Wednesday, April 22, 2009
The First Years MiPump: Compact and Efficient

When I pump, I prefer to use an electric pump because of their efficiency.

The First Years offers 3 nicely priced options for new moms who are looking to pump, but not break the bank.

The single electric, double electric and deluxe double electric model all come with a portable, re-chargeable pump that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

I like the double electric model because it includes a one-handed handle. This feature gives you a free hand when pumping. The handle has two adjustments ; one to adjust the width between the pumps and another to manipulate the angle. This neat addition helps keep the breast shields in place, while allowing you to multi-task while pumping.

Also included with my pump was a pair of comfortable flexi-fit breast shields. In the past, the pumps I have used have had a hard plastic breast shield, which can be uncomfortable. MiPump's flexible shields stay in place and don't dig into my skin if I move.

The suction on this pump is good enough that I only needed to adjust it to the 3rd bar out of 4. I rarely use the highest suction level when I'm pumping because I find it only increases the pain, rather than milk flow. For that reason, I have only used this pump at 3/4 of it's ability, which still allowed me to express 3 ounces in just 5 minutes.

Moms on-the-go will like the rechargeable battery that comes with the MiPump. It is nice to not be chained to a certain location in the house because that's the only spot where you can plug in an adapter. This is also convenient for moms who need to pump in the car, bathroom at work or anywhere where there is no power outlet available.

The single electric, double electric and deluxe double electric pumps include:

  • a nipple and lid(2 with the double)
  • collection bottle(2 with the double)
  • the pump, base and cord
  • a pair of breast pads
  • a sample package of milk storage bags

AND a great tote bag that is big enough to hold all of your equipment with room to spare for diapers and wipes if necessary.

The First Years has designed a product that is discreet, efficient and budget conscious.

It is a great pump for moms who need to pump a few times a day.

More information available at learningcurve.com

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