Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Time to Play Magazine Announces Their Hot Summer Toy List

Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend Time To Play Magazine's Summer Toy Showcase to preview what is going to be hot for kids this Summer.

At the event more than 20 leading toy companies showcased their top new toys including blockbuster movie 'must haves' and toys that make the most of the outdoor.

Here are some highlights:

Toys Story 3 Toys: The number one theme I saw yesterday was Toy Story 3 licenced toys from all manufacturers. In total, there is going to be over 250 products introduced to tie into Toy Story 3 movie. Everything from new products that are going to be featured in the movie to costumes, patio sets and even Buzz Lightyear Deluxe Action Wing Pack. Here are some highlights.

Outdoor Toys: As the weather gets nicer parents should expect to see lots of cool stuff in the stores for outdoor play. Everything from outdoor play gyms, preschool furniture, cool chalk sets and sports gear will be soon filling toy shelves. Here are our picks!

Some of the toys shown are: (in order)

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