Saturday, October 10, 2009
Pump on A Budget: Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

Moms who are looking to express their milk on a budget normally choose a manual pump.

Even though pumping manually takes longer than their electric counterparts, you can get a nice efficient pump for under $40.

Here are some benefits of manual pumps:

  • They are typically silent and thus more discreet than an electric pump, which can be quite noisy at times.
  • Allow you to control the intensity of suction to mimic your baby’s sucking more closely.
  • They are extremely lightweight and portable.
  • Manual pumps cost a fraction of what some more elaborate electric models do.

For the last few weeks, I have been using Lanisoh's manual breast pump. This reasonably priced option is not only efficient, but easy to use. I also like Lansinoh's ergonomic handle and lightweight compact design.

Out of the box, I was able to start pumping in less than 5 minutes(including bottle wash time). The kit came with the pump, ComfortSeal cushion, two standard bottles, two extra valves, two bottle rings and two sealing disks, one cleaning bra, one extra silicone diaphram and a base to support the unit when not in use. To get me started, a couple of collection bags were also included just in case I was looking to freeze my 'gold'.

While manual pumping can sometimes be tedious and uncomfortable, I haven't found that either is an issue with this product.

In contrast, this pump is just as quick as it's electric counterparts, while collecting the same amount of milk. It is comfortable and is compatible with other types of bottles.

I would recommend this pump to moms who are looking to pump occasionally, maybe once a day. This would not be a good option for moms who are pumping exclusively for a premature baby or those who are back to work and need to pump all day.

Thank you to Lansinoh for sending this pump over for us to review.

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