Saturday, October 03, 2009
Buffalo Couple Welcomes Quintuplets

Exciting news in the North!

New York couple Bridgett Maskell and John Mistalski are the proud parents of 5 tiny little babies. The three girls and two boys arrived at just twenty five weeks gestation on Thursday afternoon at the at Women and Children's Hospital in Buffalo.

The new mom was hoping to deliver the babies closer to her January due date. However on Thursday, "all of a sudden, my heart starting beating really, really fast and I couldn't breathe then contraction, after contraction, so I knew she was going to deliver them," said Maskell.

Dr. Stephanie Mann said a team was set up for each baby in the delivery room.

As for their prognosis, Dr. Mann said, "for 25 weekers, they're actually doing as expected. All of the babies are on respiratory support."

The largest baby weighs just under two pounds, the smallest is just shy of one pound.

Now that the size of the family has jumped from four to nine, the parents are scrambling to get necessary items like car seats and a vehicle to transport the entire family.

Bridget and John also have a set of twins at home.

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