Monday, March 15, 2010
NYC Baby Boy Enters the World In The Back of A Cab

For most newborn babies, it is the sight of hospital lights and busy doctors that is their first vision of the outside world but one baby decided to change the scenarios a bit when he opened his eyes instead, inside a cab.

The adventurous day began around midnight when Maya Polton, 31 started feeling contractions in their Park Slope home. As she thought there was ample time to reach the hospital, she casually watched a movie and after her water broke at 7.30 a.m. She had already called for a cab and decided to take a shower before leaving.

"I got into the shower and could feel the baby's head already," It is then that she called her husband Eric Handelsman, 30, to rush.

Even though the car service had arrived within minutes, midway through the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel, Maya knew she could not hold any longer.

"It's coming, I can't stop it," she screamed, and next she delivered a healthy 6-pound 9-ounce baby boy named Jacob Max Handelsman at 8:30 a.m.

"We were both shocked holding this baby. The cord was still attached to him and still in me, and I'm half naked in this car."

Luckily for them, the cab driver did not loose his calm or quick thinking ability amongst the happenings in his cab and managed to hail an EMT worker who immediately cut the cord.

The couple then rushed to the New York Downtown hospital where the newborn was checked and declared healthy.

Both Maya and Eric who work in internet sales and marketing are now on the lookout for the cab driver to thanks him personally for the way he handled the situation. - Atula, Staff Writer

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