Monday, September 07, 2009
Surviving Nigerian Sextuplets To Be Placed In Orphanage

Just 7 months after their amazing entrance, the 3 surviving Nigerian sextuplets are being handed over to an orphanage tomorrow.

Surviving Nigerian Sextuplets To Be Placed In Orphanage

Hospital officials say they have no choice. The babies mom, Amudat Bello, passed away shortly after their arrival and their father, who ran away after they were born, has renounced his paternity and given up his rights.

During their stay in the NICU the hospital’s management opened an account for the infants at a local bank where people and organizations could donate money for their upkeep.

Now that they are well enough to go home, they will be discharged tomorrow to a local orphanage. It's all very sad. These babies have survived so much. Now they will live in a facility where they could be split up in order to be adopted.

Their birth holds the record of the highest number of babies delivered in one birth, in Nigeria. There have been two other cases of the birth of quadruplets.

These are the families that need support. Not the ones living in million dollar houses.

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Why is that last paragraph necessary?

10/10/2009 01:18:00 pm  

Because it is sad to me that these babies weren't important enough for anyone to step and care for them, yet the world fawns over the Gosselins and continues to fuel their lavish lifestyle.

The spectrum is so extreme, it's unfortunate.

10/10/2009 01:22:00 pm  

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