Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Just Like Mommy: Baby Alive Woopsie Doo GIVEAWAY

Your child can be just like mommy with Hasbro's new Baby Alive Woopsie Doo. This adorable little one loves to "drink" “juice” from her bottle and, when she's all done "eating," Baby Alive Woopsie Doo "pees" and "poops" just like a real baby! When it's time to go, she'll cry out and wriggle her arms and legs to let you know it's time to change her diaper.

After she's all clean, Baby Alive Woopsie Doo is ready to play with her adorable teddy bear rattle and will make realistic happy cooing sounds like a real baby.

We have 1 Baby Alive to giveaway. The doll comes with bottle, 2 packets of doll juice mix, 2 doll diapers, rattle and t-shirt. Made for kids aged 3 and up.

Congratulations to our winner Casie S who said, "I have two adorable daughters who would love to win this doll. Thanks."

Thank you to all of the sites who blogged about the giveaway:

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