Wednesday, August 04, 2010
Baby Born On The Lawn of Endicott Home

Little Layla Deering was eger to find out for herself if the grass is always greener on the other side.

Layla was so eager to see the world that she could not wait for her parents, Talia Burke and Nicholas Deering, to make it to the hospital. Instead Layla was born nine days early, on the front lawn of Nicholas’s grandmother house (Diane Woodard). 

Earlier in the week Talia began having contractions. The couple made four trips to the emergency room, only to be told that Talia was not in labor. So on Saturday when Talia's contractions started up again, the couple ignored them and went about their daily routine.

Nicholas decided to prepared a hot bath for Talia to try to dull the pain of her contractions. Ten minutes later, Talia felt that it was time, the baby was on her way. While Talia called her mother to inform her of the news, Nicholas packed the car.

“I heard her scream and I ran”. “She was lying in the front yard”.

Nicholas saw Talia lying on the front lawn and called for an ambulance. Approximately twenty seconds later Talia’s water broke.

The Endicott Fire Department paramedics arrived shortly after and successfully delivered baby Layla while Nicholas and his grandmother held up a sheet, doing their best to create a make shift emergency room. Nicholas cut the umbilical cord in the front yard and was the first to hold his new born baby girl, who weighed in at seven pounds and one ounce.

The couple plans to place an ornamental stone in Nicholas’s grandmother’s front lawn, to commemorate the joyous occasion. - Jeff, Staff Writer

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