Monday, August 11, 2008
Cool Baby Gear: Pipila UV O3 Pacifier Sterilizer

I have never been one for sterilizing bottles because I think that too much sterilization is bad for a baby.

I did, however, always have a mug of hot water on the counter to throw my sons paci into if it hit the ground.

Australian company, Pipila, has introduced a portable, compact pacifier sterilizer that promises parents to eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful germs.

Operating on just 2aa batteries, the patented sterilizer uses a combination of UV and O3 functions to penetrate and rupture the cell walls of germs.

Once the pacifier is inserted into Pipila, one push activates the cleaning process, which takes just six minutes

The scary germ facts:

For years parents would give their babies' a pacifier without thinking about the fact that they can pick up germs and provide a breeding ground for harmful microbes.

Moreover, because babies' immune systems deteriorate to 35% of the level at birth in the first three months of life and then slowly recover to 55% at 18 months, they are extremely vulnerable to infection and illness during that period.

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