Thursday, August 27, 2009
Set Of Quads and Quints Enrolled in Same Kindergarten Class

You know that there are a lot of mega multiples in the world when....

This week a Prairie Hills Elementary School in Colorado Springs welcomed 2 sets of multiples. In an interesting move, the Denny quintuplets(3 girls, 2 boys) and the Langenbahn quadruplets(4 boys - 2 sets of identicals) have all been enrolled in the same Kindergarten class.

"It's definitely unique," said teacher Melissa Coleman, who has 4-year old twins of her own at home.

"I think I definitely have an advantage in that sense and I definitely have a heart for it," said Coleman.

So far, things are going well in Mrs. Coleman's class. Tuesday was the only the fifth day of school and the kids are already branching out and making new friends.

"I try to have them meet a new friend everyday. They usually come home and say mom I met my new friend today," said April Langenbahn, mother of the quadruplets.

During class activities, Mrs. Coleman encourages the siblings to sit at different tables and to play with other children, just as she does with preschool or neighborhood buddies who land in her classroom together. But the challenge of educating multiples twins and up won end in her classroom.

Set Of Quads and Quints Enrolled in Same Kindergarten ClassSet Of Quads and Quints Enrolled in Same Kindergarten Class

The school plans is to work closely with the parents this year to help them decide if they want to keep their multiples in the same class next year.

Both moms said they think they will probably put their kids in different classrooms after this year, at least to some extent maybe splitting them up three and two for the Dennys and two and two for the Langenbahns.

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PHOTOCREDIT: The Denny Family & Langenbahns website

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