Friday, April 30, 2010
Woman Gives Birth On Front Lawn

When Aaron Ryckman and his girlfriend, Angela Moore saw a woman laying on her front lawn on Thursday, they though the mom-to-be had tripped and hurt herself. Little did they know, but she was in labour and they were about to become her birth coaches!

Stopping to help, the pair was amazed to see a baby's head beginning to emerge from between the woman's legs.

Aaron told reporters it looked as though the new mom and a man were attempting to get themselves to hospital. The man had a couple of overnight bags and a cab was pulled up to the curb in front of their apartment. But it quickly became obvious the baby wasn't waiting to be delivered at the hospital.

Aaron and Angela called 911 and then tried to keep the mom-to-be calm until paramedics arrived to deliver the baby boy.

It took only a few minutes for paramedics to arrive and help the woman deliver, as a small crowd of passersby stopped to watch.

Minutes after his arrival, the ambulance whisked mom and baby to a nearby Hospital.

Niagara EMS Deputy Chief Kevin Smith said the mother and child were doing well after the street-side birth.

Smith said it's not unusual for women to give birth before they can make it to hospital.

n some cases, paramedics are able to assist in the delivery, but others are often guided through the delivery over the phone until paramedics get there.

"Pre-hospital births happen probably more than people would believe," he said.

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