Monday, January 05, 2009
Baby Shower Ideas - Dad To Be

When a baby is on the way, it is usually the mom who gets all of the attention and gifts. She gets to choose the gear, color scheme and the fanciest diaper bags.

Here are some suggestions for the Dad to Be. After all he did some of the work didn't he?

1. Rockabye Baby Cd's - Like father, like child! Born out of the need to make kids music cool - not only for them, but for their parents, Rockabye Baby transforms your favorite band into some of the coolest lullabies you will ever hear. I personally love the Bob Marley, Coldplay and Smashing Pumpkins Renditions. These cd's are highly recommended!

2. The Goodfather DVD - What better way for a dad to hear about what he's in for than from other dads? The Goodfather's lessons were created by experienced dads and grandfathers, and edited by licensed nurse-midwives so the content is relevant to new fathers and medically sound. Hundreds of baby lessons and definitions, thousands of baby names, and a baby card maker all set to a hilarious gangster parody makes The GoodFather an offer you can't refuse!

3. Daddy Diaper Bag - Every dad needs his own diaper bag. It's just not right for him to have to carry something with a flower, polkadot or . Dadgear offers practical bags with the dad-to-be's favorite sport teams. Petunia Pickle Bottom has some VERY chic diaper bags for the business daddy and Diaperdude has a great Dad Survival Kit that includes a masculine black diaper bag, a mini dude for quick trips and black bottle holder.

4. A Daddy Toolbelt - If your looking to get a good laugh at a shower, a daddy 'toolbelt' is a great way to keep dad involved.

Designed to look like a tool belt that dad would wear while fixing stuff around the house, these cool bags normally also include must have items like wipes, a change pad, soothers and a bottle.

5. Daddy Tees - Cute pregnancy clothes are not only exclusive to moms-to-be. 2Chix also makes some really cute t's for dads-to-be as well. With sayings like 'changing the world one diaper at time', 'my boys can swim' and 'my boys can swim', new daddies can let the world know that they did their part in this project.

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Anddaddymakes3.com has the coolest and most original tees for the dad-to-be called paterni-tee. If your thinking of something different check them out. Pretty awesome things for showers for the dad-to-be.

1/06/2009 11:55:00 pm  

Thank you for mentioning the GoodFather gift CD-ROM in your baby shower ideas post Growing Your Baby!

One thing we thought we should mention for potential GoodFather buyers is that it's a CD-ROM for interactive use on computers (PC & Mac). We don't yet have a daddy gift DVD for TV viewing, but new fathers love our CD-ROM's baby lesson searching and printable features that the software format offers.

We'll be sure to keep you posted with new releases if they include a DVD in the future. Keep up the great blogging and thanks for including dads!

Thanks again!

1/13/2009 01:54:00 pm  

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