Friday, September 05, 2008
The Pregnancy Facts Tag E-Mail

I received this e-mail and didn’t think anything of it until I saw it on another site. I thought it would be neat post my response’s here. I am currently 22 weeks pregnant and getting bigger every day, which I LOVE!

Pregnancy Facts:

1. Who did you first inform about your pregnancy and how?
My husband and 3 year old son

2. Maximum weight?
I've gained 5lbs - let's leave it at that!

3. Cravings?
Initially - bagels, deep fried panzarotti's and V8! Now - LOTS of lemonade(??) and Betty Crocker Cheesy Scallop Potatoes.

4. Aversions?

5. Morning Sickness?
No - Just lots of queesy ness

Delivery Facts:

1. Number of Kids/Deliveries?

2. NSD or CS?
Natural without pain medication

3. Girl or Boy?

4. AOG (age of gestation) on Birth?
24 Weeks 1 day gestation, weighing 675 gms

5. How long in labor?
3 weeks (not kidding) The doctor kept telling me that it was just growing pains, but when I checked into the hospital at 23 weeks when my water broke, they said it was labour...

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