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Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Could Jennifer Garner Be Having A New Years Baby?

UPDATE: OK Magazine reports that the couple was at the hospital earlier today for a "routine visit to her doctor."

The couple managed to avoid the paparazzi and sneak home after their appointment, where Jen happily resumed her weekly Wednesday trip the the Farmers' Market in Santa Monica.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner arrive at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center this morning.

Could baby #2 be on the way?

Could Ben and Jen have a New Years gift of baby number two?

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Mom Who Gave Birth At 70 Wants To Do It Again!

Rajo Devi, the mom who welcomed her first baby at 70, has decided that she would like do it again stating,

“It’s amazing to finally be a mother. I’ve waited for so long to have a baby of my own.

“The doctors said I was healthier than many women half my age. I’d love to have a boy.”

Rajo, from Haryana, India, gave birth to 3lb 4oz Naveen Lohan by arranged caesarean section on November 28.

She and husband Bala Ram, 72, had been trying for a baby since they married when she was 15 and he was 17.

She said:

“We thought it was not meant to be. Every passing year there was less and less chance of becoming parents.”

The couple mortgaged their crop of rice and bamboo for next year and took out high-interest loans to pay for £2,000 IVF treatment.

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UK Mom Welcomes Second Set Of Black and White Twins!

Twins Hayleigh and Lauren Durrant proudly hold their new sisters Leah and Miya — who incredibly are also twins with different coloured skin.

Their mixed-race parents Dean Durrant and Alison Spooner repeated the two-tone miracle after a seven-year gap.

When the first set of twins arrived in 2001, the couple were astonished to see that Lauren took after her white mum, with blue eyes and red hair, while Hayleigh had black skin and hair like dad Dean.

Then this year Alison, 27, found she was expecting again — and lightning struck twice.

She had twin girls again. And little Miya was born with dark skin like her dad and Leah is white like former recruitment consultant Alison.

The latest set of unique twins arrived on November 13 by Caesarean section after just 37 weeks of pregnancy, when scans revealed both were breach.

Doctors took 30 minutes to deliver them, with Miya weighing 4lb lloz and Leah 5lb 10oz.

Doctor Carol Cooper, author of a book on twins, said there was a two in a million chance of a second set of twins like the Durrant girls.

“To have a second set of non-identical twins is unusual. It means the mum is very fertile."

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008
Little Boy Weighs Just 12lbs at 11-Years-Old

Some say that 11-years-old Hazem Hawamdeh of Jerash, Jordan could be the smallest boy in the world. In the picture, he sits on a scale to show he weighs just 12 pounds and stands just 2 feet, 4 inches tall.

His family and doctors struggle to solve the mystery of his small size.

If I were to guess, I would say that he probably has Primordial Dwarfism, a genetic condition that effects children who are profoundly growth delayed for their gestational age before birth and at birth.

This is the same condition that effects Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley, a little girl I have had the pleasure of meeting because her mom and I used to work together.

She was born on Feb.13, 2003, weighing just 2 lbs, 8 ounces and isn't expected to grow past about 30 inches or weigh more than 8 pounds.

Primordial Dwarfism is believed to affect only about 100 people in the world.


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Olivia and Jack Top UK Baby Names

Last month we posted Babycenter's top names of 2008, now internet parenting group Bounty has released their list of popular baby names compiled from parents of 380,000 babies born in 2008.

Olivia and Jack came up on top, according to the parenting club.

While the top boy's name has remained the same for 14 years, Olivia toppled Grace at the top of the girl's list.

Celebrities were a key influence, with Ruby, the name of Charlotte Church's daughter, coming in second, the poll by internet parenting group Bounty found.

Amy Winehouse's troubled year saw her name fall three places to 23rd, while footballer Theo Walcott boosted his moniker 12 places to 58th.

  1. Jack Olivia
  2. Oliver Ruby
  3. Harry Grace
  4. Alfie Emily
  5. Charlie Jessica
  6. Thomas Sophie
  7. Joshua Chloe
  8. Daniel Lily
  9. James Mia
  10. William Lucy
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Nigel Barker - Super Daddy!

America's Next Top Model judge Nigel Barker juggles three children as he leaves a park in New York. The super daddy has 3-week-old daughter Jasmine was strapped to his chest while he carries son Jack and a pal.

Jasmine rides in a Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Active.

Nigel Barker of America's Next Top Model juggles three children including his 3-week-old daughter who was strapped to his chest

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Monday, December 29, 2008
I Heart This Glider!

Even though my nursery already has a glider, I would gladly send it off to charity for the chance to have Q Collection Junior's new 'Alberto Winged Glider' sitting in it's place. (sorry mom!)

This gorgeous glider, which is inspired by traditional wing chairs in early American homes, is made of 100% Belgian Linen that is not only 100% biodegradable, but pesticide and herbicide free.

The seat cushion is removable and the lumbar pillow is filled with down and feathers to give moms that extra bit of support and comfort during feedings.

It rocks and swivels, it’s cozy and wide and of course it’s friendly to the environment too.

Splurge at $1995.00 *This item is special order, lead time is 4-6 weeks*

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Parents Leave Five-Year-Old Behind - Don't Notice For 14 Hours!

A Five-Year-Old Melbourne boy spent the night in at the police station after he was left behind by his parents and they didn't notice for 14 hours...

The boy, Alexander, was discovered wandering alone at 11.30pm on Sunday night in the street after his family had gone to look at the Christmas light displays.

The weird part is that it took his parents until lunchtime the next day to realize he was missing and contact police.

The Police say that the family took two cars from their home with their eight children, as well as a neighbor's children, to the lights.

Each parent thought the other had Alexander in their car for the trip home.

"They've got home and all piled out and the kids have gone straight to bed and they didn't realize anything was amiss until lunchtime today."

Alexander is now home safe with his parents. Maybe they will now devise a roll call system so that they know when everyone is present...

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Billy Piper Breast Feeds Son Winston On The Beach

UK singer and actress Billy Piper breastfeeds her new baby Winston on the beach in Miami this afternoon.

An onlooker said: 'She looked relaxed, content and just generally very happy. Billie clearly adores her son.'

Billie Piper breastfeeding baby on the beach

Billie Piper and new baby Winston in Miami

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Bristol Palin Welcomes Baby Boy!

Bristol Palin, the 18-year-old daughter of former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, welcomed her first baby on Sunday, her grandma's sister confirmed.

Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston arrived in Palmer, Alaska weighing 7 lb., 4 oz., baby boy.

"We think it's wonderful," said Colleen Jones, the sister of Bristol's grandmother Sally Heath, "The baby is fine and Bristol is doing well. Everyone is excited."

The new mom is currently living in Wasilla while she completes her high-school diploma through correspondence courses.

She and the baby's dad, Levi Johnston, an apprentice electrician, plan to marry in 2009 and raise the baby together.


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Cool Bedroom Ideas: Tiramolla Loft Bedrooms from Tumidei

While looking for a 'big boy bed' for our son my husband and I looked for sets that were unconventional, but fun and innovative.

Had we of seen Tumidei's Tiramolla Loft Bedrooms, we would of probably had one of them imported in for him.

The Italian designer has created an amazing space for kids that can grow with them into their teens and beyond.

Their use of every bit of space would definitely come in handy in our small house.


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Sunday, December 28, 2008
Bill Amberg Collaborates With Silver Cross

Contemporary leather designer Bill Amberg has teamed up with Silver Cross to create an earthy, neutral colored collection for parents who shy away from the normal bright baby patterns.

The new line will feature an Amberg designed stroller, baby carrier and diaper bag.

While very few details are available about the collection and pricing, the Dazzle will retail for $899.

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UPDATE: Staten Island Quints Doing Well

Health officials at Staten Island University Hospital say that all five babies born yesterday to Jamie and Kevin Ferrante are doing well.

The babies, who arrived at 27 weeks gestation, are recovering at the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit.

At birth all 5 babies were placed on ventilators. Today, four still remain vented, while the smallest, 1 pound, 8-ounce Amanda Frances was able to breathe with less help. Chances are she is now on CPAP(an non-invasive method of keeping the lungs open while pushing air into them).

Contrary to reports yesterday, the new mom and her husband had been trying to have children for more than three years, and she HAD been receiving fertility treatments for about a year and a half.

The babies, in order of birth are:

  • Allesia Louise, 2lbs
  • Amanda Frances, 1lb 8oz
  • Emily Ann, 2lb 1 oz
  • Matthew Sabatino, 2lbs 4.5 ozs
  • Ella Lilliana, 1lb 15.5 ozs

Because they are so small, the parents have not yet been able to hold their five new additions, but have been able to touch them.

The quints are the first set to be born at Staten Island University Hospital.

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Salma Hayek And Daughter At Neiman Marcus

Actress Salma Hayek gets a cigarette out next to her daughter, Valentina, as she leaves the Neiman Marcus department store in LA yesterday. The actress's mother, Diana Jiminez, looked after little Valentina while her mommy fumbles around in her bag looking for a lighter...

This drives me crazy!! I know that we don't see her actually smoking next to the baby - but it appears that she is going to.

Salma Hayek gets a cigarette out next to her baby daughter, Valentina

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Newborn Undergoes Life-Saving Brain Surgery With Glue

Just a few days after Madison Quartarone was born it was discovered that she had a large benign brain tumor. Without surgery she would have died within weeks.

Doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London carried out a delicate and risky procedure to starve the tumor of blood by blocking off the vessels feeding it with glue.

The amazing baby, now eight-weeks-old, is recovering well and was able to go home for Christmas.

Neuro-surgeon Dominic Thompson said: "Certainly, in my experience, I am not aware of anyone as young as Madison having this treatment and if successful it could be groundbreaking."

"To be born with such a large tumor is very unusual as only a small percentage of tumors present themselves in the first month of life." Her mother Charlene, said: "We are so pleased she's home but we are very tired. She's stable at the moment and is feeding well."

Now that scans show that the tumor had shrunk considerably, the family hopes that the stressful times are behind them.

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Saturday, December 27, 2008
Orange County Baby Weighs in At 14 Pounds 2 ounces

Sara and Richard Sault made history in California on December 23 when they welcomed the son Richard Walker Sault. The newborn shocked hospital staff when her tipped the scales at 14lbs 2 ounces, requiring two doctors to lift the baby up during the C-section.

Just seconds after his birth, Richard Walker Sault — 21½ inches long — already had outgrown his infant car seat.

"We thought our first baby was a miracle, and now we have this little guy," said Richard Sault, immediately correcting himself.

"Guess he's not so little."

Richard Sault Jr. is the largest baby ever delivered at Saddleback Memorial Medical Center in Laguna Hills — most likely in Orange County, according to veteran Saddleback doctors and an informal check of other major county hospitals.

Labor and delivery nurses at UCI Medical Center in Orange can't recall a baby ever being born there weighing more than 13 pounds.

"That's a big baby," said Marty Wright, department manager of labor and delivery at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange. During her 21 years at the hospital, about 102,000 babies have been delivered.

The Saults were expecting a large baby, but not this large. Based on ultrasounds, doctors figured he would weigh 11 pounds.

Sara developed diabetes while pregnant, which can make a baby larger because of their high blood sugar.

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Staten Island Couple Welcomes Quintuplets!

Jamie and Kevin Ferrante of Staten Island became first-time parents at 1:30 a.m.when Jamie gave birth to quintuplets in a matter of six minutes flat, according to Jamie's father, Tony Scherillo.

"They had to all be taken care of. They had teams of doctors and nurses with each baby," the 67-year-old grandfather said. "They must've had about 40 people in the operating room. It was amazing, and they were incredible. Absolutely incredible."
The babies, in order of birth are:

  • Allesia Louise, 2lbs
  • Amanda Frances, 1lb 8oz
  • Emily Ann, 2lb 1 oz
  • Matthew Sabatino, 2lbs 4.5 ozs
  • Ella Lilliana, 1lb 15.5 ozs

The proud grampa said also said his daughter did not take fertility drugs and that the babies were delivered by C-section.

"Everybody was ecstatic. Nobody could believe it," responded Scherillo when asked about the family's initial reaction of learning his daughter would have five babies.

"You've got to be kidding. I've got eight grandchildren ... and in ten minutes I've got 13 grandchildren. It's incredible."

Congratulations to this couple! What a great way to celebrate the holidays.

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Friday, December 26, 2008
Sam and Lola Spend Christmas Skating With Mom

Denise Richards spends Christmas at an outdoor skating rink In Santa Monica with daughters Lola and Sam.

Denise Richards plays the doting attentive mother as she takes her daughters Lola and Sam ice skating at the outdoor rink in Santa Monica, Ca

Denise Richards plays the doting attentive mother as she takes her daughters Lola and Sam ice skating at the outdoor rink in Santa Monica, Ca

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Hospital Apologizes To New Mom Who Was Forced To Give Birth on Floor

A U.K. mom has received an apology from the National Health Service in Scotland after she was left unattended for hours and had to give birth on a hospital floor despite her desperate appeal for a bed.

Health board officials have apologized to Lynne Neilson, 36, whose baby started to arrive as she stood, still clothed, in an assessment room at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, a major teaching hospital in Scotland, after hours of waiting to be admitted. As the baby's head appeared, a midwife ran in just in time to put a paper mat on the floor and catch the baby, who had the umbilical cord around her neck.

Lynne and husband Gavin, arrived at the hospital on the morning of Dec. 5, but went home when the labor pains slowed. They returned at 7 p.m. and were told to sit in the waiting room. As the contractions began to occur closer together, Gavin asked repeatedly for help until his wife, in pain and barely able to walk, was finally moved to an assessment room and examined by a midwife.

"She took control and put down a disposable mat on the floor," the new mom said, referring to the midwife. "She caught the baby –- I was standing up and she was born on to the floor. I was very relieved that the midwife had come, because we were panicking.”

Baby Orla was born about two-and-a-half hours after the Neilson's arrived at the hospital.

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Woman Arrested for Reporting 'Fake Child' Missing

Miami Police have arrested a 22 year old woman for supplying false information to police for a crime after she reported a 6-month-old boy missing who doesn't actually exist.

Megan McCormic admitted that she invented the child, whom she called Riley Archer Buchness, to lure ex-boyfriend John Buchness to Miami to meet his supposed son. She claimed her infant son had a mohawk and a tattoo.

She supplied police with a picture they believe was taken from the Internet and told police her son had disappeared on Tuesday with a nanny named Camille. It was later revealed that she has no children, but did miscarry six months ago.

Police now want her to pay for the resources that were used to locate the nonexistent child. Nearly 20 detectives worked the case throughout all of Christmas Eve and Christmas.

''We're always on call. We're always here,'' Miami police spokesman Willie Moreno told the Herald. "But what's really nasty about it was the tremendous manpower and hours she used."

He told the newspaper detectives became suspicious of McCormic's story because of inconsistencies in her story. She admitted to lying to the police around 6 a.m. Friday, police said.

"It was not just telling a little white lie to her boyfriend," Moreno told the Herald. "Those resources could have been used for someone in real need."

It is sad that 20 people had to be away from their families during the Christmas season because this girl needed some attention.


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Cruz Beckham Is The Cutest Reindeer!!

The Beckham's enjoyed Christmas Eve lunch at Gordon Ramsay's London restaurant Claridges.

The youngest Beckham, Cruz,3, sported some adorable reindeer antlers as her leaves the restaurant.

He is the cutest Reindeer!

The Beckhams having Christmas Eve lunch at Claridges

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Couple Looses Remaining Conjoined Twin

I am sad to report that conjoined twin Faith Williams lost her fight yesterday, just 23 days after the death of her sister.

Faith and sister Hope were joined at the chest when they were born on 26 November. Hope died in an operation to separate them on 2 December.

Great Ormond Street Hospital said it was a sad but not unexpected outcome.

A hospital spokesman said: "We were always clear that Faith was very sick.

"She required the full range of skills of our intensive care staff, and underwent a number of further procedures. However, she succumbed to the complexities of her condition."

Faith underwent surgery earlier this month to assist with her circulation.

A spokeswoman for the hospital said: "The aim was to ensure more blood flowed to her body and less through her lungs."

When Faith and Hope were born they weighed 4.8kg (10.5lb). They were joined from the breastbone to the top of the navel and had a shared liver but separate hearts.

Hope did not survive because her lungs were too small to support her breathing.

Conjoined twins are rare and take place at the rate of about one in 400,000 live births.

Separating a pair involves an intricate operation and success is heavily dependent on which vital organs are shared.

Great Ormond Street, where the surgery on Faith and Hope was carried out, is the most experienced centre in Europe for separating conjoined twins.

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RECALL: Munire Cribs and Matching Furniture Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Munire Furniture Inc, today announced a voluntary recall about 3,000 Cribs and 6,000 Matching Furniture Pieces Newport Rubbed Black 4-in-1 Cribs and Matching Furniture.

The red paint which is underneath the black finish paint on some of the cribs and matching furniture exceeds federal lead limits. If ingested by young children lead can cause adverse health effects.

Munire has received one report of a child ingesting the paint. The child was diagnosed with lead poisoning.

The recalled cribs and furniture are made of wood and have a rubbed black finish. Only the “Newport Rubbed Black” cribs and matching furniture manufactured in Indonesia between April 2006 and November 2008 are included in this recall. The model number, date, and country of manufacture are printed on the label attached to the side panel of the crib and the date of manufacture is on the back panel of the furniture.

Models listed below are included in the recall:

Consumers should immediately stop using the products and contact Munire Furniture toll-free at (866) 586-9639 between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or visit the firm’s Web site at www.munirefurniture.com to receive a replacement coupon which will entitle consumers to exchange the products for another product free of charge.

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Ashlee and Pete Introduce Us To Bronx

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz show off their new baby Bronx in this year's Christmas Card.


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Wednesday, December 24, 2008
Ontario Mom Welcomes Premature Twins In The Snowy Street

Officers in Windsor Ontario were surprised to come across a "hysterical" woman last night who was covered in a 'considerable amount of blood'.

As sleet fell just before midnight last night, two Windsor police officers discovered a 27-year-old woman in distress in this southwestern Ontario city.

"Their initial reaction was that she was probably the victim of some kind of assault," said Deputy Chief Jerome Brannagan.

After talking to the woman, a very different picture emerged for the officers.

"She revealed to them that she was pregnant, and lifted up her shirt, and revealed a newborn child," Brannagan said.

Three minutes later, the unidentified woman gave birth to a second child while 'standing and screaming'.

"(The officers) were quite surprised to say the least."

The mother and children were taken to the hospital, where one of the newborns was reported to be in critical condition.

The gestation of the babies wasn't given, but one arrived weighing four pounds, the other only three pounds.

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Brooke Burke And David Charvet Christmas Shopping At The Grove

David Charvet and Brooke Burke take the kids to the Grove in LA for some last minute last minute shopping and for a visit with Santa Claus.

Brooke Burke spends time together with her family
David Charvet & Brooke Burke at the Grove in Los Angeles, CA

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Lance Armstrong To Have First Child Without Artificial Fertilization

CNN has learned that cycling legend Lance Armstrong - a survivor of testicular cancer - and girlfriend Anna Hansen are expecting a baby this June.

Armstrong was diagnosed in 1996 with testicular cancer that had spread to his brain, lungs and abdomen. He underwent treatment for the disease and was able to return to cycling, eventually winning seven consecutive Tour de France races.

The harsh chemotherapy left him unable to have children, although he and then-wife Kristin Richards had three children using sperm the cyclist had donated before the treatment. The amazing part is that Lance and Anna are expecting without the use of any artificial fertilization process.

Lance announced in September that he was launching a comeback with the goal of winning that prestigious race in 2009.

''After talking with my children, my family and my closest friends, I have decided to return to professional cycling in order to raise awareness of the global cancer burden,'' he wrote on LiveStrong's Web site.

He is currently training for several races leading up to the Tour de France, including Australia's Tour Down Under and the Giro d'Italia.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Naomi and Liev With Samuel In NYC

Naomi Watts and her husband Liev Schreiber leave their NYC apartment with their newborn son.

Samuel Kai rides in a Graco Infant Snugride Car Seat.

First photos of Naomi Watts with her newborn son Sam in NYC

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Does Wi-itis Worry You?

As thousands of parents scramble to get their children, the much sought after Wii, doctors are saying that there has been a 100 percent increase in patients reporting injuries from playing the popular video game.

Apparently up to ten people a week are being hospitalized with injuries caused by playing Nintendo Wii games, prompting doctors in Britain to issue warnings of the dangers associated with the video game system.

Most patients are admitted after playing tennis or running games which involve sudden movements, resulting in tendon stretching or tearing.

"It's possible Wii-itis may lead to rheumatism or arthritis later in life. Patients often have inflamation of the shoulder or wrist," said Dr. Mukerjee.

Wow - maybe it's just out of shape parents who should stay clear...


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Woman Rushed To Hospital With Stomach Pains - Has A Baby!

Christmas came early for Tina Cook last Saturday after she was rushed to the hospital with 'stomach pains' and ended up welcoming a baby just ten minutes later.

The new mom, 31, who has two other children - Amy, nine, and five-year-old Ruben - was completely unaware of her pregnancy when she woke in the night with stomach cramps.

Baby Alfie was born full term at 5.05am on Saturday at North Devon District Hospital's accident and emergency department weighing 5lb 8oz.

Proud father Mr Hearn said: 'I am still in shock. I just don't know what to say.'

As someone who is due to give birth any second - I can't get my head around how this woman had NO idea she was pregnant... I have been waddling around for weeks with little feet stuck in my ribs. This is something that can't be mistakened for indigestion....

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Monday, December 22, 2008
Toy Review: Hot Wheels Power Loop Stunt Zone

Now that my son has figured our how to play with toy cars, we thought it would be a good idea to try Mattel's Hot Wheels Power Loop Stunt Zone.

This cool toy caught my eye because of all of the loops and fun stuff that the cars can do. After getting it together, which was not as tricky as I thought it was going to be, this cool track was definitely a child pleaser.

Getting Started:

As mentioned, this set needs to be assembled. Mattel's easy to understand instructions paired with a track that easily slides together make this a pain free process for parents.

*Two D cell batteries are needed, but not included to run the power booster.*

Before letting my son loose on this cool track, my husband needed a few minutes to get acquainted with how everything works.

In just a few minutes he had mastered the loops and was almost not ready to let my son in on the fun...

The Hot Wheels Power Loop Stunt Zone comes with one car, but it is more effective with 2 or more. If you are planning on purchasing this for a child make sure you pick up an additional car right from the get go so that use the track with their friends.


This adrenaline powered toy offers everything that little boys love - speed, excitement and stuff flying through the air.

My son, who has the very low attention span, could play with this toy forever.

We plan on purchasing some of the add on sets to to expand the excitement and life of this cool toy.

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The Duggars Introduce Us To Jordyn-Grace

The world's busiest mom, Michelle Duggar welcomed her 18th baby on Friday.

The baby, named Jordyn-Grace Makiya Duggar, arrived at 38 weeks gestation by Caesarean section weighing 7 pounds, 3 ounces and measuring 20 inches long.

This morning the whole family appeared on The Today's show to show off their new bundle, who slept through the 5 minute interview.

The family's TLC show, which has been re-named 'Baby Makes 18' will show the delivery of the new baby tonight.

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Brian Littrell's Son Diagnosed with Artery Disease

After being hospitalized last Friday, Backstreet Boys singer Brian Littrell's 6-year-old son has been diagnosed with A-Typical Kawasaki Disease, an inflammation of the arteries that typically afflicts children.

On Brian's official, the singer posted the following message:

On Saturday December 20, 2008, Baylee T W Littrell was released from Scottish Rite Children's Hospital in Atlanta.

Before being admitted Baylee had been treated for or thought to have had strep throat, hand, foot, mouth disease and erythema multiforme. After receiving a biopsy, blood tests, an EKG and 2 echocardiograms, Baylee was finally diagnosed with A-Typical Kawasaki Disease. We would like to stress A-Typical because Baylee did not have text book symptoms of any of the viruses they thought he had.

Kawasaki Disease causes inflammation in the coronary arteries as well as the walls of the small and medium sized arteries throughout the body. Unfortunately, Baylee's coronary arteries were affected. He received an IVIG, which is a treatment to bring down the inflammation in his coronary arteries. Baylee will be closely monitored for the next 6-8 weeks by a Pediatric Cardiologist to see if the treatment was effective.

We want to thank every one who prayed for us as well as all of the emails and phone calls. Your love and support means so much to our family. The Hospital Staff were absolutely amazing. They made an extremely difficult time in our lives as comfortable as possible.

We are humbled by the love and compassion that people have for our son all over the world, thank you!

Although Kawasaki Disease is not believed to be hereditary, Brian, himself, has battled coronary disease, undergoing open-heart surgery 10 years ago to correct a congenital problem. He has formed a charity, the Brian Littrell Healthy Heart Club for Kids, to "educate children and their families regarding the benefits of adopting a heart-healthy lifestyle."


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And The Winner Is... The Piggy Story Tasty Tales Tableware Set

The Piggy Story makes some of my favorite children’s Art organizers. Every piece in their collection depicts a different scene and caption from one of three original, Piggy Story tales.

Giveaway: The Piggy Story offered 1 GrowingYour Baby reader the opportunity to win the 3-piece Tasty Tales Tableware Set (includes bowl, plate, mug nestled in a unique tin box with matching placemat)

Congratulations to our winner Jessica C!

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Sunday, December 21, 2008
National Geographic Presents In The Womb: Identical Twins

National Geographic offers an interesting view into the world of identical twins tonight starting with their amazing conception and science behind their existence to profiling them in their regular lives.

Similarities between identical twins go on to be something that are often more than skin deep. Many have similar jobs, tastes, hobbies, love interests, and phobias.

To test this theory scientists have also studied twins that were separated at birth and forced to live different lives. When putting together the life timelines of these twins, it was shocking to see how their lives were almost parallel to one another before meeting while wearing almost identical outfits.

The special goes on to explain some unusual baby phenomenons that we have covered on this site like the mismatched twins Jake and Tom Armstrong, the amazing little girl with 8 limbsLakshmi Tatma and black and white twins.

Parents who have had a set of twins will love the amazing graphical explanations of each stage of a twin pregnancy.

National Geographic's clear footage from inside the womb is not only amazing, but breath taking.

Some amazing twin facts from the documentary:

  • About 95 percent of all multiple births in the United States are twins.
  • 34 out of every 1,000 births in the United States are multiples.
  • Between 1980 and 1998, the rate of triplets and higher order births in the United States increased by 400 percent. In recent years, this rate has been more stable.
  • A woman has an estimated one in 64 million chance of conceiving identical quads.
  • Women reaching the end of their reproductive years are more likely to have a multiple pregnancy.
  • The window for an egg splitting to form identical twins is very short. If the egg doesn’t split into two separate but identical eggs within the first 14 days after conception, it never will.
  • The record number of fetuses in a human womb at one time is 15.
  • It’s estimated that for every 400 sets of fraternal twins, one set is made up of twins who will have different fathers.
  • At birth, single babies on average weigh more than twins.
  • Some fetuses spend the first trimester of pregnancy with a companion that later disappears—a phenomenon called the “vanishing twin syndrome.”
  • Movements such as kicking, pushing, and what looks like kissing are all documented in twins.

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Polly Pocket Mega Mall
Reviewed by Meagan

A perfect gift for any little girl, ideally in the age range of 3 - 6, The Polly Pocket Mega Mall causes screams of excitement. It offers so many different things for kids to play which we found kept our girls, 3 and 5, occupied for many hours.

Polly can shop and try on clothes, play guitar, stop to eat, take care of her pets (included with mall) and of course ride the elevator up and down the 3 levels of the mall. Mall puts together quite easily, and once together all the little pieces fit inside and mall folds up nicely for easy mess free storage.

Available at most toy stores for $49.99

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Baby Luxury: Swarovski Crystallized High Chair

As a mom that know that a child could destroy something very nice in seconds, I find this high chair a bit indulgent and somewhat ridiculous...

One Tree Hill, a Norwegian company, has introduced a Special edition version of their icansit™ high chair that is made with Crystallized - Swarovski Elements.

Available in both white and the black, this modern chair's table tray and safety bar are embellished with hundreds of Crystallized - Swarovski Elements. In addition a silver seat insert, the chair has been developed to stand out and sparkle in any living room or restaurant.

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Published Reports Inaccurate Concerning Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy

A national alcohol research group is concerned that the media's misinterpretation of a recent British research study could encourage pregnant women to be more at ease with temperate alcohol consumption - especially during the holiday season.

Some media reports erroneously stated that the study by The University College London researchers revealed that light drinking by pregnant women could be beneficial to their babies. While other articles said light drinking during pregnancy would not affect the behavior or mental acuity of babies born to drinking mothers.

The Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Study Group, a subgroup of the Research Society on Alcoholism, says the conclusion of the study was not reported accurately. "Unfortunately, several media outlets misinterpreted this report to mean that drinking improved the children's outcome," the FASD Study Group said.

The published report looked at the drinking patterns of pregnant mothers of three-year-olds and assessed the behavior and cognitive skills of the children. The University College London researchers actually reported that the children born to women who drank lightly during pregnancy were not at increased risk compared with children of mothers who did not drink during pregnancy.

The study's authors, Dr. Yvonne Kelly at University College London and colleagues, suggested this result may be based on the higher socioeconomic status of the light drinking mothers and their children involved in this study. Higher socioeconomic status is well known to improve an infant's neurodevelopmental outcome.

"Generally, the adverse effects of light drinking during pregnancy are subtle and may go undetected in children," said Feng Zhou, Ph.D., president of the FASD Study Group and a professor of anatomy, cell biology and neurobiology at the Indiana University School of Medicine. "Other alcohol research studies of moderate drinking during pregnancy have shown an adverse impact on multiple aspects of development through adolescence and young adulthood even when other important environmental factors are taken into account."

"The media reports are alarming for a number of reasons but it is particularly disturbing at this time of year when holiday parties may make alcohol consumption more accessible and appealing to pregnant women who have read the erroneous reports," he said.

In short, he said that, "The consensus of public health providers and alcohol researchers is that even light drinking can interfere with biological processes critical in the development of the fetal brain."

We saw this reported in the media a while back, but opted not to cover it because of the research that has been done in the past to prove otherwise.

A zero alcohol policy during pregnancy is always the safest choice to make.

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Dennis and Kimberly Quaid With Twins At LAX
Dennis Quaid and wife Kimberly were seen with twins Thomas and Zoe at LAX Airport yesterday.

The couple was all smiles and chatted to photographers as they headed home for Christmas.

Dennis Quaid and Wife Kimberly carry their gorgeous twins, LA

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Saturday, December 20, 2008
Radio Flyer's Pimped Out Cloud 9

Parents who are in the market for a luxurious wagon for their kids may want to add their name to the waiting list for Radio Flyer's Cloud 9 wagon.

While it is currently just a concept, it features reclining upholstered seats, cup holders, rear and side storage compartments, a sun visor, and an MP3 player adapter with stereo speakers.

This wagon no longer targets the average family , but it attempts to tap into the luxury market that includes high-end strollers and baby carriages.

It also sports safety features that you'd expect to see in a motorized vehicle, such as seats with five-point harnesses and a parking brake on the handle.

"The Cloud 9 concept wagon is kind of like the concept car you'd see at an auto show," said Tom Schlegel, vice president of product development at Radio Flyer. "It's just taking those trends we're seeing now in our products to the extreme and looking into the future to see how far this trend could extend. It's more of a statement by us and to see what features and functions will resonate with customers."

Radio Flyer's current high-end model, The Ultimate Family Wagon, features five-way flip and fold seats that allow seating for two children with storage compartments, two child cup holders, two adult cup holders, a tray table for drawing or eating, and a flatbed area for more traditional hauling. A UV-protection canopy can be installed in seconds. The Ultimate Family Wagon retails for $136.


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Nancy Grace Shares Holiday Photos

CNN's Nancy Grace shares her holiday photo along with some adorable candids of her twins Lucy Elizabeth and John David.

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