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Saturday, October 31, 2009
Memory Loss Causes Mom To Forget Her Baby Every Couple Days

Like a scene from 50 First Dates, Karen Wilkinson-Wigham, 37, needs to keep a “mummy diary” so she can look back on it and remember the baby that she forgets giving birth to.

Karen has short term memory loss and every few days forgets what has happened prior. This diary ensures that she will not forget anything about her baby George and his life growing up.

'My diary is so important to me because when George is older and asks me questions he will have everything written down for him.'

She added: 'It is also helps me too.'

On Christmas Day in 2005 Karen began feeling ill and was suffering from severe migraines. A few days later she fell into a coma where doctors told her family that if she did awake, she would be left in a vegetative state. However, Karen amazed them and came out with only short-term memory loss.

During the following months, Karen focused on learning how to walk again and re-establishing her relationship with her fiance Brian all over again.

Despite the almost full recovery, Karen was given the devastating news that she never get to be a mom. Just before she was due to have a hysterectomy, an ultrasound revealed that she was actually 20 weeks pregnant.

'I was terrified it was cancer at first, so we were so elated it was a baby and were were out straight away buying baby clothes and all sorts for him.'
Just a few short days before the baby was supposed to be born an ultrasound had revealed that their baby boy Joshua had passed away.

Shortly after Karen became pregnant again, but sadly her second child, Georgia, who was born still.

Karen said: 'I can't recall much about it but I feel sick because the emptiness and pain at such a terrible loss are still there.'

Last year, when Karen became pregnant again, she began writing down when she felt her baby kick and had scans when she could not remember the last time she felt movement.

The happy couple were blessed with the birth of baby George last month weighing a healthy 7lbs.
Karen said: 'After so many nightmares, I can't believe Brian and I have a healthy baby. The diary will help me remember.

'I have a strong Christian faith and a wonderfully supportive family - my mum is constantly at my side helping me care for George.'

She added: 'Now, I don't let it all get me down. Instead, I feel lucky I'm alive and have been blessed with such a beautiful baby.'

I cannot even imagine what it would be like to forget your child every few days. To not remember things that are so special and important. She is an amazing woman!

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The Baby Who Can't Cry

When Jody Woods and Joshua Sutterfield welcomed their baby boy Devon on October 19th, they knew something wasn’t right.

"Right when he came out he was squeaking when he cried. We thought he might have a little something that they didn't suction out," said Sutterfield, 24, of Cullman, Ala.
After some tests and x-rays the doctors came to dad with some bad news. Baby Devon had paralyzed vocal chords. The squeaky noise that was heard upon his birth is actually something called stridor, which is like the sound of air whistling through a blocked airway.
Vocal cords, or vocal folds as doctors call it, affect how we speak, breathe and swallow – they close to let us swallow, they narrow to let us speak and open to let us breathe, explained Dr. Steven Goudy, assistant professor of otolaryngology at the Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee. "Because you do have two vocal folds it could be one not working or both of them not working," said Goudy. "We see it several times a year, but it is still very rare."
Devon’s dad says that when he tries to cry it causes him to have breathing problems, sometimes turning him blue.
"The further it goes the less cry you hear," said Sutterfield. "When he'd cry -- he'd cry so hard that he'd lose oxygen."
As of right now the doctors do not know what caused the paralysing of Devon's vocal chords. This occurs to one in one million babies that are born. Unfortunately Devon's parents have learned that this can be life threatening. Devon is in hospital so that he can receive oxygen as he needs it and so the doctors can try and figure out how to treat him. The biggest issue is making sure that he is okay eating and breathing. If issues do arise then baby Devon will most likely need a tracheotomy.

Doctors say that between 35 and 50 % of these cases can be explained. There are many different disorders of the brain that could explain why this happened as well as a possible congenital heart problem, or even nerve damage at birth.

Yet roughly half of all children with paralyzed vocal folds are classified as having congenital vocal fold paralysis -- meaning there's no known reason for it, according to Hartnick. "Around 60 percent of the time these children will recover in the first year of life," he said. In those cases, the damaged nerves leading to the vocal fold either slowly repairs itself or whatever was blocking the nerve is remediated.
I hope that doctors are able to figure out why Devon's vocal chords are paralyzed and treat him as easily as possible!

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Friday, October 30, 2009
Courtney Thorne-Smith and Son Jake Hike The Hills

Courtney Thorne-Smith was spotted this afternoon hiking in Brentwood with son Jake.

The nature loving mom toted her little cutie in an Ergo Baby Carrier in Black/Green.

Courtney Thorne-Smith and Son Jake Hike The HillsCourtney Thorne-Smith and Son Jake Hike The Hills


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Jennifer Garner and The Girls Stroll in Boston

Jennifer Garner was spotted out walking in Boston yesterday afternoon with her two girls Seraphina, 10 months and Violet, 4 (December 1st).

Jennifer Garner strolls in Boston with her daughter Seraphina and Violet Affleck

The down-to-earth mama was recently named as the new spokesperson for Save the Children’s Make Time For CHANGE campaign.
The charity’s CHANGE program (Creating Healthy, Active, and Nurturing Growing-up Environments) has teamed up with Frigidaire to donate $1 to every pledge made on the official website to raise funds to help at-risk children in need in the United States.“I grew up in West Virginia, which is a state that has struggled a lot,” Garner told People.com. “It needs so badly the exact kind of support that Save the Children offers, which is helping kids perform better in school … because they are healthier and not worrying about food.”
Jennifer pushes a Mclaren Grand Tour LX Stroller.


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Study: Steep Rise In Down's Syndrome Diagnosis

Research conducted at Queen Mary, University of London, has found that the number of Down's Syndrome pregnancies rose as women are deciding to have children later in life. The same study also revealed that despite the increased diagnoses, the number of babies born with the chromosomal disorder has remained almost unchanged because of improved screening and subsequent abortions.

Delaying motherhood is the reason for a 71% increase in the number of babies diagnosed with Down's syndrome in the last two decades.

Stats show that in 1989/90 there were 1,075 with down syndrome and now for 2007/08 that went up to 1,843.

A woman in her 30s has a 1 in 940 chance of having a baby that is diagnosed with down syndrome. At the age of 40 this rises to 1 in 85.

Live births of Down's babies fell from 752 to 743 –or 1.10 to 1.08 per 1,000 births – over the period of time covered by the research. If screening had not happened, the number of babies born with Down's would have risen by 48%.
Around 92% of women who were screened and got a Down's syndrome diagnosis decided to terminate their pregnancy. This is a HUGE number.
Terminations of Down's syndrome pregnancies due to an increase and improvements in antenatal screening have caused the number of live births with Down's syndrome to remain constant." The study used data from the Down's register for England and Wales, published online by the British Medical Journal."
Any thoughts on this? I know that I feel that these babies have just as much of a right to be born and live a life as any other baby. It is sad that so many parents are choosing to abort a child that would teach them so much about life that probably isn't possible with another child. - Shannon, Staff Writer


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RECALL: Halloween Flashlights Sold Exclusively at Target Due to Burn Hazard

Target is recalling about 600,000 halloween flashlights because they can overheat and melt, posing a burn hazard to consumers.

The firm has received eight reports of flashlights overheating and melting, including one report of burns to the hand.

This recall involves two types of Halloween-themed flashlights: the mini flashlights and flashlights sold with stencils.

Mini Flashlights - The mini flashlights have a key ring extending from the bottom and were sold in a pack of three colors: orange, green and black. The orange and purple packaging has "Mini Flashlights (3 Pack)" printed on the front and "DGI", "Made in China" and "DPCI# 234-02-1813" printed on the back.

Standard Size Flashlights - Also included in the recall are standard sized flashlights with a black handle and an orange top. The flashlights were sold with six stencils in various colors and images: a pumpkin, ghost, spider, cat, witch and skull & cross-bones. "Flashlight with Stencil" is printed on the front and "Tien Hsing," "Made in China" and "234 02 1838" is printed on the back of the packaging.

The flashlights were sold at Target stores nationwide from August 2009 through September 2009 for $1 for the mini flashlights and $2.50 for the flashlights with stencils. They were made in China.

Consumers should immediately stop using the flashlights and return the product to any Target store for a full refund.

For additional information, contact Target at (800) 440-0680 between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. CT Monday through Friday, or visit the firm"s Web site at www.target.com.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009
Crayola's Lights, Camera, Color (Access Code and GIVEAWAY)

Crayola has introduced a cool new application called Lights, Camera, Color. By logging onto the company's website kids can spend hours creating their own customized coloring pages.

While no purchase is necessary if you want to just look around and create a project, you will need a special code to print your work. Crayola's 64, 96, 120-ct., and the 150-ct. Crayon Tower all have an access code under that lid to give you 6 months of Lights, Camera, Color play.

Once on the site, your kids will have the opportunity to customize their coloring pages three ways.

  1. By uploading a favorite picture - then Crayola's color removing vacuum takes the color out leaving
  2. Using the Body Builder tool to create a character or monster just in time for Halloween!
  3. Using the Gizmo Gears application to design a cool car/truck

Lights, Camera, Color is a great way for kids to feel like they have created a piece of art from start to finish. I love Crayola. They have been a arts and crafts staple in our house for a few years now. My son really enjoys using this program. He loves 'vacuuming' pics of our dog and his little brother.

Try it! Crayola has given us an access code (below) so that our readers can use Lights, Camera, Color for 24 hours.

We had 2(two) 150ct Crayola Crayon Towers(includes access code for 6 months) to giveaway!

Congratulations to our winners Kerri and Noreen!

Thank you to the sites that blogged about our giveaway:

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Snazzy Baby For Active Kids

Snazzy Baby was created by Australian mom Cyndy Mundy after she needed to find a way to protect her active tot’s tender knees from a day of crawling on the carpet.

When I met with Cyndy last month she noticed how active my son was and suggested I may need a pair of her knee pads. I agreed. Because our first floor is a combination hardwood and ceramic, my little guy constantly has bruises on his knees from whipping around.

Snazzy Baby's knee protectors are great because they have an easy fastening system that can be adjusted as my son grows and Non-slip "traction beads" embossed on to the Neoprene to give him better traction on our slippery floors.

For the longest time he would do the military crawl when crawling on our ceramic floors because he couldn't get proper traction. Wearing the Snazzy Baby knee pads over his pants has helped him learn how to crawl properly and safely.

I always thought that knee pads for babies was an unnecessary product until my own son developed war wounds from learning how to get around.

Parents of special needs children will also appreciate that Snazzy Baby knee pads are endorsed by medical professionals and can be used with children with special needs such as hemophilia, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and muscular dystrophy.

Snazzy Baby's knee pads are $20.99 or $24.99 with a pair of leg warmers.

Designed for kids from 4 months to 4 years.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Liv Chases An Excited Milo

An excited Milo Langdon blew off some energy and gave his mom a run for her money after getting picked up from school today.

The two got extra silly as they were hit by the heavy winds which blew threw LA today!

Liv carries Milo's Crocodile Creek Kids Pocket Lunch Box with a stegosaurus on it.

Liv Chases An Excited MiloLiv Chases An Excited Milo


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Kingston Slays Pumpkins in LA

With just a few days left to get ready for Halloween, the Rossdales dropped by LA’s famed Pumpkin Patch, Mr. Bones to pick out the perfect pumpkins to carve for the big night.

Kingston Slays Pumpkins in LA

Kingston ran around the patch slaying pumpkins in his Lightning McQueen costume, while Zuma was content to hang out with his parents.


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Featured Product Review: Peg Perego Si Stroller

Peg Perego's Si Stroller is an awesome lightweight stroller that has many full size stroller features. Weighing in at just under 17lbs, this compact, easy to operate stroller is a great fit for parents who need a product that will accommodate their growing needs. From birth it can be used as a travel system with an infant seat, then a regular day to day stroller that folds up nicely for traveling.

For the last few weeks we have been testing it from one side of the country to the other - literally!

Here is what we found.

Installation - Out of the box the Si was pretty much ready to go. All I needed to do was clip on the storage basket and open it up.

If you have problems, the Si also comes with a great booklet that shows you everything your need - step by step.

Getting Started - Unfolding this stroller is really easy. All you need to do is unclip the lever on the left side of the stroller, give it a bit of a shake and then lock the bracket in the back.

Comfort and Features - The Si offers a lot of great features not normally seen in this stroller weight class. For safety, it has a five-point harness with the 2010 version adding a bumper bar. There is a 3 position(almost flat) seat recline, height adjustable handle bars and a 2 position foot rest.

For older children, the Si has a good size seat (13inches wide) and a high canopy that will keep taller toddlers(up to 45lbs) comfy without brushing their head. When opened fully, the Si's canopy offers some of the best coverage I have seen on a lightweight stroller. Moms who want to keep track of their little ones will also like the peek-a-boo window.

Underneath the seat is a good size storage basket big enough to hold a large sized diaper bag. The only problem with this is that the basket will drag if your bag is too heavy. For this I suggest you strap your diaper bag to the handle bars and use the storage basket for lighter purchases, if out shopping. This works well if your child stays in the stroller. But not so great if you need to carry your baby. Because the stroller is so light, a weighted handle will cause the whole thing to tip backwards once your child is removed. While this sounds simple, it's easy to forget. I have tipped this stroller quite a few times leaving the mall trying to rush.

Travel System - 2 cables that come with the 2009 version stroller allow the Si to be converted it into a travel system. While Peg Perego strollers are normally only compatible with the Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 Infant seat, the Si will accept most car seats that have a belt path on each side.

Folding - To avoid confusion, Peg Perego has numbered the two levers needed to close the stroller. I love this! No guess work - just pull here first and then here. Once closed, this stroller stands independently and it also features a carrying strap on the side.

This makes the Si a dream to travel with.

Cleaning - While on a recent trip, an unfortunate event ended with a whole breakfast landing on the seat of the stroller. Surprisingly enough, for the amount of food that landed on it, the stroller fared quite well. But when I got home and started to take it apart to fully clean it, I was surprised to find that it doesn't come apart. It looks like it comes apart, but it doesn't, unless I wanted to get into unscrewing stuff, which I don't.

Improvements - With anything, there is always a wish list of thing you would like see improved.

I personally would love Peg Perego to make a good cupholder. The tiny one that comes with most of their strollers doesn't many beverage cups, including my re-usable water bottle. Having some part of the seat come apart for cleaning would also be a bonus for parents who will be using this stroller everyday.

Overall, I like this stroller and I would recommend it to any parent who wants a nice looking stroller that can go anywhere.

$232.00 on Amazon

Peg Perego Si Specs:

  • Width - 20"
  • Seat Width - 13"
  • Seat to top of Canopy - 25"
  • Ground to Handle - 41"
  • Stroller Length - 33.5"
  • Folded Dimensions - 39" x 13" x 13"
  • Front Wheel Size - 6.5"
  • Weight - 16.8lbs - to get this I weighed myself holding the stroller and then subtracted that number from my weight alone

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Baby bottle maker, Adiri, Closes Down

Baby bottle maker, Adiri, is the latest company to succumb to the weak economy. The company’s Web site only offered this message:

“We at Adiri would like to thank our loyal customers, retailers and partners for all the support you have provided Adiri and its products over the years. Unfortunately, due to the financial pressures that many businesses face today, we made the difficult decision to cease all business operations. With gratitude, we wish you all the best of luck. Warmest regards, the Adiri team.”

Adiri manufactured bottles designed with the help of doctors, moms and lactation consultants. The company started in 2000 with the debut of the Breastbottle Nurser.

Last year, the company introduced the Natural Nurser bottle, which was 100% BPA- and polycarbonate-free and had a “fill, twist and feed” system. From what I understood, the newly designed bottle was very popular. I guess not popular enough.

This is very sad. I know many moms who are very fond of the Adiri bottle. It was the first of it's kind.


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Lansinoh Is Celebrating Their 25th Anniversary With 25 BreastFeeding Gift Basket Giveaway

Lansinoh is celebrating their 25th anniversary by giving away 25 gift baskets filled with the products that have supported breastfeeding mothers for a quarter century.

Each basket includes the entire line of Lansinoh products, including the Double Electric Breast Pump, Manual Breast Pump, HPA Lanolin, Disposable Nursing Pads, Soothies by Lansinoh Gel Pads, LatchAssist, Breastmilk Storage Bags, Breastmilk Storage Bottles, Diaper Rash Ointment, and Clean and Condition Cloths.

Lansinoh Is Celebrating Their 25th Anniversary With 25 BreastFeeding Gift Basket Giveaway

To enter the giveaway, visit Lansinoh's By Moms For Moms blog and tell them about your most rewarding breastfeeding experience in a comment on this post. Twenty-five winners will be randomly selected from the pool of applicants. Deadline for submission is Saturday, Nov. 21 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

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Matilda and Michelle: Rainy Stroll To School

Michelle Williams and daughter Matilda Ledger braved the rain this morning during their stroll to school.

Matilda and Michelle: Rainy Stroll To SchoolMatilda and Michelle: Rainy Stroll To School

For the last few weeks Michelle has been in the high desert outside Burns, Oregon shooting the movie Meek’s Cutoff.

The pair just returned to NYC on Sunday.

To stay warm and dry, Matilda wears a Pair of pink Hunter wellies and a Petit Bateau Raincoat .

{INFphoto.com and Splash}

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Product Review: Lamaze Play House Gym

From birth, Lamaze is a toy line that has been staple in our household. Both my sons adore everything they make including their cast of characters and developmental playsets.

Keeping in this tradition, the new Lamaze Play House Gym($80) has been a hit for us. This bright playspace offers many features that keep both the baby and mommy happy.

Out of the box, I was impressed with the detail on both sides of the mat. Designed like a house, this reversible pad comes complete with backyard, front door, garage and flower garden scenes on the outside. And an eating, playing, bathing and sleeping baby on the inside.

The whole mat is easy to put together and take a part. In fact, it packs up nicely for easy storage or to accommodate a child who is able to sit and play with the activities on the outside.

I like that the Lamaze Play House Gym comes with characters that mirror those in most households; a mommy, daddy, baby, cat and flower! The latter 3 double as shapes that can be placed on a Velcro pad on the outside. Also included are a baby activated lights and music sun, perfect for visual tracking and a mirror for self discovery.

Now that my youngest son has outgrown the laying on his back and waiting for stuff to happen stage, he loves to crawl through this mat like it's a tunnel. We also lay the mat out flat as a soft play area when we are out at either grandparents house.

In order to keep all of our toys organized, I store all of my youngest son's soft toys inside this gym when they're not being played with. It Velcro's up just like a purse for easy storage, complete with handles for carrying. The baby knows that this is where his toys are kept and I often find him rummaging through it looking for his favorite stuff.

Lamaze uses the softest Velcro tape I have ever come across. It is smooth, but effective and I don't have to worry about the baby scratching his face or hands if he gets a little crazy with the toys.

Overall, I think that Lamaze has thought of almost everything when designing this vibrant playspace. The only thing missing from this set is a tummy pad, which may make tummy time more comfortable for younger babies.

I recommend this for babies from newborn up to a year.

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Tweetlebug Boutique: WIN Mackynzie Duggar's Newborn Hat!

Just hours after Mackynzie Duggar arrived 2 weeks ago, she was pictured wearing the cutest little hat with a bow in front.

Tweetlebug Boutique: WIN Mackynzie Duggar's Newborn Hat!

The I Am Not A Boy™ Hat from the Tweetlebug Boutique features a beautiful bow letting everyone know your precious girl has arrived. These hats are handmade from newborn hospital hat material allowing you to keep the traditional newborn nursery look, with added style for your newest addition.

WIN IT! We had 2 Tweetlebug Boutique Hats to giveaway. This would be the perfect had to keep your newborn warm!

Congratulations to our winners Amy and Becky!

PHOTO PROPERTY OF Josh and Anna Duggar

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Monday, October 26, 2009
Roundup: Celebrity Pumpkin Picking Weekend!

The annual trip to the pumpkin patch is a favorite fall festivity for many families - including celebrities.

This weekend many of them flocked to their local Pumpkin patches to select the perfect one to carve into a jack-o'-lantern for Halloween.

Here are a few pictures of some of the celebrity families spotted this weekend.

Tori Spelling along with husband Dean McDermott and kids Liam Aaron and Stella Doreen visit a pumpkin patch in Woodland Hills, California.

Roundup: Celebrity Pumpkin Picking Weekend!Roundup: Celebrity Pumpkin Picking Weekend!

Chris Noth,Tara Wilson and their son Orion Christopher visit Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch.

Roundup: Celebrity Pumpkin Picking Weekend!Roundup: Celebrity Pumpkin Picking Weekend!

Chad Lowe Kim Painter and baby daughter Mabel Painter Lowe at Mr. Bones.

Mabel is cute and happy in a BabyBjorn Carrier Air

Roundup: Celebrity Pumpkin Picking Weekend!Roundup: Celebrity Pumpkin Picking Weekend!

Tim Allen, wife Jane Hajduk and daughter Elizabeth Allen at Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch

Roundup: Celebrity Pumpkin Picking Weekend!Roundup: Celebrity Pumpkin Picking Weekend!

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Non-toxic, Eco-Friendly Rooware Makes Eating Fun & Saves Room for Sustainability

Rooware is an adorable, eco-friendly collection of tableware for children which features cartoonish characters called Earthsavers to encourage environmental awareness at every meal. Made of sustainable, plant based, as opposed to petroleum based plastic, the Rooware collection is BPA, phthalate and PVC free and available in a kid-friendly, colorful range including rooplates, roocups, roobowls and rootencils.

Both compostable and biodegradable, Rooware is a earth conscious alternative to the ubiquitous plastic tableware products on the market. Created by a mother of four who wanted to be certain her children were using healthy, green, and fun eating gear, Rooware also boasts the conveniences of being microwavable and dishwasher safe.

Available in four character varieties to pique the interests of both boys and girls: Lexie, Kai, Jaz and Zach, the Earthsavers featured on Rooware tableware will soon appear in an animated cartoon series to be launched next month on the Rooware website. Kids may also customize their tableware on the Rooware website via an engaging, interactive dress-up game.

Now, if we could only get them to eat whatever we put on their Rooware plates...

Non-toxic, Eco-Friendly Rooware Makes Eating Fun & Saves Room for SustainabilityNon-toxic, Eco-Friendly Rooware Makes Eating Fun & Saves Room for SustainabilityNon-toxic, Eco-Friendly Rooware Makes Eating Fun & Saves Room for SustainabilityNon-toxic, Eco-Friendly Rooware Makes Eating Fun & Saves Room for Sustainability

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Samantha Burke Introduces Us To Sophia, Jude Law's 4th Child

New mom Samantha Burke is introducing adorable five-week-old Sophia - her baby from a brief relationship with actor Jude Law – exclusively in the pages of Hello!.

In a world exclusive interview to accompany the photoshoot, the 25-year-old tells their story, including the high emotion when she gave birth - supported by her mum, her best friend, and three of her close pals.
Sophia, who is the fourth child for Jude Law, was rumored to have been conceived while he the actor was filming Sherlock Holmes in New York.

The new mom admits Jude has not contacted her since Sophia was born, insisting the exclusive photo session she has sold to Hello! magazine will be the actor's first glimpse of his little girl. But she hopes the star will make arrangements to see Sophia once he has a break from performing on Broadway in Hamlet.

She tells the publication, "There are no plans for it to happen at the moment, but I know he is busy. Once you see her face, how can you deny it? "She has Jude's chin and nose, and she does a little pout that I notice he's done before."

Burke insists she's desperate for Law to "be just as good as he is to his three children by Sadie Frost."

She adds, "I think of my relationship with my father, and I think it's just as important as your relationship with your mother. I'm very hopeful that it'll work out, for Sophia's sake.

"All she needs is just to know that he's there for her if she ever needs him. He'll fall in love with her when he sees her."

Jude Law has two sons, Rafferty and Rudy, as well as a daughter, Iris, with his ex-wife Frost.


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BLIK Removable Wall Graphics Turn Nurseries into Daydreams

Every parent is faced with the invigorating yet sometimes confounding task of creating the perfect bedroom for their child. To paint or not to paint? Colors? Themes that will grow with the child? BLIK, the world’s first removable wall graphic company, has come to the rescue of head scratching parents everywhere by providing a wide range of unique, awe-inspiring wall decor that may be thoroughly enjoyed and easily removed -- sticking around only as long as you or your child would like it to.

BLIK was founded by Scott Flora, an architect and Jerinne Neils, a food writer, when they realized there were few other options than wallpaper or paint available for infusing a room with life. They created removable wall graphics as a much less permanent alternative for those looking for something different and unique -- also a perfect solution for renters who can’t physically alter their living spaces.

Regardless of the theme or look you’re after, BLIK no doubt has an offering to suit everyone’s decor motif. Their baby and kid-friendly designs include an array of animal, nature, and even video game graphics that will bring walls to life and turn bedrooms and nurseries into daydreamy dwellings. BLIK will even custom design a one-of-a-kind wall graphic for your wee one, based on your vision and direction.

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