Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Inventor Debuts World's First Color Bubbles

The playground is about to get a bit more colorful!

After ten years of experiments and discoveries, US Scientist, Tim Kehoe, has combined the simple joy of bubbles with the beauty and magic of color, inventing the world's first real colored bubbles.

Zubbles contain a special dye which gives them vibrant colors but disappears within just 15 minutes of the bubble popping.

Created from special dyes, the colour in Zubbles vanishes when exposed to air, water or pressure.

The elegant physics of bubbles is surprisingly simple - just two layers of soap enclosed by a layer of water a million times thinner than an inch.

However, nearly all attempts to tweak their creation have failed.

When paint or food colouring is added, it runs straight down the sides and forms a spot of dye on the base of the bubble.

And while some dyes have successfully stained bubbles, they also stained people's clothes.

More information available at zubbles.com (currently offered in pink and blue for $15/2 bottles)

Will you buy?


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Probably not... they look cool, but that's an awfully big premium to pay for a little colour, and kids are just as excited with regular bubbles.

If they were just a little more expensive than clear bubbles, then absolutely!

8/19/2009 07:55:00 pm  

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