Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Can A Baby Monitor Tell You Why Your Baby's Crying?

The WhyCry Baby Monitor is a handheld portable monitor which identifies babies’ moods by analysing common indicators in their cries.

When placed next to a crib, the unit can tell if a baby is stressed, annoyed, bored, sleepy or hungry by converting its cries into digital sound waves which are quickly analysed against hundreds of samples stored in its memory. A reading is given within 20 seconds.

Research done at hospitals in the UK has proven the monitor to be 98 per cent accurate when results are crosschecked with a checklist of babies’ body language, which comes with the product.

While this all sounds good, I have a hard time believing that this monitor can decode what is wrong with a baby.

The one mood that this monitor leaves out is 'just because'. Babies don't always cry for a reason, which is why I have a hard time believing that this machine, that retails for £59.99, is sophisticated enough to decipher this.

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