Saturday, February 28, 2009
Michigan Mom With 2 Wombs Welcomes Twins!

A Michigan woman with two wombs has given birth to twin daughters — one from each uterus.

Sarah Reinfelder's two healthy babies were delivered seven weeks premature Thursday by cesarean section at Marquette General Hospital in the Upper Peninsula.

The 21-year-old woman has a condition known as uterus didelphys, and doctors say such twin births are rare. The uteri are different sizes, with the larger twin born from the larger uterus.

Dr. Connie Hedmark and Dr. Breanna Pond first delivered Kaylin Joy, then Valerie Marie, the larger twin by one pound. Kaylin Joy weighed 3 pounds, 15 ounces.

The twins, who don't have fully developed lung function, are expected to be hospitalized for three or four weeks.

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