Saturday, February 28, 2009
Nadya Suleman Turns Down Offer For Free Home and Nursing Care

While it is being widely reported that Nadya Suleman, the California mother of octuplets born last month is not receiving offers for free products and care, it may seem that this isn't true. She is just being picky as to which ones she accepts...

The founder of a nonprofit nurses' group says that the busy mom allowed an offer of free, 24-hour care for the infants and six older children to lapse.

Linda Conforti-West, founder of Angels in Waiting, said today that Nadya Suleman appeared to lose interest in the group's proposal when she was told last week that a reality show and a biweekly press conference on the babies' condition was out of the question due to their fragile immune systems.

Angels in Waiting's offer, which included a new home, expired Thursday at midnight.

Suleman's publicist could not be immediately reached for comment.

Angels in Waiting specializes in care of premature babies.


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I would highly question the accuracy of this information given last night Dr. Phil hosted Larry King Live and there was a lawyer working with Linda from Angel's in Waiting along with her Publicist on the air. They talked specifically about the offer and it still being on the table but Nadya not having the time to meet about it due to all of her meetings with people at the hospital about the babies. The publicist said specifically that he had no knowledge of why Nadya would turn down the offer and Dr. Phil was planning on setting up a time for Nadya, her publicist and Linda from Angel's in Waiting to sit down and talk.

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