Thursday, January 21, 2010
Little Girls Face Health Risks From Wearing Heels

Lots of little girls like to wear high heel shoes when dressing up, however the heels can cause health problems for girls younger than 12.

High heels are being marketed more and more to little girls. Princess style shoes with heels can be found for children as young as two and three. Even celebrity children, such as Suri Cruise, have been seen wearing high heeled shoes on more than one occasion. The health effects of heels can be serious however, says Dana Points, editor in chief of Parents magazine.

Until age 12, the bones are still developing in the legs. Frequent wearing of heel can cause shortening of the tendons and damage to growing legs. Bone structure, posture, and core muscles will also change to adjust to the position heels put a child's legs. The effects of wearing heels can be long lasting in young children.

Experts recommend parents limit the amount of time their girls wear heels. Parents can introduce other colorful items to a child's wardrobe and explain the dangers of wearing heels. - Summer, Staff Writer


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