Tuesday, June 02, 2009
Casa Kids Creates Modern, Practical Loft beds

I love loft beds! They are a multifunctional solution for a child's room. They add storage and create a complete living environment within their space. My son hides all of his worldly possessions is the drawers and forgets where everything is because there is so many places for his stuff to hide.

Casa Kids has created some sleek, modern loft beds that are practical for kids of today.

Their modular loft bed's standard features include: hanging closet, adjustable shelves, hamper, drawer, adjustable desk, bookshelves and ladder.

This practical solution also stimulates children's imagination and their desire to play in their rooms. The space under the bed is as important as the bed in itself and children enjoy transforming into their own private playroom.

The only downfall: They are pricey - starting at $3500

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