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Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Britain's Oldest Dad Welcomes 5th Child at 74!

Gerry Burks turned 75 yesterday, but that's not the only reason why he's celebrating.

On March 12th the retired truck driver became Britain's oldest father after his 41-year-old wife Dawn welcomed their second child together.

Baby Ryan, who was conceived naturally, arrived by caesarean section weighing 5lb 7oz.Initially Ryan was placed in the special care nursery because he was having breathing problems.

He is now thriving at home and the couple is not ruling out having another baby. He told the Sun:

'Our family is complete now and I don't think we'll be having any more children. But who knows? I will be keeping myself healthy by running around, helping Dawn with the baby and looking after Daniel.'

When asked what was the secret to his virility, the new dad responded Bananas! The fruit is rich in potassium, zinc and vitamin B, which increase energy and aid fertility.
'I eat lots of bananas and always have done. I don't eat much salt and have home-cooked food.'

'People might say things about my years, but I look after myself. I'm young at heart. I don't drink or smoke now, and Dawn's pasta bake keeps me in good shape.

'Maybe that's what's kept my body healthy. But I think the love of a good woman has a lot to do with it, too. I'm just doing what comes naturally.'

'I think it's wonderful and I am very proud,' he said at the family's terrace home in Louth, Lincolnshire. 'I feel like the luckiest man alive.

The new addition joins the couple's son, six-year-old son, Daniel, and Gerry's three children from a previous marriage.

The world's oldest father is Indian farmer Nanu Ram Jogi, who had his 21st child aged 90 in 2007.

Businesswoman Elizabeth Adeney, 66, became Britain's oldest mother last year after traveling to the Ukraine for IVF because the NHS refused to treat women over the age of 50.

Other Unusual Birth Stories:


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Violet and Seraphina Share A Seat!

Sisters Violet and Seraphina were spotted sharing a seat and some snacks during a break from their park play in Santa Monica yesterday.

Violet and Seraphina Share A Seat!Violet and Seraphina Share A Seat!

I love Seraphina's hair. Not enough for a pony tail, but just enough for pig tails!

Even though Jen wasn't there, the nanny carried her signature Loom Go Tote diaper bag.

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Kimora Lee Simmons Shares Her Top 10 Parenting Tips

Model, mogul and mom Kimora Lee Simmons recently shared her expert advice on raising happy, healthy, confident kids with Mystyle.com

On the new season of her hit show Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane the new mom shows how she balances 3 kids and her busy career.

Here are her Top 10 Parenting Tips:

1. Happiness Is Inside: Great shoes or handbags can make you feel fabulous but only temporarily. It's fun to look cute, but I teach my girls that bliss from material goodies will fade like a candy high if they lack substance underneath all the sparkle and shine.

2. Live Generously: My girls and I regularly go through their rooms to find clothes and toys to donate to charities. I firmly believe that children who have been given so much need to experience the joy that comes from giving. All children can do things to help, whether how big or small—by donating toys or lending a hand in the community.

3. Expose Children to Different Cultures, Places and People: Even if you can't afford to travel the world, you can take your children to the museum, zoo or local park. And don't be afraid to take them to grownup spots. Eating out in a restaurant teaches children how to be quiet and polite—and gives them the pleasure of knowing you trust them to behave.

4. Make Time for Fun: I encourage my children to try new things—dance, tennis, soccer, you name it, I want them to try it. But I don't want them to feel like they have to take every class just to please me. Kids need time to be kids! My recipe for good parenting includes a healthy dose of discipline and a lot of love.

5. Embrace Uniqueness: Don't try to blend in with all the other moms—it's OK to stand out from the crowd and be yourself. The best way to teach children to resist peer pressure is to resist it yourself.

6. Make Self-Reliance Your Foundation: Encourage your daughters to strive for independence and you'll raise girls who aren't afraid to grab every opportunity and fend for themselves when Mommy's not around.

7. Moms Need Love Too: Somewhere in the midst of all the mommy mayhem, you need to take a moment for pampering or a special treat. It could be a day at the spa, a bouquet of flowers or just meditation or a good workout. If you don't take time to take care of yourself, you won't be able to take care of others.

8. Don't Try to Be Supermom: Balancing all that comes with building a company while raising two girls and now my little boy is the biggest (and most fulfilling) challenge of my life. I remind myself every day not to take on more than I can handle. I don't need to be a hero; I just need to do my best.

9. Brush Your Shoulders Off: Pettiness exists at every stage in life, so brush it off and encourage your kids to do the same. If you waste time wallowing in negativity, that attitude will rub off on your kids.

10. Everything You Can Imagine Is Real: Being a mom doesn't mean you have to give up your own dreams. Visualize your life. That means making a blueprint of every step along the way, from what you're wearing to how you will balance home and work life. By imagining every detail, you will be able make it happen.

Bonus: Self-Confidence Is a Legacy. Build yours up by starting with something simple, like taking pride in writing a good report at work or getting the kids to school on time with a healthy lunch. Every time you pat yourself on the back, your children learn to do the same.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010
Sleek and Functional: 5 Stylish Bottle Drying Racks

Any mom who has kids under the age of three knows how hard it is to keep all of their little ones feeding accessories organized and in one spot.

While many companies make counter organizers some take up a lot of space and aren't always strong enough to hold heavy glass bottles and the rest of your gear. We have found 5 of the most stylish and functional racks that will look great on your counter while safely holding your bottles, nipples, spoons, forks and brush.

Sleek and Functional: 5 Stylish Bottle Drying Racks

  1. Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack - $19
  2. ViceVersa Bottle Drainer
  3. Splash Drying Rack - $28
  4. Beaba Bottle Drying Tree
  5. Munchkin Sprout Drying Rack

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Skip Hop Introduces The Central Park Outdoor Blanket + Cooler Bag

Innovative accessories company Skip Hop debuted its new outdoor Central Park blanket + cooler bag today. This spacious 5’ x 5’ water-resistant blanket, is perfect for Spring and Summertime fun at the beach, the park or even playtime at home. It features an insulated cooler bag to chill snacks and drinks and room for mom and dad’s essentials. All you need to do is add an ice pack to keep everything cool during full day out.

Central Park-UptownStripe-5ways (hi)

Available in two stylish unisex patterns – Wave Dot/Black and Uptown Stripe/Brown.

Central Park WaveDot BagattachCentral Park - UptownStripe interior

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Momie et Enfant: Petite Couture For Little Fashionistas

Simple cotton tanks, dresses and bloomers adorned with vintage inspired lace accents are featured in Momie et Enfant, a small children’s clothing company in Australia. Each piece is handmade, and hand-accented by a very talented mama, and pieces are made in limited runs to ensure that budding fashionistas have something truly special to wear.

The simple cotton tanks in white or black, with lace accents at the shoulders, and lace appliqués, would be as beautiful paired with skirts as they would with shorts or jeans, and this is what we love about the line. Not only are the pieces unique, but they can be mixed and matched and dressed up or down; perfect for a summer special occasion.

The line also includes a darling little tank with lace angel wings on the back, bloomers accented by lace ruffles, a summer dress with lace shoulders and lace appliqué and a sweet swing top with a ruffle across the chest.

vintage baby bloomervintage angel wingspink butterflyvintage birdy tank black

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Brother Max Food Portioners: Easy & Convenient!

Baby accessories company Brother Max has a genius product that portions your baby's food and allows you to serve the purées straight from the pot. When you are done just throw the whole thing in the dishwasher and then start again!

The system, which includes 6 food portioners is made up of individual pots which click together to freeze and un-click to defrost a single pot in the microwave. The pots click snugly together so there are no gaps for food to drop in to, and their lids stay open so they won't get in the way (ensure the snuggest fit by squeezing the pots together from the inside with your thumb and forefinger).

If you need to transfer the frozen purée into a bowl, just push the base with your thumb and it pops out easily making mealtime easy and convenient!

Brother Max Food Portioners: Easy & Convenient!Brother Max Food Portioners: Easy & Convenient!Brother Max Food Portioners: Easy & Convenient!

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Monday, March 29, 2010
An Expectant Bethenny Frankel Gets Carried Away After Her NYC Wedding!

A glowing Bethenny Frankel gets carried away by husband Jason Poppy after their wedding at Four Seasons Restaurant in NYC last night.

An Expectant Bethenny Frankel Gets Carried Away After Her NYC Wedding!

Dressed down in a bride tracksuit, the mom-to-be later tweeted,

"I'm a real housewife! On way to honeymoon. best night of my life."

Congratulations to the couple! They expect their first baby in June.
An Expectant Bethenny Frankel Gets Carried Away After Her NYC Wedding!An Expectant Bethenny Frankel Gets Carried Away After Her NYC Wedding!

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Pregnancy 'May Protect Against Breast Cancer Recurrence' ‎

There is good news today for women who have fought against breast cancer! Researchers from Belgium and Italy have found that that not it safe to be pregnant after fighting breast cancer, it may be a blessing in disguise as it also increased their chances of survival.

In a meta-analysis of 14 trials Dr Hatem A. Azim, Jr., a Fellow at the Department of Medical Oncology at the Institute Jules Bordet (Brussels, Belgium) explained that pregnancy seemed to confer a protective effect on breast cancer survivors. This was thought to be due to the immune system and also due to the hormones.

He said that although it is known that estrogen is linked with breast cancer development, when present in high level, the same hormone exerts inhibitory effect on the cancer cells. Prolactin too is at a high level during pregnancy, which too acts as a shield against cancer cells.

"Nowadays, fertility after cancer has become a top issue not only for patients, but also physicians. In 2006, the American Society of Clinical Oncology published guidelines that state that fertility issues should be discussed with patients before treatment - a recommendation we believe is of great importance." Concluded Dr. Azim

The researches are now busy refining the results and know more about the effect of the timing of pregnancy as to how soon or how later will it be safe to have a baby after treatment. They are also trying to find the difference in survival according to the patient's age, lymph node status and so on. - Atula, Staff Writer.

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Ducks, Rabbits and Chickens Adorn Nature Baby's New Collection

New Zealand clothing line Nature Baby has launched their newest collection - Free Range Baby.

Nature Baby - Free Range Kimono

Adorned with ducks, rabbits and chickens, this line includes Organic Cotton Bodysuits, Pants, Sleepwear, Bedding and Accessories as well as a classic wooden Changing Table and Bassinet – all the essentials for setting up a stylish nursery with natural and organic products that are the very best for baby.

Nature Baby organic cotton clothing is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and has been thoughtfully designed and produced from organic cotton which is fine, soft and strong.

Nature Baby Free Range - Scratch MittensNature Baby Free Range - Sleep GownNature Baby Free Range - BodysuitNature Baby Free Range  - Kimono BodysuitNature Baby Free Range - Full PJ Suit

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Sunday, March 28, 2010
Nadya Suleman Packs Up Her Kids and Heads To The Park

Armed with the help of a nanny, Nadya Suleman packed up 7 of her octuplets and 2 of her older kids and headed to the park.

Nadya Suleman Packs Up Her Kids and Heads To The Park

In order to help with her financial problems Nadya recently accepted PETA's offer of $5,000 and a month's supply of vegan hot dogs and hamburger patties for her family of 15 in exchange for allowing the animal-rights group to place an ad on her lawn.

The ad which shows a mother cat nursing a litter of young kittens reads "Don't let your dog or cat become an 'octomom'. Always spay or neuter. PETA."

Nadya Suleman Packs Up Her Kids and Heads To The ParkNadya Suleman Packs Up Her Kids and Heads To The ParkNadya Suleman Packs Up Her Kids and Heads To The Park

The babies ride in a Foundations Quad Stroller ($400)

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Alessandra and Anja Enjoy A Girls Day Out!

Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio enjoyed a girls day out with daughter Anja in Malibu yesterday.

Alessandra and Anja Enjoy A Girls Day Out!Alessandra and Anja Enjoy A Girls Day Out!

The pair played at the Cross Creek Park before doing some shopping at Planet Blue.

Alessandra is definitely one chic mama! Dressed in a leather jacket, a ruffled mini and combat boots, she looks like she is photoshoot ready.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010
Study: Children Not Necessarily Sleep Through the Night by Age One

Parents who are stressed that their baby still gets up at night may be interested in new study that counters a common assumption that children, by the age of one, should be sleeping through the night.

Dr. Lynn Loutzenhiser, a psychology professor at the University of Regina, and her team conducted a study on 941 families in Canada with babies aged 6 to 24 months and 73 percent said that their babies woke up once or more nights in a week.

"Twenty per cent of our parents said the child wakes up three or more times a night and 43 per cent, or almost half, said their child wakes up most nights," Loutzenhiser said. "So, the idea that they sleep through the night is clearly not happening for many Canadian families."
The survey also revealed that the technique of controlled crying where babies are left alone to learn to go to sleep on their own when they wake up, does not necessarily help teach a baby to sleep through the night. Dr. Loutzenhiser added that this technique may only work when there is a sleep clinic expert involved in the process.
"In most cases, the child cries for varying lengths of time before going back to sleep and before learning to fall asleep on his own. It's one thing to be in a clinic with a professional helping you learn a technique to help your infant sleep and another to be on your own, reading books or talking to people and trying to do it yourself," she said.
Of the 53 percent parents who had tried the controlled crying technique, only one in six said it helped eliminate night waking whereas 37 percent did not find any change in the abrupt sleep pattern of their child.

The success of the technique was also dependent on the individual behavior of each child and parent. Whether the child woke up calmly or cried or whether the parents were stressed when they left the child alone finally affected the success of the technique.

Many parents chose to read bed time stories and have a bed time routine that worked in making the baby go to sleep, but as every child is different, the methods adopted by parents to tackle the issue of sleep should differ too, according to the researchers.

"There probably isn't one answer for everyone," said Dr. Loutzenhiser. "In parenting, there's things that work for one that won't work for others."
- Atula, Staff Writer

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Amy Adams Is Almost There!

With just a few weeks left to go in her pregnancy, Amy Adams enjoyed a sunny stroll with fiance Darren Legallo in LA yesterday.

Amy Adams Is Almost There!Amy Adams Is Almost There!

Speaking about motherhood recently, Amy said:

'I think I really have to meet the person before I'm going to know the name, but I tend to be attracted to more traditional names.

I'm so excited. I think we're just enjoying the moment. I'm getting a lot of sleep.'

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Baby Born With Birth Defect Denied Health Coverage

Even though little Houston Tracy is only 12 days old, he has already survived a rare birth defect and open heart surgery. Houston was born with what is called “transposition of the great arteries", meaning that the two major vessels that carry blood away from the heart become switched.

Shortly after Houston's March 15th arrival his parents knew that something wasn’t right.

"When he came out, he made one little cry and he didn't really cry much," said Houston's father, Doug Tracy, 39, of Crowley, Texas.

Doug cut the umbilical cord and watched the hospital staff clean his son. But before his wife Kim could hold their son doctors got worried.

"We could tell there was something wrong by the way they [the doctors] were acting," the new dad said.

He wasn't turning pink like newborns normally do after they are born, which caused doctors to transfer him to the local Children's Medical Hospital for more specific care.

Hours later he was diagnosed and successfully came through surgery 3 days later.

On March 18th, Doug and Tracy applied to their insurance to have the corrective surgery covered, but were denied saying that for Houston this is a "pre-existing condition."

"They kept saying it's preexisting, it's preexisting, but I don't know how it can be preexisting on a baby that was just born," Doug Tracy said. "If it's mandated that everyone have health insurance, than how can one be denied?"
While the Tracy's, who are both small business owners, don't carry health insurance for themselves, they do have insurance on their two other children.

Before he arrived the couple called Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas twice in preparation for his birth and asked if they could get a policy on him before he was born.

They were then told to apply online as soon as he arrived - which they did.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas told ABC news they,

"would automatically cover newborns of parents who already had a policy with them for 31 days. After that time parents could opt to include their baby on their plan whether or not the child had health issues. For children whose parents are not BCBSTX members, who want child-only coverage, we offer individual policies, beginning at the age of 60 days."

The problem is that the condition Houston suffers from is one that is rarely ever discovered prior to the birth of the child and in order for him to survive, surgery had to be done immediately.

While legislation passed this week by Congress and signed by President Obama would end the practice of denying coverage to patients with pre-existing conditions, it does not go into effect until September.

For now, the couple is looking other options to get Houston covered. The good news is that the surgery was huge success. Houston is expected to have a normal life, and likely won't even need medications.

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Mom Allegedly Throws Baby into Car to Keep Repo Man From Taking Vehicle

A Texas mom is in jail after she allegedly went to great lengths this week to prevent the repo man from taking her Ford Expedition.

Just seconds before Luke Ross was about to drive off with her SUV Krystal Gardner, 28, tossed her one-year-old son through an open window causing him to land on the seat "like a kid bouncing on a bed."

"I open the door and I don't even have the door closed," Ross, the title recovery agent, told the news station. "I put the key in and start it. I look out of the corner of my eye and I see a baby fly through the window."
This was followed up by 15-year-old friend of the family charging out of the house with a gun in his hand. The boy allegedly fired once in the air and then shot at the repo man grazing him in the leg.

When police arrived they arrested mom and teen and placed the baby with her father.

Krystal has been charged with child endangerment related to abandonment, no driver's license and no insurance.The 15-year-old who lives in Gardner's house and allegedly fired the shotgun was also arrested and has been charged with a juvenile charge of aggravated assault.

Meanwhile, the truck was successfully repossessed and Luke walked away with just minor injuries.

"It's not worth taking someone's life over a car. We're just guys out here trying to make a living," he told KTVT. "But I'm lucky that I make it home every day."

Wow! She must have really had somewhere she needed to be! I hope dad is able to take better care of this little guy.

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Friday, March 26, 2010
Nanny Saves 5-year-old From House Fire

A 22 year-old nanny is being hailed as a hero today after she risked her life and ran right through flames and burning carpet to rescue 5-year-old Aden Hawes.

Speaking with the Today's Show this morning from the hospital, Alyson Myatt, 22, told Ann Curry she was the only one home, the morning of the fire as Aden’s father, J.B. Hawes, was away on business.

The fire began at 3:00 a.m. Tuesday, when a malfunctioning ventilation fan overheated and caught fire in the upstairs bathroom. Alyson extinguished the fire with water and contacted Mr. Hawes, to report the issue. They agreed that there was no cause for further concern.

At 6:00 a.m. she awoke to the sound of the fan crashing to the floor and the squeal of the homes smoke detectors. That’s when she ran upstairs and saw the flames.

“I just saw flames all down the hallway and the bathroom door was on fire, because I hadn’t shut the bathroom door before this big fire, so there was no way to avoid the flames. But before I had even looked at the fire or anything, I was yelling for Aden. He said he was in his room underneath the covers.”

“I didn’t even think about me getting hurt or getting burned,” Alyson added. “I really didn’t even think that I was barefoot. I was just yelling for Aden and I ran and got him. All of it happened really quick.”

During her sprint she suffered third-degree burns to both feet and second- and third-degree burns to her hand, but she successfully rescued little Aden, who was unharmed by the fire. Alyson is recovering from her injuries at Kentucky’s University of Louisville Hospital.

Fire officials credit her quick thinking with saving Aden’s life and say there is no doubt that her actions are the reason the little boy is still alive and well.

“To physically run through flames is heroics to the nth degree,” said Fire Chief, Willard Tucker. “To make a choice to charge right through flames is kind of above what are normal heroics.”

Mr. Hawes, a single father, hired Alyson to help with Aden, only two months ago.

He is understandably emotional in the wake of the fire and says,

“There’s no words to put how grateful I am to have my son with me, how grateful I am to have Alyson in our world, and it’s just one of those things you can’t put any value on. There’s no price to be paid. It’s a debt that will never be able to be repaid.”

Hawes has set about the task of finding a new place to live, for himself, his son and for Alyson.

“Alyson is part of the family. I know that she’s got her family to go to, but I’ve got to find another place so that she can come home,” Hawes said.

Alyson does not have health insurance and is unsure how she will pay for her ongoing treatment, which may include skin grafts on her feet. – Jen R, Staff Writer.

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Dean and Tori Attend The Polar Bear Plunge Launch At The San Diego Zoo!

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott with their children Stella and Liam were on hand this morning to help launch the new Polar Bear Plunge exhibit at the World Famous San Diego Zoo.

Dean and Tori Attend The Polar Bear Plunge Launch At The San Diego Zoo!

The zoo reopened its newly renovated Polar Bear Plunge exhibit to educate the public about the climate changes that are threatening this species’ survival as well as our own.

Polar Bear Plunge is currently home to three grown polar bears: Chinook, a 15-year-old female who was found orphaned in Canada, and her nine-year-old brother and sister, Kalluk and Tatqiq, whose mother was shot in Alaska when they were cubs.

The renovated exhibit will feature new interactive and educational displays all aimed to teach visitors about the effects of global warming. The displays include a “measure up” area — with life-size statues of a 30-day-old cub, a one- to two-year-old juvenile and an adult male — a snow den, a research helicopter and a refrigerator packed with 140 pounds of seal meat, known at the zoo as dinner for one.

Also in attendance was Denise Richards and daughters Sam and Lola.

Dean and Tori Attend The Polar Bear Plunge Launch At The San Diego Zoo!Dean and Tori Attend The Polar Bear Plunge Launch At The San Diego Zoo!Dean and Tori Attend The Polar Bear Plunge Launch At The San Diego Zoo!

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Are CFL Lightbulbs A Safety Hazard?

A couple years ago we changed all of the light bulbs in our house to the CFL fluorescent bulbs that were advertised to use a fraction of the energy. I was happy with them until one night my husband and I smelled something burning - really burning. After scouring the house we realized that the smell and a lot of smoke was coming from our front door light fixture. Once we got the bulb out and safely in the garbage I sent my husband out to get regular bulbs to swap out all of the CFL ones. The whole thing freaked me out and it appears I'm not alone.

Many others who have experienced the 'side effects' of these bulbs when they blow are speaking out about the possible hazards.

A couple from Windsor recently had the same thing happen as I did except the bulb that blew in their house was in their infant's nursery. Upon removal of the bulb they also found that the base was blackened, which caused them to call the fire department.

While assistant chief fire prevention officer Shawn Boutette said they should air out the house well, he also commented that this is not an isolated experience.

In 2007, the Electrical Safety Authority(ESA) issued a product safety alert about compact fluorescent lights because of increasing reports from consumers about what happens to the bulbs when they reach "end-of-life failure."

"When CFLs fail they may emit smoke, an odour, or a popping sound, and the plastic base may become discoloured, charred or deformed," the ESA stated.

They went on to say that while ESA cited certification agencies who advised such signs of failure do not present a hazard for approved products, they are concerned that it can be difficult for consumers to distinguish between what is normal and what may be a precursor to fire or some other hazardous condition.

Additionally, it has been found that these bulbs contain approximately 4mg - 5 mg of mercury per bulb. Something that can cause many problems when inhaled, and can affect our brains, spinal cords, kidneys and livers.

To me, our health is worth more than this. Now we conserve in other ways to make up for using regular bulbs. At least I know that if they blow, I'm not going to need to call in a hazmat team to ensure our house is safe.

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Study Finds Talking to Babies Can Help Build Language Skills

A small study conducted by the Northwestern University, has revealed that babies learn to recognize words and identify objects even before they start speaking. In fact, it plays an important role in developing a child’s comprehension and communication.

The researchers divided 46 infants aged between 2 to 4 months into two groups. One group was shown pictures of fishes paired with the word ‘toma’ whereas the other group was shown the same pictures paired with a beep. Later when the infants were shown picture of fishes and a dinosaur, the babies who had heard the word, recognized fishes and identified them as a particular object category, while the other group did not.

"For infants as young as 3 months of age, words exert a special influence that supports the ability to form a category," said Susan Hespos, associate professor of psychology and one of the authors of the study. “These findings offer the earliest evidence to date for a link between words and object categories."

When people are continually talking to babies using words, it helps them relate objects they see in their surrounding with that word, and categorize them. As they grow up and learn new things everyday, it helps to pick new words, and understand the meaning faster.

So ultimately, having a conversation with your 1 or 2 month old actually helps develop his language skills for later years even if the response at that time is just a blank stare or a smile. - Atula, Staff Writer

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Harlow Madden Is One Cute Little Ballerina!

Nicole Richie and daughter Harlow Madden were spotted leaving a toddler dance class with some friends yesterday.

Harlow Madden Is One Cute Little Ballerina!

Little Miss Independent looked adorable as she sipped her drink while walking on her own beside her mom.

I love her fuffy tutu and baby bloch ballet slippers!
Harlow Madden Is One Cute Little Ballerina!Harlow Madden Is One Cute Little Ballerina!Harlow Madden Is One Cute Little Ballerina!

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