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Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Toddlers Switched Back After Living With Wrong Families For 2 years

Could you imagine raising a baby for 2 years, just to find out that they are not yours?

This is what happened to two mums who had their babies mixed up by blundering hospital staff in Russia.

Devastated Zarema Tiasumova and Anna Androsova have finally swapped their children back after DNA tests.

Zarema is so upset she still sits outside the other boy's house to be close to the child she brought up as her own.

The truth was revealed when Anna and her husband requested DNA tests after the baby she had been given developed dark skin and hair.

Anna said: "It was a nightmare. I loved little Nikita but somehow always knew something wasn't quite right.

"There was no family resemblance and my husband was suspicious."

Heartbroken mom Zarema, who called the lad she raised Aldan, refused to swap him for real son Nikita until Anna went to court.

Zarema said: "I can't turn off my love like a switch or a light.

"I loved him for two years and will always feel I am his real mother. Of course, I am happy to have my own son but you can't help the way you feel. Just sitting outside Aldan's house made me feel closer to him."

My heart goes out to these families. Two years is a long bonding time to have to forget. Birthdays, Christmas, first steps, first words...so SAD.

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Alyson Hannigan Welcomes Baby Girl On Her Birthday

Congratulations to Alyson Hannigan and her husband, actor Alexis Denisof on the safe arrival of their first baby - a girl!

Satyana Denisof and was born March 24 in Los Angeles, which also happens to be the new mom's birthday. "They're very excited, and mom and baby are doing great," says the rep.

During her pregnancy she craved ginger ale and revealed she felt absent minded.

"I have pregnancy brain, which I never realized was a thing but it is," she said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "I sort of feel like a Koala bear where I'm slightly stoned all the time and say the wrong word."

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Feature Product Review: Peg Perego Aria Twin 60/40

Recently, the Peg Perego Aria Twin 60/40 has been our stroller of choice for quick trips to the mall and grocery store.

It is perfect for us because it holds a car seat on one side (60 side) and a toddler on the other side.

There have been many things about this stroller that have impressed me during the last few weeks I have been using it.

Here is what I found:


This stroller arrived out of the box ready to go. All I needed to do was pop on the canopies and snack trays.

Getting Started:

Opening this stroller is a dream. All you have to do is unlock the handle bar from each side and then give the stroller a tug. The whole things unfolds on its own and locks into place, ready to be used.

Closing it up is just as easy. Two levers on each side of the handles enable the whole stroller to close up when they are pushed.


Once closed, the whole handle assembly sit low enough to let the stroller stand on its own. I like this because it's almost like having a helper when you are out shopping. Having a stroller that can stand on its own is a bonus when you have 2 screaming kids and 50 bags to load into your vehicle.

I really like the Aria 60/40 for a lot of reasons. It is a lightweight, compact, double stroller that drives nicely. Moms who need to carry a screaming baby and push the stroller will find the one hand push a breeze.

The shopping basket is a big enough to hold a diaper bag plus groceries if you need it to. It runs the whole length of the stroller.

Because it is equipped with 5 inch wheels, this stroller falls into the double umbrella category - except it has one advantage over it's competition. It accommodates a car seat (Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30)on one side. The 60/40 design gives parents of a toddler and newborn the option of using the '60' side for a car seat, while the toddler can sit in the '40' side.

Once your baby outgrows the car seat, you can switch the seating to have baby in the smaller side and move the bigger toddler over to the '60' side where they can have a bit more room.

Both sides feature their own canopies, snack trays and Peg Perego's freedom of movement 5-point harness.

Weighing in at just 19lbs, the Aria 60/40 is one of the lightest doubles on the market with more features than others. I highly recommend this stroller for families who are looking for a good stroller without breaking the bank. It is perfect for all travel including air travel because it folds up and locks so nicely. The side carrying handle also makes it easy to carry when not in use.

So far I have been pleasantly surprised by the fact that this stroller fits through all doorways - even smaller ones in older buildings.

In fact, the strollers width is rarely an issue until I am shopping in a store that has too much stuff crammed in the aisles.

At the end of the day I like that the Aria Twin pushes easily and that its a nice stroller for parents with children of different ages.

Additional features:

  • telescopic closing
  • independently adjustable backrests and hoods
  • form fitting hood with transparent insert
  • 5-point clip harnesses
  • front swiveling or locking suspension wheels
  • back wheels with centralized control
  • removable easy to clean lining

Offered in 3 colors - Titanio, Moka and Tango Red

Stats via

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Monday, March 30, 2009
Halle's Little Ballerina

Halle Berry takes her little ballerina, Nahla Ariela Aubry, to a birthday party in LA yesterday.

The little cutie wears an adorable tutu and a pair of Robeez Mini Shoez Mini Circles Mary Janes in brown.


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Crummy Parent Alert: Father Leaves Baby Out In The Cold To Go Gambling

Emergency services rescued a baby early this morning after the father left the child in a car to go gambling.

Police, fire and EMS were called after Patrons of the Silver Dollar Casino heard the baby cried, while his father gambled inside.

"A car was found with the windows covered with blankets to avoid viewing from outside," said police.

"Fire Crews gained access to the vehicle and removed a 21-month old male child from a rear child restraint.

Sadly, the baby had vomited on his clothing, (and was) very lightly dressed with no shoes or socks.

By the time crews reached the baby shortly after midnight, investigators believe the baby had been in the car for approximately six hours in temperatures that hovered around -8 Celsius.

The father has been charged with a criminal charge of abandoning a child and the baby has been seized by Child and Family Services.

I hope there are family members that can look after this baby and give it the love it deserves.

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Milla and Ever Enjoy The Park

Milla Jovovich enjoys a day out with her daughter Ever Gabo Anderson at Coldwater Canyon Park.

Milla is the chicest mom at the park in her high boots and Fendi Bag.


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Toddler Caught After 40-foot Fall From Window

Police in Lawrence, Mass., say a toddler who fell 40 feet from an open window owes her life to two men who caught her before she hit the ground.

Robert Lemire, 45, and Alex Day, 23, bolted toward Caliah Clark from separate sides of the street as she dangled Sunday from a third-story apartment with two children trying to pull her inside, The (Lawrence, Mass.) Eagle Tribune reported reported.

When she fell, Alex caught the top half of the 18-month-old girl and Robert, her lower half.

The girl's father, Randall Clark, 27, told police he was caring for a newborn in the apartment bathroom when he heard a commotion and found his two oldest children near the open window, which had no screen, and Caliah missing.

He ran downstairs where he was met by Alex carrying Caliah.

She was examined at a hospital but is believed to have suffered no serious injuries.

The state Department of Social Services was notified, as required by law, and is expected to investigate.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009
Ana Ortiz Talks About Her Pregnancy At The GLAAD Awards

Ana Ortiz looks cute in a white J. Mendel dress on the Red Carpet at the GLAAD Media Awards.

The Ugly Betty star Ana Ortiz, who's due with a girl at the end of July, has been enjoying her pregnancy.

"I've had a great experience so far," the actress told People, but she added, "Talk to me in another month."

So, what's she craving?

"French toast and pancakes," says Ortiz, who's married to guitarist Noah Lebenzon. "Other than that, I want citrus and lots of fruits."

The mom to be is already busy designing her baby-to-be's room.

"I just met with the decorator today. I didn't want it too frilly frou-frou, too canopy princess-y. So we're doing a sort of eco-friendly, beautiful room," she says. "I'm not sure of the color palette yet, but it's going to be gorgeous."


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And The Winner Is...CLIPO Hippo

New for Spring, Playskool has introduced a new addition to their popular CLIPO line.

Clipo Hippo is a stackable, moveable, fun machine. Imaginative toddlers can attach their Clipo creations to the head, back or wheels of this brightly-colored hippo, and as an added surprise, a drop-slot in the hippo’s mouth encourages put-and-take play.

Giveaway - Playskool offered 2 Growing Your Baby readers the opportunity to win one of these Clippo Hippos.

Congratulations to our winners Mandie and Gina S!

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Celebrities and Their Kids Arrive At Nickelodeon's 2009 Kids' Choice Awards

All of young Hollywood showed up yesterday afternoon to be part of the Nickelodeon's 2009 Kids' Choice Awards at UCLA's Pauley Pavilion.

Among those in attendance were many well known celebrities with their kids.

  • Chris Rock, wife Malaak Compton with daughters Lola Simone and Zahra Savannah.
  • Rocker Slash, wife Perla Ferrar and boys Emilio and Cash
  • Tyrese Gibson and daughter Shayla
  • Hip Hop Mogul Russell Simmons and daughter Ming and Aoki

Frank Micelotta, Kevin Mazur, Granitz WIREIMAGE.COM

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Brooke And David Take The Girls To Kids' Choice Awards

Brooke Burke and partner David Charvet arrive at Nickelodeon's 2009 Kids' Choice Awards with their three girls Neriah, Sierra and Heaven Rain.

Nickelodeons 2009 Kids Choice Awards  - Arrivals

Brooke Burke brings the kids to the 2009 Kids Choice Awards

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Valco Introduces Compact Astro Highchair

Parent who have limited space for large chunky pieces of baby gear with love Valco's new Astro highchair.

It features a unique folding system that allows it to collapse flat for easy storage making it a perfect choice for condo dwellers.

With it's large and super soft easycare leatherette seat and deep adjustable/removable tray, the Astro sits on a stable yet compact base.

Additional travel bag is also available for airline travel or just storage to keep your highchair in pristine condition!

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Saturday, March 28, 2009
Prisoners Baby-Sit Toddler Found on Maryland Highway

A prison work crew baby-sat a 21/2-year-old boy after he was found wandering on Route 550 not far from the Pennsylvania line shortly after 9 a.m yesterday morning.

The six minimum-security inmates shared their lunches with the toddler and played with him while authorities located the parents and investigated, said Correctional Officer Gary Kershner, who was overseeing the prisoners.

"Me and my inmate crew, we just kind of baby-sat for the next three hours," Kershner said. "They were as much entertained by the child as he was by them.''

Troopers eventually found the boy's home nearby. The adventurous boy was reunited with his family after Child Protective Services investigated and found no immediate cause to suspect abuse or neglect.

The boy's father, who works at home, told police he had left the child in the care of an 18-year-old daughter, who then left without notice.

This dad is very lucky that the prison work crew was in the area. The road this little guy was found on is treacherous due to traffic from dump trucks going to and from a nearby quarry.



Friday, March 27, 2009
9 Great Items For A Sheep Themed Nursery

Building the perfect nursery is something that is important to many parents. Picking the right theme and finding the right pieces to go with it is not only tough, but it is time consuming.

We have put together a list of 9 items that would be perfect for a sheep themed nursery.

These fluffy animals are popular because they in many nursery rhymes and lullabies. After all, what is more peaceful than a sweet lamb and wooly sheep?

  1. Cloud B Sleep Sheep $20
  2. Pull Along Sheep Reproduction on Canvas by Oopsy Daisy $45
  3. Sandy Sheep Toddler Rocker $99
  4. Sheep Lamp at minitots $54.99
  5. Stick-Leg Sheep Canvas Art $40
  6. Cant Sleep Sheep Wall Decal Large $34 Set comes with 6 sheep a fence and the numbers 1, 2 and 3.
  7. Music Box Sheep 17,90 €
  8. Spin Collective Sheep Wall Stickers £18.00 Available in 16 colors
  9. Susan's Sheep Kid's Area Rug $136

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Pitter Patties: A Nutritious Option For Families On-To-Go!

Reviewed by Lisa Fox

As a vegetarian family that tries to maintain a healthy and natural diet it can be a challenge to find kid friendly convenience foods. That is why I was excited to find out about Pitter Patties.

These frozen muffin-shaped casseroles contain all natural ingredients, serve up about 10 grams of protein, taste great and only take 1.5 minutes to prepare. These are perfect for the family on the go and are great to pack along in the kids lunches.

Pitter Patties come in a variety of flavours with options for specialized diets: vegetarian, vegan, gluten/wheat free, dairy free and even a hormone and antibiotic-free chicken entrée.

Even though they were created with children in mind and are great beginner food for the baby has passed the pureed food stage, they are also enjoyable for older children and adults.

My three year old son was especially fond of the Cheezini Patty and I am addicted to the Pasghetti Patty. I love the homemade taste.

Pitter Patties Offerings Include:

  • Spinach Patch - A protein-rich, vegetarian mix of spinach and mushrooms, all natural cottage cheese and farm fresh eggs. Gluten & wheat Free
  • Yammy Chicken - An interesting combination of hormone and antibiotic- free chicken, fresh yams, crisp apples and brown rice. Gluten, wheat and dairy free.
  • Zucchini Cheezini - A delightful, vegetarian blend of garden zucchini, mushrooms, natural cheeses and whole grain oats. Wheat free.
  • Pasghetti - whole grain pasta together with savoury tomato sauce and natural cheeses.
  • Vegan Patty - A vegetarian blend of legumes, quinoa, veggies & spices baked into a delectable muffin-sized casserole. Vegan , gluten , wheat & dairy free.

*Feel Good Bonus - Pitter Patties gives back by contributing a portion of all profits to women’s and children’s charities.*

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Thursday, March 26, 2009
DNA Tests Reveal Alfie Patten Isn't Baby's Dad

DNA tests have revealed that the 13-year-old boy Alfie Patten is not the father of a baby born to a 15-year-old he had unprotected sex with once.

Chantelle Stedman told Alfie Patten, whowas 12 when he slept with her, he was her newborn daughter Maisie's father.

The story caused a worldwide media frenzy, while politicians criticized what they called Britain's declining morals.

At first the new mom said Alfie was the only boy she had ever slept with, but soon after other teens came forward saying they too could be the baby's father, because they claimed to have had sex with the girl.

Last month a friend of the Stedman family claimed Alfie was scammed by the girl's parents who wanted to cash in on the sensational story.

This is very sad for this 12-year-old and his family. This poor kid stood by this girl during her pregnancy and even stayed over at her house to help out with the baby.

What a whole lot of stress for no reason...

It is still not clear who the baby's father is.

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Kelly Rutherford and Hermes Get The Cover Of Baby Couture

Kelly Rutherford and son Hermes grace the cover of this months issue of Baby Couture.

The newly single mom, who is currently pregnant with her second baby, a girl, is due in June.

During a recent interview the glowing mom described her son's reaction to her pregnancy: "He’s getting excited about it. We talk about it. I don’t know if the reality is there yet but he’s really sweet. He calls her by her name. I think he’s going to be an amazing big brother.”

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Will There Be A Fifth Season Of Jon and Kate Plus 8?

Monday nights finale of TLC's popular show Jon and Kate plus 8 saw the introduction of a 'helper', who will not be seen on camera, and the family enjoying an afternoon out at the Harlem Globetrotters. It wasn't until the last few minutes that it became apparent that there might not be a fifth season.

Whether or not we see Jon, Kate and their 8 children again hangs in the balance of whether or not Kate and Jon Gosselin can come to an agreement. It is extremely clear that Jon does not want to do another season but Kate does.

Jon said in the half hour finale that he always has to be 'Jon' AND Kate Plus 8 – he can never just be Jon, and that’s really hard for him to deal with. Kate pointed out that the show has allowed Jon to maintain a full-time job at home but he insisted that that was not necessarily a good thing.

The finale was watched by more than 4.6 million viewers and beat NBC, the CW, CBS, and Fox among women 18-34. In fact, the season finale was the show's highest-rated episode ever among overall viewers, persons 25-54 (2.3 million), and women 18-49 (2.07 million), and it ranked No. 1 in most key demographics for its time slot among all ad-supported cable shows. It's no wonder, then, that plans are already afoot for a fifth season, which is expected to bow in early summer.

Amid rumors of a possible split, the couple had a public date night at Mr. Chows in Beverly Hills Tuesday night. When asked how things were going Kate simply said, "Were great!"

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009
7 Things I Love About The Backyardigans

My son has been a bit obsessed with the Backyardigans lately.

This has forced me the watch many episodes a day, bringing me to the conclusion that this show isn't all that bad. It's official. Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha and Austin have grown on me.

Here are 7 things I love about the Backyardigans:
  1. They are so polite! I like that the characters are always saying please and Thank you - something that we expect from our son.
  2. Great Music and Dancing - Each episode features music from a different genre. The Backyardigans do Disco, Country, Hip Hop, Reggae and Classical. All of these great songs are paired with cute dance numbers that technically correct. I love the music so much, it gets stuck in my head for days.
  3. Teaches History and Geography - Many of the episodes are set in historical places or popular geographical locations. The show has been to some amazing places like The Grand Canyon, Mt. Olympus, Hawaii, Egypt and The jungles of Borneo. This gives me the chance to teach my son about places we may visit.
  4. Try To Change Stereotypes - The creators of the show go to great lengths to change stereotypes about historical figures that may have been portrayed negatively in the past. Pirates are nice, giants don't hurt people and the famed Yeti is just lonely.
  5. Positive Messages - Each episode has a positive message in it. Whether is is team work, sharing or showing consideration for your friends, these 5 always end up teaching a positive message.
  6. They Eat Good Snacks - As the mom of a VERY picky 3-year-old, it makes it easier for me to introduce a new snack when my son has heard that Tyrone has eaten it. This is how we get him to drink milk and how we managed to get him to try cheese and crackers.
  7. Crossover Content - Some kids shows are so mindless that I can't watch for more than 10 seconds. While the Backyardigans are not on par with Grey's Anatomy, I have a few episodes that I prefer because of their fun story lines that actually end with a message.

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Kingston Rocks The Mic

While Gavin Rossdale gave a free concert outside at the Nokia center this morning, his adorable son Kingston sings along on a mic with daddy at the side of the stage.

Gavin Rossdale sings with his son

Gavin Rossdale sings with his son

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Tips For Tackling A Toddler Tantrum

Mr. 3-year-old has been testing the limits around here recently by throwing some pretty spectacular temper tantrums.

Because he was our first child, my husband and I have no idea what to do. We have done 'timeouts', ignored the screaming outbursts and taken toys/privileges away. But nothing has worked so I decided to turn to the experts:

Here is what they say:

Tantrums usually happen when your child is seeking attention or is tired, hungry, or uncomfortable. They are often the result of kids' frustration with the world — they can't get something (for example, an object or a parent) to do what they want.

Tantrums are common during the terrible two's, a time when your child is learning to speak. Toddlers generally understand more than they can express. Imagine not being able to communicate your needs to someone — a frustrating experience that may precipitate a tantrum. As language skills improve, tantrums tend to decrease.

Another task toddlers are faced with is an increasing need for more freedom. Your little one may want a sense of independence and control over the environment — more than they may be capable of handling. This creates the perfect condition for power struggles as a child thinks "I can do it myself" or "I want it, give it to me." When kids discover that they can't do it and can't have everything they want, the stage is set for a tantrum.

How to avoid them:
  • Make sure your child isn't acting up simply because he or she isn't getting enough attention. To a child, negative attention (a parent's response to a tantrum) is better than no attention at all. Try to establish a habit of catching your child being good ("time in"), which means rewarding your little one with attention for positive behavior.
  • Try to give toddlers some control over little things. This may fulfill the need for independence and ward off tantrums. Offer minor choices such as "Do you want orange juice or apple juice?" or "Do you want to brush your teeth before or after taking a bath?" This way, you aren't asking "Do you want to brush your teeth now?" — which inevitably will be answered "no."
  • Keep off-limits objects out of sight and out of reach to make struggles less likely to develop over them. Obviously, this isn't always possible, especially outside of the home where the environment can't be controlled.
  • Distract your child. Take advantage of your little one's short attention span by offering a replacement for the coveted object or beginning a new activity to replace the frustrating or forbidden one. Or simply change the environment. Take your toddler outside or inside or move to a different room.
  • Set the stage for success when kids are playing or trying to master a new task. Offer age-appropriate toys and games. Also, start with something simple before moving on to more challenging tasks.
  • Consider the request carefully when your child wants something. Is it outrageous? Maybe it isn't. Choose your battles; accommodate when you can.
  • Know your child's limits. If you know your toddler is tired, it's not the best time to go grocery shopping or try to squeeze in one more errand.
What To Do When The Storm Hits:

Stay Calm - Kids can sense when parents are becoming frustrated. This can just make their frustration worse, and you may have a more exaggerated tantrum on your hands. Instead, take deep breaths and try to think clearly.

No Spanking - physical tactics send the message that using force and physical punishment is OK. Instead, have enough self-control for both of you.

Ignore them - Ignoring the outburst is one way to handle it — if the tantrum poses no threat to your child or others. Continue your activities, paying no attention to your child but remaining within sight. Don't leave your little one alone, though, otherwise he or she may feel abandoned on top of all of the other uncontrollable emotions.

After the Storm

If your child has trouble stopping their tantrum it might help to say to say, "I'll help you settle down now."

However, if is not recommended to reward your child after a tantrum by giving in. This will only prove to your little one that the tantrum was effective. Instead, verbally praise a child for regaining control.

Afterwards, a hug and reassurance that your child is loved may help will help to re-build.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009
RECALL: Fisher-Price 3-in-1 High Chairs Due to Fall Hazard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Fisher Price, today announced a voluntary recall of about 24,000 3-in-1 High Chairs because the seat can fall backwards from high chair frame if the booster seat release is unlatched while the child is in the product.

Additionally, the seat back can detach if not fully snapped in place, posing a fall hazard and risk of serious injury to young children.

The firm has received one report of a seat back detaching and child falling out, resulting in a skull fracture.

This recall involves the 3-in-1 High Chair to Booster™, which converts from a high chair to a toddler booster seat. It includes a removable tray, height adjustment and folds for storage. The product number (P5369) is printed on the side of the seat, on a label on the seat pad, and on the product’s packaging.

Consumers should stop using the recalled high chairs immediately and contact Fisher-Price at (800) 432-5437 anytime or visit the firm’s Web site at www.service.mattel.com for instructions and a free repair kit.

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Angie Harmon Takes Her Girls To Monsters Vs. Aliens Premiere

Angie Harmon arrives at the premiere of Dreamworks' 'Monsters Vs. Aliens' with her two oldest daughters Finley 5, and Avery 3.

Not present is the newest addition to the family, Emery, who was born in December.

Premiere Of DreamWorks Monsters Vs. Aliens - Arrivals

Los Angeles Premiere of Dreamworks Animations Monsters VS. Aliens

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Nadya Suleman Fires Nursing Service

According to attorney Jeff Czech, Nadya Suleman has fired a nonprofit group of nurses that helped care for her children, accusing them of spying on her and reporting her to child welfare officials.

Last month an attorney for Angels in Waiting filed a complaint against the mom of 14 with child welfare officials, seeking an investigation into whether the mother could provide a suitable environment for her 14 children.

Nadya later had several confrontations with the nurses, her lawyer said, and the situation grew unbearable Sunday when she came to believe that Angels in Waiting founder Linda West-Conforti was allegedly filing a report against her with child welfare officials.

"It started out adversarial and never really resolved itself," Czech told The Associated Press. "Nadya felt that she was being judged wrongfully and she didn't need it. All it did was make a difficult situation worse."

Angels in Waiting had initially offered to provide around-the-clock care, to be paid for by public donations, but later scaled back its offer to only provide training to Nadya's nannies.

The nannies will now be trained by nurses from the Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center, where the octuplets were born on Jan. 26. Hospitals provide some training free of charge to new mothers.

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Monday, March 23, 2009
Hugh Gives Ava A Lift!

Hugh Jackman with his entire family take a walk to Hudson River Park in New York City.

Hugh's youngest child Ava is having blast riding on her dad's shoulders..

Hugh Jackman takes his family and relatives to the park in NYC

Hugh Jackman takes his family and relatives to the park in NYC

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