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Monday, June 30, 2008
Louise Redknapp Bares Her Bump

UK TV presenter and model, Louise Redknapp shows off her flawless baby bump while on vacation with husband Jamie in Sardinia.

The couple, who are 'delighted' to be expecting their second child, strolled around the pool of a luxury resort in Porto Carvo.

Louise has previously said she was stunned to discover she'd conceived so quickly this time around after it took her four years to fall pregnant with their first child, Charley.

She suffering from the womb condition endometriosis and underwent two laser surgery operations to correct it.

Louise, who is now four months pregnant, revealed: 'It was just absolute shock when I found out.

'It took me four years to have Charley and so this time, after just a month, it was very unexpected. We had talked about having another baby and we kind of expected the same problems as last time.'

'When I did the pregnancy test, I nearly fell off the chair. My friend popped in and I dragged her upstairs and said, "You've got to look at this. Am I reading it wrong?"'

'I rang Jamie straight away. He was absolutely delighted.


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Couple Who Advertised For An Egg Donor On London Buses Welcomes Baby Girl!

Last March we introduced you to Linda and Richard Weeks. They are the couple that spent £2,000 to advertise their plea for an egg donor on London buses.

It was Mrs Weeks' last chance for fertility treatment, which cannot continue after a woman reaches 55.

After 14 years of trying for a baby, the couple's prayers were answered last year and they have now welcomed a healthy baby girl.

Almost 100 women responded to the Logan Centre for Assisted Reproduction in London after seeing the bus advert, but only one went through with the egg donation. She was not paid for the procedure.

Baby Katy was delivered by Caesarean section at Maidstone Hospital four weeks ago weighing 5lbs 11ox (2.6kg).

Mrs Weeks, who carried her daughter full term, said she was overwhelmed by the anonymous donor's gift.

"She is extremely generous and she has given us the gift of life, and has given Katy the gift of life," Mrs Weeks said.

"Whatever Katy becomes in her life, it is down to three of us."

Mr Weeks added: "I'm just so proud and so grateful."

We wish this couple good luck!

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Sunday, June 29, 2008
Baby Blanket Suncare Giveaway!

I am VERY diligent about using suncare. In fact, when we are on vacation it usually takes us an extra half an hour to make sure that the whole family has their sunscreen applied before heading to the pool/beach.

With that being said, I am excited to offer our readers the opportunity to win one of 2 'Baby Blanket Suncare Sun Smart Summer Giveaway Packages($31+ value)

Each Package has the following products included:

  • Baby Blanket 6oz Titanium Dioxide Sunscreen Lotion for Babies SPF 50+
  • Baby Blanket Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Stick for Babies SPF 45+
  • Baby Blanket Sunscreen Towelette 6 piece Multi-pack
  • Baby Blanket Sun Smart Survival Kit (kit includes one of each of the following: 2oz ‘Tender Scalps’ Sunscreen Spray SPF 45+, 2oz Convenience Sunscreen Spray SPF 45+ and a 1oz ‘faces’ Sunblock Lotion SPF 45+)

I like that Baby blanket sunscreens are offered in many application options. They have Towelettes, lotions, Continuous Sprays, pump sprays, Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Sticks and a lip block stick.

This variety allows parents to apply the sunscreen quickly and more efficiently.

To enter our giveaway please e-mail us at giveaways@growingyourbaby.com , with the subject ‘Baby Blanket Sunscreen’.

Giveaway Closes On Thursday July 3rd, 2008

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British Mom Carrying Baby Guaranteed Not To Get Hereditary Breast Cancer

In a move that will probably cause a bit of an ethical stir, doctors have screened a UK woman’s embryos and removed an inherited gene that would have left the baby with a 50 to 85 per cent chance of developing the cancer.

Because her husband had tested positive for the gene and his sister, mother, grandmother and cousin have all had the cancer, the woman decided to have her embryos screened after she got pregnant.

The unidentified mom-to-be, told the Sunday Times: “For the past three generations, every single woman in my husband’s family has had breast cancer, as early as 27 and 29.

“We felt that, if there was a possibility of eliminating this for our children, then that was a route we had to go down."

The couple produced 11 embryos, of which five were found to be free from the gene. Two of these were implanted in the woman’s womb and she is now 14 weeks pregnant.

By screening out embryos carrying the gene, called BRCA-1, the couple, will eliminate the hereditary disease from their lineage.

Tests on the 11 embryos were conducted by removing one cell when they were three days old. Six of the embryos carried the breast cancer gene. Two embryos that were free of the gene were then implanted, resulting in a single pregnancy.

The couple have also been able to freeze two healthy embryos for future use.

I think this was done responsibly. I hope this couple gets a healthy baby and that their future children are free of breast cancer.


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Matt and Luciana Damon Out For Dinner

Matt Damon escorts his expectant wife, Luciana, out of Nobu Malibu last night. The couple joined friends Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck for a two-hour dinner on the patio.

"Ben and Matt were entertaining the girls with stories, and they were all laughing a lot," People reported.

When dessert came, the celebratory group toasted – after all, Jen and Ben's third wedding anniversary is today.


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Is it Possible To Potty Train A Toddler in 1 Day?

Every parent knows that one of the toughest parenting feats is potty training. Many would tell you that it takes a couple of weeks to teach their toddler how to master the toilet and to get them in the rhythm of going to the bathroom on their own.

A registered nurse in Chicago, Wendy Sweeney, has a claim that will astonish impatient parents of toddlers everywhere. Give her five hours, she says, and she’ll give you a potty-trained toddler, with an accuracy rate of 98%.

How does she do it?

“Never ask if they have to go,” she said. “If you ask them if they have to go potty, then you are the one who is in charge of their body. We’re trying to transfer that responsibility over to them. So we just tell them if you have to go potty, go in the potty.”

“In order to set them up to succeed, just make sure that you’re setting aside that time and make sure you remember that it’s not about you,” Wendy said. “The child needs to be confident themselves, so once they begin to take responsibility for their body, they’ll be proud of themselves and then continue that behavior. So give them all the tools they need to succeed. Tell them exactly what they need to know.”

“Tell them if you have to go to the bathroom, walk over to the potty, pull your pants down and go potty in the potty,” she says, “Tell them that they need to listen to their body and when they need to go, it’s their job to go over there.”


Toddlers have to be at least 2½ years old to take the training, because that is when they are able to understand simple commands and to control their own bodies.

Tricks: load the kids up on salty snacks and sugary drinks

“It is only for a short duration. It is not a diet that I recommend,” Wendy told The Today's Show Curry. “The salty snacks make the kids more thirsty, so they drink more. It also draws water into the bowel and that softens the stool, and it helps prevent the constipation when the kids get nervous and want to start holding. The sugary drinks never quench their thirst, so they end up drinking more, and that gives them more opportunities to go to the bathroom in that short period of time.”

To date, Wendy says she’s graduated nearly 500 kids. For more info please visit her site: bootycampmom.com.


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Friday, June 27, 2008
Giada De Laurentiis Talks Motherhood and Her New 'Partner In The Kitchen'

Just three months after giving birth to her first child, Jade Marie De Laurentiis Thompson, the host of Food Network's "Everyday Italian" is torn about heading back to work.

"I thought I would be so excited to get back to work, but I feel bad that I'm leaving her," says Giada, 37. "She's out of the 'blob' stage of just eating and pooping. She's starting to become a person; I see her character and personality coming out. And now I won't be around that much."
Giada has already started grooming Jade to be her assistant:
"She hangs out with me in the kitchen in her swing," says De Laurentiis. "I've gained a partner in the kitchen, as little as she is. It warms [my] heart like nothing else."
She already can't wait to share her culinary traditions. "
The first thing I made with my parents was pizza dough," De Laurentiis recalls. "That's the first thing I'm hoping we can make together."

The new mom hopes that her daughter will share her passion for cooking, and if she doesn’t, the she admits, "it would break my heart."

Parenthood, of course, does come with its trade-offs: "I've gained a lot of joy … but lost a little of my freedom," the chef admits. But she still has found ways to spend time with her husband, clothing designer Todd Thompson, 44. "Quality time now comes at a different time," laughs De Laurentiis. "We hang out with each other at 4 or 5 a.m., giving Jade her bottle."

I can't wait to more recent pictures of Jade now that starting to come into her own!

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Texas Couple Welcomes Quintuplets

Stephen and Ellen Howell of Houston, Texas, welcomed a set of quintuplets at legendary multiple hospital Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix.

The three girls and two boys, who were all born within three minutes of each other, arrived at 30 weeks and five days.

Two girls were born first Sidney Alun and Ivy Elizabeth - both at 6:19 p.m. The first boy, Mitchell Thomas, was born next followed by brother Luke Harrison. The last girl Briellen Jeannette rounded out the bunch.

The smallest baby - Briellen - weighed 2 lbs. 6 oz. The largest babies - Mitchell and Luke - were each 2 lbs. 15 oz.

The hospital has an international reputation for caring for multiple births (triplets or more). The Banner Good Samaritan staff has delivered two sets of sextuplets, 10 sets of quintuplets and about 80 sets of quadruplets .

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Matildas Day Out

Matilda Ledger (and mom Michelle Williams, not pictured) spend some time with her dad's longtime friend Trevor DiCarlo.

After playing, the trio enjoyed some lunch at Layla Jones in Brooklyn.


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RECALL:Stanley Furniture Cribs Due to Entrapment Hazard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Stanley Furniture Company, announced a voluntary recall of about 1,200 2nd Nature Built to Grow Cribs because the cribs could fail to meet a federal safety standard for crib dimensions. When the mattress support is in the middle setting, the space between the mattress and the crib could be too wide, posing an entrapment hazard to infants.

This recall involves the full size 2nd Nature Built to Grow cribs, model number 353-14-220. Model and serial numbers are located on the headboard. The crib is natural maple in color. Only the following serial numbers are included in the recall: 353-14-220-L-01, 353-14-220-L-02, 353-14-220-L-03, 353-14-220-L-04, 353-14-220-L-05, 353-14-220-L-06, 353-14-220-L-07, 353-14-220-L-08, 353-14-220-L-101, and 353-14-220-L-103. The recall does not include cribs sold after December 2007.

Consumers should immediately stop using the crib in the middle mattress setting, and adjust it to the low or high setting. Contact Stanley Furniture to determine if the crib is subject to this recall, and if it is, to receive a free replacement crib headboard.

For additional information, contact Stanley Furniture toll-free at (888) 839-6822 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or visit the firm’s Web site at www.youngamerica.com

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Kingston's Custom Skate!

An expectant Gwen Stefani was seen out in at Primrose Hill in London with son Kingston.

The little trend setter rides in what appears to be a custom Peg Perego Skate stroller.

Gwen is well known for having a huge collection of custom made strollers. She always seems to have the trendiest strollers reworked to fit her rocker style.

Because this stroller transforms to an infant bassinet so effortlessly, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw baby#2 using it as well.


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The Beckham Boys Roll In Style

David Beckham and his two youngest sons turned heads as they rolled down Rodeo Drive in the football star's $600,000 Phantom Drophead Coupe.

While I know that Cruz, 3 and Romeo, 5 are having fun in daddy's flashy car, I can't help but wonder why the youngest Beckham isn't in a car seat.

Cruz, who just turned 3 in February, is still too young to be in a booster seat, especially when many car seats now go up to 80lbs for maximum safety.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008
Petunia Pickle Bottom's Head Designer Creates A Serene Nursery

When DeNai Jones, head designer at Petunia Pickle Bottom, was expecting her second son recently, one of her prime goals was to create a unique nursery.

"I longed to make my second son Miller's nursery a place of tranquility," says Jones of her design process. "I love color, but this was going to be my one exception."

She found inspiration from a few key pieces: Petunia Pickle Bottom's Misty Shanghai Boxy Backpack, wallpaper from Cole and Sons called Trees, and two pillows from Anthropologie. The three pieces incorporated a shade of grey that she was hoping to use in the nursery and were the perfect elements to create a focus for the mood board.

The new mom loves a nice monochromatic palette with a splash of color, much like the Misty Shanghai Petunia pattern.

Furniture and Function:

The crib and changing table were the most daunting decisions the designer.

I love all the new modern and oh-so functional nursery furniture that can be found.
Because she owns an older home, it was important to find something that would strike the perfect balance of old and new.

The Panel Crib by Newport Cottages served up just what I was looking for. As an added bonus-the wonderful people at Newport Cottages indulged me with a custom paint color to match the room's palette. Both pieces contain clean, modern lines, and the changing table converts to a dresser once you are done with diapers-an ideal attribute so that the piece can grow as Miller does.

Hands down my favorite piece is the Luca Glider Chair by Monte Designs. If I didn't have a busy little toddler running rampant I would sit and cuddle my newborn son in it all day-it's incredibly comfortable not to mention so stunning.

Many of the unique features in the nursery were organic and handmade. When placed in the space together they create the whimsical, tranquil feel the designer was looking to achieve.

DeNai's final thoughts:

Ultimately, the nursery is the most calming place in our home…so I believe I achieved what I set out to accomplish. Now with a two year old toddler and a newborn reeking havoc in our home, it's the place I like to kick up my heels and find tranquility.

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Angelina Is Still Pregnant

InTouch Weekly has some exclusive photos of a still pregnant Angelina, taking a break from bed rest. These photos capture the actress hanging out with children Shiloh and Zahara outside Chateau Miraval — the home she, Brad Pitt and the kids are staying at in the south of France. While her official due date is in August, insiders tell In Touch that she will deliver around July 15.

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Lacing Toys Are COOL!

Lacing toys are a great developmental tool that are sometimes overlooked by parents. I had forgot about them until I took my son to the community center to play and the co-ordinator brought them out for the kids to use.

They are great for teaching hand-eye coordination and creativity.

While I know that there are millions of lacing toys, here are some that I like the best:

  1. Melissa and Doug - Lace and Trace animals($7.99)- 7 Lace and Trace Farm Animals are made out of sturdy wood pieces. The set even comes in a sturdy wooden box for easy storage!
  2. Lacing Hedgehog($10.49) - This no frills lacing toy comes with a no frills price. There are lots of holes for looping and crossing over.
  3. Sew and Sew($7.95) - This best selling lacing toy is simple and popular. It features a blunted wooden needle that fits through the 'cheese' holes easily. Because it is small, it can be used during travel or tucked in your purse as a surprise toy when you are out for dinner.
  4. Lacing Bear Dress-Up($9.97) - What more could a child want? They get to learn a great skill and dress a bear at the same time. This set, by Melissa and Doug, includes one adorable bear, seventeen clothing and accessory pieces, and two extra-long laces!
  5. Lacing Sneaker($10.95) - This toy is great because it takes your child through many developmental stages. It teaches lacing skilling and helps with learning how to tie laces. Kids will love it's bright red colour and fun striped laces.
  6. Lacing Apple Tree ($21.99) - This hard to find wooden tree is interesting because it is almost 3-D. Kids can string the laces through in many way creating an almost Christmas Tree garland effect.
  7. IQ Preschool Ladybug Lacer($3.97) - This simple, reasonable priced toy will help your child practice their lacing and tying on a cute, painted wooden ladybug with holes. The 4-piece ladybug has a smooth finish and is brightly painted with red, green or yellow.

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Milo In The City

Liv Tyler and son Milo enjoy the nice weather in NYC today.


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Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Bahraini Couple Loses 4 Of Their Sextuplets

I am sad to report that four of the sextuplets born to a Bahraini woman have died while the remaining two are in critical condition. According to a report, the couple lost three of the babies Monday night, with the fourth one loosing it's fight Tuesday.

The remaining two are in critical condition in the intensive car unit of the neo-natal ward in the Salmaniya Medical Complex in the Bahraini capital Manama.

The six babies arrived last Sunday after just being in utero for 25 weeks, weighing between 460 and 650 grams.

A newspaper in that region has quoted sources as saying that the woman had undergone in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment, during which four eggs were implanted, two of which divided, resulting in six embryos.

My thoughts are with the family and the medical team looking after the remain two infants.

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Tori and Dean Introduce Us To Baby Stella

On June 9, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott welcomed their second child, a daughter Stella Doreen into the world.. At birth, Stella weighed in at a dainty 6 lbs. 11 oz. and had a full head of beautiful black hair.

The couple calls their new little girl a miracle because Tori was on one pill and wasn't feeling well, so she went off of it. Two days later, the doctor put her on another, and on that one day, they conceived.

Tori didn't think she would ever have a daughter because Dean's first child [Jack] is a boy and then they had Liam. She considers herself 'so girly-girly', that she believed she would only be blessed with all boys.

Dean agrees, adding, "When I saw Stella for the first time, I just bawled my face off out of pure joy. I've always heard that there's nothing like that bond between father and daughter. There is nothing like it — you feel it that moment. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Little boys are awesome. They're just like a little you. But having a little girl is something else. As a man, you just lose it."

For the full interview and many more pictures, please pick up a copy of this week's OK Magazine.

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Baby Girl Arrives On The East Broadway F Train Platform.

New Yorkers making their way around the city got more than they paid for yesterday when an expectant mom literally gave birth on the East Broadway F train platform.

Francine Alfontent, 27, of Brooklyn, was on her way to Bellevue Hospital Monday afternoon via the F train with her husband, Max, when she realized the baby wasn’t going to wait any longer, the New York Daily News reported Tuesday.

“My wife started feeling funny on the train, so I told the conductor and he called ahead to the station,” Max Alfontent said. “When we pulled in, I put her down on the platform and her water broke. I was happy the baby was coming, but I have to admit, I was a little scared.”

Many people stopped to help including a nurse that comforted her, a businessman who put his briefcase under her head as a pillow and another man who sought out paramedics, who ultimately delivered the baby.

“At least four trains came into the station and it seemed like people from every one of them stopped to help,” Wendy Brown, 44, a social worker told the Daily News.

The proud parents named their baby girl Soleil, which is French for sun.

"Even though this story has a happy ending, it brings into light the significance of recognizing labor, which in some women can be quite fast," said Dr. Manny Alvarez, managing health editor of FOXNews.com. "On the average, for a woman's first baby, labor can take anywhere from 12 to 14 hours, with the last two hours pushing to bring the baby's head out. However, in a woman who has had previous deliveries, the final phase of delivery can literally take minutes."

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Promotional Codes

I am constantly receiving e-mails from online retailers asking me to list promotional codes.

Because I have so many I will be listing them all here for all of you weekly (the code is in orange).

Kushies Baby - Growing Your Baby readers will enjoy a 10% discount on any order from www.kushiesonline.com with code Hagyb08

Goober Baby - is offering Growing Your Baby readers free shipping when you enter the code ‘growing‘ at checkout

Barebabies.com - receive a 10% discount on any Kuster order by using code gyb10offkuster. receive a 10% discount off of Mutsy Products please use reader code gyb10offmutsy

Pediped - Readers will receive free shipping off any pair(s) of childrens shoes with code hapr08

Kensington Baby - Readers will enjoy a 15% on anything from this site when they use the code gyb

Protectabub - is offering 10% off any order at protectabub.com with code protect3spring

Crave Maternity - This UK company has recently launched a U.S. website for North American customers. They are offering a 25% discount plus free shipping from the UK to celebrate their launch. Shoppers should enter USA25 at checkout to receive their discount.

Ruffle Butts - if you use the discount code RB_friend at check out you will receive 10% off your whole order.

*please note - ALL of these codes are listed as a courtesy. We do not receive a percentage of the sales*

If you an online retailer and you would like us to list a code for you please e-mail me at growingyourbaby@rogers.com with the subject promo code and I will do my best to list it in a weekly post.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Squareplay: Cool Toy Or Suffocation Hazard?

I came across this interesting kids mat/playspace called 'squareplay'. At first, I thought it was a innovative, fun spot for kids and parents to play on until I realized that it was a square all sewn together with a hole at one end.

While it may look like fun to play around inside the square, a small child could get disorientated and not able to find their way out - thus causing them to possibly suffocate.

Maybe if the hole was bigger...or of there was stuff inside and no hole this square would work for me.

Am I paranoid?

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Alison Sweeney Expecting Baby #2!

People.com is reporting that the Biggest Loser's host Alison Sweeney is expecting her second child.

Alison made the announcement last night in front of the Season 6 Biggest Loser's cast.

"She told them that, in a season all about family, hers is about to get bigger," says her rep, Carrie Simons.

The actress and her husband, Dave Sanov, have a 3-year-old son, Ben.

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Jardine Cribs Sold by Babies"R"Us Due to Entrapment and Strangulation Hazard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Jardine Enterprises, today announced a voluntary recall of about 320,000 Jardine Cribs because the wooden crib slats and spindles can break, creating a gap, which can pose an entrapment and strangulation hazard to infants.

There have been 42 incidents of crib slats and spindles breaking. Four children became entrapped in the space created by a broken slat or spindle. Two of the children had abrasions and bruising.

Jardine wooden cribs in various styles and finishes, as listed below, are included in this recall.

Model #DescriptionFirst Sold
BC-23Drop Side Blue Spindle Crib8/2004
BC-36BDrop Side Light Blue Spindle Crib8/2005
BC-36GDrop Side Sage Spindle Crib7/2005
BC-36PDrop Side Pink Spindle Crib7/2005
BC-007Hilton Drop Side Cherry Single Crib1/2002
BC-010Windsor Drop Side Cherry Flat Panel Crib1/2002
BC-010CWindsor Drop Side Cherry Flat Panel Crib11/2003
BC-010HPWindsor Drop Side Oak/Honey Pine Crib11/2003
BC-010WHilton Drop Side White Full Panel Crib7/2002
BC-017Windsor Drop Side Dark Pine Single Crib1/2002
BC-107CHilton Drop Side Cherry Single Crib 3/2005
BC-107CRWindsor Cherry Single Sleigh Crib4/2007
BC-110CBerkley Drop Side Cherry Flat Panel Single Crib3/2005
BC-110HPWindsor Drop Side Honey Pine/Honey Single Crib3/2005
BC-110WBerkley Drop Side White Flat Panel Single Crib3/2005
DA617BCWicker 3-in-1 White Crib1/2002
DA620BCHaven 3-in-1 Oak/Dark Pine Crib5/2002
DA770BC4-in-1 White Convertible Crib1/2004
DV730NNatural Lifetime Crib9/2003
DV730WWhite Lifetime Crib8/2003
DV830-NNatural Lifetime Crib11/2004
DV830-WWhite Lifetime Crib11/2004
0113B00Drop Side Natural Spindle Crib7/2006
0113K00Drop Side Mahogany Spindle Crib6/2006
0303B00Berkley Natural Lifetime Crib9/2005
0303C00Berkley White Lifetime Crib8/2005
0303G00Berkley Cherry Lifetime Crib5/2005
0309K00Positano Mahogany Lifetime Crib4/2006

*The model number is printed on the inside of the bottom rail of the headboard or footboard.*

Sold at: KidsWorld, Geoffrey Stores, Toys “R” Us, and Babies “R” Us stores nationwide, and at babiesrus.com, from January 2002 through May 2008 for between $150 and $300, with one model, 0309K00 Mahogany Positano Lifetime Crib, which sold for $450.

Consumers are being asked to immediately stop using the recalled cribs and contact Jardine to receive a full credit toward the purchase of a new crib.

For additional information, contact Jardine at (800) 646-4106 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. ET Monday through Friday and between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. ET Saturday, or visit the firm's Web site at www.jardinecribrecall.com

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RECALL: Nordstrom Girls’ Sandals Due to Choking Hazard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation Nordstroms, today announced a voluntary recall about 1,500 Nordstrom’s Cadence-Lea and Trio-Lea Girl’s Sandals because the flower embellishments on the sandals can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children.

The recalled girl’s sandals are leather with attached leather flowers and were sold under the “Cadence-Lea” and “Trio-Lea” names. “Cadence-Lea” sandals are white, light green or silver. “Trio-Lea” sandals are white or silver. They were sold in girls’ sizes 5 through 12. Nordstrom is printed on the sandals.

Consumers are being asked to take the recalled sandals away from children immediately and return the sandals to any Nordstrom store for a full refund.

For additional information, contact Nordstrom at (800) 804-0806 anytime, or visit the firm’s Web site at www.nordstrom.com

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47 year-old Grandmother Welcomes Triplets: Naturally

Janelle Perry, a grandma from Australia, has given birth to naturally conceived triplet boys in a ‘one-in-a-million’ delivery at Brisbane's Mater Mothers' Hospital.

Janelle delivered Cooper, Kyle and Jordan by caesarean section last week.

The babies arrived at 34 weeks gestation and doctors are "99.9 percent certain" the boys are identical.

On arrival, Cooper weighed 3 pounds, 4 ounces; Kyle weighed three pounds, 6 ounces; and Jordan weighed three pounds, five ounces.

The new mom, who turns 47 next week, now has eight children. She said she is adamant that is enough. She had four children when she was in their 20s from a previous marriage and has a daughter, Rebecca, 4, with husband Robert.

After being given a five percent chance of having another child naturally and trying unsuccessfully for two years to have more children, the couple sold all their baby things last October.

"We thought: 'Oh well. It'll probably never happen'. We'd sort of given up," Perry said."Rebecca kept telling me in November: 'You've got three babies in your tummy, Mummy - one for me, one for Dad and one for you'. I thought: 'No way' and told her: ‘There are no babies in there'. Then, in December, I found out I was pregnant."

Now that the boys are here, the couple is trying to figure out how to keep things organized.

"I'll probably have to use different colored nail polish on them to tell them apart,” she added. “I don't want to get them mixed up. We've got to get a whiteboard so we can write down who's been fed and how much. Getting into a routine, that's the main thing."

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Baby Planet Strollers May Become An Endangered Species… Get Yours Quick!

I had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Baby Planet stroller and when it came, it more than lived up to all the hype. My daughter is seven months old now so I am ready to retire our travel system and move to something more compact, yet I still want many of the big stroller’s amenities. My Tiger-themed Solo has it all!


This is a great compact stroller that balances a lightweight, compact aluminum frame with durability, convenience and comfort. It has everything big strollers offer; peek-a-boo canopy, cushioned five-point harness, adjustable back and leg supports, stylish design, ergo-fit handles, storage basket, parent cup holder, and easy-roll 6” wheels; yet it folds up to the size of a small mall stroller. My favourite part? The handles… I couldn’t believe how comfortable they are! My daughter has been loving her new ride, too.


The Endangered Species Line offers five new, distinctly stylish options for the Solo Sport with an environmental theme; the green Lemur Leaf Frog, the orange Monarch Butterfly, the grey Rhinoceros, the white Snow Leopard, and the orange Tiger. All five are beautifully designed and tastefully represent each of the featured species. The tiger design features a black background with tiger print accents, a paw print, and a picture of the species. Visit Baby Planet’s website to view the other designs.

Assembly and Use

Assembly is a snap. Pop on the wheels, unfold the stroller, fasten the canopy and you’re all set! Folding and unfolding simply requires latching or unlatching two safety levers with your foot and takes just seconds to do. The cushioned seat and straps can be removed and re-attached easily if you need to wash them, and the frame, canopy and basket can simply be washed using a sponge or cloth.


As if all the previously mentioned features weren’t enough, Baby Planet goes above and beyond in the name of Mother Earth. They not only provide awareness of five species whose existence or habitat is threatened, but also make an annual donation to the Wildlife Conservation Society and have committed the proceeds from the sale of the Endangered Species Line to WCS. After visiting their website, I was also very impressed by their recycling program. Baby Planet offers to take your retired strollers and donate them to families in need, or if your stroller is out of commission, they will recycle it for you to minimize the impact of discarded consumer products on our landfills.

I can’t say enough about Baby Planet’s Endangered Species Line. I love our Tiger stroller for its stylish design, compact convenience, luxury features and environmental conscience. Another feature that makes it tops on my list? The price… you get everything that other, more expensive strollers have to offer for less than $200… and a portion of the price goes to the Wildlife Conservation Society. What’s not to love? Get yours today before they become an endangered species!

*Because of this strollers popularity and the earthquakes in China all models of this stroller are currently sold out everywhere. Pureandhonestkids.com are taking orders, but letting customers know that their stroller is being ‘held’ and it will not ship for about a month.*

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Nicole and Harlow Out in LA

Harlow Madden sits quietly with mom Nicole Richie during a get-together with friends in Beverly Hills on Saturday.

The little cutie bares a striking resemblance to her daddy Joel Madden of The Good Charlottes.


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Monday, June 23, 2008
Minnie Bares Her Bump At The Beach

Minnie Driver reveals a very white baby bump during a trip to the beach in Malibu yesterday.

The 38-year-old actress/singer is seven months pregnant with her first child, believed to be due in August.

Dressed in a white tankini, Minnie appears to have found the blistering California sunshine too hot for her huge baby bump and rolled up her top to create a makeshift bikini bra.


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New Mom Brings Premature Baby To Hospital in A Bucket

A mother, who didn't even know she was pregnant, took her premature new born baby to the Hospital in a bucket on Friday night.

It is understood the 34-year-old had not realized she was pregnant until she went to the toilet. She arrived at the hospital with the baby and its placenta in a plastic bucket.

The hospital's team including, a doctor and paramedic resuscitated the baby girl later during an emergency helicopter flight to another hospital.

The baby's condition is believed to be satisfactory, while the mother remains in Hospital.

The District Health Board today declined to answer any questions on the case, saying the mother had requested privacy.

Is it just me or would a towel/blanket not be your first choice to transport the baby in?


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Ambajam Giveaway!

I was recently introduced to a trendy kids clothing company called Ambajam. This company specializes is creating fun, comfy clothes for kids

We received a sweater, corduroy pants and their signature applique toddler t-shirt.

Because my son is SO tiny, it is hard to find pants that fit in length and waist. Most pairs I find need to be rolled up at the waist in order to stay up. Ambajam's pants are made from a soft stretchy corduroy and are equipped with an adjustable elastic band for parents who have children of all sizes.

Our froggy Long Sleeved T-shirt is the perfect kid t-shirt. It's bright, fun and it washes up nice! This t-shirt of offered in a onesie style and and a long and short sleeve option.

My favorite piece was the 'Yummy Latte Hoodie Jacket'. It was so soft, I wished they made one big enough to fit me. While the company's site says that its perfect for outdoor romping, we save this beautifully made jacket for going out for dinner or heading out to visit family.

Ambajam's style and quality impressed me. I love their use of bright colours and extra soft fabrics.

Their site is a great place to start if your looking for something cute and unique for the next birthday or shower your buying for.

GIVEAWAY: Win a $50 giftcard to be used at the Ambajam online store.

To enter our giveaway please e-mail us at giveaways@growingyourbaby.com , with the subject ‘Ambajam’.

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Heidi Klum and Kids Enjoy The Park

Busy mom Heidi Klum and her 3 kidlets (Leni, 4, Henry, 3 and Johan, 2) and visit a playground in the New York City on Saturday.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008
Bahraini Couple Welcomes Sextuplets

Last night a Bahraini couple 6 babies that are said to be in a "stable and good condition". The sextuplets, the second reported case of its kind in Bahrain, weigh between 460 grams and 650gms after being born 35 minutes between the first and last baby.

The three boys and three girls, who were born to a 35-year-old teacher at a Hamad Town school and a Batelco employee, were delivered after a 25-week pregnancy, said hospital obstetrics department head Dr Amal Hassani.

"All of the six born yesterday are stable and seem to be in good condition, but we will have to wait and see how they progress within the next two days," said Dr Hassani.

The children were delivered by caesarean section after the mother went into labour early morning yesterday.

The mother already has a five-year-old daughter, said the sources.

"The six have been put under the care of neo-natal intensivists, who are monitoring their condition on a minute-to-minute basis," said Dr Hassani.

"Since such premature children have a very high chance of developing complications, like breathing problems and heart conditions, they have to be monitored constantly."

She said the chances are that all the children would pull through successfully.

Other members of the team which conducted the successful operation were Dr Haytham Rahma, Dr Rajini Muthukrishnan, Dr Shadi Al Shabah and Dr Sharifa Abdul Rasool.

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Woman Sues Walmart After Premature Delivery

A woman who filed suit against Wal-Mart is asking for damages for herself and her son, who, she says, was born prematurely after she fell in a store.

Radhia Haj-Mabrouk contends in the suit filed Tuesday in Washington County Circuit Court that she slipped on water on the floor in the Wal-Mart on Garden Groh Boulevard in August 2005, fell and was hurt.

Haj-Mabrouk was pregnant then and her son was delivered by emergency C-section later that day, the suit says.Haj-Mabrouk is seeking $1 million on her behalf and $2 million on behalf of her son, Lofti Haj-Mabrouk, according to the lawsuit.

A Wal-Mart spokeswoman said Friday that the company had not yet been served with the lawsuit.

I wonder if she has a doctor backing her side of the lawsuit?



Minnie Driver Enjoys Small Shower

About 40 guests gathered at a home in Malibu to celebrate the impending arrival of Minnie Driver's second baby yesterday.

The house was decorated with pink and white peonies, and it was a casual affair, with guests sipping basil lemonade and eating finger sandwiches and berry cake from Sweet Lady Jane.

"Minnie loves the cake," says a pal.

The mom-to-be opened gifts, while guests hand-painted onesies for the baby and signed personal notes in a book to be given to the mom-to-be.

The actress has chosen not to find out the sex of the baby.


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Friday, June 20, 2008
North Carolina Twins Tip The Scales At 23lbs!

Wholly schmuckers Erin Maynard is a trooper!

A North Carolina hospital announced today that the new mom delivered a bustling set of twins, who weighed in at a combined 23 pounds and 1 ounce.

Sean William Maynard weighed 10 pounds, 14 ounces; Abigail Rose Maynard, 12 pounds, 3 ounces. Both babies are in excellent condition after their birth to parents Joey and Erin Maynard of Winston-Salem.

The combined weight of the twins are about four pounds shy of the combined weight of twins born in Arkansas in 1927, the hospital said. Those twins weighed a total of 27 pounds, 12 ounces, hospital researchers said, adding they could find no public record of any heavier twins than the Arkansas pair born since 1900.

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Mom Who Is Turned Away From 2 Hospitals Forced To Deliver Baby In Hospital Hall

Humiliated new mother Emma Johnson was forced to give birth in a hallway after being turned away from two other hospitals when she went into labour.

After Emma went into labour at 1:15am on Tuesday, she called her local hospital, but the couple were told there were no beds.

She was also told that there were no beds at another local hospital meaning Miss Johnson had to endure an unconventional and uncomfortable birth on the floor of a corridor at the Princess Royal - 20 miles away from the couple's Brighton home.

A spokesman for Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust said: 'We do everything we can to ensure women are able to give birth in a hospital of their choice.

'We are sorry that this was clearly not Miss Johnson's experience.

'Occasionally if a site is very busy we have to ask mums to travel but we do this as infrequently as possible because we know it is not what mums want.'

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The Sutters Attend Lab Series Skincare For Men Luncheon

Trista Sutter, Ryan Sutter and their son Max attend the Lab Series Skincare For Men Luncheon on June 2 in Santa Monica, California.

The trio appeared to enjoy their day. A happy Max giggled and played, while daddy got pampered.


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Thursday, June 19, 2008
bloom baby Introduces The bloom snug

bloom baby has introduced a new product called the bloom snug, designed to fit coco, fresco and nano. It fully supports baby’s neck and provides superior comfort.

The snug was created with 100% natural bamboo soft fabric that is naturally anti-bacterial & anti-allergic. Bamboo is a superior fabric choice because it dries 20% faster than cotton and has a high moisture absorption rate to keep baby dry & comfortable. Not to mention the fact that it is naturally organic and environmentally friendly.

Other products we have featured from this company:

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Officials Shocked After 17 Girls Become Pregnant At Massachusetts High School

Many are surprised that 17 girls at a Massachusetts High School will be entering summer vacation expecting babies in what some have called a pregnancy pact.

Time.com is reporting that officials are investigating whether half of the teens made a pact to get pregnant during the school year.

Beginning last fall a large group of girls started asking the school clinic for pregnancy tests.

"Some girls seemed more upset when they weren't pregnant than when they were," principal Joseph Sullivan told Time.com.

The pregnancy rate at the 1,200-student school is four times higher than the previous year, and officials were shocked to learn that men in their 20s had fathered some of the babies, the article said.

"We found out one of the fathers is a 24-year-old homeless guy," Sullivan told

The girls who made the pregnancy pact—some of whom, according to Sullivan, reacted to the news that they were expecting with high fives and plans for baby showers—declined to be interviewed. So did their parents. But Amanda Ireland, who graduated from Gloucester High on June 8, thinks she knows why these girls wanted to get pregnant. Ireland, 18, gave birth her freshman year and says some of her now pregnant schoolmates regularly approached her in the hall, remarking how lucky she was to have a baby. "They're so excited to finally have someone to love them unconditionally," Ireland says. "I try to explain it's hard to feel loved when an infant is screaming to be fed at 3 a.m."

These young girls have NO idea what they have done. The unconditional love part doesn't come until you have spent many thankless years of your life changing diapers, preparing food, teaching them everything you know and giving them all of your money!

If I hadn't had my husband to relieve me after a colicky day, I am not sure I would have hair or nerves now...

A baby is not a doll, it cannot be turned off and it certainly can't be put away when the excitement has worn off.

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Jamie Lynn Spears Welcomes Baby Girl

Congratulations to Jamie Lynn Spears and her fiancé Casey Aldridge on the safe arrival of their first baby.

Maddie Briann arrived this morning in Louisiana.

"Just the family was there," says a source about the birth around 9:30 a.m. at a hospital in Mississippi, near her Louisiana hometown. "Everyone is healthy and happy."

Jamie Lynn's sister Britney, father Jamie and brother Bryan flew in Wednesday to be with her for the birth; her mother Lynne had been with her helping her get ready for the baby.

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