Wednesday, March 03, 2010
Chinese Toddler Weighs In At 90lbs

Even though Pang Ya is only 2-years-old, she is already tipping the scales at 6.5st (91lbs)- the same weight as an average female Chinese adult.

Chinese Toddler Weighs In At 90lbsChinese Toddler Weighs In At 90lbs

Knowing that this isn't normal, the toddler's parents are alarmed and desperate for help.

Her father said: ‘Doctors can’t figure out the reasons for her obesity, which worries us a lot.’

Pang Ya, who is from Taocun town, Shanxi province, was born weighing an average eight pounds.

Hopefully all of the press attention will catch the eye of a specialist and get some help for this little girl.

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