Nicole Cramer and Naomi Sale are twin sisters who were both pregnant.

    When Nicole went to the hospital to visit her sister's baby, she had no idea that soon she would be delivering her own child. After visiting the new baby she went home because she was experiencing contractions.

    Within hours, Cramer was in the delivery room of DeKalb Memorial Hospital.

    After a 1 1/2-hour labor, Cramer delivered Carter Nathaniel Birchfield.

    "This solidifies the theory on the bond between twins," Weghorst said. "Even their uteri have a bond."

    Cramer and Sale celebrate their 23rd birthdays Jan. 29. They were due to give birth within a day of each other at the end of January, but Weghorst's office didn't figure out they were twins until they were eight months along.

    The sisters explained, in unison, that they usually had their appointments on the same day, but at different times.

    Weghorst, who has been in practice for eight years, said the close deliveries were a first for him.

    "I've delivered two sets of twins in the same day, but never this," he said.



    What Is Really In Your Multivitamin?

    Among 21 multivitamin products for adults and children independently selected and tested by ConsumerLab.com, problems were found with more than half -- including unacceptably high levels of lead, and too much or too little of a particular ingredient.

    Only 10 of the 21 products tested met their claims and other quality standards, according to ConsumerLab.com.

    The company, based in White Plains, New York, is privately held and provides consumer information and independent evaluations of products that affect health and nutrition. According to the company, it is neither owned by nor has a financial interest in any companies that make, distribute or sell consumer products.

    n a telephone interview with Reuters Health, Dr. Tod Cooperman, president of ConsumerLab.com, said one of the most serious problems was a women's multivitamin that contained 15.3 micrograms of lead per daily dose. This is more than 10 times the amount of lead allowed without a warning label in the state of California, the only state to regulate lead in supplements.

    "There is lead in small amounts in many foods and drink," Cooperman said, "but the amount of lead in this multivitamin was more than you'd be exposed to from all the lead you are exposed to every day for about 5 days, and you'd be getting that every day from just the daily dose of this multivitamin."

    Another "disturbing finding," Cooperman said, was a children's vitamin that contained 216 percent of its labeled amount of vitamin A -- an amount far in excess of the "upper tolerable intake level for kids under the age of 9," Cooperman said. "Young kids should definitely be avoiding that amount of vitamin A in the retinol form," he said.

    Another multivitamin product -- a strip that dissolves on the tongue -- contained none of its claimed vitamin A; four other products, including a liquid product, came up short by 15 percent to 46 percent in amounts of vitamin A or folic acid.

    "Several products had trouble breaking apart; they wouldn't release their ingredients," Cooperman said. These products may pass through the body without being fully utilized.

    I am so sick of big companies getting away with doing whatever they want. These are vitamins that families take to increase their health - not decrease it.

    If it weren't for a third party testing facility the average person would have no idea if what the bottle says is true. I would be interested in knowing the names of the vitamin companies that failed. Unfortunately, I do not have a membership to consumerlab.com. On their site they list the 39 that were included in the test, but don't name the 12 that failed.



    Friday, January 26, 2007
    Wabbanub Pacifiers

    These pacifiers are a great idea. Every mom knows how hard it is to keep a small pacifier in a baby's mouth. I used to prop my son's paci in his mouth with a cloth. It only worked when he wasn't worked up, otherwise he would spit it out and I could never find it.

    Babies love having something soft to hold on to and parents love how this keeps the pacifier in their hand and mouth instead of all over the dirty floor.

    # A soothing pacifier has been brilliantly sewn into the soft stuffed animal body, designed by WubbaNub
    # Easy to clean; just toss in the washer with baby's laundry
    # Suitable for babies from 2 months to 2 years old
    # Available as a Ducky, Green Frog, Red Dog, Blue Horse, and Pink Horse

    Available exclusively at babydagny.com for $9.95 ea


    Pregnancy Caffeine 'Reassurance'

    Caffeine has always been a questionable subject for expecting moms. I was told to only have 1 cup of coffee per day or an amount of caffeine that equals 100mgs.

    A Danish study is now saying that women who drink moderate amounts of coffee while pregnant should be reassured they are not increasing risks to their baby.

    Earlier work found high caffeine intake could increase the risk of premature birth and having a small baby.

    But the British Medical Journal research found no difference between women who drank moderate amounts of caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee.

    UK pregnant women are advised to drink no more than 300mg of coffee per day.

    This equates to three cups of instant coffee per day, six cups of tea or eight 40mg cans of cola or eight 40 mg bars of chocolate.

    The Food Standards Agency advises having a bar of plain chocolate, drinking three cups of tea, a can of cola and a cup of instant coffee in a day would meet the 300mg limit.

    The researchers from the University of Aarhus monitored 1,207 healthy pregnant women who had what was classed as a high caffeine intake of more than three cups of coffee a day.

    All were less than 20 weeks pregnant when they joined the study.

    Half the women were given normal coffee and half decaffeinated coffee so researchers could evaluate who was most at risk of giving birth early or of having a small baby.

    Neither the women, nor the researchers who gave out the coffee knew which sort was being given.

    Each woman was also interviewed to check if they were drinking other drinks containing caffeine, such as tea and cola.

    The length of pregnancies and the baby's birthweight was also recorded.

    Age, pre-pregnancy weight and smoking habits were also taken into consideration.

    It was found that there was no real difference in either the length of pregnancy or birth weight between the two groups.

    Women who had the decaffeinated coffee had a caffeine intake which was 182g lower than those who drank the caffeinated form.

    Among women who drank the caffeinated coffee, 4.2% of babies were born prematurely and 4.5% were small for their gestational age.

    In the group drinking decaffeinated coffee, 5.2% of babies were born prematurely and 4.7% were underweight.

    There was virtually no difference between the average birthweights in each group.

    The researchers said decreasing caffeine intake during the later stages of pregnancy has no overall effect on birth weight and length of pregnancy.

    However, they said any effect in the first half of pregnancy would not have been detected by their study.

    Here is an example of how much caffeine is in your favourite beverages:

    8-ounce Beveragemilligrams
    Coffee, Drip 115-175
    Coffee, Brewed 80-135
    Coffee, Espresso (2 ounces) 100
    Coffee, Instant 65-100
    Tea, iced 47
    Tea, brewed, imported brands (avg.) 60
    Tea, brewed, U.S. brands (avg.) 40
    Tea, instant 30
    Tea, green 15
    Hot cocoa 14
    Coffee, Decaf, brewed 3-4
    Coffee, Decaf, instant 2-3

    12-ounce beveragemilligrams
    Red Bull (8.2 oz) 80.0
    Jolt 71.2
    Pepsi One55.5
    Mountain Dew 55.0
    Mountain Dew Code Red 55.0
    Diet Mountain Dew 55.0
    Kick Citrus 54.0
    Mellow Yellow 52.8
    Surge 51.0
    Tab 46.8


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    Thursday, January 25, 2007
    Emma Bunton "Baby Spice" Expecting a Baby

    Congratulations to Emma Bunton and boyfriend Jade Jones on the upcoming arrival of their first child.

    "I guess I will be handing over the 'Baby' tag now to a deserving little new owner," the 31-year-old known as Baby Spice said in a statement.

    Bunton and boyfriend Jade Jones, 27, a former member of the British boy band Damage, have been together for eight years. They moved in together to a five-bedroom home in north London in 2005.

    "We are so happy, it's unbelievable news," the couple said in a statement. "What a great start to the New Year." The baby's due date or sex was not revealed.

    In 2000, Bunton had to have pre-cancerous cells removed from her cervix. Last year, she revealed she'd been diagnosed with endometriosis, a painful condition in which the lining of the uterus begins growing in other areas of the body, making it difficult to conceive.

    In December, she told the U.K.'s The Mirror that she hoped to have a baby of her own, but feared she might not be able. "Obviously I'd like to try for my own first," she said. "But I would be open to adoption."

    Bunton's new baby will join the rest of the growing Spice Girl brood: Geri Halliwell gave birth to her first child, Bluebell Madonna, eight months ago and Victoria Beckham has three children: Brooklyn, 7, Romeo, 4, and Cruz, who turns 2 on Feb. 20.


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    You Tube "Cute Baby Commercial"

    This commercial is cute. Too bad some of it is in a foreign language...Enjoy!

    Related Articles:

    Top 10 YouTube Videos of 2006


    Amber Alert Issued For Missing 3-Year-Old Montana Boy

    Dozens of volunteers joined authorities Thursday in the search for a missing 3-year-old boy last seen Wednesday night in the unincorporated town of Evergreen near here.

    Officials issued an Amber Alert for Loic J.M. Rogers on Thursday morning after a search, which began shortly after he disappeared, failed to turn up any trace of the boy.

    Authorities said Loic's father reported last seeing him at about 7 p.m. Wednesday after finishing dinner at a relative's house in Evergreen.

    Undersheriff Pete Wingert said the father told authorities he took the boy to the car and went back inside to get Loic's sibling. When he returned to the car, Loic was gone.

    When last seen, Loic was wearing a red, white and blue coat, blue jeans, a long-sleeved T-shirt, tan leather boots and a multi-colored beanie hat.

    Loic is 3 feet tall and has blond hair and blue eyes.

    More than 200 people, mostly volunteers, were helping search for the boy.

    My thoughts and prayers are with this family. I CANNOT imagine how they are feeling right now. If you have seen this little boy are one that even resembles him please call your local authorities. A child this young needs to be re-united with his parents.


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    Day-time Crib Death Risk Warning

    Some parents believe that crib death can only happen at night. Researchers in the U.K. want parents to be aware that the risk of crib death must be taken for day-time naps as well as night-time sleeps.

    Researchers said this includes both the advice that babies should sleep on their backs and that they should be in the same room as their parents.

    They found three-quarters of babies who died during the day were sleeping in a room where an adult was not present.

    The study, published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, studied 1,625 children.

    Around 300 babies under the age of one die each year in the UK from crib death, or sudden infant death syndrome.

    The latest research, carried out by experts from Bristol University, Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary and the Nuffield Institute for Health, was conducted over three years and included 325 infants in the UK who died and 1,300 of a similar age who did not.

    The overwhelming majority of deaths - 83% - occurred at night-time, but of those that happened during the day, 75% were when babies were left in rooms unattended.

    The study, partly funded by the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths, found that one in four of the babies left unattended had bedclothes over their head, compared to one in 10 where a parent was present.

    Among the deaths that happened during the day, 38% were observed to be alive 30 minutes before they were found dead and 9% 10 minutes before they were found.

    Report co-author Peter Fleming said: "I think what this shows is that we cannot ignore what has traditionally been done.

    "In the past and in other cultures it is unheard of to leave babies on their own, it is something people in western countries should get back to."

    And Joyce Epstein, director of the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths, said: "Parents have long been advised of the importance of sleeping babies on their back and not letting their head get covered by bedclothes, and this study shows that the advice needs to be followed day and night.

    "For day-time naps, we suggest keeping your baby nearby in a carrycot or in a playpen while you go about your daily chores or, if possible, having a nap whenever your baby naps."

    It is a good idea to have a space for the baby to sleep in on the main floor of your home. We were able to borrow an extra playpen from our neighbours in order to have one in our bedroom and one in the living room. This made it easier for us to watch the baby while he slept and ease my personal paranoia about this exact issue.


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    500th Post!!

    Today is a big milestone for GYB. With the arrival of my 500th post I have started to look back at all of the great articles I have covered in 6 months.

    I started this blog months ago to help get information out there for parents to read quickly.

    I am a stay at home mom who writes this blog each day while my son is sleeping. Somedays I get less done on the site because he may not want to sleep....

    You may notice that I tend to cover more stories about preemies. Our son was born at 24 weeks gestation over a year a go. Preemie awareness is very important to me. In November, during Prematurity Awareness Month, I featured the profiles of babies who beat the odds after being born too early. Their stories are still listed on the right hand side of the blog.

    Infant safety has also played a big part in the make-up of this site. Since July of 2006 I have posted 33 recalls on products that were created for infants/children. Making sure that parents have the knowledge to make educated decisions on which toys are safe and which are not has been a priority.

    Are all things created equal? Not usually. Once a month I put together a collaboration of different items in the same category for parents to compare and find the one that fits their child's needs. Since the beginning of the site I have compared the cradle vs the Playpen, Cribs, Tricycles, playmats, and playtables.

    Beautiful candid shots of your kids are something I like to post on Saturdays. Photo of the Week has been the number 1 viewed feature of this site, with many people coming back to pick through the cute kids we find.

    Thank you for finding my site, I hope you will make yourself at home, comment if an article moves you and return when you have time.

    If you have a picture that you would like to be considered for the Photo Of The Week please send it to me at growingyourbaby@rogers.com Titled:Photo of the week. Please reduce the resolution so that my inbox doesn't fill up too quickly.


    Wednesday, January 24, 2007
    Baby Named 'John Lewis' After Shop

    A woman has named her baby John Lewis after going into labour in the store in London. Anita Baidoe was shopping for a baby carrier in John Lewis in Brent Cross shopping centre when she went into labour eight weeks early.

    Ms Baidoe, from Plumstead, said: "The staff saw I was looking hot and bothered and got me a chair and called a first aider, but I kept telling them I didn't think it was serious.

    "We called my partner Sam to come and pick me up, but the contractions had already started and the first aider said I must get to hospital."

    Ms Baidoe, a catering manager, was rushed to Northwick Park Hospital where she gave birth to a 4lb 4oz boy.

    Dad Sam Quartey, 35, said: "They (the shop staff) were absolutely fantastic by all accounts, fussing over her and making her comfortable.

    "We didn't know the sex of the baby until he was born, but then it just came to us. We should call him John Lewis Quartey."

    According to ThisisLondon, Ms Baidoe added: "I think if I had been shopping in Dorothy Perkins I would have had to find him another name."


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    World's First Rhinoceros Conceived By Artificial Insemination

    I had to post this great article. I guess humans aren't the only ones that need help conceiving!!

    The world's first rhinoceros conceived by artificial insemination has been born, Budapest Zoo has announced.

    The female baby rhino was born late on Tuesday and weighed some 128lbs (58kg) after a pregnancy lasting 16 months and 15 days.

    Vets decided to inseminate the 26-year-old mother, Lula, in 2005, when she failed to conceive naturally.

    The baby rhino, who has yet to be named, was described as "full of life" by zoo officials.

    "The little one seemed active [...]. An hour after being born it stood up on its own legs," a statement said.

    The zoo said that although Lulu had been introduced to a male rhino called Easyboy, the two had not shown any sexual interest in each other, prompting the decision to attempt artificial insemination.

    "The two have developed a friendship, more of a relationship between siblings," the zoo said.

    The mother has so far failed to nurse the baby and shown some aggression which vets say can be normal in an inexperienced mother.

    She is being fed by zoo workers until the mother is ready to feed her.



    RECALL: Next Step Plastic Sippy/Tumbler Cups

    Next Step sippy/tumbler cups are being recalled. The impact of being dropped or banged can cause the cup to break into pieces, resulting in sharp or jagged edges that pose a laceration hazard to children.

    Photo of recalled itemArtcraft and Foremost Inc. has received 90 reports of the cups breaking into pieces and/or the handles breaking off, resulting in six reports of minor injuries such as cuts to the fingers and thumbs.

    This recall involves plastic sippy/tumbler cups bearing the "Next Step" logo. The 7-ounce cup has an aqua blue cap and a yellow, rubber-like material covering the handles and bottom of the cup.

    The cups were distributed by Mead Johnson Nutritionals as a promotional giveaway to physicians and consumers nationwide via direct mail from September 2006 to October 2006.

    Consumers should take the cups away from children and discard them immediately. Consumers can contact Mead Johnson Nutritionals for information on how to receive a $10 coupon toward the purchase of Next Step LIPIL baby formula.

    Consumer Contact: For additional information, please contact Mead Johnson Nutritionals at (800) 222-9123 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. CT Monday through Friday, and between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. CT Saturday; or via e-mail at EnfamilResourceCenter@Enfamil.com

    The recall is being conducted in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).


    Two Flu Shots Needed To Protect Younger Children?

    Having to take my son to get needles is the worst part about being a parent. Not only does he absolutely hate it, the last time I thought he was going to stop breathing. It took him 20 minutes to stop crying and he was miserable the rest of the day.

    Now Doctors are saying that in order for the flu shot to be completely effective children should receive 2 doses or as I see it 2 more needles.

    Infants and toddlers given two doses of the influenza vaccine are less likely to contract flu, pneumonia and influenza-like illnesses, but one dose does not appear to have any effect, according to findings published in the Journal of Pediatrics.

    Dr. Mandy A. Allison, of the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, and colleagues examined the effectiveness of the currently recommended two-dose influenza vaccine for young children, as well as the effect of one dose of the vaccine, in preventing visits to the doctor for influenza-like illness.

    They analyzed data for 5193 healthy children between the ages of 6 and 21 months who were seen at five Denver pediatric practices during the 2003-2004 flu season. The average age of the children was 15.5 months.

    The kids were defined as being partially vaccinated if they had one shot more than 14 days before the first influenza-like illness visit, and fully vaccinated if they had the full two shots more than 14 days before the first visit.

    Overall, 28 percent of the children were seen for influenza-like illness and 5 percent had a visit for pneumonia/influenza.

    Full vaccination was 69 percent effective in preventing office visits for influenza-like illness and 87 percent effective in preventing office visits for pneumonia/influenza. This is comparable to the effectiveness of the vaccine in adults.

    However, the partially vaccinated children were just as likely to be seen for influenza-like illness or pneumonia/influenza as were unvaccinated children.

    The results confirm the effectiveness of two doses of flu vaccine and "lend support to the recommendation for universal immunization against influenza in 6- to 23-month-old children," Allison's team concludes.


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    Tuesday, January 23, 2007
    Introducing: Mutsy Urban Rider

    High end strollers have become all the rage in the last few years. They are the way of showing your status while shopping at the mall or out at the park with your friends. Years ago it was Silver Cross, now parents flock to the Bugaboo, Orbit, icandy and the newly introduced Mutsy.

    All four strollers look basically the same with a removable bassinet and reversible handlebars, but each one has something that gives it the edge of the other.

    The Mutsy Urban Rider offers a truly unique concept in steer ability; an articulated device that sits between the wheels and allows the front and rear wheels to move independently, so you can corner with ease and move around pedestrian traffic with the finesse of an F1 driver.

    With the Urban Rider you can also convert the front wheels between small unidirectional wheels for manoeuver-ability and large air tires for that extra off road capability. Both are included as standard, as is a bassinet, a stroller seat, and cool clip on diaper bag.

    The optional accessories are unique and all encompassing and include a footmuff, a Graco car seat adapter, a seat frame to create a rocker, a high chair/food tray, a step up board (for an older child to ride on) and a duoseat for a second child (not yet available in Canada).

    The development of each Mutsy product involves devoting a great deal of attention to ergonomics and the safety of the child. For the welfare of your child it is important that the back and footrest of the seat are adjustable. It is important that the buggy seat be horizontal when your baby is sleeping. You can even adjust the depth of the Mutsy seat and mount the seat onto the frame facing either direction. It is very easy to adjust the height of the push bar.

    Available at babyguru.com for $899 CAD

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    Would you Breastfeed Anywhere?

    Toronto should guarantee a mother's right to breast-feed "anytime, anywhere," according to the Medical Officer of Health.

    The board of health will next week consider a report from Dr. David McKeown that calls upon Toronto to "develop a policy that affirms the right of breast-feeding mothers to breast-feed in all public places controlled by the municipality."

    Joanne Gilmore, a manager with the healthy families division of Toronto Public Health, said establishing an official position would eliminate some of the stigma associated with breast-feeding. "We don't want mothers who decide to breast-feed their babies to feel they have to stay in their homes all the time," Ms. Gilmore said.

    "We're not saying to every mother that you have to bare yourself in public. Some women choose to do it more discreetly, in a private place, and that's their right. But it's also their right if they choose to sit on a bench and do it."

    A controversy erupted in 2005 when a volunteer asked a woman to stop nursing her baby in the rink house at Dufferin Grove Park. The volunteer said she objected to the degree to which the mother had disrobed and not the breast-feeding itself. City staff eventually apologized to the mother.

    Toronto already has rules that allow municipal employees to breast-feed on city premises. Indeed, a policy enacted in 2001 guarantees both flexible hours for mothers to give them time to nurse as well as access to a "designated private space" if they want it.

    However, the policy does not currently extend to the general public. Despite the Ontario Human Rights Commission protecting a mother's right to nurse, some women are still challenged if they decide to do it in public, according to Ms. Gilmore.

    "It's considered a staff policy and does not extend to the general public," she said.

    I think most women would prefer to have more discreet spaces provided for breastfeeding.

    City Hall needs to revisit their staff/public policy on breastfeeding. What is good enough for your employees should also be just as good for the general public.



    Newborns To Be Tested For Immunodeficiency Disease

    Doctors were stumped. Tests for meningitis, cancer, a list of other diseases all were negative -- yet just days after a sudden high fever sent eight-week-old Anthony James Mingione to the hospital, he died.

    An autopsy uncovered the lethal secret: Anthony was born without a working immune system. A rare genetic disorder known as the "bubble boy disease" rendered him vulnerable to the most minor of germs.

    Now Wisconsin is about to begin the nation's first experiment at testing newborns for this killer, officially named SCID (Severe Combined Immune Deficiency), in hopes of giving babies like Anthony a chance at lifesaving treatment -- even as scientists ask how many infant deaths attributed to infections really might be due to the immune destroyer.

    Babies who are hit with this disease look normal until they get sick. Doctors are more concerned than ever that a lot of these babies never make it to the pediatrician, much less an immunologist.

    Between 40 and 100 U.S. babies are estimated to be diagnosed each year with SCID. The best-known victim was Houston's famous "bubble boy" who lived in a germ-proof enclosure until his death at age 12 in 1984.

    "We think there's a lot more out there and that the infants just die," says Dr. Jack Routes, a pediatrician at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. He is heading the newborn-screening experiment, with funding from a parents' advocacy group, the Jeffrey Modell Foundation, that may help answer that question.

    Catching the disease before a baby gets sick means a far better chance that treatment is successful, explains Dr. Jennifer Puck of the University of California, San Francisco.

    Puck developed the first screening test that promises early diagnosis. This winter, Wisconsin's state laboratory begins the first phase of its pilot project, practising with Puck's test on anonymous newborn blood samples. If no problems crop up, later this year Routes and colleagues will begin a study that attempts to screen all Wisconsin newborns for SCID -- to see how accurate it really is, and track what happens to those diagnosed.

    "I know this will change the course of SCID," says Anthony's mother, Tara Mingione of Long Island, N.Y., who has pushed for screening since his death two years ago. "Anthony had absolutely no chance to live unless he was tested at birth."

    Today, all U.S. newborns are tested for a variety of rare but devastating genetic diseases -- using a single spot of blood from the baby's heel a day after birth -- to catch the few thousand who need fast treatment to avoid serious problems.

    Not yet on that list: SCID and other "primary immunodeficiency" diseases, meaning children are born with faulty immune-system genes. There are different SCID subtypes, but the result is that babies can't produce important disease-fighting cells called T cells.

    Without treatment, they usually die before their first birthday. Bone marrow transplants can provide them with stem cells that take root and begin producing T cells after all, curing some children and greatly extending the lives of others.

    There is a reported 95 per cent survival in SCID babies transplanted before they're three months old -- almost always those born to women who know SCID has struck a relative, and thus seek at-birth testing. After that age, survival plummets because the babies are so sick going into surgery.

    Moreover, total costs for transplanting a baby shortly after birth are about $100,000 US, Buckley says, compared with bills that can reach $1 million after they get sick.

    I cannot understand why only one state is experimenting with these tests. They should have at least 4 states involved in the process to increase their findings and give it's implementation a better chance.


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    Update: Second Sextuplet Has Died

    A second of the six babies born earlier this month in a Vancouver hospital in Canada's first delivery of sextuplets has died, a Vancouver radio station reported yesterday.

    CKNW Radio reported that another of the babies born prematurely after 25 weeks of gestation and in intensive care at British Columbia Women's Hospital had died. The station, which on Jan. 15 reported that a first sextuplet had died, did not reveal its source.

    Officials at the hospital declined to comment, citing the family's request for privacy since the four boys and two girls were delivered. The family's name has never been made public

    As with the report on the first sextuplet death, CKNW did not say whether the child was a boy or girl.

    Our prayers go out to this family. We hope the others stay strong and that the NICU is able to perform some miracles to keep them alive.


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    Monday, January 22, 2007
    Cinderella's Castle Royal Suite

    Anyone who has been to Disney world is usualy disapointed by the fact that you can not go into the castle.

    For years it has just been used for storage and a break room for the charcters.

    New pictures have been released on the progress of the suite.

    Disney Imagineer Stephen Silvestri and his team have been researching 17th-century royal French life and trying to create mosaics and other artwork, accoutrements and furnishings, often by hand, to fit in.

    The suite, he said, will come with a "traditional" big, flat-screen, high-definition TV. But people won't notice it unless they look for it, just like the complimentary shampoos and lotions in the bathroom, bottled in what will look like old, French glassware.

    "You want the fantasy," Silvestri said. "All those things are there, but they're not immediately recognizable to your eye."

    Among other details:

    Before dinner, the winning family will be escorted to the suite, regaled with the Cinderella story, and shown around the rooms. Disney will arrange transportation for them and their luggage from wherever they were.

    They'll be taken to Cinderella's Royal Table Restaurant for dinner, where the actress in Cinderella character will meet with them.

    After dinner, they'll go back upstairs to freshen up, then be escorted to the "Wishes" show or other evening Disney entertainment.

    In the morning, Cinderella will give them a wake-up call and check on them.

    The 650-square-foot suite has a bedchamber, a bathroom and a parlor. The parlor has two sets of three windows: one overlooks Fantasyland; the other, Liberty Square.

    Silvestri promised the rooms will be comfortable and luxurious, but not embarrassingly so. Designs call for an elevator inspired by Cinderella's carriage, a foyer with inlaid stone floors, wooden walls, a big stone (though faux) chateau-style fireplace, two big, soft beds and other pieces of faux period artwork and furniture. The princess' glass slippers will be on display.

    The grotto-style bathroom will be dominated by three large, handmade mosaics of 17th-century landscapes, designed by Disney artists Katie Roser and Mary Hartwig to match the five 15-foot-tall mosaics that Dorothea Redmond created in 1971 for the castle breezeway.


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    Wife Gets Induced So Her Husband Can Watch Playoff Game

    I would say that this wife's level of commitment to her husband is very high. Colleen Pavelka didn't want to risk going into labor during Sunday's game featuring New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears.

    Due to give birth today, Pavelka was told by her doctor Friday he could induce labor early. She opted for the Friday delivery.

    “I thought, how could (Mark) miss this one opportunity that he might never have again in his life?” said Pavelka, 28, from the southwestern Chicago suburb of Homer Glen.

    At 10:45 p.m. Friday, Mark Patrick Pavelka was born at Palos Community Hospital after close to six hours of labor.

    While her husband watched the Bears play the Saints at Soldier Field yesterday, Colleen watched in the hospital with the baby wrapped in a Bears blanket – a Christmas gift from his grandmother.

    The Bears made it all worthwhile, winning 39-14.



    7 Useless Products For Baby

    When shopping for your new bundle you will become overloaded with "stuff". Don't be bowled over by convenience products. There are a lot of things on the market that play to our lazy inner being. Here are 7 products that I think are utterly useless for your baby. Some have been used for years, but it doesn't mean they are right...

    7. Baby Powder - I am not sure what it's purpose is, but I do know that baby powder is just not good for your new baby. It is an extra step that is just no needed and the fine particles can get in the babies eyes and lungs.

    6. Temperature Bath Ducky - This duck has a panel on the bottom that tells you if the water is too hot. We have 2 of these silly things. You do not need a duck to tell you the water is hot. If you put your hand in and it feels too warm than it probably is. The water needs to just be lukewarm.

    5. Pacifier thermometers may seem convenient, they're unreliable and shouldn't be used in infants younger than 3 months. They also require the child to keep the pacifier in the mouth for several minutes without moving, which is a nearly impossible task for most babies and toddlers.

    4. Sleeper Gown - We bought one of these thinking that it keep the baby warm at night. He likes to kick the blankets off and we were worried he was getting cold last winter. He hated it and was cold when we got him in the morning.

    3. Tummy Tub - This tub is awkward and weird to me. A lot of websites posted it when it first came out singing it's praises. I have bathed my baby in a bucket at the hospital. He wasn't comfortable nor was I and it was hard to get him clean. Bath time at our house is the best part of the day. My son wants to swim and play not be stuck sitting in a bucket.

    2. Wipes Warmer - I don't know where to start with this thing. I had cold wipes on my bum so did most parents growing up. Are our children so pampered that their wipes need to be warmed before cleaning their stinky bums? There have been recalls on certain models of wipes warmers. I also have heard that they just end up drying out your wipes and browning the edges. Useless!!

    1. Diaper Genie - I have never been fond of the diaper genie because of it's effects on the environment. I know I am not alone on this because of all of the negative articles I have read about it as well. Parents find the refills a pain to install and expensive to replace. Most of the time they just give up and throw them to the curb. So much unnecessary waste.


    Sunday, January 21, 2007
    Porta MEe

    The Porta MEe is a new baby carrier for babies 6 month to three years.

    It’s not only super stylish, it’s also incredibly comfortable: with a gel-padded shoulder strap, lumbar support, and adjustable straps to accommodate tall and petite parents alike. Plus, it comes with an easy-access cell-phone pocket, key/toy ring, and a roomy wallet compartment.

    This carrier has been designed for modern parents. It has compartments to hold your stuff which keep your hands free.

    Available at egiggle.com for $198.

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    Saturday, January 20, 2007
    "Sleepy Sleepy"

    If you have a picture that you would like to be considered for the Photo Of The Week please send it to me at growingyourbaby@rogers.com Titled:Photo of the week. Please reduce the resolution so that my inbox doesn't fill up too quickly...Tks Check back on Saturday to see if I have chosen your picture!!


    Parents Expecting One Baby, Get Three

    This story is just as crazy as the mom who went to the hospital with stomach pains and came home with twins.

    A North Dakota family was expecting a big baby, but what they got was a bit more than they anticipated. Lynnette Johnson gave birth at home to not one, but three babies on November 14th.

    Marissa, Silas and Anna came as a surprise -- mom and dad were only expecting one baby.

    The birth weight of her older children Christopher and Abigail had been about 10 pounds each so when the midwife they were using said she heard only one heartbeat they assumed they were just having another big baby. They never had an ultrasound.

    Once the babies started coming they called 9-1-1. The two girls were doing well but Silas was having trouble breathing and ended up in the hospital for 17 days. He's home now and doing fine.

    Now at just over two months all three weigh between eight and nine pounds each.

    The Johnson's are receiving help from family and friends, who come over and help with the many feedings and many diaper changes.

    Big brother Christopher is even taking on some duties.

    The Johnsons are planning to have more children in the future and despite the midwife's last miscalculation they'll hire her again.

    What a miracle! Triplets, probably close to full term (which never happens), born at HOME with one only needing to stay in the hospital for just over 2 weeks. This family is very blessed.



    Fatty Foods Threatens Fertility

    Fats hidden in thousands of foods can harm a woman’s chance of having a baby, scientists said yesterday.

    They can increase the risk of fertility problems by 70 per cent or more.

    Eating as little as one doughnut or a portion of chips a day can have a damaging effect.

    The scientists behind the study advised women who want to have a baby to avoid the fats, known as trans fats.

    In the study, researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston looked at 18,500 women trying to conceive and found 438 cases of ovulatory problems.

    If a woman does not ovulate there is no egg for sperm to fertilise and so she cannot become pregnant.

    The scientists found that those who took two per cent of their energy intake from trans fats, instead of carbohydrates or polyunsaturated fats such as sunflower oil, had a 70 per cent greater risk of infertility through lack of ovulation.

    Those whose energy came from trans fats instead of monounsaturated fats such as olive oil were twice as likely to have problems.

    The amount of trans fats needed to reach the two per cent levels was just four grams a day in a 2,000-calorie diet.

    People could easily eat that much in a meal of pie and chips or just one doughnut.

    Lead researcher Dr Jorge Chavarro said: "It’s really a small amount of fats that we observed having a significant effect on infertility."

    He said his findings, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, suggested that women wanting to conceive should watch their trans fat consumption, as well as giving up smoking and maintaining a healthy weight.

    This was particularly true for those with known problems in ovulating such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

    It is not clear how the fats affect ovulation - but they may affect sensitivity to insulin, which is already known to play a role in fertility problems.


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