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Monday, March 31, 2008
Jason Bateman Out With Daughter

Jason Bateman was seen out with daughter Francesca at the farmer's market in Studio City over the weekend.

If it looks like Jason is in a great mood, it's probably because he will direct a new comedy pilot for Fox called "The Inn."

The show is described as "Upstairs/Downstairs" set at a hip New York hotel.


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Helena Bonham Carter Shows Off Baby Indiana

New mom Helena Bonham Carter shows off her three and a half month old daughter in London today.

While the baby's name has never been released, it is believed that the baby girl was named Indiana Rose Burton.

Helena addressed these rumors by stating

"Apparently on the internet she’s called Indiana Rose! [laughs] I don’t know where it’s come from but it can be that till she’s been named properly.

Regardless of what her name is - she is REALLY cute!!

Helena and partner Tim Burton also have a son, Billy Ray Burton, 4.


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Sunday, March 30, 2008
Giada De Laurentiis Welcomes a Baby Girl

Congratulations to Giada De Laurentiis and husband Todd Thompson on the safe arrival of their first baby.

Jade Marie De Laurentiis Thompson arrived yesterday in LA weighing just 5lbs, 13oz.

The baby is the first for the Food Network star and Today show contributor, 37, and her husband since 2003, Todd Thompson, 44, a clothing designer.


*Giada is photographed here with Paula Dean in Miami*


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A Travel Must - Kushies My Bag

Kushies has just released this really great bag for your child to take along to Gramma's, the babysitter's or on a road trip.

Offered in blue and pink, each bag comes with:

  • An insulated snack box
  • An insulated medicine box
  • A clean clothes bag
  • A dirty clothes bag
  • A soiled clothes bag with laundry bag insert
  • A spare clothes bag
  • A pillow and blanket
  • A handy hook for hanging

Kids will love toting My Bag and moms will love keeping their child organized without needing a multitude of plastic bags!

Available at kushies.com for $79

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Brooke Burke and David Charvet Name Their Little Boy

On March 5, Brooke gave birth to a baby boy, who weighed in at 6lbs 8ozs and was 19 inches long.

We waited and waited for the name announcement - but it didn't come.

Now three and a half weeks later the couple has finally decided on a name.

The new mom made the official announcement on her site, babooshbaby.com, yesterday.

You heard it here first! We have finally settled on a name. We waited our whole lives for our son, and couldn't find the perfect fit. Poor guy! Now it's official.

Shaya Charvet

We played with so many different names, and both loved Shaya the most. It means God's gift in Hebrew. David came up with a middle name, Braven, which I really like. I want to give him part of my name too, so I am thinking about double Bs in the middle like my initials, Braven-Burke. He is the last Charvet to carry on David's family name. He is also the first boy in David's family, the little brother of three princesses, and my youngest. Ya think he is gonna be spoiled?!?!

We haven't agreed on the middle name yet, but for all those who have been asking, Shaya Charvet it is!

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Jessica Alba At Kids Choice Awards

Jessica Alba accepts her Kids' Choice Award for favorite movie actress last night.

The mom-to-be recently blogged about how much she loves family board games.

"Been playing a lot of board games lately."

"Apples to Apples is a new favourite of mine. I know super cool right," she wrote.


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Byler Sextuplets Update

It has been 7 months since the Byler sextuplets made their grand entrance into the world weighing between 2 pounds, 5 ounces and 3 pounds.

(photo from December, 07)

Boys Brady, Eli, Ryan, Jackson and Charlie and lone girl MacKenzie have all been home since December and out of the spotlight.

Since then, three of them, Charlie, Jackson and Ryan, have been hospitalized a few days for pneumonia. Otherwise, all have been healthy, though Charlie and Jackson still require oxygen. Brady, the heaviest of the bunch, now weighs more than 16 pounds. MacKenzie, the smallest, weighs at least 12 pounds.

Brady, Ryan and Eli have rolled over.

"They're all smiling and laughing, all teething and drooling," Karoline said.

Karoline and her husband, Ben, 31, have new nicknames for some of the kids. Ryan, once called "the perfect baby," is now known as "Cryin' Ryan."

Brady is called "Melon" because of his big head. Jackson, the "Drama Queen," is still a mama's boy. MacKenzie has a smile like the Joker in Batman.

Two nurses work from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. each day.

All six babies and their older sister Zoe made a rare appearance out yesterday when they were baptized.

In order to help out the baptizing Reverend, Ron Aubin and increase the cute factor, each Byler baby wore a white keepsake bib embroidered with the name and date.

It is nice to hear that all of the babies are doing well. It is unfortunate that the site the family created for the babies has been taken down.

We wish the family well!

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The 10 Safest States For Kids

In January, Fit Pregnancy named the Top 10 Cities To Have A Baby. Now, Parents magazine tells us the safest states to raise our kids.

While no state has a perfect track record, Parents’ investigation turned up a top 10 ranking of those that are at least trying hard.

With the exception of California and Oregon, it appears that the North East seems to be the place to live.

  1. Connecticut
  2. Rhode Island
  3. New Jersey
  4. New York
  5. California
  6. Maine
  7. Pennsylvania
  8. Mass.
  9. Maryland
  10. Oregon

One of the major deciding factors in this survey was safety. The magazine points out the inequality in standards across the country, noting those who are outstanding and others who lag behind.

Kids are six times more likely to die from a violence-related injury in Alaska than they are in Massachusetts. In California, public playgrounds must meet all federal government safety recommendations, but 34 states offer no standards for where your kids climb, jump and swing. Connecticut and 20 other states have made big improvements in school-bus crossings, while 13, including Nebraska and Arizona, are way behind.
How they came to these numbers:

From October 2007 to January 2008, Parents analyzed state-level data on more than 30 criteria that impact a child’s safety. The data was supplied by leading organizations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Safe Kids Worldwide.

It is worth mentioning that with the exception of Oregon, the remaining 9 states listed in this survey are among the top 20 highest taxed states. It is possible that these states are safer because they have more money to spend on improving regulations and implementing them.

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Saturday, March 29, 2008
Could This Story Get ANY Crazier?

The Sun is now reporting that the 'guy' who is expecting a baby was pregnant with triplets, but the babies were found to be an ectopic pregnancy.

While he survived the ectopic pregnancy, he lost the triplets and his right Fallopian tube.

The transsexual, 34, who kept his female reproductive organs after a sex change, said: “It was a life-threatening event that required surgical intervention.”

The couple decided to try again – but Thomas had to inseminate himself at home with semen from a sperm bank after nine doctors refused to carry out the procedure on a man with a beard.

“They refused to call me by a male pronoun or recognise Nancy as my wife." The Receptionists laughed at them.

“This whole process, from trying to get pregnant to being pregnant, has been a challenge.”

Thomas, who used to be lesbian Tracy LaGondino when living in Hawaii, was last night in hiding with Nancy after recording an interview with TV chatshow host Oprah Winfrey.

Can this story get any crazier?

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Product Review: Kozy Carrier

Reviewed by Cari

The Kozy carrier is a modern version of the Asian Mei Tai, otherwise known as an Asian Baby Carrier (ABC). A few things have been added to increase stability and comfort, with the design staying true to the style keeping it simple, compact, and comfy.

With wide padded shoulder straps, a padded curved head support, and sturdy durable fabrics, the Kozy was designed for the comfort of not only you but your child as well. And with its generous sized body, it not only supports your child throughout their legs, bum and back, but it is made to grow with your child. It can be used from birth through toddlerhood and beyond.

My first impression of the Kozy Carrier was its arrival in a postage parcel bag that, once opened and inverted, turned into a neat little Kozy Tote for the carrier. A great idea and an ecofriendly way to deal with mail packaging!

The carrier itself is surprisingly large (another reason the tote is so great!). My carrier came in the Merrifield pattern with black straps… very cute! I love the colours. The top straps are wide and padded for extra comfort over the shoulders and the bottom straps are very long, a sure fit for most body types. Another neat feature on the straps is a little “secret” pocket in which to put your debit card or some cash.

My first attempted passenger was my three-month-old daughter who weighs about 13 pounds. I tried her facing me at first but her legs weren’t long enough to go around my waist and she wasn’t comfortable. Then, I tried her forward facing and, once again, her legs were forced wider than what was comfortable for her and she wasn’t happy. I tried to fold the edges in different ways but it appears the carrier is just too big for her at this point

So, I moved on to my next eager participant, my three-and-a-half-year-old son who weighs just over 50 pounds. We configured the carrier so he could ride on my back and it worked like a charm. Once I figured out how to tie the straps, and because my son is old enough to hold on while I tie it up, it was a snap! We actually went for a walk with my daughter in her stroller and my son on my back. People probably thought I was crazy to be carrying such a big kid, but it was a good experiment proving how surprisingly well the carrier distributes the weight.

Not willing to give up, I asked a visiting friend to try it out with her nine-month-old daughter who weighed about 18 pounds at the time. She chose to carry the baby facing her and we went out walking in for about an hour. She easily tied up the carrier and adjusted it to comfortably fit both of them… and her daughter slept snugly against her chest for most of the walk. My friend thought the design was great and loved the colours as well. I actually gave it to her to use until my little one gets bigger (and so my son will stop bugging me to carry him on my back all the time!).

Although I was not a die-hard fan of baby carriers, I will admit that the Kozy Carrier is definitely a stylish, comfortable and versatile option for carrying your baby or toddler. Their large selection of patterns offers something for every taste and style.

It's ability to dissipate the weight evenly across your body would make it ideal for expectant moms who are not able to carry their toddlers around constantly.

To find more information about this carrier and read what other moms are saying please visit the company's official site www.kozycarrier.com

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Cate Blanchett and Husband Attend Theatre Premiere

Cate Blanchett and husband, Andrew Upton attend the premiere of "The Year of Magical Thinking" at the Sydney Theatre Company last night, where she is currently the artistic director.

Cate is currently expecting her third baby, rumored to be another boy, and is due late April/early May 2008.

The couple also have two other boys Dashiell John, 6, and Roman Robert, 4, on April 23.


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Kate Moss and Lila Grace Hit Bonpoint

Kate Moss takes daughter Lila Grace shopping at celeb favorite Bonpoint.


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57 Year Old Mom Shows Off Her Miracle Baby

Susan Tollefsen is ecstatic to experience motherhood for first time - at the age of 57.

The new mom believed that this day would never come after she spent several years attempting to have a baby using IVF treatment in foreign clinics.

It wasn't until she was 30 weeks pregnant that it was revealed, during an ultrasound, she was expecting her first baby.

Susan and her partner Nick Mayer, who is 11 years her junior, thought their final hope had been dashed last August when she suffered what appeared to be a miscarriage.

But nature had other ideas. Mrs Tollefsen was still pregnant and on Tuesday she went in to hospital where Freya was delivered by Caesarean section weighing 6lb 6oz.

The couple is beyond excited about Freya's arrival. Susan was quoted saying:

"They put her on my chest and I think I just sat staring at her for a couple of hours. I was stroking and cuddling her and said to her 'I've been waiting for you for such a long time, now you have come you really are a little miracle baby'."

When asked about what her daughter will do when her mother gets older, Susan said that she will "cross that bridge when we come to it" and feels as healthy and capable as any other mother.

We wish this family good health and lots of energy!

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Seed Organic Cradle

The Seed Organic Cradle is made from breathable organic cotton, with a natural latex breather hole mattress.

It creates a serene environment for your newborn to nap in and hangs freely for a soft natural rocking motion that will soothe and comfort.


Organic Cotton

  • Organic cotton is a term used to describe cotton that is free from chemicals. The cotton seeds are GM (genetically modified) free and throughout the growing process the cotton has not been sprayed with herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. In finishing the cotton all dyes used are free from heavy metals such as lead. Their Organic Cotton is certified to International Standards and is softer, smells better and is stronger than chemically treated cotton. It's also hypoallergenic, breathable and provides a more natural, safer environment for your baby.

Latex 'Breather Hole" Mattress

  • Latex is a 100% natural organic product derived from the milky sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis (Rubber Tree) . It is hypoallergenic, ant - microbial. (does not grow bacteria or mould) It will contour to the shape of your baby's body building up no pressure points and is a breathable open cell structure for better air circulation.

Strong "Breather" Mattress Base

  • The mattress base has been designed with breather holes from top to bottom. This allows air to move freely throughout the cradle and ensures that your baby has the best air circulation possible. The cradle is designed with a pocket for the mattress base to slide into, ensuring that the base always stays horizontal the ground and your baby will not roll.

Priced at $299.95 at Bebeonline

Other cradles we have featured:

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Friday, March 28, 2008
Jamie Lynn Spears Confirms The Rumours

Jamie Lynn Spears flashes her engagement ring as she wears a shirt saying The Rumors Are True".

I guess this means there will be a wedding?

The 17 year old mom-to-be is expecting her first baby with fiance Casey Aldridge, this summer.

The two recently registered at Babies R US for the new baby.

Click here to see our rundown of what she has chosen.


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Eeni Meeni Miini Moh Bibs

The Eeni Meeni Miini Moh bib is generously cut (across shoulders and right down full front) eliminating the need for a change of clothes after each meal. The ultimate form and functional baby item. 100% cotton (absorbent terry backing) with heringbone trim.

I love that these bibs are stylish and functional. They are perfect for modern parents.

Suitable from 3 months right through to 3 or 4 years.

I found them at bebeonline.com.au Price: $24.00

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Baby Delivered In Hospital Lobby

I always say that babies will come when they want to and this one proves that theory - yet again!

Yesterday morning, Matt and Brooke Spencer went to Methodist Hospital to delivery their baby.

While Brooke was sitting in a wheelchair her husband discovered that the baby was actually ready to come out.

"I looked and could see her pants were bulging a little bit so she sat down and I pulled down her pants, and there was the baby," said the proud new dad.

With Matt's help, Brooke delivered Hayden Ella Spencer right there in the lobby of the hospital.

Baby Ella arrived perfectly healthy weighing 6 pounds, 13 ounces.

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Sadie Visits Dad on The Set

Sadie Sandler visits dad Adam on the set of his new movie Bedtime Stories.

Adam enjoyed time between takes with his adorable daughter.

The movie also stars Courtney Cox, who also spent time with her daughter at a nearby park in between takes. PHOTOCREDIT:PACIFICCOASTNEWSONLINE.COM VIA EONLINE.COM

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Study: Breech Birth Inhereited

Were you born breech? If so, your son or daughter's chances of delivering feet first is good.

Scientists believe the delivery position is inherited in the genes.

Breech births, which occur in one in 20 deliveries, carry greater health risks for babies than the usual head-first position.

Researchers studied data on births between 1967 and 2004, which involved 387,555 parent, and their children.

They found that men and women who were born in the breech position at full term had more than twice the risk of the same delivery for their first child. The risk was equally strong for male and female parents.

And results were emphasised when the team from the University of Bergen in Norway studied 35,056 men who had children with two different women.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008
RECALL: Plush Rocker Toys By Tek Nek Toys Due to Fall Hazard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Tek Nek Toys Int’l, today announced a voluntary recall of about 122,000 Rock ‘N Ride Plush Rocker Toys because the base of the rocker can become unstable and allow the rocker to tip forward or backward, posing a fall hazard to children.

Tek Nek Toys has received 35 reports of the rockers tipping over, including ten reports of injuries such as bumps, bruises and lacerations.

This recall involves Rock ‘N Ride plush rocker toys sold in eight models: brown pony, pink pony, pink unicorn, deluxe pony, deluxe bull, lil’ penguin, lil’ propeller plane and Clifford big red rocker. The toys have molded plastic rocker bases and were sold for children at least 18 months old and up to 65 lbs. A button on the toy’s ear, hat or dash activates songs and phrases when pressed. Rockers included in this recall have a date code from July 26, 2007 through December 29, 2007. The date codes are printed on a sticker inside the battery compartment.

Parents should immediately take the rocker toys away from young children and contact Tek Nek Toys toll-free at (888) 686-2728 anytime, or visit the firm’s Web site at www.teknektoys.com for a free replacement base.

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Nicole Kidman Is Not Showing

Nicole Kidman was seen at the Sydney Children's Hospital yesterday cheering up the patients.

The mom-to-be does not look like she is expecting at all.

She has the flattest pregnancy belly I have ever seen. Even Nicole Richie started to show sooner than her.

She is reported to be due in July.


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Trunki Introduces 'Frieda' The Cow

Last year Uk company Trunki took the travel world by storm when they created a ride on carry on suitcase for kids when traveling.

Now the suitcase company has launched a limited edition cow version of their popular suitcase and it is CUTE!!

Enjoy all the great benefits of owning a Trunki:

  • Sit-on Rest little legs in long queues
  • Pull along Take luggage for walkies
  • Ride-on Race around departure lounge
  • Grown-up friendly Throw over shoulder in a rush
  • Tug around Tow a tired tot
  • Award winning Adored worldwide

Retails for £ 34.99

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New Zealand Babies Sleep The Best

An international survey has found New Zealand babies sleep better and go to bed earlier than any other babies worldwide and, crucially, wake less during the night.

The survey, commissioned by baby product developer Johnson’s Baby, examined the sleeping habits of nearly 8000 babies aged 0-36 months in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the UK and the United States.

The survey also discovered babies here were less likely to be difficult to settle to sleep.

The survey said New Zealand babies woke less than average during the night (0.9 times per night), were less likely to sleep in their parents’ bedroom (18%) and were more likely to have the same bedtime routine (82%).

Dr Alex Bartle, director of the Sleep Well Clinics, said parents who were worried about their children’s sleep patterns needed to focus on routine.

‘‘Establishing a routine is the essence to getting babies to sleep better. For infants up to 6 or 9 months old, parents should try and establish a routine of half-an-hour quiet time before baby is bathed, massaged and put to bed,’’ Dr Bartle said.

‘‘For toddlers, parents can allow up to an hour’s quiet time before their bedtime routine begins. This routine should consist of pyjamas, teeth, toilet and bed. Once the toddler is in bed, parents can read them a story then lights out.’’



Jamie Lynn Spears Registers For Baby

Jamie Lynn Spears has registered at Babies R Us for her new baby.

The mom-to-be kept it simple by requesting a Cookie Monster Bath Towel, Baby Einstein Bath mitts, a Fisher Price Rainforest Bath & Changing Caddy and some Playtex Premium Designer Drop-Ins Nurser Holders.

Her good taste started to show when she requested a Bugaboo Frog, Britax Boulevard Car Seat and a Philips Baby Monitor with DECT Technology.

Also on the list were a few toys including the Baby Einstein™ Neptune Ocean Environment Play Gym, Leap Frog Learn & Groove Musical Table and Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes.

PHOTOCREDIT:Todd Williamson/ WireImage.com VIA VH1

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Britains Youngest Surviving Preemie Thriving at 10 Years Old

Will Goddard, who is thought be Britain's most premature surviving baby, arrived on February 14th 1998 at just 22 weeks 3 days gestation.

Doctors held out so little hope for him that he was given no medical treatment for the first 36 hours.

Instead his mother, Liz, was allowed to hold him in her arms as they waited for the end.

"When I went in to hospital the consultant did an internal examination and said the baby was dead. But they kept me in because at that stage - 22 weeks - you have to deliver the baby dead or alive," she recounts.

On arrival, Will, who weighed just 1 lb 4oz, was placed in a basket and taken away.

"The midwife covered him over and was more concerned with me and delivering the placenta. Then he made a noise and she asked if I wanted to hold him, which I did. I held him for seven hours in the delivery suite with no intervention as we waited for him to die," said Miss Goddard, a secondary school teacher.

For the first few hours Will lay motionless but after 36 hours his condition began to deteriorate.

Amazed that he had survived so long, an emergency meeting of senior hospital figures decided to begin treating him.

During the four months he remained in hospital, Will overcame kidney failure, and was on oxygen for his first six months.

Until he began school at five, Will was small for his age and reached most of his milestones, such as speaking, later than his peers.

Now "he's at the top end of his class for reading and is learning to speak Mandarin. He likes doing more academic things like languages, learning about the world and travel."

Sometimes I get criticized for posting stories that are not the norm.

Not every baby born at 22 weeks will survive and grow up to be an unbelievable kid. In fact, only a small percentage will have the chance of surviving and of those that survive, an even smaller number will grow up to have no lasting effects of their early arrival.

With that being said, it is possible and any parent who is in this situation should know this.

Regardless of what other babies have done. Every baby is their own person with their own will to live. If this story give just one parent, who has a baby in the hospital, hope than covering this story was the right thing to do. Sometimes parents who hope, give their kids hope too!

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SOURCE *stock photo*

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Pioneering Surgery Cures The Boy Whose Blood Flowed The Wrong Way

Three year old Alec Hutchinson, was born with a rare condition which caused the blood vessels in his heart were plumbed in back to front.

Only a handful of babies every year are born with the condition, which is called Congenitally Corrected Transposition.

In sufferers, the artery taking oxygenated blood to the body, the aorta, is connected to the smaller pumping chamber of the heart, the right ventricle.

This means it cannot create a large enough amount of pressure to push blood all the way round the body. As a result of this, Alec had low oxygen levels in his blood and was often breathless and blue.

Four weeks ago, the condition was corrected by a 'double switch' procedure to turn his heart vessels around.

Doctors gave Alec a 20% chance that he would not survive the operation - but thankfully everything went to plan.

Now that he has recovered, his prognosis is good and doctors believe that he should lead a normal life.

His mom says that:

"Alec is back to his old self, bossing everybody around. He's been a brave lad. Since the operation he's been able to ride his bike again."

Because the double switch surgery was a success, surgeons at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle will offer the procedure to other kids with the same condition.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008
Laila Ali Expecting First Baby

Laila Ali and her husband, former NFL star Curtis Conway, are expecting their first child together, she confirms exclusively to Essence magazine.

"I don't know yet if we are having a boy or a girl, but I'm excited that I have a life inside me that my husband and I created," Ali says in the May issue, which hits newsstands April 11.
This is the first child for Laila and the fourth for Curtis, who has twin sons, Kelton and Cameron, 13, and a daughter Leilani, 9.
"I am 100 percent undeniably happy," Laila tells Essence. "I've never been able to say that before."


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Baby For Sale in Salt Lake City??

Police in Salt Lake City are looking someone who listed a 6-month-old baby for sale on an Internet site.

The baby girl was listed in the Baby and Children items classified section of KUTV.com for $6,560, according to a statement from Salt Lake police. The child's condition was listed as "Used" and the sellers name was Pauline Burgman.

"We are giving up a 6 months old baby girl for adoption," the classified stated. "She is so beautiful and affectionate with so much love to offer. Are you looking to adopt? Then consider this a dream come true."

The adorable baby(pictured left), who was listed on Saturday, appeared on the classified ads section for only a short while before KUTV.com noticed and removed it.

Police are not sure if this is a prank or if the parents would like to put their daughter up for adoption, but don't know how to go about it.

Anyone with information can contact police at 799-3000.

This is not the first time a couple has tried to sell their baby. In December, a couple tried to sell their baby for $30 outside a Petsmart.



Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Singapore Offers Love Lessons to Boost Birth Rate

Students in Singapore at two polytechnics can earn credits towards their final degree by choosing the love course.

The Daily Telegraph reports that activities include watching romantic films, holding hands and "love song analysis".

Besides "love and sexuality", the curriculum also deals with the importance of family life.

The trainers are provided by the Social Development Unit, a government match-making agency that has married off 33,000 people since it was established in 1984.

Mechanical engineering student, Isabel Seet, 18, told the Straits Times: "My teacher said if a guy looks into my eyes for more than five seconds, it could mean that he is attracted to me and I stand a chance.

"It's very interesting, and if I have a boyfriend in future, I'll know how to cope with any problems we may have."

Government minister Yu-Foo Yee Shoon recently warned young people not to put their career before establishing a family "because if you wait until then, sometimes it'll be a little too late".



RECALL: Plan Toys 'Toy Penguins' Due to Laceration Hazard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Plan Toys, today announced a voluntary recall of about 3,000 Toy Penguin Figures because the head of the penguin toy can detach, exposing connectors with sharp points, presenting a laceration hazard to consumers.

Plan Toys has received one report of the head of a penguin toy detaching. No injuries have been reported.

The wood penguin-shaped toy has a black head with rubber fins, a yellow nose and a white body with red on the base. The toy is round-shaped and creates a soft bell jingle when spun. The toy measures about 3 ¾ inches in height and about 3 inches in diameter. “PLAN TOYS” and UPC number 084543521109 or EAN number 8854740052117 are printed on the outside of the packaging of the toy.

Parents should immediately take the penguin toys away from children and return them to the store where purchased to receive a refund. Consumers also can contact Plan Toys toll-free at (866) 517-7526 (between 8-5 PT M-F), or visit the firm’s Web site at www.plantoys.com to receive instructions on returning the penguin toys via mail for a refund.

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Garcelle Introduces Us To Twin Sons Jax and Jaid

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon welcomed twin boys in October – and now she is showing them off in the March 31 issue of Jet magazine.

"We're so in love with them," the former NYPD Blue cast member told People about sons Jax and Jaid. "The boys are just gorgeous."

Dad is Garcelle's husband since 2001, Mike Nilon.


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John and Bridget Out on Sunday

Bridget Moynahan and son John were seen taking an afternoon stroll on Sunday.

Bridget carries John in the popular Ergo Baby Carrier. I like that it has a hood for the baby on sunny days. There are also a few pockets for keys, bank card or money.


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Henry and Leni Love Goldfish

Heidi Klum spends a day at the park with her three children, Leni, 3 1/2, Henry, 2 1/2, and Johan, 16 months(not pictured) in LA.

A bodyguard and a nanny were also on hand to help keep an eye on the kids.

The older 2 enjoyed my son's favorite snack - Goldfish!


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Triplets Born To Surrogate Mom Makes 12 Babies

Surrogate mom Carole Horlock talks babies as she cradles newly delivered triplets in her arms.

In a few days the babies will be with their new family and Carole will probably never see them again.

For most women this would be a problem, but not for Miss Horlock. Britain's most prolific surrogate mother - won't lose a moment's sleep over it.

"I've never had a problem handing the babies over," she said shortly after delivering the healthy triplets - her 10th, 11th and 12th surrogate babies.

Carole - who also has two daughters of her own - added: "I don't bond with the babies in the womb.

"With my own children, the bonding came after they were born, as I nurtured and fed them.

"I've been cuddling the triplets and I've been very involved with them, but they're not my children."

The triplets' parents are a Greek couple in their thirties. The mother, a teacher, had a hysterectomy two years ago following cancer and, although she can still produce eggs, she cannot carry a baby.

Embryos made from the father's sperm and mother's eggs were implanted into Miss Horlock's womb at a Greek fertility clinic.

Doctors urged Miss Horlock to abort one of the triplets, warning that because of her age there was a higher risk they would be born with disabilities, or die during the birth.

They also said that her own life could be in danger. But she refused.

The babies arrived at just over 35 weeks gestation via planned caesarean section on March 15, in Athens. This is pretty good considering that the average gestation of a triplet pregnancy is 33.1 weeks, with the average weight being 4lbs.

The little boy Panagiotis, arrived first weighing 5lb 12oz. Paraskevi, the first of two girls was next weighing 6lb 2oz followed by, Helen, weighing 5lb 10oz. All are healthy.

In total, Carol has given birth to eight girls and four boys for childless couples - including a set of twins and the triplets.

The triplets are the first time that she hasn't been the biological mother, and the first time she used IVF to become pregnant.

The 41 year old is planning one final pregnancy for an English couple.

I guess there are many ways of surrogating a baby. I cannot imagine giving away a baby that was created with one of my eggs. Being a womb host for another couple's fertilized egg is one thing, but having your own egg fertilized by the father to be is complicated.

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