Friday, May 14, 2010
Mother, 62, Gives Birth to Twins After IVF Treatment
A Bulgarian mom is is believed to be only the second ever successful case of IVF resulting in a mother over 60 after she welcomed a set of prematurely born twins.

After wanting a family for years, Psychiatrist Krasimira Dimitrova sought treatment and was initially impregnated with triplets but medics decided to remove one of the embryos.

‘Age was not an obstacle for me. I so much wanted to have children. I would not like to look too much in the future. I hope that the babies will be well.’

The 62-year-old mom is not alone in her quest to be a mom very late in life:

  • In July 2008, a woman who was said to be aged 70 gave birth to twins in India’s northern Uttar Pradesh after IVF treatment.
  • Omkari Panwar had no birth certificate but maintained she was nine years old when the British left India in 1947.
  • A woman said to be 65 gave birth to a boy in India’s eastern Orissa state in 2003.
  • Last year a 62-year-old Calgary woman welcomed twins

I'm personally not a fan of this new trend. It's not fair to the kids to have a parent that is in retirement AND at best, they will only get maybe a quarter of their life with them.


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