Sunday, July 19, 2009
Dannielynn's Day At The Park

Larry Birkhead spent the day being the doting dad to daughter Dannielynn at Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills yesterday.
Larry Birkhead and Dannielynn play at the park

Larry recently spoke about Dannielynn’s resemblance to her late mom Anna Nicole.
“The older that she gets, the more she’s starting to look like her mother,” he said.
Anna Nicole passed away just five months after Dannielynn’s birth and Larry is determined to keep her memory alive for their daughter.
“She’s at the age now where she starts, you know, asking about mommy — ‘Where’s mommy?’” he revealed. “I painted a picture of her mom … She loves it. She goes over and kisses it every night and things like that are real heartbreaking. Above my bed there’s pictures of Anna and she climbs up every morning and says, ‘Hi mommy!’ and ‘Goodnight mommy.’ Also when she’s being naughty I say, ‘Mommy’s watching!’”


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