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Friday, July 31, 2009
Recycled Goods: 10 Lovable Sock Creatures

I love the creative way crafters find ways to use stuff we may throw out.

Here are 10 loveable sock creatures that are all handmade with love. They all make use of that poor sock that has lost it's partner.

What a great idea for a gift topper.

Recycled Goods: 10 Lovable Sock Creatures

  1. Pink Purple and Blue Stripey Sock Monkey $42.50
  2. Bada Sock Monkey $29
  3. Applehead Monstoe $30
  4. Longest Ears Sock Bunny $28
  5. Julio, the piglet $14
  6. Socktopus the Sock Monkey Octopus $25
  7. Robert $26
  8. Mythical Spotted Sock Cat $35
  9. MONSTERS FOR M.S $20 - all proceed go to the MS Society
  10. Shake a Tail Feather Cute flapper Bunny Rabbit Sock Doll $17

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Giselle's Baby Bump Airbrushed From Photo Campaign For Privacy Reasons

Promotional photos were released this week of the new London Fog campaign featuring Gisele Bundchen looking as stunning as ever. The only thing missing? Her baby bump!

London Fog’s Chief Marketing Officer Dari Marder said:
“Although Gisele was photographed while pregnant, most of the shots have been retouched to respect her privacy during this wonderful and personal time in her life.
“Nobody is sexier or more beautiful than Gisele Bundchen in nothing but a London Fog trench coat, even with her visible baby bump.”

The adverts for the company will be published in October, when it is rumored she will be around seven months pregnant.

The Brazilian beauty is rumored to be due to give birth on December 14.

So far, Gisele has refused to confirm reports she and husband Tom Brady are expecting their first child together. I guess only time will tell…

At some point Gisele won’t be able to hide that she is expecting. It’s just weird to me that she would go to such lengths to cover up the shape of her body. It’s not like her stomach is see-thru and we can see her growing baby.


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Gwen and Gavin Enjoy The Beach At Dana Point

Gwen Stefani took time out of her tour schedule to visit the beach at Dana Point in Laguna Niguel with her hubby and their two sons Kingston and Zuma.

The proud parents took turn snapping pictures of each other with their boys enjoying the water.

Gwen and NoDoubt will play 4 concerts over the next 5 nights in the area.

Pop Star Gwen Stefani and rocker husband Gavin Rossdale take their two sons Kingston and Zuma to the beach at Dana Point in Laguna Niguel this afternoon

Pop Star Gwen Stefani and rocker husband Gavin Rossdale take their two sons Kingston and Zuma to the beach at Dana Point in Laguna Niguel this afternoon

Pop Star Gwen Stefani and rocker husband Gavin Rossdale take their two sons Kingston and Zuma to the beach at Dana Point in Laguna Niguel this afternoon

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Thursday, July 30, 2009
RECALL: Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Sets Due to Fall Hazard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Little Tykes, today announced a voluntary recall of about 1,950 Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set because the recalled swing sets did not come with assembly directions for the swing seat harness. The swing seat harness assembly needs to be completed by the consumer. The swing seats can detach if the harness is not assembled properly, which could result in fall and injury during use.

The Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set is a plastic molded product that features a climbing wall, rope ladder, slide and two swings with blue and yellow seats. Only the blue seat model is being recalled. The model numbers are 400V and 612398.

Consumers should stop using recalled swing sets immediately until they have obtained and carefully read the assembly instructions for the swing seat harness. Instructions can be obtained by accessing the Little Tikes Web site or by calling the firm’s hotline.

For additional information, contact Little Tikes toll free at (800) 321-0183 between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. ET Saturday, or visit the firm’s Web site at www.littletikes.com

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Absolutely Adorable! Huggies Poop Face Ads

Oligy Brazil has put together a cute ad campaign using parents flickr photos of their babies.

Huggies Poopy Face Ads

In the campaign titled "Anytime. Anywhere" 4 adorable infants are captured making that face that moms are so familiar with. Genius!

Huggies Poopy Face AdsHuggies Poopy Face AdsHuggies Poopy Face Ads

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Health Canada Finds BPA in 'BPA Free Bottles'

Health Canada scientists have found bisphenol A leaching into the liquid of plastic baby bottles marketed to parents as being free of the toxic chemical.

The study says "traces" of the toxin were found in "BPA-free" bottles while internal correspondence between a department official and the lead scientist went further, characterizing the amounts in two brands as "high readings."

Health Canada Finds BPA in 'BPA Free Bottles'

Manufacturers of non-polycarbonate plastic baby bottles, however, were quick to challenge the "shocking" results, saying there must be a problem with the way the agency conducted the research.

Government scientists conducted the tests on non-polycarbonate bottles last year after Health Canada announced an imminent ban on polycarbonate plastic baby bottles.

By then, the market had already been flooded with "BPA-free" alternatives made of substitute plastics without any bisphenol A, which were pitched as an option for parents concerned about the health risks associated with the newly labelled toxin.

Bisphenol A, a hormone disrupter that can cause reproductive damage and may lead to prostate and breast cancer in adulthood, is used as a building block in polycarbonate plastic, but not in the substitutes, such as polypropylene.

The test results surprised Health Canada scientists involved, according to records released to Canwest News Service under the Access to Information Act.

"This bottle is labelled polypropylene which should contain no BPA," the lead scientist wrote to a colleague, recommending another analysis be done to "verify the claim" and "check more samples."

The brand mentioned in the correspondence is blacked out on the grounds that the information could result in financial loss or prejudice the competitive advantage of a company.

In separate correspondence, a Health Canada official wrote to the scientist — under the subject heading "Migration of Bisphenol A from 'BPA Free' Baby Bottles and Liners" — to thank him for other results.

"We would definitely like to do a material characterization for the two brands with high readings and would also like to test the other brands too at the same time."

Health Canada tested about nine different brands of baby bottles using non-polycarbonate plastic for possible leaching of BPA, chosen because they're made with a type of plastic that does not use the chemical as a building block.

Researchers suggest the "traces of BPA found to migrate from these bottles could be artifacts of the manufacturing process."

And since these "BPA-free" bottles leached less than polycarbonate plastic bottles under conditions designed to simulate repeated normal use, the government researchers concluded these bottles made of polysulfone, polystyrene or polypropylene (non-PC) are a "reasonable alternative" to the banned polycarbonate (PC) bottles.

"The average BPA concentration in non-PC baby bottles after 10 days at high temperature (60 C) was similar to the levels found in PC bottles after 24 hours at 40 C. This is a good indication that non-PC baby bottles may be considered as appropriate alternatives to PC bottles, in order to minimize exposure BPA from PC-plastic baby bottles."

University of Missouri's Frederick vom Saal, a leading researcher into bisphenol A and other endocrine disrupters, said Health Canada's test results are a "wake-up" call for bottle manufacturers and consumers.

"This really is a truly ubiquitous chemical. It's very sticky. It's on dust, it's on everything. It is possible at very, very small amounts that you could maybe detect it in something, but most of these assays are not sensitive enough to pick up a hitchhiker," he said.

"You're picking it up because it's actually a component of the plastic that it's in, and that's a little unnerving to find that people are reporting this coming out of other plastic products like polypropylene."

And even if trace amounts can be explained away as a result of environmental contamination, companies need to revisit their manufacturing processes, said vom Saal.

BPA Free Bottle manufacturers came out swinging saying there's no way their bottles leach any amount of bisphenol A, even in trace amounts.

"We have not only three major global testing labs that test our products, but we also do biologic testing on our bottles, and the biologic type of testing is even more sensitive than anything that Health Canada could ever pull off, and it would pick up anything that even behaved like BPA," said Kevin Brodwick, founder and president of thinkbaby, whose products are made with medical-grade plastic specifically formulated to be free of bisphenol A, PVC, nitrosamines, phthalates, lead, melamine and biologically toxic chemicals.

Test results, conducted at least every quarter, consistently show "zero, complete non-detect for BPA," said Brodwick.

"It sounds more like Health Canada has an issue of their equipment not being clean."

BornFree Canada president Tony Ferraro echoed this sentiment, saying several independent tests have all found "no detection" of the chemical in his company's bottles.

"It is extremely difficult to comprehend otherwise" because bisphenol A is not contained or added to the resin or additives during the manufacturing practice," said Ferraro. "I can conclude with 100 per cent accuracy and confidence that any possibility of trace amounts of bisphenol A in BornFree products is unlikely and impossible."

I personally feel that the brand's that had 'high readings' should be disclosed if more tests find the same results. In many cases, BPA Free bottles are more expensive than their polycarbonate counterparts. Consumers shouldn't be duped into raising company's profits if they're not getting a safer product for their babies.

The sad part is that parents trust what is being marketed to them, especially when harmful chemicals are involved because we have no way of proving if a product is organic, BPA free or non toxic. SOURCE

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Max And Emme Touch Down In Rome

Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony touched down in Rome yesterday with twins Max and Emme.

Don't plan to see this high-profile family on a plane next to you anytime soon. They arrived in Italy on a private plane along with Marc's 2 boys from his marriage to Dayanara Torres, Christian, 8 and Ryan,6.

Max And Emme Touch Down In RomeMax And Emme Touch Down In Rome


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Turn Any Purse Into A Diaper Bag With PishPosh Mommy

Moms who want to keep their personal style after their baby arrives will like PishPosh Mommy.

This convenient drawstring organizer pops easily into any beach bag, stroller or handbag and it features 7 outside and 6 inside pockets for all of your baby necessities.

The first thing that struck me when I started to fill my bag was how roomy it was. Inside I comfortably fit a wipes case, 3 diapers, a bottle, sleeper, change pad and my first-aid kit. On the outside, for easy access, I stored my wallet, cell phone, car keys an extra pacifier and some pre-packaged snacks.

This is great for a quick trip to the mall or playgroup.

Those who use more than one purse can use the PishPosh Mommy to transfer all of their baby's essentials easily from bag to bag, guaranteeing that you don't forget anything when you leave the house.

Turn Any Purse Into A Diaper Bag With PishPoshBaby

  • Available in 2 styles: Quick zip or pull string ($45)
Visit pishposhmommy.com for more information

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009
GIVEAWAY: Enter To Win One Of 3 Mr. Potato Heads

Mr. Potato Head is one of the world’s most adored personalities who was born in 1952 and began making history at an early age as the very first toy to be advertised on television. The original version contained only parts, such as eyes, ears, noses and mouths, and parents had to supply children with real potatoes for face-changing fun!

Fifty seven years later, 75 million Mr. Potato Head toys have been sold and dressed as everything from king to Santa Clause.

Playskool is offering three(3) Growing Your Baby readers the opportunity to win a classic mix-and-match spud. This Potato Head comes with 12 body parts and accessories for plenty of face-changing fun! The pieces all store inside the potato body, so clean-up is easy and convenient! Includes potato body, 2 arms, nose, pair of shoes, set of teeth, mustache, ears, hat, pair of eyes, pair of glasses and tongue.

To enter please tell us which Potato Head is your favorite.

Extra Entrants:

  • Blog about our giveaway! Tell your readers about our giveaway and then send us the link in a separate comment for an additional entrant to the giveaway.
  • Follow us on Twitter twitter.com/growingyourbaby or ‘Tweet’ about our giveaway
  • Regardless of outcome – ALL bloggers who blog about our giveaway will be linked back in our winners post.

*All comments are moderated and may not appear immediately*

Giveaway Rules

Giveaway ends Tuesday August 4th, 2009

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Suri Keeps Katie On Her Toes

Katie Holmes spent time in between takes on the set of her new movie chasing daughter Suri around the Australian countryside.

The energetic tot kept her mommy on her toes while exploring in her 'Kidorable English Roses Rain Boots'.

It was recently claimed the 30-year-old actress splashed out £400 to ensure her Suri wouldn't miss her Los Angeles home too much.

Katie is believed to have treated the Suri to a bicycle, a Dora the Explorer piano, a Barbie doll, luxury bed sheets, lavish home accessories and a selection of traditional board games.

Suri Keeps Katie On Her ToesSuri Keeps Katie On Her ToesSuri Keeps Katie On Her Toes


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Heidi Klum Feels Like A Buddah

Heavily pregnant supermodel Heidi Klum showed off her growing baby bump in all its glory yesterday as she enjoyed a family day in the park.

The Victoria’s Secret model proudly flaunted her figure in a tight black vest and slinky full length skirt for an afternoon of sunshine and ball games in Beverly Hills.

The 36-year-old, who is expecting a girl with husband Seal, says she is embracing her changing physique.
‘I tend to be rounder with girls. The love handles are peaking in the back!’ she says.
‘You get used to all the changes of your body. It’s not like I’m going, “Oh my God!’ I’m used to that part of it. You feel like a Buddha!” she added.
Heidi, who already has three children, Leni, five, Henry, three, and two-year-old Johan, looked radiant as she strolled around barefoot and she says she has never felt happier.
‘My mood is the same this time as with all the other pregnancies,’ she told In Touch magazine. ‘I always feel great! I never really change.’
Heidi says she isn’t worried back getting back in shape following the birth.
After all, she managed to star in a catwalk show for Victoria’s Secret a mere two months after giving birth to Henry.
She concludes: ‘I know my body will go back again.’


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RECALL: BabySwede Bouncer Chairs Due to Laceration Hazard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with BabyBjorn, today announced a voluntary recall of about 6,500 BabyBjörn® Babysitter Balance and BabyBjörn® Babysitter Balance Air bouncer chairs because small, sharp metal objects found in the padded area of the bouncer chair can protrude, posing a laceration hazard to children.

The recall involves the BabyBjörn’s Babysitter Balance and Babysitter Balance Air bouncers. These bouncing chairs for babies have a red safety latch on the height adjustment mechanism and a plastic footrest with the BabyBjörn® logo. Recalled models and colors are:

BabyBjörn® Babysitter Balance:

  • Black/Red; Model #009064US
  • Black/Silver; Model #009065US
  • Dark Blue/Blue; Model #009066US
  • Brown/Beige; Model #009069US

BabyBjörn® Babysitter Balance Air:

  • White; Model 009001US

Consumers should immediately stop using both Babysitter Balance and Babysitter Balance Air bouncer chairs and contact BabySwede LLC for instructions on how to return the recalled products for inspection and relabeling. If any metal pieces are found through inspection, the consumer will be provided with a new BabyBjörn® Babysitter Balance product.

For additional information, please contact BabySwede, LLC toll-free at (866) 424-0200 anytime, or visit the firm’s Web site at www.babyswede.com

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UPDATE: Indonesian Twins Born In Single Body With 2 Heads

Sad news... The set of conjoined twins with two heads, but just a single body have died in Indonesia five days after their birth.

Doctors said the boys died within minutes of each other.

The twins had their own hearts, but shared all of their other vital organs, making it medically impossible to separate them.The rare birth had drawn crowds of curious Indonesians to the hospital.

The boys were delivered in the Riau province via Caesarean section Thursday, CNN reported. They were taken to another hospital, where they were in critical condition over the weekend.

Their combined weight was just 7 pounds at birth.

A medical team working on the twins had said their circulation and lungs were in bad shape, and the hospital director said it was medically impossible to separate them.

Related Articles:


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Monday, July 27, 2009
Send Your Sweetie a Lollipop Bouquet and Support Lollipop Theater Network (GIVEAWAY)

Send Your Sweetie a Lollipop Bouquet from EdibleGiftsPlus.com and Support Lollipop Theater Network

Edible Gifts Plus will donate 100% of the proceeds from all lollipop bouquets sold from 7/27 - 8/03 to Lollipop Theater Network!

Lollipop Theater Network is a nonprofit organization that brings first run movies to children confined to hospitals due to chronic or life-threatening illnesses. The organization’s goal is to create a fun escape from the daily reality of the illnesses these children face and to offer them and their families a moment of normalcy in an otherwise stressful environment.

To create awareness about this important charity, ediblegiftsplus.com is offering one Growing Your Baby reader the opportunity to win a 'fun in the sun lollipop bucket'(pictured above). This bright colored pail is filled with beach-themed lollipops. Some of the shapes include a sun, beach umbrella, sand toys and boats.

To enter please comment here and tell us your favorite egiblegiftsplus' lollipop bouquet.

Extra Entrants:

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  • US Residents Only Please

*All comments are moderated and may not appear immediately*

Giveaway Rules

Giveaway ends Monday August 3th, 2009

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Kelly and Hermes Prep For A Trip The Beach

Kelly Rutherford and son Hermes Giersch were seen packing up the car to head to Malibu Beach this afternoon.

Beforehand the new mom unloaded new gear for Baby Helena.

Kelly carries two of our favs: a Medela breast pump and a Tiny Love Playmat.

Kelly and Hermes Prep For A Trip The BeachKelly and Hermes Prep For A Trip The Beach


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Jigsaw Contemporary Highchair Is Modern and Elegant

The Jigsaw Contemporary Wooden Highchair is a brand new design from Zoobie, a nursery furniture and accessories company.

It's modern design compliments any contemporary décor with all the functionality you come to expect from a modern day highchair. The wood trim gives it the elegant, classy look that some parents are looking for when buying baby gear.

I love it's full range of height adjustments and 360 degree rotation.

Your child can use this chair right up to the dinner table so they can learn to eat and interact with the rest of the family.

Jigsaw Contemporary Highchair Is Modern and Elegant

Additional Features:

  • assembled dimensions are 97 x 63 x 66cms and it has a seat height range of 43 - 56cms.
  • for use from 6 months to 3 years old

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Baby Stolen From Hospital While Mom Is In A Coma

A South African Hospital is scrambling to find out how a two-week-old baby boy was snatched from a maternity ward without his nurses or security guards noticing.

The incident happened on Saturday night after visiting hours.

The missing baby was born on July 14 and his mother was discharged soon afterwards. When the new mom returned to collect him she fell ill ,was admitted and then fell into a coma shortly after .

Each room in the ward holds two or more infants sleeping in bassinets beside their mothers. The missing baby had been in a room with his mom along with one other baby.

Police say there were five- to 10-minute intervals between the times that nurses and security guards checked each room. Video surveillance is only positioned at the entrance of the hospital, not each ward.

Normally, stolen babies who have successfully made it out of the hospital only get returned when someone who knows the baby thief calls police.

Quite often they are women who have recently lost a baby or can't conceive.

I hope that this baby is returned before his mother comes out of her coma. My heart goes out to this family.


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Dean and Tori Stroll At The Farmer's Market

Dean and Tori take the kids to the Farmer's Market in Malibu yesterday. Even though there were no camera's rolling, the couple has come under fire from Tori's mom for making her children 'reality show props'.

In an exclusive letter, posted on TMZ, Candy Spelling blasts her daughter for trying to use their reunion as a ratings ploy, telling her:

You're responsible for what you do. Life isn't just a show. And your families can't just be props. Make your own season finale without creating conflicts you will regret later.
Ouch. I can't imagine there will be a playdate anytime soon...

Dean and Tori Stroll At The Farmer's MarketDean and Tori Stroll At The Farmer's Market


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Sunday, July 26, 2009
Toddler Survives Being Pinned Under SUV

Rachel and Anthony LaFauci have a lot to be thankful for today after their two-year-old daughter survived being pinned under their SUV, walking away with just a scratch.

Sophia's mom, Rachel had just moved her vehicle out of the garage when she saw two tiny legs sprawled right under the tire.

Two-year-old Sophia was pinned on her back with the tire rolled up on her right leg, while the weight rested on her tiny body.

While trying to stay calm, Rachel gentle rolled the vehicle off of her daughter and then screamed her name.

The amazing tot responded simply with a quiet 'mommy'.

The panicked mom said her daughter looked purple, and within minutes emergency officials had arrived.

"When we arrived the child was stripped to the diaper, had some obvious marks from the tire on her body," said paramedic Erik Boie. "There appeared to be tire marks running length wise from the left side to her right arm."

"We got an IV into her leg and gave her some oxygen. And I believe within 10 to 15 minutes of us arriving, she was in a helicopter on her way to Boston," said paramedic Donald Mejia.

At the hospita,l doctors found that, not only was Sophia fine, but incredibly, she had no broken bones, no internal injuries and barely a scratch.

According to kidsandcars.org , Sophia is one of the lucky ones. More than 2,400 children visit emergency rooms each year after being struck by or rolled over by a vehicle backing up.

Good Morning America's medical contributor Dr. Marie Savard credited her survival to the relative "elasticity" of the toddler's soft tissue, but her parents have a simpler explanation: it was a miracle.

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  • via reader Nadia (thank you!)

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Angie Everhart Welcomes A Baby Boy!

Congratulations to Angie Everhart on the safe arrival of her first baby - a boy!

Kayden Bobby Everhart arrived on Friday weighing 8 pounds, 4.9 ounces and was 21 inches long.

The new mom's manager, Sheryl Abrams said,

"Both mom and baby are doing very well." and that the new little man "is so handsome."

During a recent interview Angie revealed she was ready to meet the baby.

“The nursery is done, the name is picked and I’ve even got a year’s supply of Seventh Generation diapers.”

The actress-model also explained how she came up with the baby's name.

“Kay is my mom and my middle name, and Bobby is my dad’s name.”

Angie has kept mum on the baby's paternity, coyly saying,

"The dad is very nice and he's very excited about it, but we are not a couple. It's nobody you know."

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Saturday, July 25, 2009
Indonesian Twins Born In Single Body With 2 Heads

An Indonesian couple has welcomed a baby who was born with two heads on a single, undivided body.

Dr Rasul Alim M, director of the Puri Husada Hospital here, said the baby is actually a Conjoined twin who can not be separated medically.

The newborn, who had yet to be given a name, is in good health.

He has two heads, a body with two arms, two legs, one pair of kidneys, one pair of lungs, one anus but two hearts.

Measuring 43 cm in length, the amazing baby weighed in at 3,200 grams(just over 7lbs) moments after birth.

"This is the very first Conjoined twin birth that has ever happened in Indragiri Hilir district," Dr. Alim said about the baby born to parents Badrun, 33 and Nurhayati, 23.

On Friday, the hospital was packed with local people who had heard about the birth of the "strange" baby and wanted to see it.

Alim said the only organic abnormality in the baby was that its left heart was smaller than its right one.

"The baby is actually a Siamese twin with an abnormality and in medical terms impossible to separate, but we will take care of him in the best way we can," he said.
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Henry Is All Smiles At The Park

Minnie Driver spent the day with her son Henry Story Driver at a park in Cross Creek Malibu, California.

A smiley Henry enjoyed a barefoot walk through the grass with mommy's help.

He is wearing a Gap Navy Polo shirt.


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Eco Friendly Play: Vegetable Dyed Wooden Toys

Green Party Goods has a really nice collection of vegetable dyed wooden toys.

These Fair Trade wooden toys are extraordinary. They are the handicrafts and skills of rural artisans from a village in Southern India.

The beautiful shining finish is obtained by using lac which is a natural resin and is considered one of the few naturally available organic finishes. The wooden toys are colored using organic dyes:

  • Blue: Extracts from the Indigo plant
  • Yellow: Extracts from the Tumeric plant
  • Orange: Kanchi KumKum and Tumeric
  • Red: Kanchi KumKum and natural lime
  • Dark Brown: Extracts from the Ratanjyoti Tree
  • Light Brown: Extracts from Katha

The toys are crafted out of Hale wood and the entire tree is not felled, instead the bigger branches are cut. Keeping with our eco-friendly philosophy.

All toys are tested and found to be compliant with ASTM standards. Safe for the environment and non-toxic for our children.

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