Monday, October 18, 2010
Report: Céline Dion hospitalized as precaution

Céline Dion has been admitted to St Mary's Medical Centre in West Palm Beach, Florida as a precaution to prevent premature birth.

According to the singer's rep, the five-time Grammy award winner is under observation by doctors to ensure she is in close contact with the resources needed should she go into labor early, a common practice for mothers of twins.

The babies, 2 boys,  were finally conceived earlier this year via in-vitro fertilization after seven  failed attempts and a recent miscarriage. 
Celine is at risk for preterm labor not only due to carrying multiple fetuses, but also because she conceived via in-vitro fertilization, has experienced a miscarriage, and is of advanced maternal age (over 35).
By our calculations, she should be between 34-35 weeks pregnant, which would make the twins approximately 4-5lbs each.

Hopefully she will be able to keep the babies in for a couple more weeks.

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