Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Kid Tested: Infantino 'Under The Big Top' Carnival (GIVEAWAY)

Last year Infantino introduced a new Pre-school line to their already extensive collection of toys.

Geared towards kids aged 12 months and up, this line of offers a lot of great toys that could strengthen important developmental skills like hand-eye coordination, creative play, Independent Play and fine motor.

For the last few weeks my boys have been trying out the 'Under The Big Top' Carnival. This cause and effect toy's bright colors and animated noises have been a hit with my youngest son. He goes from one side to the other making everything move and shake.

To make the Carnival work, kids can press down the plunger to hear the popcorn 'pop', hammer the platform to make the elephant hit the bell, flip the switch to make the guy leave the cannon and twist the knob to teeter/totter the lion.

This all-in-one activity center is nicely designed for little ones. I like that there aren't any small parts and that everything is just the right size for tiny hands.

I would recommend this collection of toys to anyone who is looking for a great gift idea that is reasonably priced.

WIN IT!! Infantino offered 2 Growing Your Baby readers the opportunity to win either the Colors & Shapes Moover or Counting Penguin. Aren't they adorable?

Congratulations to our winners Erin and Angela!

Thank you to the sites that blogged about our giveaway:

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