Monday, March 24, 2008
Should Pregnant Women Be Able To Park In Handicapped Parking?

A Southern California lawmaker is proposing to the state Legislature, that women in their third trimester of pregnancy should be able to park in a spot reserved for the disabled.

AB 1940 would declare all women in their final three months of pregnancy, and through their first two months after giving birth, as having a "temporary disability." They could then pay $6 to the Department of Motor Vehicles to access any disabled spot in California marked with a blue and white wheelchair symbol for that five-month period.

The proposed law, similar to a measure that failed four years ago, is drawing criticism from some advocates for the disabled, who say blue-zone parking is in short supply; from women's rights groups, who dislike labeling pregnancy as a disability; and from a coalition of ob-gyns, who encourage their patients to exercise.

"Overall, physicians want pregnant women to be active, so this bill is actually counterproductive," said Shannon Smith-Crowley, legislative advocate for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists chapter in California.

I agree with the women's rights groups. Who thought of this??

Were all for equality rights and then this is proposed... Being pregnant is not a handicap, even if you have another being attached to you.

Many stores across North America offer expecting mom parking spots close to the door. Isn't that good enough?


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