Thursday, August 06, 2009
Kimora and Djimon Introduce Us To Kenzo

In an exclusive interview and photo shoot with OK!, Kimora, who also has two daughters Ming, 9 and Aoki, 7 ,(with ex-husband Russell Simmons) shows off her family’s newest addition.

“I just never thought it could be this good,” Kimora Lee Simmons coos to OK!. The 34-year-old Baby Phat CEO and Style Network star has every reason to be in love with life: she and her husband, actor Djimon Hounsou, welcomed their first child, a boy named Kenzo Lee, in May.

Here are some highlights:

How is Djimon is doing as a new father?

"He's so hands-on. He holds the baby, and he flicks the doodies. You wouldn't think a guy would be so hands-on, so supportive, so strong yet gentle."

Adding, "It's a big thing to not have to feel like you have to do everything yourself."

How Ming and Aoki are adapting to the new family member:

"They're so excited! They think they are little mommies."

"I believe the blended family is the look of the new American family," Kimora explains of her brood. "The majority of Americans have a step-this or half-that. I wanted to portray that and show that it is possible to have one with so much love and happiness."

Kimora and Djimon Introduce Us To KenzoKimora and Djimon Introduce Us To Kenzo

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