Tuesday, July 07, 2009
Jillian Reynolds Expecting Baby#2!

It's official! Grant and Jillian Reynolds are expecting their second baby.

The Good Day LA host, who has been rumored to being expecting, confirmed the big news yesterday by saying.

“You know it’s not even a question anymore, [when] everyone is like, ‘You’re eating Doritos at 7 a.m., drinking 7-up and you’ve got a gut.’ Gee I wonder why? Yes, I’m pregnant. Helllloooo!”

Jay Mohr said to me, ‘What, you get a boob job?’ and I said ‘Why would I get a boob job, I already have big boobs?’ and he said ‘Umm…,’” Jillian recalled. “And I was driving home and said ‘Oh my God, I have a pregnancy test at home, I’m going to give it a try.’”

“I peed on the stick and went back 10 minutes later and it said ‘Pregnant,’ so I stuffed it in an early Father’s Day card for Grant. Grant and I, our sex life, still goin’ strong!”



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