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Friday, February 29, 2008
Product Review: Mutsy Spider

The Mutsy Spider is a sleek, modern, lightweight buggy that takes compact strollers to another level.

This stroller was created for busy parents who are always on the go. It is so small when folded that it will fit in the trunk of any car. After storing a travel system in the back of my SUV for the last 2 years, I cannot believe that a stroller that is this comfy could fold up so small.

We had the pleasure of trying it out recently. Here are some things we liked about the Spider:

Installation: A breeze! The spider comes completely assembled except for the wheels. After removing the stroller from the box, the only thing left for parents to do is pop them on. Literally...They clip into the frame in seconds and you are ready to go.

Getting Started: Because this stroller folds up so compactly, it appears like there is more to do to get started. Once you pick the stroller up and unfold it like an accordion, it will just start to move into position. It kicks out, the seat drops down and you are ready to go.

Comfort and Features: As soon as my son saw this stroller he wanted to try it out around the kitchen. The padded 5 - point harness kept him in place and the headrest, which we had never experienced before, kept him comfortable. If he were to fall asleep in the stroller, the recline is easily adjusted from the back of the stroller. The rubber tires provide a smooth, easy ride under any condition and the telescopic handles are perfect for parents of all heights.

Because this stroller is a 3-wheeler, the wheelbase at the back is a bit wide. I attribute it to good engineering. 3 - wheelers are famous for tipping. Making the back 2 wheels a bit wider gives the whole unit more support and reduces the chances of it tipping.

Folding: Once you know what to fold, this stroller is a breeze. First, lower the telescopic handle. There is a lever on the left side of the seat that flips the seat up. Once up, you will see another lever that will fold the whole stroller up.

You can't do this with one hand, but how often do you really need to?

Once folded, the Spider is the most compact stroller I have ever tested (dimensions to the right). I highly recommend the travel bag if you are planning to take it on a plane. If packed properly, the same lever that activates the final fold will also act as a handle to carry the whole unit.

Note: If the travel bag doesn't zip up properly, flip the foot rest and it should work.

Daddy Factor: Not every stroller was created with poor dad in mind. This beefy, masculine stroller would make any dad look good while out in the neighborhood or at the park.

Storage: The storage basket was not created for a busy day shopping at Christmas. There is a mesh storage area under the stroller that will hold a few bags nicely, but definitely not a comforter or even a big pack of diapers.

Additional accessories: Mutsy offers a matching diaper bag, foot muff, travel bag and rain cover as additional accessories. For your convenience, you may want to pick up a cup holder for sippy's/bottles from Babies R Us to clip onto the side of the handle for trips to the mall or park.

When all is said and done, I love this stroller. My husband and I are avid travelers so we have been looking for a stroller that would pack up well on the airplane and give our son comfort once we got to our final destination. The Spider hits the mark on all of our criteria, while looking chic the whole way.

It is also perfect for parents who want something for quick outings or a nice walk in the Spring.

The best price I was able to find on this stroller was at Barebabies.com The Mutsy Spider is currently priced at $199 and for a limited time, they will include the travel bag at no extra charge.

New for 2008 this stroller now comes in six colors (shown below).

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Jennifer and Marc's Twins Names Revealed?

Moldova.org revealed that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have called her twin babies Maximiano and Emelina.

Witnesses at the North Shore University Hospital in Long Island overheard the singer using the names after giving birth last week.

The claim backs up a previous report that Lopez's mom Guadalupe was spotted collecting baby ID bracelets engraved with the names Max and Emme from a New York jewellery store.

Additionally, A spokesperson for Baby K'tan in Fort Lauderdale, who did not confirm the names, told People that pink and blue embroidered 100 percent cotton carriers were purchased for the couple as gifts.

We recently reviewed the comfy carriers for our site.

They are the perfect choice for the couple because one of their holding positions accommodates twins.

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28-Inch Tall Kentucky Woman Delivers 18-Inch Daughter

Stacey Herald, who is 28½ inches, head to heel, gave birth five weeks ago to an 18-inch daughter who is not much smaller than her mother,WLWT-TV in Cincinnati reports.

The new mom, who was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta also has a 16-month-old daughter, Katira, also suffers from the genetic disorder that causes bones to break easily. The new baby, Makaia, is expected to grow to average height.

"My whole life I've been told that I wasn't able to have children, (and) I would not live through the pregnancy -- that with the size of my torso, the baby would grow up underneath my lungs and smother out my lungs and my heart, and we would both die," Herald said.

"Something inside me just didn't believe that," she said.

After Stacy became pregnant with Katira, doctors warned that she and the baby would in trouble and they advised her to schedule an abortion.

"We said, 'No, we're not doing that,' and my doctor -- I love her to death, she's so sweet -- she said, 'OK,' she said, 'We'll do it. We'll provide the best medical care we provide. You provide the faith and we'll see what happens,'" Herald said.

While pregnant with Makaia Stacy said her belly "swelled to comically large proportions."

"If I laid down, I looked like a snail," she said, laughing. "That's how big my belly was. I looked like an Idaho potato with arms and legs."

"You couldn't see my feet," Herald said. "You know, my legs are there you know, but my belly came out so long, that all you could see was a belly with toes."

This mom could be called either courageous or crazy. It is definitely a gamble to have a second baby knowing that the first was born with the same genetic condition that you have.

I am glad that this baby arrived healthy and happy!

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Thursday, February 28, 2008
Overcrowded Cribs Blamed For Half Of All Crib Deaths

Most women dream of dressing up their nursery long before the baby is due to arrive or even sometimes conceived. When you are out looking for a crib, they are always dressed up with beautiful bedskirts, bumpers and comforters.

The CPSC is reporting today that about half of the deaths related to cribs were in cribs containing pillows, quilts and other bedding. About half of these were due to suffocation when infants ended up face down on pillows or face down in a crib with pillows, quilts and other bedding.

Last year Pottery Barns Bumper pads were recalled due to entanglement hazard, which comes as no surprise to me because in August of 2005 the Canadian Government issued a warning to parents about the use of bumper pads in cribs because they pose an entanglement, entrapment, strangulation, and suffocation hazard to infants.

The article goes on to say that:

Thirty-percent of crib deaths were attributed to entrapment between components of old cribs that were in bad condition, with broken or missing parts or loose hardware, and entrapment in spaces generated between the sides of a crib and an ill fitted mattress. The remaining 20% of the deaths were associated with accessories situated in/around the crib (such as window cords or curtain tie backs), falls out of cribs, alterations made to cribs, or entrapment when the child became wedged between the crib and other furniture or a wall.

The CPSC is urging parents:

  • To reduce the risk of SIDS and suffocation, place baby to sleep on his or her back in a crib that meets current safety standards
  • To prevent suffocation never use a pillow as a mattress for baby to sleep on or to prop baby’s head or neck
  • Infants can strangle to death if their bodies pass through gaps generated between loose components, broken slats and other parts of the crib and their head and neck become entrapped in the space.
  • o Do not use old, broken or modified cribs
  • o Regularly tighten hardware to keep sides firm
  • Infants can suffocate in spaces generated between the sides of the crib and an ill fitted mattress; never allow a gap larger than two fingers at any point between the sides of the crib and the mattress
  • Never place a crib near a window with blind or curtain cords; infants can strangle on curtain or blind cords.
  • Properly set up play yards according to manufacturers’ directions. Only use the mattress provided with the play yard. Do not add extra mattresses, pillows or cushions to the play yard, which can cause a suffocation hazard for infants.
  • Routinely check nursery products against CPSC recall lists and remove recalled products from your home


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Tips To Help Alleviate Your Baby's Cold Symptoms

Now that most of the Children's cold and Flu medications have been removed from the shelf, some parents are wondering what to when when their child comes down with a cold this winter.

Ian Paul, associate professor of pediatrics at Penn State Children’s Hospital in Hershey, Pa recently spoke with Foxnews about cold season and a few things that parents could do to alleviate discomfort and help.

  • Give your child a single-ingredient pain reliever such as Tylenol (ed. note: we use dye free), Motrin or Advil. Make sure not to get confused with multi-ingredient products such as Tylenol Cold

  • Try saline sprays for congested noses

  • Keep your child well-hydrated. Make sure he or she is consuming plenty of liquids

  • Always use a humidifier

  • Try honey. "We published a study that says honey is more effective than dextromethorphan (the cough suppressant found in over-the-counter medicines)," Paul said. "Just don’t give honey to a child younger than the age of 1."

Additionally, the pediatrics professor also said that,

"If your child’s symptoms seem to be worsening, or if he or she is unable to stay hydrated, it is time to take them to a physician’s office. If they can’t urinate or have trouble making tears or are having difficulty catching their breath, those are reasons to go to the doctor."


RECALL: Munire Furniture Cribs Due to Fall Hazard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), in cooperation with Munire Furniture Inc today announced a voluntary recall of about 24,000 Majestic Curved Top and Flat Top Cribs, Essex Cribs, Brighton/Sussex Cribs and Captiva Cribs because the cribs fail to meet the federal safety standards for cribs.

The four support brackets on the mattress support spring are too long. The brackets prevent the spring from lowering to the full 26 inch minimum height in its lowest position, allowing children inside to crawl over the railing, posing a fall hazard.

The cribs are wooden. The recalled cribs include: Majestic Curved Top cribs with model number 9500; Majestic Flat Top cribs with model number 9000; Essex cribs with model number 7100; Brighton/Sussex cribs with model number 9100 and Captiva cribs with model number 5100. Only cribs with manufacture dates between November 1, 2005 and November 1, 2007 are included in the recall. The crib model number is printed on the white label on the bottom inside of the right side rail. The crib manufacture date is printed on either the white label near the model number or on the white label located on the bottom of the headboard. Cribs with a green sticker on the mattress frame are not included in the recall.

Parents should stop using the recalled cribs and contact Munire Furniture at (866) 586-9639 or visit the firm’s Web site at www.munirefurniture.com to receive replacement spring brackets.

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Nicole and Joel Introduce Us To Harlow

Nicole Richie and boyfriend Joel Madden introduce us to daughter Harlow in this weeks double edition of People Magazine.

The couple opens up to People about how parenthood has changed their lives – and they pose for an exclusive family photo album with their daughter.

"It's almost like I don't even remember what life was like before her. She gives life a whole new meaning and a whole new purpose" Richie tells People of her 6-week-old.

Harlow Winter Kate Madden, was born on the same day as Christina Aguilera's son Max - January 12th - at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles.

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Toys R Us To Carry Safer Kids Toys

Toys "R'' Us is barring two chemicals that have raised safety concerns in products for infants and young children in its more than 1,500 stores.

Starting March 1, the Wayne-based toy retailer is setting a much tighter standard for the amount of lead allowed in toys made just for the chain.

By the end of the year, there also won't be nickel-cadmium batteries in Toys "R'' Us products — a move meant to help the environment.

This is definitely a good start! Having a big chain like Toys R Us crack down on crummy toys made from disruptive materials should have an impact on the market.

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32 Weeker Survives Falling Out Of A Moving Train

This is one of the craziest stories I have read in a long time!!

Bhuri Kalbi was traveling by train with her relatives to a medical check-up. She felt very weak on the toilet seat and passed out. While unconscious, her tiny baby, which weighed just 3 lbs, slipped from the womb into the toilet tube and crash-landed on rocks between two steel tracks.

The next thing she remembers is people knocking on the toilet door.

When she managed to get up to open the latched door, she realised an emptiness in her stomach. "I realised my stomach was flat. My child was gone," said Bhuri whose husband works in a packaging unit in Ahmedabad.

Bhuri's brother-in-law Arjun said when she opened the door she was semiconscious. He realised with complete shock what had happened. "We immediately pulled the chain at Kalol, two stations away from where the child had slipped off and alerted the train guard," he said.

Luckily the baby feel just feet from a station, where the railwaymen bundled the baby and called the hospital.

The baby was lying dangerously close to the left track with the umbilical cord hanging by the side," Station master KK Rai said.

While the newborn was being examined, a call came, saying the parents had been found.

The parents have since been re-united with baby, who has been left without a scratch after the 'providential escape'.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Lucky Jade: A Bit of Baby Luxury

Every child needs a bit of luxury and I believe that you if your going to splurge, you may as well do it on something that your child will use for a while.

Lucky Jade has a great line of Mini blankies made from 100% cashmere with silk satin trimming.

The Lucky Mini measures 14 inches square is the perfect size blanket for babies and toddlers who insist on taking blankie everywhere they go. This luxurious blanket is available in four designs, Pink Dot, Blue Dot, Pink Stripe, and Blue Stripe.

Pink and blue striped mini currently on sales at Poshtots.com for $24.

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Frances Pen Out With Mom

First time mom Amanda Peet has a good laugh with 1year old daughter Frances Pen.

Frances rides comfortably in the blue and green lined ergo baby carrier. This carrier is popular with parents because its design supports a correct sitting position for the baby's hip, pelvis and spine growth. It disperses most of the baby's weight between the hips and thighs, which helps to eliminate compression of the spine when hanging by the crotch which most other designs require.


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Baby Making - Without Men!

Wolfgang Engel, M.D., Ph.D., Director of the Department of Human Genetics at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Göttingen, Germany, is researching ways to actually grow sperm in the lab.

His research has led to the first live births of mice from sperm created in the lab. His team has already produced live mice generated from sperm that was grown out of embryonic stem cells. It was a major step forward, but a sperm cell from an embryonic stem cell would still not give an infertile man a biological tie to his child. It wouldn't be any different than using donor sperm from a sperm bank, which has been done for years. To give a man a biological tie, Engel's team is now generating sperm from very early germ cells taken from the testicles.
Engel says, "If it works in the mouse, I'm sure it will also work in the human." Another possibility, says Engel, is to try and generate viable sperm cells using stem cells in bone marrow.
The crazy part - Engel believes that it could be possible to take early germ cells from one woman, turn them into sperm cells, and use those to fertilize the egg of another woman.

Says Engel, "It's very nice to have a woman and to have a man ... but it might be possible in the future, perhaps you are able to get a child from two women."
Controversy comes with all groundbreaking research, especially when procreation is involved. Ken Goodman, Ph.D., a philosopher from the University of Miami makes this point:

"The point at which you want to use a [lab-grown] sperm cell to actually make a baby -- to reproduce a human being as part of an experiment, you hit what I think is a wall. If you are creating a human being as part of the experiment, then by definition, you can't get consent from that human being. Research that uses stem-cell derived sperm for reproduction is not going to be ethically permissible."


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Rugby Star Ben Cohen Tries To Remake Iconic Poster

The dailymail has some great shots of rugby star Ben Cohen with his twins.

The 29-year-old former England rugby star was hoping to recreate an updated version of the classic sepia image of man and child that sold five million Athena posters in the 1980s.

The only problem was when the five-month-olds Isabelle and Harriett refused to play ball.

It took three hours to come up with the final shot of him holding Isabelle, who decided to co-operate for just long enough.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Could A 6 Minute Catnap Fix Your Mommy Brain?

Since having my son over 2 years ago, I have noticed my memory deteriorate significantly. I sometimes joke that my little guy took my memory for himself because his ability to remember things is unbelievable.

MSNBC has an interesting article, that covers a new study just released on “power naps.”

German researchers have shown that if you nap just six sublime minutes during the day, it will not only make you feel better but will also improve your ability to learn and remember.

The connection between sleep and learning is something that researchers have only recently pinpointed, but many people know from their own experience — such as the mathematician who says he’s going to sleep on a problem and has a Eureka! moment upon nodding off.

Researchers go on to say that:

During sleep, the brain “gets rid of what you don’t need so that during the next period of wakefulness, you’re ready to acquire more information."

Can you believe that I can possibly get my brain back between 3:00 and 3:06? It sounds too good to be true...


Giada De Laurentiis Talks Cravings and New Baby Excitement

Petit chef Giada De Laurentiis, who is due to deliver a baby girl on April 3, Talks with People about the new cravings she has felt since becoming pregnant.

"I always want steak – lots of steak," she told PEOPLE at DeVito's South Beach restaurant in Miami on Saturday night during the South Beach Wine and Food Festival.

"I used to crave sweets before I got pregnant. You know, chocolate, cookies, cake. I've normally got a really big sweet tooth, but not now this baby just wants meat," she said.

"You know, I think this is the time to indulge myself," De Laurentiis said. "It's such a wonderful time, so I'm eating what I want."

The mom to be also discussed her changing body and the excitement about expecting her first child:

"I couldn't be more excited about being pregnant," she says. "She can't get here soon enough. I can't wait to meet her."

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Jennifer Lopez and Twins Released From Hospital

Us Magazine is reporting that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are back at home with their twins!

The new mom was released from North Shore University Hospital on New York’s Long Island yesterday, her obstetrician, Dr. Anita Sadaty, told the New York Post.

The babies, who arrived Friday morning, were born a good size for twins. The little girl weighed in at 5-pounds, 7-ounces and the little boy 6 pounds. They were born 11 minutes apart.

Their names have not been released yet.

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Toy Fair 2008 Report: Zoobies 3 in 1 Stuffies

If you haven't seen a Zoobie Pet than you have been missing out on one of the best toys the stuffed animal market has seen in years.

These adorable stuffed animals perform triple duty. All of the Zoobie Pets come as a stuffed animal, and then turn into a pillow and a blanket.

We recently got Lencho the Lion to try out. Not only is fluffy guy cuddly, but he exceeded my expectations.

When my two year old first saw him, he screamed and then kissed his smushy face. Lencho is just the right size to be toted around the house and out to the mall.

It wasn't until I opened him fully to watch TV, that I realized not only did the blanket inside come with a zipper, to make washing more efficient, but that it was really soft. Zoobies makes their blankets out of coral fleece, which is a Micro-plush material that is extremely soft, plump and warm to the touch.

I love that the lion's face is made of microbeads. It makes him squishy and hugable.

This line of companions is highly recommended for traveling. Even with the blanket out of the animal, you child may still be able to roll up the remaining shell and use it as a pillow. The lion we tested may be too fluffy to use as a pillow, but many of the other animals in the product line would be perfect.

Each animal retails for $34.

The 2008 collection and a directory of retailers close to you are available at the official site www.zoobiepets.com.

*No Imitations accepted - Each animal has been tagged with the original Zoobies logo patch that appears on the ear and on the blanket.*

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Monday, February 25, 2008
Grandparents Hit The Jackpot!!

Grandparents, Tonya and Bobby Harris will have 164 million reasons to wake up everyday after hitting the Jackpot Friday night.

Bobby picked the numbers and Tonya bought the two $1 tickets just hours before the drawing.

Bobby used the birth dates of five of their six grandchildren to pick the winning numbers: 7, 12, 13, 19, 22.

Tonya says she's still not sure what prompted Bobby to pick the all-important Mega Ball number of 10.

The couple's last grandchild, Cody was born on December 30th, but instead of playing 30 he chose 10, which made the difference between winning the $270 million or $250,000.

The Harrises have two daughters who also live in Portal, and plan to take the winnings as a lump sum, which would leave them with $164 million before taxes.

What's next?

Bobby says, "It is great to know I won't have to go ask for a job or work for somebody else, that I can finally stay home and enjoy my grandkids." Tonya added, "I hope everything will just stay normal. I really want the normal life. We'd just like to have a home and some land and things for the grandkids and to help our kids out and our family. But that's as far as we want to go.

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Nursing Moms Protest New York State Museum

A group of moms in Albany staged a 'nurse in' at the New York State Museum to support a mom who was allegedly asked to stop breastfeeding by a Museum employee.

Kristin Kelly says someone confronted her twice here at the State Museum, telling her she had to leave a public area to continue breastfeeding her son.
This clearly did sit well with local moms because they mobilized and then staged their protest.

State Museum officials made no attempt to stop the demonstration because New York Civil Rights Law guarantees women the right to nurse where they want.

The museum officials say they support that, adding that they don't think it was a museum employee who hassled Kristen.

"Somebody was identified by name, described and we don't have anybody that meets that description or has that name that would be on the floor. We knew it couldn't have been one of ours," Museum Director Cliff Siegfried said.

In response, Kristen said, "I am sure of what I saw and if it was not a Museum employee than it was still a State employee and it happened in their facility. So, at least all I want is an apology."

The aftermath of the whole incident has also been overwhelming for the mom, which at times has prompted her to stop answering the phone.

"People trying to do school reports about me. Men trying to purchase milk from me. So it's just a little strange," Kelly said.

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Welch's Grape Juice Introduces Lickable Ads

Everyone has heard of scratch n' sniff. Well that is so last decade according to Welch's.

Trendhunter is reporting that the popular grape juice company will be debuting their new marketing gimmick in People magazine this month.

Similar to perfume ads that have panels you pull back to offer a hint of the fragrance, Welch’s is launching tabs in this month’s edition of People magazine in the form of a one page print ad that let the customers peel to taste.

This technology called Peel 'n Taste was developed by First Flavor in 2006. The strips contain no sugar or calories, and all ingredients have been FDA-approved. They’re produced in bulk quantities of 100,000 to 10 million or more, and quantity-based pricing ranges from 7 to 40 cents per strip.

If you have tried them please let us know if they taste like the real thing...


The Ultimate Oscar Accessory: A Baby Bump!

Jessica Alba, Nicole Kidman and nominee Cate Blanchett showed off their best accessory this evening at the Oscars - their baby bumps!!

Cate, who is the furthest along, spoke with People about the baby saying, "He's actually asleep – believe it or not, which bodes well."

Jessica, who is in her 3rd trimester, spoke with Ryan Seacrest, but was reluctant to say much about the new baby. She did however reveal that she plans to breast feed, after telling Ryan that he was getting personal...

Minnie Driver has created some pregnancy buzz last week after she was spotted buying baby clothes for a little girl. She arrived at Elton John's AIDS Foundation Academy Awards viewing party tonight in a flowy frock that appeared to reveal a baby.

*All photos property of WIREIMAGE* Nicole Kidman/Mazur, Cate Blanchett/cohen, Jessica Alba/Caulfield, Minnie Driver/Kambouris

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Saturday, February 23, 2008
Angelina Jolie Shows Off Her BUMP!!

Angelina Jolie cleared up any questions today about whether or not she was expecting by revealing the cutest bump at the 2008 Film Independent's Spirit Awards at the Santa Monica Pier.

The couple skipped the press line but Jolie smirked as she passed photographers.

Even though it has been widely reported that Angelina Jolie is several months pregnant the actress herself has refused to comment.

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Toy Fair Report: Haba's Delectable Play Deserts

Haba is one of my favorite developmental toy companies because they always release the most innovative toys.

The cool part is that they don't need to make them glow and beep. All of their products are powered by one thing - imagination.

The new collection of play food will make any tea party a success. For this Springs collection Haba introduces fabric petit fours, donuts, ice cream cones, and a cake that comes apart for each guest to have a piece.

They are so nicely done, I had to take a second look to make sure that real treats weren't on display as well.

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Toy Fair 2008 Report: Big Eye Dummies

In the last year, the awkward looking dolls have become very popular with kids and parents.

I found these Big Eye Dummies at the Toy Fair last week and was impressed by their unique look and cute interchangeable faces.

Just launched in the last few weeks, this line of hugable soft toys features magnetic eyes and mouths that can be moved from doll to doll in order to create different expressions.

The whole products line are between sized 12.5 and 14.5 inches tall.

They will be priced around $30 each.

*Because these toys are so new to the market, the company has not yet listed where they can be purchased. Please check with the site bigeyedummies.com over the next few weeks for online store details.*

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Giada De Laurentiis Hosts Event in Miami

Expectant mom Giada De Laurentiis poses for a photo with Katie Lee Joel, left (Billy Joel's wife) and Paula Deen, right,at The South Beach Wine and Food Festival yesterday in Miami Beach, Florida.

Looking at the tiny chef it is hard to believe that she is 8 months pregnant with her first baby, a girl.


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Oprah Speaks With Jon And Kate Plus 8

Today was a bit chaotic on the Oprah Winfrey show. The talk show host was joined by my favorite TV couple and their 8 children.

Jon and Kate Gosselin, along with their twins, Cara and Mady and sextuplets Hannah, Joel, Leah, Collin, Alexis and Aaden sat down with Oprah to discuss life with two sets of multiples.

Many of you know the family from their TLC show 'Jon and Kate Plus 8', which airs every Monday night.

In 2000, Kate gave birth to twin girls, Cara and Mady. Then, the couple decided to try for one more child.

"We got a little more than we bargained for—we got six more," Kate says. "We're considered a fertility nightmare."

At 5 weeks gestation, Kate had a feeling there was more than one baby growing inside of her.

"As soon as they flashed the ultrasound screen, I saw too many circles to count," she says. "I was thinking, 'These cannot be babies. There's too many.' I instantly went into shock."

Jon's reaction:

"He was close to tears, which he's usually very silent and strong," Kate says. "I thought, 'Now we're really in trouble.' … It sounds funny now, but at the time, our whole lives just flashed before our eyes."

Even knowing how draining - emotionally and financially - raising eight children would be but Jon and Kate say they never considered reducing the number of fetuses in the womb.

"When we went in for that [fertility] appointment, I said to them every time, 'Really be careful with us, because we're not doing that ever. It's not for us,'" she says. "Actually, right before that ultrasound, the last thing I said to [the doctor] was, 'Whatever you're giving me, we're taking.'"

On May 10th 2004 at an amazing 30 weeks gestation, in just three minutes the couple welcomed Alexis Faith, weighing 2 pounds, 11.5 ounces, Hannah Joy, 2 pounds, 11 ounces; Aaden Jonathan, 2 pounds 7.5 ounces; Collin Thomas, 3 pounds 0.5 ounces; Leah Hope, 2 pounds 14.8 ounces, and Joel Kevin, 2 pounds 9.7 ounces.

Now that the sextuplets are almost 4, the busy mom spends most of her time cooking healthy, organic meals for her family of 10.

"My day is make a meal, serve a meal, clean up a meal, clean up everything, wipe this one, change that one, deal with this one," she says

Kate's day by the numbers:

  • she runs the dishwasher two or three times a day
  • uses about 1,200 paper plates every month
  • do at least two loads a day, with the most being five a day
It took two days, six suitcases and three carry-ons to get the Gosselins from Pennsylvania to Chicago. When they travel, Kate says she fills luggage with treats, blankets, Crayons and toys to keep the kids busy during the flight. "Take tons of food," she says. "That's my secret for everything. When they're cranky, just feed them."

I love Kate's no nonsense approach to motherhood. The kids don't get away with anything in fact the couple says that "timeouts are as normal as blinking."

They may be out of the "terrible 2" phase, but Kate says the sextuplets' behavior has not improved. In fact, it's gotten worse. "Actually, 3s are rougher for us than 2s," she says. "Didn't you know? Three is the new 2."

If you would like to read more about the interview. Please visit Oprah's site.

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Friday, February 22, 2008
Jeff and Ingrid Show Off Ella at Daytona 500

Jeff Gordon gets some good luck from the two ladies in his life prior to the start of the Daytona 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series auto race at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Fla. last Sunday

Unfortunately, suspension failure prevented him from being victorious...There's always this weekend.


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16 Year Old Agentine Mom Welcomes SECOND Set Of Triplets

Wholly schmuckers... a 16-year-old Argentine girl has given birth to a set of baby girl triplets - for the second time.

The new mom, who is only known as Pamela, had her first set of female triplets aged 15, after giving birth to a son when she was just 14.

All seven children were born prematurely but without any kind of fertility treatment.

While doctors say the three newborns and their mother are well, the case has sparked debate across Argentina.

In bars and cafes, as well as the letters pages of newspapers, there has been widespread criticism of Pamela's alleged promiscuity.

The girl's family already receives help from the provincial authorities, which donated land and built them a house when the first set of triplets was born.

Pamela's mother, who cleans houses to support her daughter and rapidly increasing number of grandchildren, says they will now seek more assistance from the government for the new additions to the family.

Many Argentine people believe that perhaps someone should sit Pamela and give her more advice on contraception.

With all of the controversy surrounding the circumstances on these births, I find it hard to believe that this mom will get any assistance from any groups in the community.

It's sad because she is going to need a lot of help AND possibly her tubes tied. Will they tie tubes at 16?? probably not...

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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Welcome Twins!!

Update: The baby girl was born at 12:12 a.m. and weighed 5 lbs. 7 oz., and the baby boy followed at 12:23 a.m., weighing 6 lbs.

"Jennifer and Marc are delighted, thrilled and over the moon," Lopez's manager Simon Fields told People Mag

Seriously...Those are BIG twins!! Because there was such a long time in between the two deliveries, it sounds like they arrived naturally.

Congratulations to Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony on the safe arrival of their twins!!

They're the proud new parents a boy and a girl, Lopez's rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The babies were born at 12:45 a.m. ET on Friday in Long Island, N.Y., says her rep, Simon Fields.

Pagesix.com reported Wednesday that:

The private room being held for Jennifer Lopez at North Shore University Hospital is finally occupied. Monday, we reported the room, which is furnished with a leather couch, had "been sitting empty for two weeks" in preparation for the pop diva's twins.

No other baby details have been released.

While the twins are the first babies for Marc and Jennifer, the new daddy has three children from a previous relationships, Adrianna, 13, Cristian, 7, and Ryan, 4.

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Identical Twins May Not Be Identical

Not enough is known about identical twins and what makes them so unique.

Research in 2005 found that identical twins differ in how their genes express themselves. Now scientists have learned that all identical twins may actually differ genetically from their partners to some degree.

Some of the differences that scientists have found have been:

  • identical twins do not have identical fingerprints
  • one may develop the rapid aging disorder progeria while the other may not

When researchers analyzed 19 pairs of identical twins they found that even though they did possess nearly identical genomes, they often differed in the number of copies of individual gene segments. For instance, one twin might be missing a segment, or possess more copies of that segment than the other twin.

These variations could explain why one identical twin can suffer from a disorder while the other remains healthy.

Researcher Carl Bruder also believes that genetic differences between identical twins might also accumulate after development over a twin's life as well. "I think all our genomes are under constant change."

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Traveling With A Baby: Only Reasonable Quantities of Food Accepted On Plane

When you go away on vacation, it is normal to pack for the 'what if' situation. We all know that when you travel with a baby that gets magnified due to paranoia and fear of delays.

The only problem is that The Transportation Security Administration’s rule says you may only carry on baby food and liquids in “reasonable quantities for the duration of your itinerary.”

What constitutes and unreasonable quantity of food? That will change depending upon the length of you flight and layovers.

When packing the carry on bag, many parents take into account the fact that flights may be delayed or stranded on the tarmack for an extended period of time. During the winter months this tends to happen more often prompting some parents to overpack.

The Nytimes.com reports an instance when a couple packed 'five or six 2-ounce jars of Gerber’s baby food and 20 ounces of Similac baby formula in two sealed 8-ounce and two sealed 2-ounce plastic bottles.'

When they approached the security counter with their 10 month old daughter airport officials deemed the food excessive and confiscated some.

“We explained the reason, that we were flying in the winter between two cities notorious for delays in bad weather, so we always pack more. The security agent said, ‘I can’t make an exception; it’s too much food for a flight that’s 2 ½ hours,’” said Dr. Soni, the mom involved.

In the end, it didn't matter what the parents said to security officials. They had made up their minds and were going to minimize the amount of food being brought on board.

When my son was smaller and we traveled by airplane, I would bring 3 apples, bananas and oatmeal, 2 dry packs of rice cereal and 2 - 8ozs bottles with the powder already measured out. No one ever questioned the amount of food or asked about the 2 bottles of formula.

Now that the whole ordeal is behind them, the parents in this article would like to see a rule allowing parents more discretion. They also suggested that airport shops inside the security zones consider selling baby food, which I agree with.

No parent wants to carry 10 bottles of baby food on a plane with them. They just do it because they don't have any other option.


Thursday, February 21, 2008
Jolie Pitts Enjoy Snow Day

Busy mom Angelina spends some time of the slopes with her kids and longtime partner Brad.

The family spend the day tubing and sking.

The couple keeps things low-key and kid-centric as they descend the slope – while Jolie's puffy parka continued to fuel speculation that she may be expecting again.


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