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Thursday, December 31, 2009
Roundup: The Best of 2009!

As we head into the new year we are excited that this year Growing Your Baby posted over 1,200 posts covering everything from A Paris mom giving birth on the sidewalk to over 50 baby and child product related recalls.

Additionally, we added 5 new writers to our team which will hopefully bring the best stories and products to you in 2010!

This year was packed full of amazing baby stories. Here are our top picks of the year!

10 Most Unusual Birth Stories:

  1. Mother and Son Revived In Christmas Eve Miracle
  2. Tiny Mom Stacey Herald Welcomes Her 3rd Baby, 8 Weeks Early
  3. Baby Slips Through Toilet Chute During Delivery and Survives
  4. Coast Guard Rescues 28 Week Baby Born On A Ferry
  5. Mom Gives Birth on Fifth Ave With A View Of Central Park
  6. Counter-terrorism Team Helps Deliver Baby at Penn Station
  7. Soldier Secretly Delivers Baby In Army Barracks
  8. Dispatcher Talks Mom Through Premature Breech Labor
  9. Michigan Twins Arrive on Different Days, Months and Years
  10. Michigan Mom With 2 Wombs Welcomes Twins!

10 Most Amazing Baby Stories:

  1. Doctors Perform Surgery On Newborn While She Is Being Delivered
  2. Baby Rescued From Running Washing Machine
  3. UPDATE: 25 Weeker Fitted With An External Pacemaker
  4. Miracle Baby Born With Heart Outside His Chest
  5. Baby Born With Heart On His Stomach
  6. Doctors Remove 2lb Tumor From Baby’s Face
  7. Amazing Baby Doing Well After Her Heart Was Repaired In The Womb
  8. Infant Survives 2 Story Fall
  9. 26 Week Baby Arrives 2 Days After Mom Passes Away
  10. Baby Baffles Doctors By Refusing To Grow

Big Babies!

  1. Chinese Mom Welcomes 15.5lb Baby!
  2. Minnesota Mom Gives Birth to 15 Pound Baby
  3. Malaysian Mom Gives Birth To 13.5lb Baby The Old Fashioned Way
  4. Indonesian Mom Gives Birth To 19.2lb Baby!!
  5. Romanian Mom Welcomes 14.5lb Baby!

Reader's Favorites:

Even though "Parents ‘Last Good Bye’ Saved Their Baby’s Life" was written in 2007 it's message hit home with many people in 2009. This amazing story was viewed over 21,000 times this year making it our most popular story.

During the month of November we joined forces with some families that had premature babies and posted their amazing stories to create awareness about the March of Dimes Prematurity Awareness Month. We thank all of the parents who shared the intimate details of their NICU journeys and our amazing writer Shannon who worked very hard with each family to make sure their story was told accurately and respectfully.

Thank you for making this another great year. We look forward to what the new year will bring!

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Family Expecting Identical Triplets Now Waits For Quads

This year's end brings news of an added bundle of joy for a UK family that was already expecting identical triplets When Gill Holden, 35, went to the radiologist for her regular prenatal check-up, she was in for a shock when she was informed that the expectant mother had not three but four babies inside her womb - all conceived without the use of fertility treatments!

Gill, who already has an eight year old daughter Abbie with partner Marc Hanley, is over the moon with the news. But the family is also nervous, emotional and excited about the new arrivals and the amount of work they would bring with themselves. They have already planned to sell-off their two bedroom home but stay close to family.

Marc who is a self-employed painter and a decorator by profession said that they were getting prepared for the quadruplets and had already got four Moses basket and loads of nappies and wipes from the local Asda. Even Abbie is looking forward to becoming a big sister.

Doctors believe that conceiving natural quadruplets is a very rare phenomenon with chances being one in 500,000.

In Gill’s case, there are three identical baby girls and a non-identical sister and once they are delivered they will still need hospital care for at least a month. Gill who has already quite her job as a welfare assistant heading to her doctor’s advice, expects to give birth at St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester in February and medics hope that she is at least 32 weeks and the babies weigh 3lbs each before they help her give birth by caesarean section. - Atula, staff writer

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Two sisters, Two babies, Minutes apart

When my sister-in-law and I became pregnant at the same time and delivered 13 days apart of each other, we thought we were special. But even I was surprised to hear of two sisters, namely Brenda and Melissa Ortiz who not just became pregnant at the same time but delivered too on the same day, in the same hospital and by the same doctor!

What is being quoted as a first at the Mankato Clinic, the two sisters were expecting to deliver in January. But both of them came early and under the expert guidance of Dr. Steve Penkhus, delivered two babies just 18 minutes apart of each other.

While Brenda gave birth to a baby girl, Melissa became a mother of a baby boy and what has stunned even the medics in the hospital is that both infants are of the same size and resemble each other a lot.

Dr. Penkhus expressed his disbelief saying, that after 39 years of practice and delivering 8,000 babies, this was still a first time for him. “This would be a very unusual finding for us, pretty exciting and one of those things that you just like to brag about.” He added.

Although the phenomenon of two sisters becoming pregnant and delivering at the same time is very rare, the Ortiz family claims this has happened in their family before, making this incidence and their family especially unique. - Atula, Staff Writer

Other Amazing Deliveries:


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Wednesday, December 30, 2009
RECALL: 213,000 Dorel Juvenile Group Play Yards with Bassinets Due to Suffocation Hazard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada, in cooperation with Dorel Juvenile Group, today announced a voluntary recall of about 213,000 Safety 1st Disney Care Center™ Play Yard and Eddie Bauer Complete Care Play Yard because the one piece metal bars supporting the floorboard of the bassinet attachment can come out of the fabric sleeves and create an uneven sleeping surface, posing a risk of suffocation or positional asphyxiation.

The play yards are portable and were sold with a bassinet attachment and a built-in changing station. Models included in this recall are 05025, 05026, 05037, 05088 and 05350. The model number is printed on a sticker on one of the support legs underneath the play yard. “Safety 1st” or “Eddie Bauer” are printed near the bottom of the fabric sides of the play yards.

Consumers should immediately stop using the bassinet attachment to the play yard and contact Dorel Juvenile Group toll-free at (866) 762-2166 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. ET Friday, or visit the firm’s Web site www.djgusa.com for a free repair kit including replacement bassinet fabric, bassinet bars and installation instructions.

RECALL: 213,000 Dorel Juvenile Group Play Yards with Bassinets Due to Suffocation HazardRECALL: 213,000 Dorel Juvenile Group Play Yards with Bassinets Due to Suffocation HazardRECALL: 213,000 Dorel Juvenile Group Play Yards with Bassinets Due to Suffocation HazardRECALL: 213,000 Dorel Juvenile Group Play Yards with Bassinets Due to Suffocation HazardRECALL: 213,000 Dorel Juvenile Group Play Yards with Bassinets Due to Suffocation HazardRECALL: 213,000 Dorel Juvenile Group Play Yards with Bassinets Due to Suffocation Hazard

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Thomas & Friends Toy Company to Pay $1.25 Million Settlement

RC2 Corp, a toy company that imported and sold Thomas & Friends toys imported from China, has agreed to pay a $1.25 million settlement on lead contaminated toys.

The toy company denied that it knowingly violated federal law by selling the Thomas & Friends toys. However, they agreed to pay out the settlement to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. RC2 Corp and its subsidiaries were charged with importing toys from China that had lead levels over 0.6 percent by weight. The ban on lead paint for toys has been in effect since 1978.

Over 1.7 million toys were recalled in 2007 due to high lead levels. The massive recalls caused Congress to pass the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act in 2008. This act lowered the amount of lead allowed to 0.0009 percent by weight.

RC2 toys are sold in many major retail stores across North America Asia and Europe.

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Salma and Her Girls Shop in LA

Salma Hayek enjoyed a girls day out with daughter Valentina, mom Diana, and stepdaughter, Mathilde Pinault.

Salma Hayek and Valentina Pinault out shopping with Mathilde Pinault

Mathide, who flew into town Monday night with father François-Henri Pinault and brother Francois, seemed very comfortable with her Step mother Salma and half sister Valentina holding hands and chatting with them as they toured the outside mall.

Salma pushes a Limited Edition Maclaren Juicy Couture Stroller.


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Tuesday, December 29, 2009
Mother and Son Revived In Christmas Eve Miracle

For one family at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs, miracles do still happen.

On Christmas Eve, Tracey Hermanstorfer went into labor with her third child. Everyone assumed the labor and delivery would be as simple as it had been with her first two. Unexpectedly, however, Tracey went into cardiac arrest and died as she was laboring.

Doctors tried to revive the mother for several minutes before giving up. Assuming the mother was dead, the medical staff worked desperately to remove the infant by emergency c-section in the delivery room. Unfortunately the child was also not breathing or responding.

Tracey's husband, Mike Hermanstorfer, said, "Half of my family was laying there in front of me, there's no other way to say it, but dead."

That is when the miracle occurred.

Immediately after the infant was delivered, a pulse was detected in Tracey again. Realizing that her heart had began beating again on it's own, doctors rushed her into the operating room to complete the surgery. Meanwhile additional doctors worked frantically to resuscitate the lifeless infant. While his father held him, doctors were able to get the infant breathing on his own.

Mother and child show no sign of complications from their near-death encounter, and doctors still do not know what caused the cardiac arrest. Tracey and her new son, Coltyn, have been released home to the rest of their family. Parents have been adviced to monitor the infant's progression and growth to make sure there are no long-term effects from the near miss.

Mother and Son Revived In Christmas Eve MiracleMother and Son Revived In Christmas Eve Miracle

For the Hermanstorfers, Christmas came with a real miracle that they will never forget. - Summer, staff writer

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Kid Tested: Vtech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train

While shopping for my youngest son for Christmas this year I was looking for toys that would grow with him. Space is a premium in my house and we need toys that are going to last, not just be fun for today.

The Vtech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train caught my attention because it can be used from 6 to 36months.

Out of the box little assembly is required. All I needed to do was pop the wheels and handle on and unpack the letters. We did this on Christmas Eve because we didn't want to have to worry about it during the morning excitement.

Because my little one can't yet walk, he tends to like stuff that he can sit at and play with like Play Tables and activity boards. This train has a side panel that features a book with six turning pages, five piano keys that teach numbers and colors and 4 spots to put alphabet blocks. A sensor detects which letter is in the spot. Flip it over and there is a picture of an object that is spelled with that letter.

Kid Tested: Vtech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet TrainKid Tested: Vtech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train

For fun and easy storage, the train has a 'chute' at the top that kids can put the blocks into and the watch them slide into the attached carriage.

Early walkers can use the attached handle on the train to practice or just sit on the carriage and use the handle for steering.

In the few days we have had it, this toy has been hit with both kids. My older son actually sits with his brother and shows him all of the letters and pictures. Even though it looks a bit small once it's put together, both boys seem to fit it fine when riding and playing.

I would recommend the Vtech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train to another parent who is looking for a great 1st Birthday gift or just something that will grow with their child.

*this toy was NOT sent for review. We bought it :) *

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Kourtney and Scott Introduce Us To Mason Dash Disick!

Just 2 weeks after his arrival, Mason Dash Disick has landed his first magazine cover!

In their first interview since becoming parents, Kourtney Kardashian, 30, and Scott Disick, 26, are opening up to Life & Style about the experience of giving birth, how they picked their sons name, the joys of being parents - sleeping schedules, diaper duty, breast feeding and more!

Here are some highlights:

L&S: Congrats! How does it feel to be parents?

Kourtney: It feels amazing. It's just so indescribable. You don't get how good being a parent feels until it happens to you.

Scott: My first time holding him was definitely special. But holding him the second time was even more special, and the third time was even more special than that. I fall so much more in love with this kid every day. I can't imagine how much more in love with him I'm going to be by the time he's 5 or 10 or 20!

L&S: How was the labor itself?
Kourtney: It was surprisingly easy and just an incredible experience. I always thought your first is supposed to be really hard, but it was easy. I have an amazing doctor. He actually delivered me! The room environment was just so relaxing, and everyone I wanted to be there was there--Scott, my mom, Kim and Khloé. No one under 18 is allowed in, so my little sisters Kendall and Kylie couldn't come in. Actually, you're only allowed to have two people in the room because of the swine flu -- so we snuck Kim and Khloé in!
L&S: What is your daily routine like now?
Kourtney: We're on Mason's schedule, waking up every couple of hours to breast-feed. But it's fun to get up and see him. I miss him by the time I see him again.
L&S: Can you see having another baby in the future?
Kourtney: Right now I'm obsessed with Mason and want to give him all my time. But being with him has definitely made me think about having another one! Kim and I are 18 months apart. Growing up, we did everything together. It would be nice for Mason to have a little brother or sister that many months apart too.

The whole interview will be available in this week's issue of Life & Style.

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Rebecca Gayheart Expecting A Girl?

An expectant Rebecca Gayheart was spotted filling her belly with girlfriend at The Met Café in Hollywood yesterday.

Word is that the mom to be, who is due in March, will soon be seeing lots of pink!

Pregnant Rebecca Gayheart

Eonline is reporting that Rebecca and husband, Grey’s Anatomy star Eric Dane are expecting a girl.

Pregnant Rebecca Gayheart out in LA

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Chinese Mom Welcomes 15.5lb Baby!

A Chinese mom surprised all, including herself, when she welcomed a beautiful, bouncing BIG baby boy just 2 days before Christmas.

Arriving at 7kgs(15.5lbs) and measuring 22 inches long, the new arrival is said to be happy and healthy.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Doctors at the delivering hospital said that the new mom figured something was unusual, but she just thought she was carrying twins.

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Monday, December 28, 2009
4-Lb. Tenn. Baby Undergoes Heart Bypass Surgery

An amazing Tennessee baby has become one of the smallest babies in the world to have heart bypass surgery.

Tiny 4 pound Cole Latch underwent surgery at Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center in Memphis, Tenn., to repair a congenital heart defect.

The 1-month-old was born prematurely on Nov. 25 and had a cardiopulmonary bypass less than a week later.

"He was born at 35 weeks with a knot in his umbilical cord," his dad, Shannon Latch, said in a news release. “They said he was one of the top 15 smallest babies in the world to have this surgery. They do this kind of thing all the time, just not on little babies.”

Cole is making progress and is off the ventilator, but he still has a long way to go.

"He takes the bottle good," Latch said. "He's getting better."

While no date has been given for Cole's homecoming, his parents hope that to take him home soon.

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GREENGUARD Certifies Childrens' Products to Protect Indoor Air from Harmful Chemical Emissions

Conscientious parents spend hours securing their children’s safety, by way of reliable car seats, secure cribs, healthy food and non-toxic toys -- but one factor most families don’t take into account is the quality of their indoor air, especially in baby’s nursery. Indoor air is “typically 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air,” and “children spend on average 85% of their time indoors.”

GREENGUARD Certifies Childrens' Products to Protect Indoor Air from Harmful Chemical Emissions

Many products that touch a child’s fragile life may off-gas harmful chemicals and pose a risk to their health: mattresses, paint, furniture, cleaning products etc. The GREENGUARD standard takes into account thousands of chemicals to be tested for, including all volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde and phthalates.

The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute now certifies a wide range of products with their seal, so parents may “rest easy knowing the products have met stringent chemical emissions standards backed by the most stringent third-party certification program in the industry." Thus far, more than 200,000 products contain GREENGUARD certification marks from companies ranging from Knoll Textiles and Anderson Hardwood Flooring to Herman Miller and Stanley-Furniture Young America. - Beth Shea, staff writer

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Study: Work Policies Can Cause Breastfeeding Mothers To Quit Early

A new study of working mothers in the U.S. have shown that the breastfeeding numbers are still very low.

Earlier this year the U.S. government's Maternal and Child Health Bureau funded a study on parents who juggle work and families. The numbers collected from that study showed a shockingly low percentage of successful breastfeeding. While a reported 43 percent of infants were breastfeeding at 6 months, only 14 percent were exclusively breastfeeding during that time.

By 12 months the number had dropped to only 23 percent still getting some breastmilk.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusive breastfeeding for at least 6 months, then continue breastfeeding until the child is at least 12 months old. The World Health Organization states breastfeeding should continue for at least 2 years. This recent study shows that the U.S. is lagging in proper breastfeeding support for mothers.

Sylvia Guendelman, professor at University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health feels the lack of supportive maternity leave policy is to blame. Guendelman looked at 770 working mothers and found that those with short maternity leaves or inflexible schedules were more like to end breastfeeding early.

Guendelman hopes this new information will encourage health officials to more strongly advocate for better maternity leave and breastfeeding friendly workplace policies. The numbers show that states with laws protecting breastfeeding mothers do yield higher rates. One example is Oregon, which allows for 30 minute breaks for mothers to pump milk during work, has the highest breastfeeding rates at six months at 37 percent.

While there are many obstacles to mothers successfully breastfeeding, this recent study suggests that work place policies can be large hindrances to new mothers.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009
Parents of Infant Who Died In Faulty Crib Sues

Parents of 7-month-old Reese Morgan, an infant who died in a recalled Stork Craft cribs have filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer.

According to the family attorney, the 7-month-old infant died as a result of a defect in the drop-side rail on the crib. A space was created between the rail and the mattress, causing the infant's body to become stuck and leading to suffocation. Stork Craft recalled 2.1 million cribs in November after the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission looked at 15 cases of child entrapment, four of which resulting in death.

There were over 110 known incidents of the drop-side rail detaching from the crib, causing a serious hazard for infants. These have all occurred in cribs with a drop-side plastic trigger and the one-hand-system. Richard Arsenault, an attorney for the Morgan family, was quoted as saying:

“Families put their faith in companies to create safe products. Consumers must be able to rely on manufacturers to act responsibly. As new parents, you try to protect your child from injuries. Now you find yourself in a situation where conduct over which you had no control leads to tragedy.”
The defective Stork Craft cribs were manufactured between January 1993 and October 2009, many of which were sold with a Fisher Price logo. The cribs were sold at most major retail stores in the U.S. and Canada, including J.C. Penny, Kmart, Sears and Wal-Mart.

Officials are advising parents who have these cribs to discontinue use immediately and contact Stork Craft to request a repair kit. You can contact Stork Craft toll-free at (877) 274-0277 or via their website, www.storkcraft.com. - Summer, staff writer

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Violet and Seraphina: Park Playdate

Jennifer Garner and her daughters, Violet and Seraphina, enjoyed the playground at a local park in Pacific Palisades.

Violet and Seraphina: Palisade Park Playdate

The hands-on mom was accompanied by her mother and father who are in town for the Christmas Holidays. During the hour playtime, Jen carried youngest daughter Seraphina over to the slide, where big sister Violet waited and together they slid down. Seraphina was also treated to a rocking horse ride while Jennifer's parents kept a close eye on Violet and helped push her on the swings.

Violet and Seraphina: Palisade Park PlaydateViolet and Seraphina: Palisade Park PlaydateViolet and Seraphina: Palisade Park Playdate


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Saturday, December 26, 2009
Kid Tested: Step2 Party Time Kitchen

Step2 is famous for their elaborate play kitchens that include something for every budget.

Because my oldest son has developmental difficulties, we are always looking for ways to improve his creativity. For this, we thought that a play kitchen would be perfect. So, for Christmas this year we bought Step2's Party Time kitchen.

After much research we felt that this one was perfect because it had enough room for both boys to play and some storage for extra accessories. Our space is limited so this kitchen was ideal as it is only 39.5" long and it was on sale at Toys R US!

Out of the box I was surprised that it only took my husband just over an hour to put it together(including applying all of the stickers). We opted to put the kitchen together 2 days before Christmas because we wanted the boys to be able to play as soon as they opened it as opposed to having them wait through their excitement.

Once together we were both pretty impressed. This kitchen is cute. It's small, but cute.

Just like a regular kitchen, it has a microwave, oven, fridge, sink and stove top. To give it a nice homely look, a nice border and crown moulding adorn the top.

For added reality, Step2 included a few features that were a hit right away with both kids. The frying pan and pot activate frying and boiling sounds on front burner and the microwave makes a cooking sound when you hit the cook button.

To get you started 33-piece accessory set has been included that has cooking utensils, 2 place settings, baskets, and a bevy of condiments. We also bought some wooden food so that the kids could make each other breakfast and dinner.

I would definitely recommend the Party Time Kitchen($175) to a family with 1 or 2 kids. It blends in with the rest of the house, doesn't take up a lot of room and it makes my boys happy.

Worth noting: The Step2 Custom Kitchen and Annabel Karmel New Tradition Kitchen are both very similar to ours, but much less money.

*this kitchen was NOT provided for review, we bought it*

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Study: Swine Flu Poses a Threat To New Moms
Pregnant mothers have been warned about the risks of catching H1N1, yet now it seems that new mothers are in just as much danger from the Swine Flu.

Doctors researched mothers who were hospitalized due to H1N1 and found that new mothers had a higher chance of severe complications. Women who had given birth within the previous two weeks were more likely to face frightening complications or even death. Now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is pushing for new mothers to be vaccinated as soon as they show any signs of flu symptoms.

The new study, released by the New England Journal of Medicine on Wednesday, is the first to look at Swine Flu risks among new mothers. Researchers looked at both pregnant women and new mothers who had been hospitalized. They found that many had only mild symptoms, such as a cough or slight fever, before suddenly declining.

Of the 94 pregnant women and eight new mothers studied, a total of 22 women — 18 pregnant and four who had delivered — needed intensive care. Eight died including two new mothers. The study also found all eight women who died did not receive prompt treatment with flu drugs.

This is why it is important for otherwise healthy individuals to be vaccinated as well, to prevent spreading the virus to those unable to recover. - Summer, staff writer

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Marc and Jennifer Spend Christmas At Disneyland With Family

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez spent relaxing Christmas Eve with family at Disney’s California Adventure Park.
Mark Anthony and Jennifer Lopez at Disneyland with Marc's boys Christian and Ryan
The couple, along with their twins Max and Emme, 22 months, strolled through the park with Jennifer’s parents, her sister Lynda and Marc’s kids Christian, 8, and Ryan, 6.
Jennifer pushes her niece Lucie in a Bob Revolution 12″ stroller
The twins were pushed by a manny/security in a BOB Sport Utility Stroller Duallie.


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Study: Vitamin D May Be To Blame For Increase In Autism Rates

There are many theories being discussed on the cause of the increase in autism rates in the US. One such theory is the increase in vitamin D deficiency among children.

The vitamin D theory has been proposed by Dr. John Cannell, director of the Vitamin D Council. According to Dr. Cannell the increase of autism rates corresponds with the the dangerously low amounts of vitamin D many children have today. A combination of poor diet and lack of time in the sunshine have caused a dangerous decline in vitamin D levels in the United States.

Dr. Cannell studied rats to find a connection between vitamin D deficiency and brain development. Low levels of vitamin D can lower levels of calcitriol in the brain, which is needed for development. According to Dr. Cannell:

"severe vitamin D deficiency during gestation dysregulates dozens of proteins involved in brain development and leads to rat pups with increased brain size and enlarged ventricles, abnormalities similar to those found in autistic children."

Though no theory has been proven conclusive on the development of autism, low levels of vitamin D can cause other health issues. Bone and heart diseases are more common in those with a vitamin D deficiency. According to recent studies nearly 9 percent of children have vitamin D deficiencies, while another 61 percent have low to insufficient levels. - Summer, staff writer

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

I love this time of year!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

For us, Christmas is a time for our family to get together, enjoy each others company, eat lots of great food and exchange special gifts.

I hope that everyone had the chance to see the ones they love and spend some time together today!

Please get home safely.


Thursday, December 24, 2009
Miracle Toddler Survives Mom's Suicide Jump

Just three days before Christmas it is being reported that a 20-month-old French girl, miraculously survived a fall of 80 metres from a cliff.

The incident occurred at the sea resort of Etretat, where rescue workers found the girl alive at the foot of the cliff after her mother apparently jumped with her in her arms.

Sadly, the mother, 25, did not survive the fall.

According to investigators, she had been depressed before deciding to take her own life and that of her infant daughter.

But, in an amazing twist of fate, the mother's body actually cushioned the girl's impact with the ground, enabling her to survive. The child suffered several broken bones and a concussion in the fall.

We wish this little one a quick recovery.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009
Disabled Mom Fights To Keep Her Son

Custody disputes are hardly a new thing, yet a recent dispute between parents is being played out in the spotlight. The 31 year old mother, Kaney O'Neill, is a quadriplegic after a fall nearly a decade ago. Her disability made the pregnancy a powerful interest story for many, and is now at the heart of claims that she is unfit to parent her child.

Kaney states that her disability does not make parenting an impossible task for her. She has a full-time caretaker as well as supportive family members who live with her and help her. She also receives $91,000 annually in veterans benefits, money that has allowed her to buy special wheelchair accessible changing tables and cribs.

David Trais, the father of the infant, says that even with support and adequate income Kaney is unable to properly care for their son. He feels that he is more able to care for their young son and is now suing for full custody. He claims that her disabilities

"greatly limits her ability to care for the minor, or even wake up if the minor is distressed."

Kaney feels David is more motivated by her decision to end their relationship than an actual concern for their son's safety. However she plans to continue to keep him in their son's life. He currently has evening visitation twice a week as well as one overnight visit every Friday.

This public custody dispute has raised questions about what role disabled parents can have in their children's lives. Some feel that there is an unfair bias against disabled parents. Judges may give a child to an able-bodied parent even if the parent has a history of negative tendencies. However the Americans with Disabilities Act makes it clear that discrimination based on a persons disabilities is illegal.


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Airbags Appear Safe for Pregnant Women

When it comes to saving lives, expectant moms can now breathe a sigh of relief after a new research has shown that air bags appear to be as safe for pregnant women as to any other occupant of a vehicle.

According to the University of Washington that collected data on 2,207 pregnant women involved in car accidents, pregnant occupants of motor vehicles with air bags were not at increased risk for pregnancy complications such as cesarean delivery, fetal distress and low birth weight.

The research team headed by Dr. Melissa A. Schiff, compared the outcome of accidents in cars with and without air bags and found that the mother or the fetus injuries were not increased due to the presence of an Air bag.

Care though is still needed as the researchers also found that accidents in cars with air bags had 70% more increase in preterm deliveries and three times more chances of fetal death as compared to those without air bags. But according to the research team, these findings were not very conclusive as the number of people researched on was fairly low.

‘Air Bags are safe for most outcomes’, but the best possible protection for commuting pregnant women, according to Dr. Schiff, is wearing a seat belt.

To stress on the importance of an air bag, in case of a mishap, Dr. Nathan S. Fox, a clinical assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at New York University School of Medicine, said that since an air bag could save life in a serious car crash, it would be more advisable to have one rather than avoiding it in fear of a complication.

He also added, "We can't know from a study like this if an air bag deployment may have a minor affect on pregnancy. Since we know that flying through a windshield is bad for both the mother and the baby, I would encourage people to have air bags."

Atula, Staff Writer Related Articles: SOURCE

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Study: Surprise! Even At Christmas Families Don't Get Along

Christmas is nearly here and my family is excited. In anticipation, I have imagined Christmas morning a dozen times and I know just how it will go.

We will come down the stairs, refreshed after a good night’s sleep. Everyone will marvel at the perfectly wrapped presents under the perfectly trimmed tree. We will give each other the gifts we’ve always wanted and be blissfully happy as we sit together enjoying the most delicious shortbread that, by some Christmas miracle, will have no calories.

It’s unreasonable expectations, such as these, that can cause tension and disappointment at Christmas. Maybe it would be easier if we were navigating by a roadmap based more in realism than whimsy. The fine people who make Jarlsberg cheese, commissioned a survey of 4000 British homes and generated an itinerary of the average family’s Christmas. See how it compares with your own.

  • Christmas day begins at 7:55 a.m. The family staggers, bleary eyed, downstairs and is opening presents by 8:19 a.m.
  • At 8:39 a.m. the chocolate consumption has begun, making it difficult to enjoy the proper breakfast the family sits down to at 9:02 a.m.
  • At 9:58 a.m. there is a family squabble, perhaps the first of many. By 11:07 a.m. the parents are yelling at the kids and at 11:48 a.m. someone looks at their watch, declares that it’s close enough to noon and downs the day’s first alcoholic bevy.
  • The average Brit is sitting down to dinner at 3:24 p.m. Eighty-five percent of diners tuck into a feast of turkey with all the traditional trimmings.
  • Full of Christmas cheer the father of the family is snoring on the couch at 4:59 p.m. Those who are still awake by 5:46 p.m. will start playing board games. The magic of Christmas draws to a close at 11:39 p.m. when the family heads to bed.

Way to demystify Christmas Jarlsberg. The survey doesn’t paint a Norman Rockwell portrait of the average Christmas but I must admit, it takes some of the pressure off.

In the midst of the mayhem on December 25th, if you think back on this and realise that your family is the one from the Jarlsberg survey, relax. It turns out you’re having a merry Christmas after all. – Jen R, Staff Writer

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009
RECALL: Ikea LEOPARD Highchairs Due to Fall and Choking Hazards

IKEA is recalling LEOPARD highchairs, The company said the snap locks used to secure the seat to the frame can break and allow the seat and child to drop through the frame, posing a fall hazard to young children. Detached snap locks can pose a choking hazard to young children.

IKEA has received 11 reports worldwide of failing snap locks, including one report of a child falling through the frame and suffering bruised legs. In addition, the firm has one report of a child mouthing a detached snap lock. No incidents have been reported in the United States.

This recall involves all colors of the LEOPARD highchairs sold as a seat and a frame individually. The seat and tray has an adhesive label affixed to the underside with the words LEOPARD and “Made in Italy,” an eight-digit article number and a five-digit supplier number (19589).

Consumers should immediately stop using the highchairs and return them to any IKEA store for a full refund.

For additional information, contact IKEA toll-free at (888) 966-4532 anytime, or visit the firm’s Web site at www.ikea-usa.com.

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Peter Andre and His Kids Enjoy The Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

UK popstar Peter Andre enjoyed a nice day with his kids, princess Tiaamii and Junior at the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland in London this afternoon.

Peter Andre with Junior & Princess Tiaamii at winter wonderland in London

The doting dad rode all the rides and played on the climber with his two. Princess Tiaamii was adorable in a white double breasted jacket and faux fur trapper hat. Her curls are off the charts cute!

Peter Andre with daughter Princess Tiaamii at Winter Wonderland in London

The carnival, which runs for 6 weeks, features an Ice Rink, Big Top shows & Giant Ferris Wheel.


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