Saturday, July 25, 2009
Eco Friendly Play: Vegetable Dyed Wooden Toys

Green Party Goods has a really nice collection of vegetable dyed wooden toys.

These Fair Trade wooden toys are extraordinary. They are the handicrafts and skills of rural artisans from a village in Southern India.

The beautiful shining finish is obtained by using lac which is a natural resin and is considered one of the few naturally available organic finishes. The wooden toys are colored using organic dyes:

  • Blue: Extracts from the Indigo plant
  • Yellow: Extracts from the Tumeric plant
  • Orange: Kanchi KumKum and Tumeric
  • Red: Kanchi KumKum and natural lime
  • Dark Brown: Extracts from the Ratanjyoti Tree
  • Light Brown: Extracts from Katha

The toys are crafted out of Hale wood and the entire tree is not felled, instead the bigger branches are cut. Keeping with our eco-friendly philosophy.

All toys are tested and found to be compliant with ASTM standards. Safe for the environment and non-toxic for our children.

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